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Sculpting ice presents a number of difficulties due to the variability and volatility of the material. Ice may be sculpted in a wide range of temperatures and the characteristics of the ice will change according to its temperature as well as the surrounding temperatures. Sculptures are generally carved from blocks of ice and these blocks must be carefully selected to be suitable for the sculptor’s purposes and should be free of undesired impurities. Typically, ideal carving ice is made from pure, clean water. Clouded ice is often the result finely trapped air molecules that tend to bind to the impurities while naturally freezing.

Crystal radio technology has been around for many years. This “bottle radio” take on a crystal radio requires no power source, operates on the power from radio waves, and receives signal from a long wire antenna. As radio stations slowly move away from the AM band, the “window of opportunity” to experience this remarkable technology is dwindling. On that note, the closer you are to an AM station or transmitter, the more likely you are to hear distinct radio waves with this project.

The project by Bill Shackelford which employ the internet to affect events / things in ‘real’ space. It highlight unseen cause (online / networked / virtual) and remind us of its very ‘real’ effects by demonstration through simple yet very physical (Cartesian space / ‘real’ world) and what could be considered violent ways.




Cardboard designs are all the rage these days, as they not only give various interesting ways of approaching them to the designers but also help the users go green. In recent times, we have seen some of the most stunning cardboard creations that will change your perception about recyclable designs. Check them out…

Clock radios are everyday hated devices that designers seem to ignore, judging by how little their features and user interfaces have changed. This project adds a new capability, letting would-be sleepyheads enjoy a human-machine interaction of a different sort. Make Magazine introduce a fun way to improve the clock. With a gun. Wake-up time is now payback time. The project is based around a digital clock radio and a light gun for gaming; huge selections of both of these are available inexpensively second-hand, with many beautiful and well designed examples. To enable the FPSI (First Person Shooter Interface), they outfited the gun with five tilt sensors, arranged at different angles on a small circuit board.

Do you ever get sick of people telling you to recycle? Well, these furniture designers prove recycling can be a lot more interesting than stuffing cans, bottles and cardboard into the proper containers. A ‘bathtub couch’ and ‘shopping cart chair’ may not be your cup of tea but there is something for everyone in this collection. Who knows, you might even be inspired to find new uses for old stuff around the house after seeing some of these bizarre recycled furniture designs.

Ecologic Brands designs and manufactures innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. With the first molded paper bottle made from recycled cardboard, Ecologic Brands connects brands and people through smarter packaging choices.

The “crystal” in question is contained inside a germanium diode, and is used to rectify the radio signal so that our ears can hear it. Since this project has no power source, the signal can be quite weak - crystal earphones are a fun way to hear low-amp signal (due to their sensitivity), or, alternatively, you could hook up a 9V mini-amplifier.

Blogged (image above) is an networked interactive art installation and one day net event dealing with the concept of being ‘blogged’. Its purpose is to attempt to burst a red balloon 6 feet in diameter by using traffic from blogs linking to the art works webpage.


SPEEDO FASTSKIN3 The Speedo FASTSKIN3 reduces full body passive drag by up to 16.6%, together with an 11% improvement in a swimmer’s oxygen economy, a 5.2% reduction in a swimmer’s full body active drag, and up to 3% improvement in starts and turns. Oxygen economy relates to the swimmer’s efficiency and their consumption of oxygen during swimming. This is measured with a swimmer working at different intensities relative to their maximum speed. It provides an understanding of any changes in how their body uses oxygen. The better the economy, the faster the swimmer can swim for a given effort or the longer they can maintain that effort. Full body drag force is the total resistive forces experienced by the swimmer as they move through the water. The Super Elite suit incorporates revolutionary Hydro K-Zone 3D fabric which provides high power, graduated compression throughout, helping to achieve the optimum hydrodynamic profile. This is complemented by Pulse-Flex Fabric used on the shoulders and panels, offering high stretch in one direction to couple freedom of movement with powerful compression. This is complemented by Pulse-Flex fabric which boasts high stretch in one direction to allow freedom of movement in key areas, with powerful compression in the other to contour the body’s shape to the most efficient form. The fabric construction of Pulse-Flex delivers a 2.00% decrease in skin friction drag. The durable C6 water repellent finish minimises water absorption. But the suit on its own isn’t everything, the Speedo FASTSKIN3 includes also the goggles and the cap. Speedo used 3D CGI technology to produce a cap that exactly fits the contours of the head and face. The cap with Hair Managed System help to reduce the body drag. The goggles, another part of the triology, moulded using 3D laser technology: the distance between my irises is measured to get the right fit. Unbelievably, even the psychology of swimming was investigated, at Loughborough University, in the making of these products.



Each components of the Radarlock plays an important part in the over all design of the glasses. Each components material serves a different purpose.

Ikonix is mostly made of carbon fibber, the frame, the fork as well as the wheels. The properties of carbon fiber, such as high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion, make them very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports. However, they are relatively expensive when compare with the traditional frame material ie. Aluminium, steel. Bob Haro’s aim is to minimised the weight of the bike at the same time maintaining the durability of the product. He applies carbon fiber where possible. The frame As the crank usually takes excessive force from the BMX riders, it become probably the most important component of a BMX racing bike. Therefore, the crankset should be very rigid reliable to transfer the power of the riders directly into speed. The HollowTech II Aluminium is used to create the Shimanno DRX crank of the Ikonix SX1. The chain is also made of aluminium. The key purpose of HollowTech is to allow the manufacturer to decrease the weight of the aluminium, hence the product. Magura MT-8 is used as the disc break of the bike, it provides lightweight, 278 gramsgram-per-side hydraulic disc brake system that delivers smooth, powerful stops and runs friction free.

