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Volume 37, Issue 2 March/April 2013

National Convention: Destination RENO! By NGPP Convention Committee Chair Heidi Wright-Mead, C.P., Heidi Wright-Mead Paperhanger, Oakland, California

We are beginning to roll! Hello, everyone. The convention planning is picking up and, thanks to so many of you, the offerings are going to be fantastic! We have some amazing speakers. Here is a glimpse into what we have finalized, but keep tuned-in because more is being added as I type! Bob Kelly will be here. He will talk about his hanging at the White House. “Wow!” is all I can say. He also written a book about wallpaper and he will be discussing it and having a book signing. Norman Meunier will be presenting a course on working with leather. Bob Banker will get us all on the same page with estimating. Michael Baughman, C.P. has an amazing presentation about “The Third Hand”. And then we have brightest, social media savvy members all on panel to give us up-to-date information about bringing our businesses into this everchanging techno world. Tim Little will be going in-depth on the intricacies of hanging silks and fabrics and Sue Macuna has figured out a way to better communicate with designers. She will share her secrets in “How to Train Your Designer”! Lori Thoman will unlock the tricks of hanging Anaglypta, which can be tough to install. But this is all just the tip of the iceberg. We are planning a great hands-on session that will allow for us to play at the wall with what these speakers are demonstrating in class. This will also give us the opportunity to work with

products that can be tricky but fun. The tabletops will, of course, be here. In figuring out what hangers love at the convention, the tabletops were the most requested. You will not be disappointed! I am excited about this convention. It is in one of the most beautiful areas I know. Some members are planning a vacation around this event, spending time in Tahoe and Reno. Please come learn and share with us. Watch for more information to come. The hotel can be booked online. A link is available on the NGPP website at www.ngpp. org.

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President’s Message . . .

Exciting Times at NGPP! By President Cyndi Green, C.P., Cyndi Green Wallcovering, LLC, Monroe, Louisiana

Dear Readers – We accomplished a great deal our “portfolio” in different areas of expertise. They are Wow, did that groundhog ever lie and the creative juices were also working hard to give to us! By the time you are reading flowing. Storms in the east and value to your membership this, it really will be spring. So, happy spring, everyone. planes breaking down threatened by spearheading another This past March the NGPP to prevent the full board from “Get on the Bus” trip in Chicago in June. Look for board held an in-person meeting gathering, but we prevailed and the announcements soon for in Dayton, OH. We came focused on what we planned to do. this Workshop/TechTour or together to get business done call headquarters for details and that is just what we did. as they evolve. They are also working on the We accomplished a great deal and the creative National Convention’s pre-education classes juices were flowing. Storms in the east and which are being finalized as I write. planes breaking down threatened to prevent the We are listening about how difficult it is to full board from gathering, but we prevailed and navigate and post on our website. In keeping up focused on what we planned to do. It was great with the pace of technology and in an effort to to see the faces around the table. Although our serve the members better, we are investigating meeting time was compacted, we were able to an update to our website. Mike Digilio, C.P., the efficiently utilize the time we had by holding a Web Committee chair, along with his committee preliminary call the day before. This afforded us of Tim Bodine, Lillian Weist and Shawn Lawler the opportunity to get old business behind and are working on new ways to revamp the site. Jeff brainstorm about current issues while we had Smith, West Region Director, has stepped up as face time with each other. a new member to this committee and will bring About a month ago, I appointed a marketing ideas on how to attract the millennial generation. team to review and assess our future. Bob Membership development/programs are Banker is the team leader of this group. The team set goals and parameters in which to define being led by our First Vice President, Vincent LaRusso, C.P. Vinny is working with the Region the needs of the NGPP within the industry and Directors to develop region teleconferences; Meet assess its future value. The team broke into four facets: education, web/social media, membership the Guild events, and other projects that will development/programs and name revitalization. I generate awareness of our organization. If you will keep you informed as these programs evolve. have suggestions or ideas, contact your Region The Education Committee is led by Jack Egan. Director and share. Bob Banker presented to the board a strong This committee is considering a supplemental case for updating our group name. As groups merit badge program. This would allow our grow and their membership demographics members to define their areas of expertise on specific areas related to installation. It will benefit change, it is important to evolve and reinvent the group to keep up. We are now international, we the members as well as our associates and hang more than just paper … we are installers. customers that may be looking for a specific Studies show that effective organizational names type of installer by narrowing down their search need to focus on current language terms, define to find that just right fit for their installation. That areas, be easy to say and flow with a description means offering more and more educational of what a consumer may be looking for. It needs programs, giving us all an opportunity to expand March/April 2013 - Page 2

