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Ralph Raina speaker at the New Horizon Club North Grenville’s and learning the history Syrian refugee family

submitted by Shirley Price At their meeting on We d n e s d a y, N o v e m b e r 23, the New Horizon Club members were welcomed by President Shirley Price, who then introduced Ralph Raina, now retired, entrepreneur and former Counsellor, Mayor, and Reeve of the Town of Kemptville. Mr. Raina is a natural raconteur and kept his audience fascinated, as he described his battle against tuberculosis as a patient in the Royal Ottawa Sanatorium. Tuberculosis was a muchfeared disease until the development of drugs such as Streptomycin, which was

known as the miracle drug. Mr. Raina was the second person in Ottawa to receive this drug. Although he was pronounced “cured” after being treated by Streptomycin, he subsequently had to return to the Sanatorium for further treatment, including the removal of seven ribs. He was finally pronounced cured and discharged. In the meantime, his family had moved to Kemptville. Ralph joined them; but, as he put it, “I had no money, seven ribs out, no formal education and no job, and still had to drive to Ottawa every two weeks for

of some of the buildings in Kemptville, such as the theatre and the Armouries. Doug Brunton thanked Mr. Raina for coming to speak to the New Horizon Club members and presented him with a donation to the Salvation Army, the charity chosen by him because of their kindness to his family when they first arrived in Kemptville. The New Horizon Club Christmas Dinner will be held on December 14 at the Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall. Tickets are $25.00 and must be purchased in advance. Call Jean 613-283-6439. The first meeting in 2017 will be a pot luck lunch and social hour to be held on Wednesday, January 11, at noon. Bring your pot luck contribution and your own dishes. All seniors 55 plus are welcome to join this active group which meets each second and fourth Wednesday. For program and membership information, call Janet at 613-269-2737.

pneumothorax treatments. What was I to do?” He solved his dilemma by selling clothing door to door to farmers in the area. His brother loaned him a car and, with borrowed money, he paid fifty dollars for a Pedlar’s Licence, found a wholesaler, purchased inventory, and was on his way to his life as an entrepreneur, eventually purchasing property and building a retail store where he did business for many years. His audience enjoyed his personal stories from his years as a pedlar throughout the Grenville County area,

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by Hilary Thomson The members of Refugees In North Grenville (RING) held a potluck last Saturday to welcome their Syrian refugee family to the community. Kutebah and Kadijah Al Yousef and their three children arrived on September 9, and since then have slowly been settling into their new home. “People are very nice here,” says Kadijah. “Everyone was smiling when we got off the plane.” The Al Yousefs lived in a refugee camp for over three years in Turkey and all three of their children were born there. They lived in a house made of concrete, with no insulation and heated mainly by coal. “This was very dangerous because of carbon monoxide poisoning,” says Kutebah, “Many people die in Turkey because of it.” Finding work was difficult for Kutebah, as it was seasonal and quite dangerous. Both he and Kadijah have degrees in physics from the University of Aleppo in Syria, but it was impossible to find jobs in their field in Turkey. Kadijah was often left alone to look after the children, all of whom are under 3, while Kutebah tried to support the family financially. “There is no future in Turkey,” Kutebah says. “There is nothing for me and nothing for my children.” The Al Yousefs are happy to be in Kemptville and want to express their thanks for everything that RING has done for them. Their English is getting better by the day, and Kutebah hopes to find work soon as a house painter. In the future he would love to go back to school and find work in the science or technology sector. “I will work, I will study; it might take 20 years, but I will do anything to create a future for myself and my family,” he says. One of the hurdles that will face the family in the coming months is the cold weather. While their children have already enjoyed playing in the snow, the cold is definitely not something they are used to. Although the Al Yousefs agree that one of their favourite things about being in Kemptville is having a safe and secure house for their family, Kutebah insists that the people they’ve met are the most important. “Me and my family are very thankful,” he says. the north grenville


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November 30, 2016

L-R: Jawdat Al Yousef, Kadija Kutini, Rasha Al Yousef, Zayna Al Yousef, Kutebah Al Yousef


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