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73’s Hodgins post a SO against Grads and get shut-out by Braves

Poetry in motion...Bobby Dow slips through the defence to display his magical movement as he slides the rubber under a bewildered Grad's Ryan Coughlin by the sportsguy The Cumberland Grads were in the house on Tuesday night to meet the 73’s, with only one win in three meetings: they wanted serious payback. After Cumberland fails to spring their floater through the neutral zone, Kemptville’s Giguere puts it on Owen Guy’s tape, and he razzle dazzles the defence through his legs, off the goalie’s trapper, into the mesh at 9:55. Bobby Dow knocks down a clearing pass to glide over the Grads line with a display of his magic hands to confuse Coughlin, and slip it under his pads at 7:17 to close out first frame and out-gun their opponents 13 to 8. By the 73’s controlling the draws, they initiated offence and this continued into the second; but the Grads turned it up a notch. Cumberland concentrated on their high man to open the doors, but 73’s kept shutting down the line, and Hodgins stoned them as he faced 20 shots. At 4:28, with Dow on the attack through the middle, to Alex Rowe to launch it home for the insurance. Kemptville only managed

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to penetrate Cumberland’s defence for nine shots, but capitalized on one to give them a 3-0 lead. Final twenty was a scrappy struggle for both squads, as the only marks on the sheet were PIM’s. Nicholas Hodgins robbed Grad’s Jared Leslie of a penalty shot at 9:05, which darkened the spirits of Cumberland. The 73’s PK was very strong and concise to keep the Grads off the board. Grads pulled their stopper at 4:06 for extra man without result, and both clubs recorded 10 SOG. Hodgins stood on his head, facing 38 shots and posting his first SO of the season with 3-0 win. Friday night in Brockville to face the tenacious Braves, the boys were without some of their key contributors. Initial frame was a see-saw affair with both having opportunities, and the sinbin was the only action happening. The Braves SOG 16-10. Second session: the Braves struck first at 11:45, when Moore and Jordan set-up Andrew Jarvis for a

PPG. Kemptville answered back within a minute, as Row off the half-wall over to Guy, back handed to Bobby Dow streaming over the middle to tie it at one. Brockville out-gun Kemptville 11 - 9. Third and final belonged to the Braves as the 73’s got caught up in a cycling maze, from Jordan and Jarvis to Devin Moore at 10:59 to pull ahead by one. Dustin Rinaldo, assisted by Hancock and Tonge, for Brockville’s insurance at 3:35. The 73’s yanked Hodgins for extra man at 2:44 and Braves picked up EN at 0:31, as Kemptville on attack, and Jordan corralled puck to Caruso, over to Devin Moore, who slapped it to clear into open net at other end. Brockville were 12-10 SOG and victorious 4 to 1. Come on out and experience Hockey with EDGE….great entertainment value.

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