Committee and she and her committee are more to reflect a signal that it is current and evolves than willing to help you compose that article that with the change of the Industry with which it is in your head. They can take a few notes from belongs. Evolving the organization’s name is a tribute to those who have worked so hard to grow your ideas, talents, and expertise and make you shine in an article that will be archived forever in the group; it is a part of growth which honors our the world of social media. You never know when ability to stay current with times. someone might Google your article, learn about Heidi Wright Mead, C.P., our Convention the NGPP and join as a young new member. Committee chair, has diligently worked on Be a part of our history and make sure your contacting members across the country and knowledge has been archived. internationally to see what topics would be Thomas Edison once said, “If we did all the beneficial to our members at our upcoming things we were capable of doing, we would convention in Reno. Please follow the updated literally astound ourselves.” I believe it. topics as they are posted. Watch also for information on our Facebook page and website which will guide you to a wonderful experience in September in Reno, NV. national associate members The annual Winning Walls With Wallcovering contest is well underway. Advance Equipment Roman Decorating Products If you have a project that you feel is Manufacturing Company Roos International, Ltd. worthy, or interesting, or unusual, Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallcovering Wallpapers, Inc. take pictures and document. At the Roysons Cavalier Wall Liner end of the day, write about your Rust-Oleum Corporation, Zinsser Concertex Brands experience and submit it to see Custom Laminations, Inc./The CLI Schooner Prints if you, too, can add to your bio: a Group Scotch Paint Corp. “Winning Walls recognized winner”. Designtex Group (The) Sean O’Connell Painting Corp. The room is always packed at this Environmental Graphics Sherwin Williams segment of the convention. The talent Fabric Mate Systems Sherwin-Williams Company we hold within our organization is Fidelity Wallcovering, Inc. Stark Wallcovering showcased and appreciated during Gardner-Gibson Steve’s Blinds & Wallpaper, LLC. this spectacular event. Phil Curtis, C.P. Jacaranda, Inc. Tajima Tool Corporation and his committee work extremely Jack Loconsolo & Company, Inc. Textile Wallcoverings International, hard for months to put on this event. Jacobsen & Balla LTD (TWIL) We need to support that team with our KC Sales Group The Williamson Free School of projects. Get your entry started today. Mechanical Trades Koessel Studios Remember, there are four categories. Thibaut Wallcovering Len-Tex Wallcoverings Your projects fit into one of them, if not Total Wallcovering LSI Wallcovering Vahallan Papers all. Submit one in every category. Maya Romanoff Corporation Wallauer’s I want to reiterate how helpful it MDC Wallcoverings Wallpaper Wholesaler would be for you to contact us if you Metro Wallcoverings Warner Wallcoverings, Division of have an interest in serving on one of National Wallcovering/Tapo-Fix RJF International our many committees. Let us know New Era Portfolio Weitzner if you have a specific interest or topic OLFA - North America Wolf-Gordon, Inc. that you would like to have addressed. Pacific Laser Systems (PLS) XIM Products, Inc. Phillip Jeffries Ltd. Last, but not least, we need articles York Wallcoverings, Inc. Purdy Corporation for your Installer. Lauretta Jenkins Rife RE Enterprises LLC is the chair of the Communications March/April 2013 - Page 3

“So Uncle Henry Got Out His Tape Measure & Slide Rule…” By NGPP Member Julie Young, The Wallpaper Lady, Houston, Texas

“The lady at the paint store One Sherwin Williams store has cannot buy a single roll— said this was plenty of paper. and why you don’t want a “secret room” upstairs open With what’s left over, I’d like to. At the very bottom, in a you to paper the back of my only to interior designers who lighter outlined box, was bookshelves.” And with that, take clients there to look at paint my pertinent contact info the homeowner handed me to get my name in front swatches. The designers I work two double rolls of paper. The of potential shoppers and problem was we were standing with will be interested to have sellers, too. in a 6-roll bathroom! I had it printed on access to this. How many times has this standard, letter size card happened to you? Perhaps a stock in hot pink, then homeowner emails you a diagram captioned: laminated. I distributed these to the stores “The wall is 123 inches long and 93 inches I work with most often, plus a few design high with a window 42 ½ inches by 24 ½ studios and wallpaper retailers that are new inches, plus a standard sized medicine to me. Included with each was a cover letter, cabinet.” How much paper needs to be explaining that I hoped they could be set on ordered? the table alongside the selection books or I’ve gotten so frustrated by these “under kept by the sales staff who would be assisting calculating” errors by homeowners and customers place their orders. sales staff, and the indecipherable drawings Everywhere I went, the “How to Measure by well-intentioned-but-clueless home for Wallpaper” instructions were well received. mathematicians, that finally I thought, “Why They also opened the door to visiting with not stop pulling my hair out and figure some designers and store sales people, getting way to stop this?” them to know me and vice versa. In addition, I typed up a sheet explaining how to I learned a lot about what goes on in some of calculate rollage and titled it “How to Measure these stores. It turns out a local flooring store for Wallpaper.” At the top, in a dark outlined sells not only wallpaper, but also counter tops, box titled “Quick and to the Point,” I listed tile, drapes, blinds—and offers free interior the three main points of calculating rollage. design services. I will be happy to send clients Below that came a more detailed explanation there. One Sherwin Williams store has a of the process. There was a separate section “secret room” upstairs open only to interior on calculating for grasscloth. All this was designers who take clients there to look at prefaced with a note that if the customer is paint swatches. The designers I work with will hiring a professional, he/she should have the be interested to have access to this. installer come out and measure accurately By helping homeowners and retailers learn before ordering the paper. Of course, the to figure rollage accurately, I have also helped last paragraph was a disclaimer about how my business, by getting my name and face long repeats, British papers, exotic goods, out there where people are shopping and etc., might be measured differently. You can hopefully, cutting down on under-measured bet there was a sentence about why you rooms. March/April 2013 - Page 4