• The Frame

The frame is made of O Matter which is considered to be one of Oakley’s own creations, but in reality it is simply a highstrength poly carbonate. . This lightweight synthetic is engineered for shock absorption and durability against the impacts of environmental extremes. At the same time, O Matter is created and designed for all day comfort of the wearer. Oakley usually uses two other materials for frame construction: acetate and ‘O Matter’. Acetate tends to be used on certain glasses from their Lifestyle range, as it allows heat moulding to give a custom fit. In a motocross race, this turned out to be an incredibly useful property. After moving on to improving goggles technology, Oakley applied what they had learned to create sunglasses. Eventually, they moved on to prescription glasses. Oakley named the material Unobtainium. In optical design, they used Unobtainium on the sleeves of their glasses. This meant that as a person perspired, their eyewear would grip more tightly. To add extra grip, Oakley were able to use another technology: Three Point Fit. The glasses sit on the face, making only three points of contact: the nose, and on each side of the head. There will be no more uncomfortable wrap around the back of the back of the ears like the usual glasses curved stems. Unobtainium is also used for the interchangeable nose pad with customisable fit that suit both eastern and western face features. • The Lens High Definition Optics® sets the standard for optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance. It meet all the ANSI Z87.1 (American National Standards Institute) standard requirements for the design, construction, testing, and use of eye protection devices, including standards for impact and penetration resistance. Radarlock is racked and revved with all those benefits including Polaric Ellipsoid™ geometry to extend clarity across the entire lens. The sweeping contour gives you a wideopen view with maximised peripheral vision and enhanced side protection against sun, wind and impact.

The design is to be different and to stand out from the noise of others but in a logical and non-trendy fashion. Ikonix BMX Racing bicycle is traditionally a simple form factor and lifts its spirit and sophistication with the use of modern design aesthetics, state of art manufacturing technology and aerospace material uses.





A major problem today is discarded gum in the urban environment. Chewing gum is commonly stuck underneath benches and tables or to the surface of sidewalks. Chewing gum is a type of gum made of chicle, a natural latex product, or synthetic rubber known as polyisobutylene. Most chewing gums are considered polymers, and is difficult to remove once dried.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is found in all the cells of our body, it is our blueprint and DNA molecules are passed down through generations within a family. DNA is in each cell in the organism and tells cells what proteins to make. A cell’s proteins determine its function. A chewing gum holds our DNA up to 3 months, throwing away. While not disposing a piece of chewed gum , people never think of throwing part of something that can identify as a single individual.

Doomsday is to be said to take place in 2012. Some believe in it, some don’t. Even if the world will not end this year, the Earth will be won’t be able to sustain longer with the high and increasing percentage of pollution. Chewing are non-biodegradable, if we want to preserve the planet we live in, we can start small by having a more responsible way of disposing chewing gum. Give it another perspective.

After a few experiments by mixing the gum in hot and cold water, we have come to a conclusion that the texture of the gum is depending on the temperature. High in sugar, gum becomes very sticky and its elasticity increase when heated up. 60 stretched was used for the webbing-like lounge chair in the picture. The elasticity of the gum can easily be used as a product design material as it is easy to mould and there is no need for bonding agent. This is one way where we can recycle the gum

Now that we have some chewed gum with saliva to work with, the first step is to break open the cells it contains. By destabilise the membrane, splitting the cell, we will able to drag the DNA out. After a few experiments with different detergent such as washing up liquid, hand wash, shampoo. The detergents in the shampoo is the most effective one.

Follow the idea of Noah’s Ark that save the human kinds and other living animals, collecting DNA sample and store them for the Apocalypse seems to be essential. The idea is to make a DNA collection out of chewed gum which are placed wrongy and give it another use.




Mix chewing gum in salted water, add detergent and stir gently.

Add an adequate amount of pineapple extract.

Let it sit for 2 or 3 minutes.

Pineapple enzymes act as a tenderiser to duplicate the DNA gathered after breaking the cell. That way, it is easier for us to be able to see it.

Use chilled spirit with high alcohol percentage, preferably rum or vodka. When pour, please be careful to make sure it sits on top of the layer and not sinked down.

This step will help to break the membrane of the cell from the saliva contained in the chewing gum.

the DNA strands are held together by “fragile” hydrogen bonds. The cold ethanol in cold spirit stops the DNS strands from breaking apart. Since DNNA is nonsoluble in ethanol, it will precipitate out of the solution.


DNA COLLECTION Follow the idea of Noah’s Ark that save the human kinds and other living animals, collecting DNA sample and store them for the Apocalypse seems to be essential. The illustrated photos are DNA, identity of each individual found on the chewed gum.

THE IDEOLOGY DNA holds a enormous storage of human identity. Even if there is any disaster happen to the Earth, by replicating information contained in DNA, with this DNA CHEWING GUM collection we can create a new era to the human being.