My Talk By NGPP West Region Director Alternate, Heidi Wright-Mead, C.P., Heidi Wright-Mead Paperhanger, Oakland, California

I got out of my box this February and way out of my comfort zone. I presented a talk at Winter Market in San Francisco. Winter Market is an event for anyone in the design industry to attend, to see what is new in their world. De Sousa Hughes, a beautiful showroom filled with wallpaper, furniture, lighting, fabric, asked me to give a talk about paperhanging. I went a bit further, after asking all my designers what they might like a talk on, and consensus showed their frustration with roll sizes and estimating and just what is a drop match? So, my talk was about that special language between designer and installer: how we work together to make a perfect installation. I learned how to create a PowerPoint presentation. I learned from doing a simple web search for “how to give a speech” and not to be selfdeprecating. I was going to start with “I don’t know why I am here,” but changed that to “I am happy for this opportunity.” I practiced in front of my dog until I believed he could fill in for me. And I got a great opportunity to talk to some of my favorite companies asking for pictures for my PowerPoint presentation. Ephraim Paul of Galbraith and Paul was one example of a manufacturer who was delighted to help. I also got to meet Lori Weitzner of Weitzner Wallcoverings. I told her, as a paperhanger, this was like meeting Mick Jagger!

The talk itself was 45 minutes long. When I began, there were 15 people in the room with my husband in the front row. I learned from my research to read a script for the first paragraph or two to get comfortable and then use simple notes with the PowerPoint presentation to stay focused. When I looked up at the audience early on, the room of 100 seats was filled to capacity and people were standing in the back. Oh my, I thought, and kept going. I had two handouts, my wall preparation guidelines that I attach to every estimate and how I estimate a room. This estimate sheet was from my notes from my Certified Paperhanger studies. They loved all of it. Some said they never got this information in design school. And when I think of all that designers are responsible for – electrical, plumbing, upholstery, paint, and general all around construction knowledge – it was rewarding to help a few understand our area of expertise. It was a great opportunity to reach out to another side of my professional world. Plus, it helped me understand just what it takes to talk in front of a group. I know with the NGPP National Convention coming up in September, many of you are going to be presenting in Reno. After this experience, I now appreciate even more what you will be doing for this great group. So if anyone needs help prepping for their talk just give me a call. I am the PowerPoint queen! March/April 2013 - Page 5

PDCA National Expo 2013

WWWW 2013 Announces Call for Entries

By NGPP At-Large Member Tim Bodine, Professional Wallpaper & Paint, St. Charles, Missouri

By NGPP WWWW Chair, Phil Curtis, C.P., Curtis Enterprises, South Holland, Illinois

March 4th through 6th marked this year’s PDCA National Expo held at the Hyatt Regency (at the Arch) in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The event attracted over 350 contractors from across the country, with several NGPP members attending as well. This event offered over 30 different classes to choose from along with a large trade show. As usual, the NGPP had a booth at the trade show which was expertly staffed by Tim Bodine (Professional Wallpaper

& Paint Co., St. Louis, MO), Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson Wallpaper Hanging, Conroe, TX), and Don Dye (Wallcoverings by Don Dye, Sugar Land, TX). Tim, Don, and Chris all took



Volume 37, Issue 2

March/April 2013

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Officers President - Cyndi Green, C.P. 1st VP - Vincent LaRusso, C.P. 2nd VP - Phil Reinhard Treasurer - Chris Murphy Secretary - Bob Banker Past President - Elsie Kapteina, C.P.

Contact the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers: 136 South Keowee Street Dayton, Ohio 45402 (800) 254-NGPP Fax (937) 222-5794 •

National Associate Co-Chair Jessy Russo, Russo Roman Decorating Products Greg Laux, MDC Wallcoverings

Executive Vice President Kimberly A. Fantaci The Installer Editor Lauretta Jenkins

March/April 2013 - Page 6

Region Directors Central - Steven Neal Kaye, C.P. West - Jeff Smith Northeast- Jack Egan Mid-Atlantic - Michelle Corl South Region Director- Pam McCartney

turns meeting with and talking to prospective members, as well as many curious contractors anxious to know more about our organization and wallcovering in general. While many PDCA members mentioned they don’t deal with wallpaper at all, the NGPP representatives were able to point them to the Guild’s Find-aPaperhanger webpage to utilize our members’ skills if the need arose. During the second half of the trade show, the NGPP was invited to do a demonstration on commercial wallcovering. Led by Tim, with Chris’ help, they spent an hour showing the PDCA members different techniques, tricks, and tips they had learned through Guild networking that helped them save time and money on commercial wallcovering jobs. Many PDCA members stayed after the demo to ask questions, and were very interested in the way NGPP members shared and learned together. There was plenty of networking that took place, along with making new friends, and reconnecting with old ones. This Expo, as well as past events, has proven yet again to be a great place to strengthen our ties with our brothers and sisters in the PDCA.

The Winning Walls With Wallcoverings Committee is pleased to announce that the sponsorship for the 2013 WWWW contest has been expanded. Earlier in the year, letters were distributed to all of our associate members seeking their additional involvement. The Rust-Oleum Corporation, Zinsser Brands will continue to be an integral part of our program as the featured sponsor with an unprecedented contribution for the thirteenth year in a row. This year Roysons of Rockaway, New Jersey will also serve as a sponsoring partner. In order to maintain a successful program, we must have participation from all of our members. I repeatedly hear installers proudly boast of numerous projects that they have completed during the year. Share those experiences with us! Tell us of the creativity you used and the challenges you overcame. What we do each day is amazing! We transform a box of often unknown materials into a statement of color, texture and design utilizing our engineering skills, product knowledge, and craftsmanship New and Rejoined Members to provide our clients with a palpable interpretation of their Cindy Faint vision. Diversified Wallcovering rd Projects from last June (2012) through June 3 of this year 9950 E. Paradise Road will be eligible for this year’s contest. Again, there are four Scottsdale, AZ 85260-5919 (480) 614-1921 categories in which to enter: Residential, Commercial, Small Spaces, and Specialty. The official entry form is enclosed in At-Large this issue of The Installer and is available online at www.ngpp. Brian F. Kehoe org. All entries, including photographs and any supporting BK Wallcovering materials must be postmarked by June 4, 2013, and become 500 West 42nd Street, Suite 6-B th the property of the NGPP. Entries dated after June 4 will be New York, NY 10036 held for next year’s competition. (646) 425-6524 Most members do not realize that this contest is central to Westchester County supporting the Guild’s mission of marketing and promoting professionally installed wallcoverings. Entrants’ photos are Chris Shannon Shannon Wallpaper used in our annual Resource Guide as well as a variety of 3664 New Harmony Road promotional materials. The photos are also rotated through Hartsville, TN 37074 the Guild’s official website to keep the site fresh looking. In (615) 974-6002 addition, the pool of articles is drawn upon for use in trade At-Large publications to further promote the NGPP and the use of various wallcovering products. Without these materials it Doyle Sumerall would be difficult to showcase our skills and promote our Total Wallcovering 13407 Orchard Shadows Drive talented membership. Richmond, TX 77407 Please take the time to enter the Winning Walls With (281) 397-3971 Wallcoverings contest. It benefits our organization, our At-Large industry, and of course, you! Perhaps your name will be called at this year’s WWWW luncheon ceremony to be held Gerri Taylor at the NGPP Paperhangers’ Convention and Tradeshow Taylored Wallpaper Installations in September in Reno, NV. Be recognized by your peers 123 Wadhams Heights Lane Westport, NY 12993 as this year’s “best of the best”. Get busy and submit your (518) 962-2312 award winning projects for all to enjoy and admire. For more information, please contact the National Office or the WWWW At-Large Committee members.

Welcome New Members

March/April 2013 - Page 7

A Well-Deserved Honor! By NGPP National Awards Chair Anthony Russo, C.P., Anthony P. Russo Paperhanging, Stratford, Connecticut

Winning a national award is the best way for us to recognize the hard work and dedication of our most dedicated volunteers! Over the course of the year I hear from different members and groups about who should have won a national award or why someone else didn’t win a certain award in a given year. Sometimes the mentioned person wasn’t even nominated. Other times the nomination wasn’t filled out in a way that gave that person their best chance of winning that particular award. If you think about all of the volunteers it takes to run our organization, our elected board, regional directors and alternates, numerous committees, chapter presidents and officers, then it‘s amazing that it all comes together in a way that achieves a never ending set of objectives. It gives us the necessary tools to set us apart as professionals. We know it’s hard to get started. We’re so busy that it’s hard to sit down and gather our thoughts. Gathering our thoughts is what it takes to submit a winning nomination. To make getting started easier we changed the nomination forms. Instead of one generic form, we now have a single form for each nomination. The forms have simple questions to help with getting started. Please take the time to think about whom you would like CHAPTERS to nominate, and then simply download the form and answer Atlanta the simple questions with as much detail as possible. To find the Baltimore nomination forms, visit the NGPP website at: http://www.ngpp. Bay Area org/installers_national_awards.php. Berkshire We have an obligation to recognize the deserving among us! Boston Read the award descriptions and think about your fellow Central Pennsylvania chapter members and other Guild acquaintances who are Chicago always doing something for your chapter or our Guild. Think Coachella Valley about the person who has a connection that solved a problem Columbus for you. Think about the person who always comes to your Connecticut chapter meetings, and brings something to discuss that ends Delaware County up helping you on the job sometime down the road. Think about Greater Cincinnati the regional workshops and national convention, the organizers Los Angeles and presenters, those setting up and taking down, those taking Miami Valley pictures, the list goes on and on. There are many and we have Milwaukee an obligation to say thank you. There is no better way that we New Jersey can say thank you than by nominating them for a national award. New Orleans Give yourself time and be specific when filling out the New York nomination form. The listed accomplishments must meet the Northeast Ohio criteria of the award for which you are nominating someone. For Northern California example, you should not say that someone has done so much in Northern New Jersey the past when nominating them for the “Bob Isenberger Member Northwest of the Year” award. Likewise you cannot say how much someone Philadelphia did this year when nominating them for “The Sam Kovnat Award” Pittsburgh service over a prolonged period of time. Remember organized Rocky Mountain Chapter facts that meet the criteria of the chosen award come closest to San Diego winning. South Florida The deadline to nominate is July 1st. The nomination forms Twin Cities Metro and the list of awards with their descriptions can be downloaded Upstate New York online at Washington DC Remember nominations must be postmarked or e-mailed to Westchester County by July 1, 2013. Western Carolina March/April 2013 - Page 8

Ah, Foiled Again! By NGPP Milwaukee Chapter Member Jim Goetzke, Goetzke & Daughters Professional Paperhangers, Delafield, Wisconsin

While scrolling through my emails I came across a posting with a link to a website called “The Ivy Cottage Blog”. This blog had an unusual article about a DIYer using heavy duty aluminum foil as a kitchen wallcovering. I was intrigued and wondered what I could do to use this technique. A couple of months later I stopped at a rummage sale and spotted a very unusual small table with three drawers. It was basically an 18” cube perched on four legs. The legs were 2” x 2” and the cube had a 2-inch frame around it with plywood centers. (Picture an ice cube with a black line at the edge of all of the sides standing on legs.) The drawers did not open atop each other but rather one drawer pulled out from the front; one drawer pulled from the center and on the other side the third drawer pulled from the bottom while the back was solid. The drawers had semi-circle openings where you could insert your finger to open them and when closed became part of the plywood center. It was a stained piece and not in great shape. My first thought was to refinish it but then I remembered the foil article and I decided to use this table for my experiment. I prepared the table for painting and sprayed all of the legs and the 2” x 2” frame with gloss black paint. For the plywood areas I applied a coat of DrawTite and then cut the foil pieces I needed to cover the flat areas. I crumpled the foil as instructed in the article and then opened it up as far as I could to cover the area I needed.

I applied clay paste to the flat areas and let it set up while I applied a thin coat to the back of the foil. I placed the foil down and smoothed out it to the 2-inch frame with a plastic smoother and trimmed the edges with a razor blade. By smoothing it down, the wrinkles became almost completely flat but still showed the creases. I repeated the process until I had all of the plywood areas covered with the wrinkled foil. After it all dried I took some black acrylic paint and wiped it over the foil so it caught against the wrinkles and gave the piece an antiqued look. I finished it up by applying three coats of semigloss acrylic varnish. Now that the small table was finished, I plan to give my foiled experiment to Mary Grundle, my friend and our Milwaukee chapter president. Mary loves gloss black furniture pieces and I have done other things for her in past years. I just found a small stackable table in my basement that has been gathering dust. I can already envision what it is going to look like in its new aluminum covering and new home.

March/April 2013 - Page 9

Public Speaking: Really? By NGPP West Region Director Alternate, Heidi Wright Mead, C.P., Heidi Wright-Mead Paperhanger, Oakland, California

A speech can help you communicate a message, bore your audience, confuse people, or entertain them. The way you present and speak contributes to your end result. Practicing the correct way and gaining more and more experience will help you build your skills and give a great presentation.

monotone (sounding emotionless). Part of giving a speech involves being convincing. When delivering a speech, how you say something can be just as important as what you say. Try not to put your audience to sleep; practice speaking in a way that complements and emphasizes what you are trying to say.

Language Be comfortable and confident with what you are going to say and the words you will use to do so. The language you use should be comfortable for both you and the audience. Use words that come to you naturally.

Pace Slow it down! It’s often natural for new speakers to speed along. Monitor yourself, take a deep breath and pretend like you are having a serious conversation with your friend. Make a conscious effort to speak slowly and clearly.

Get to the Point Less is more! Don’t tell the audience everything you know, but only what they need to hear to understand your point or argument. Choose the most relevant information to include in your speech is an invaluable skill. Also be sure to arrange your speech in a way that is quick, clear, and understandable.

Volume Your voice should be loud enough to carry to the back wall, but not so loud that makes you seem like you are shouting. If you have time beforehand, ask a friend to stand in the back of the room and monitor your voice’s volume and projection.

Mix It Up If you are comfortable with things like engaging your audience, go for it! Maintain their attention by sharing stories that fit in your speech, or asking a question. In writing your speech, try to think of how you can bring your topic back to the everyday. Back up parts of your speech that could be hard to understand with examples that relate to everyday life. Examples will also help your audience remember what you said. Tone It’s important to say what you say in the right tone. Your speech’s content should match how you present it. Practice saying serious things in a more serious tone, and alerting things in a manner that will shock the audience. You should also be sure not to sound March/April 2013 - Page 10

Body Language Be aware of how you are standing. Are you slumping over, too stiff, or fidgety? Practice in the mirror and stay calm. While you are on the stage be aware of where your body is. Be careful not to lean on the podium, in addition to losing your balance, and looking like you’re slouching, audience members might find that intimidating. Stand with both feet in line with your shoulders. This will help you keep your balance. Go ahead and use your arms, facial expressions, and hands to gesturing. This is natural and might help you emphasize parts of your speech or better connect with the audience. Yet, some speeches might not call for this; they might be more poignant or serious. This is up to you to decide. But, no matter what, don’t overdo it on the gesturing – too much will distract your audience. Let it be natural and, again, make

an effort to be aware of what you do with your hands. Do not put your hands in your pockets or behind you – that will disconnect you from the audience and make you seem uncomfortable. Let your arms be comfortable by your side and ready to gesture and convey! Dress Add to your first impression by wearing something that is comfortable for both you and the audience. Don’t under-dress for the event; you want your audience listening, not looking at a hot pink shirt. But also don’t overdress. If you need to, ask the event coordinator what the dress code is. Yet, don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you are going to a corporate event and representing a youth mentoring organization, dress formally, but keep it fun and youthful. Blending in is not always the goal. Eye Contact This is key! You don’t want to stare anyone down, but be sure to look into the audience and make a connection. Look up from your notes and have a conversation with your audience. Move If you have a handheld microphone, no microphone, or one on a wire, move around! You don’t have to walk around the entire time, but give some special attention to the different sides of the room! Speech Aids Rehearse! Too many people read from a sheet of paper. It’s okay if you skip a few words here and there. You are probably giving a speech because you were asked to share something that you are good at or know a lot about, so this information should come out of you naturally. Reading from your prepared notes will also decrease your opportunity to connect with the audience. Try using index cards with your main points on them instead.

Visuals If you have the opportunity and want to add another level to your speech, make a PowerPoint presentation, bring posters, pictures, or informative graphics that will wow the audience! If you do use a PowerPoint presentation, be sure to not stare at the slides. Take a glance and present what you want to, or have a printed copy. You should also never read the slides to your audience; tell them the bigger picture or smaller details. They can read and listen at the same time. Avoid distraction. Don’t use too many slide transitions, noises, pictures, or moving parts. Also try to keep things uniform and use high contrast colors that will be easy to read in the back of the room. Really spend time on whatever visuals you want to use. Just having something doesn’t mean your speech will be better. It should be quality and you should be comfortable incorporating it your visual into your presentation. Nerves If you normally get nervous or slightly anxious, here are some tips: take deep breaths (seriously!) before and during your speech. When you first step on stage, ground yourself and take a moment to get comfortable with the audience. Remember you believe in the cause and that this is your passion. Pretend that you are talking to your friends. Also remember that it’s normal to be nervous. The more you present, the better and more comfortable you will be. Also know that everyone makes mistakes; and, if you make one, no one will know unless you tell him or show it on your face! Before the big day, make sure you practice a lot! You might be uncomfortable asking neighbors and friends to listen, but you should. If you might mess up, get it out of your system now and do it with people who will laugh with you! March/April 2013 - Page 11

Arrive Early Arriving early to the occasion is a must for any public speaker. Allowing yourself this extra time gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with both the audience and venue and to check up on significant details such as: • the size and shape of the room • whether there is a podium • whether there is a microphone • the type of technical assistance that is available to you • By doing this, you reduce the chances of running in to any technical difficulties.

More Tips Don’t drink too much caffeine before giving your speech – it tends to give people the shakes and nerves will make that worse. Preparation prevents panic – knowing your material well will really boost your confidence. If you make a mistake, don’t worry. The chances are the audience didn’t notice. If it is obvious, don’t apologize, simply make the correction and continue with the rest of your speech. Remember – no matter how large an audience seems – it is made up of individuals.

Why I’m a Member By West Region Director Jeff Smith, Creative Paperhanging, Medford, Oregon

I joined the NGPP, in 1994, with the newly formed Northwest Chapter founded by Jim Turner, an experienced, former union commercial installer. I was driven to be the best craftsman I could be and after one meeting, I knew I was rubbing shoulders with some of the best installers in our state. A good analogy would be, “If you want to get better at tennis, play someone better than you.” In less than a year’s time, Jim recognized I had some expertise that could benefit the chapter and he asked if I would present a topic. My strengths are in customer service, marketing and selling. I presented a topic on the psychology of selling, wherein I spoke about the four basic personalities and their respective “hot buttons”. By recognizing these key components, one could adjust his or her sales tactics to help make the sale or increase the likelihood of securing the job. Members had never heard any of this before and were grateful that I shared the information with them. It felt great to give back because I had already learned volumes from my peers. I attended conventions, won some WWWW awards and participated in some charity hangs. However, my life changed on August 17, 2003, March/April 2013 - Page 12

when my daughter was nearly killed in a van rollover accident. She did sustain injuries that left her a highly functioning quadriplegic, but at the time I didn’t know if she would ever gain mobility from her chest down. I tried to work, but had some days I couldn’t see 12 inches away due to the tears. Then one day I received a monetary gift from the Zinsser Fund that allowed me to spend time at my daughter’s bedside. I have no idea who arranged this, but I am forever indebted. For a few years I disappeared from the conventions, but came back, in 2011, to attend the event in New Orleans. I thought nobody would remember who I was, but at least 40 people said they were glad to see me or told me I was missed. I realized I was part of something much bigger than myself and that I was valued. I could fill another page with additional reasons as to why I’m a member. If I weren’t a member of this association, there would be no way I could have made it this far. My skills would not be honed, the recession would have claimed me as another statistic and I would not have the job satisfaction I receive. Thank you NGPP.

The Worst May Be Over for Us By NGPP Chicago Chapter Member Phil Curtis, C.P., Curtis Enterprises, South Holland, Illinois

Nick Cichielo of NRC Advisors, LLC has supplied me with a 2012 industry report summarizing the year’s painting and wallcoverings sales. From this report we can speculate where 2013 is headed. Overall paint sales were up slightly in 2012. However, this increase was mainly due to price increases; actual unit sales were down 3% for the year. Faux finishing and decorative paint products were down 18% from 2011 levels. Wallcovering sales finished down 4% for the year. Consumer confidence finished the year in December 2012 at 58.6%. According to Cichielo’s report, “Consumers are now more optimistic that employment prospects, business conditions, and their financial situations will continue to get better”. The median household income in 2012 was up to $50,502 from $49,772 of the previous year. Although home prices have declined an average 40% over the last five years, the good news is that the mortgage rates remain at record lows and experts predict that the housing industry should grow 2.5% in 2013. Uncertainties of world financial conditions certainly have an effect on predicted growth, but so far most crises throughout the world have been averted. Unemployment ended up at 7.9% for 2012, with 12.3 million people seeking jobs. The housing industry may have the most influence on

leading us out of this economic downturn. The last half of 2013 is predicted to do better than the first six months. Although the number of industry manufacturers has dramatically fallen since the late 1970s, we have probably reached the bottom of this trend. One point that should be of special interest to installers is that, from the latest survey of retail customers, fear of removal ranks at 77.7%, while the fear of hanging wallpaper only ranks at 22.3%. Bare this in mind when you are informing prospective clients of the benefits of professional installation. Outline your careful use of proper wallcovering primers and their intended advantages. If they know that properly installed wallpaper will readily remove, they are more likely to use wallpaper from the start. In addition, if they are informed of the new substrates that have been engineered to strip much easier, they make seek out these new products. All in all, it seems like the worst is over. We are now on a trend toward slow economic growth. People and businesses should be in a position to spend more dollars on decorating. Let’s make sure that we’re in a position to capture their business. Don’t take old customers for granted. Make sure that you have a sound marketing plan in place.

Second Call for Nominations for National Officers Has April 30 Deadline The National Guild of Professional Paperhangers is seeking nominations for positions on the National Board of Directors. If you are interested in one of the open positions and meet the qualifications for that position, please submit your request in writing by mail, email or fax to the NGPP National Office no later than Tuesday, April 30, 2013. Your written request should include a short (150 words or less) biography detailing your accomplishments, experience and years of service to the Guild as well as the position you are seeking and a full color headshot photo.

Please submit your nomination to 136 South Keowee Street, Dayton, OH 45402; fax to (937) 222-5794 or email to This is the second official call for nominations for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The responsibilities for these offices can be found in the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers’ 2013 Member Resource Directory under By-Laws, Article VII – Officers. We look forward to a great race and encourage every eligible candidate to submit a nomination. March/April 2013 - Page 13

WWWW 2012: You Should Have Been There! By NGPP WWWW Chair, Phil Curtis, C.P., Curtis Enterprises, South Holland, Illinois

The 2012 Winning Walls with Wallcoverings contest was another exemplary display of creative and talented installations by our members. Despite the current economic stalemate, entrants submitted a variety of unique projects in the Residential, Commercial, Specialty and Small Spaces categories. The plaques and cash awards were handed out at the annual WWWW luncheon sponsored by Rust-Oleum Corporation/Zinsser Brands. Here’s a quick recap of the 2012 award winning projects from the Residential and Specialty categories. Be sure to catch the next issue of The Installer to read my article highlighting the winners from the Commercial and Small Spaces categories. Please remember that you have less than two months to complete and submit your entries for the 2013 Winning Walls With Wallcoverings contest. Mary Farrell of Homeside Building Corporation, White Plains, NY, received the Honorable Mention in the Residential category. Mary, along with a couple of NGPP members, trimmed and installed the highly embossed, hand screen printed materials from Koessel Studios. The project was challenging due to the 18 foot high walls in a grand entry with a curved staircase. For the Residential category’s Second Place award, this talented installer took detailed photos of the damaged wallpapered ceiling in an 1800s home and developed a plan to recreate this dining room masterpiece. March/April 2013 - Page 14

Using her many years of experience, the ceiling’s design was divided into quadrants and a pattern was created to return this space to its original splendor. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, this installer trimmed and re-created the ceiling’s design with intricate engineering and hours upon hours of hand trimming. Congratulations to Else Kapteina, C.P., of Wallpaper Hang Ups by Elsie, Bethel, CT, for her “jewel box” ceiling masterpiece! The Residential category’s First Place recipient had only seven days to complete this charity project for a showcase house. This installer was up for the challenge of creating a “wow” factor for the 1854 kitchen ceiling. He suggested to the designer that he could cut the wallpaper into “tiles” and install them on point. Using a laser level, this NGPP member meticulously installed the cut tiles on both the kitchen and breakfast nook ceilings that were separated by a header wall. Kudos to Donald Sheaff of D.E. Sheaff Wallcovering Contactors, Blue Bell, PA, for this most generous and impressive installation. In the Specialty category, the Honorable Mention recipient was awarded to Michael Baughman, C.P., of Baughman Wallcoverings, Oceanside, CA, for this creative installation of a mural on a wall that housed two doors. Even though the designer and owner didn’t think the mural should be wrapped over the doors, Michael knew that they

would be disappointed as a large portion of the image would disappear. Combining paperhanging and carpentry skills and a bit of artistry too, Michael recessed the area to be wrapped with a router and completed the seamless installation on the walls and doors to the delight of the designer and owner. The Second Place award in the Specialty category was also presented to Michael Baughman, C.P. for his quick thinking and ingenuity on a weekend installation of a hand painted mural that was supposed to be installed for a photo shoot that was scheduled for Monday morning. Michael discovered that the mural needed to be six inches taller and two inches wider to fit the designated wall space. Michael developed a plan to install the mural despite its wrong dimensions and then fill in the voids. He installed the Duck canvas, and then after contacting the original artist about the brand and paint colors used on the mural, Michael became an “artist” for a day and carefully extended the edges of the mural by custom blending the paints.

Murals also dominated the First Place award in the Specialty category. Ron Feltz, Jr. of Ron Feltz’ Executive Interiors, Oakland, MI, and three other installers hung four large murals, including one installed in a dining room with a 16-foot tall, barrel arched ceiling. Multiple scaffolds were erected to reach the high ceiling. The installers dealt with extreme heat and humidity during the project, but persevered to produce a beautiful installation. This project also involved a mural installation against elaborately decorated walls covered in expensive tapestry fabric and a 1/4” dark red silk welting along the ceiling’s edge. With plenty of blue tape, 4mil plastic and tenacity these talented hangers meticulously installed the mural without damaging the elaborate wall finish. I hope these entries will inspire you to share your projects. You, too, have the chance to be recognized for your creativity and skills. Start writing those entries and locate those photographs and perhaps you’ll be among the numerous talented members who have shared their stories and promoted professionally installed wallcoverings. Good luck to all of you! March/April 2013 - Page 15

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March/April 2013 - Page 16


The Installer April 2013  

Bi-monthly newsletter of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers

The Installer April 2013  

Bi-monthly newsletter of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers