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VOL 2 ISSUE 12 OCTOBER 2009 RS 100


G A M E . S E T. M A T C H .


SHARAPOVA Upgrade! Train like Andy Murray Marathon man: Milind Soman Diwali detox BOOZEFESTS!

Drinking festivals from around the world Champions League Twenty20 preview


Indian Army: Gods of war

Hotties Anushka Sha’ir

SPECIA FHM’sL! Next B Thingsig


Girl High Street Honey Party


The hottest things that matter this month...

Tanushree Dutta

Smart, chatty and a whole lot sensible!

So Tanushree, you into a lot of drinking? ‘Coz if you are, the FHM guide to drinking festivals can sure be a a life saver! Wow! That sounds real neat man. Pity I’m not too much into the whole drinking game but I’d love to attend a drinking festival ‘coz I’m so sure you can catch people doing a lot of crazy things! Drinking fests, pg 90 Yeah, better than religious festivals! In fact, we have a crazy columnist saying it’s high time now and all religions should become obsolete. Think that’s a good idea? Absolutely. They should be. Because if you go to see, religions were made so that humans could find some sort of order in society. Now that we have law and order, it’s time we moved on. But the sad part is it’s not going to happen any time soon. I for one prefer spirituality because it’s not binding, it’s free and let’s a person be, unlike religions. And if you go to see, all religions pretty much say the same thing! Then how can God’s be different? People are funny! Rant, pg 20 012


Bang on! We also have Milind Soman talking about his fitness and how he works out for a marathon. Do You like guys like Milind or are you more for the obviously muscular kind? Sure I do look at the physical side of a guy but let me tell you that more often or not, the muscular guys are a disappointment! A well toned body with a decent brain between the ears and a sweet tongue is a good combination. Now if there’s a six pack hidden beneath all that, I’m fine! But only muscles don’t work for me. Train like Milind Soman, pg 106 Cool. Now talking about a sport where there’s absolutely no muscles required, do you follow cricket? No. I don’t even know the rules of the game. But hey, I do know the names of most of the players in IPL as they are a lot on the TV, endorsing this brand or that. Does that help? Twenty20, pg 58 It’s okay if it doesn’t! So what’s the Next Big Thing with Bollywood? Me! (Laughs) It’s tough to say really because so many things are happening in Bollywood. There’s this small bunch of filmmakers making some real exciting and original cinema which is not over the top or dramatized. And then there are magnum opuses being made too, with everything a little too over the top! It’s a mix I think so. It’s difficult to point out one... Next big thing, pg 65


minded, smart and instantly likeable by men and women alike (and we don’t mean it in that way!) is our this month’s incoming girl, Tanushree Dutta. Instead of interviewing her we started discussing fat girls, drinking binges and other unimportant stuff and ended up feeling like high scoolers catching up! But what can us men do, the girl can talk! OPEN MINDED,

Hot stepper! She is chirpy, a fab dancer with an excellent figure and is not the least bit overly emotional like how most theatre actors are. In fact, she said she doesn’t believe in dating actors, “They are very moody and self involved!” We saw the opportunity here and asked her if she’d date magazine writers! She thought for a little while and said a little no, which got us thinking. Her next answer however made us look deep inside our own selves for meaning . “So what about midgets Gayatri?” We asked, “Would you date ’em?”” She thought only for a second before saying “Sure. But he’s got to be real cute, funny and be a nice person!” That was when we saw exactly how the bottom of the barrel looks. And all her fun chirping couldn’t repair our badly dented hearts - a temporary condition till we meet our next honey! FHM

Gayatri Patel 016






Acid Factory Who? Fardeen Khan, Dia Mirza, Irrfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani, Danny Denzongpa. What’s it about? A group of guys wake up in a factory to find that they’ve gone full retard... erm, sorry, actually, they’ve just lost their memories! So what now? They get up and try to fix stuff up together and solve a few existential questions, namely “Why are we here” and “Hey! Is that a peanut?” If losing memories was one thing, you’re mistaken. Our boys not only are delirious and without a sense of past but also, they don’t trust anybody now. Someone among them has screwed up or some thing’s amiss... they just don’t know what. Or who? 026


What’s the buzz? Blue... the colour of sky, seas and the disinfectant that runs down the loo in air planes! It’s a fast paced (hope so) action film featuring the most macho, crotch-grabbing male actors of Bollywood namely Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar. Now, wherever there’re too many steroid pumped males, there’s got to be a hot female. That’s a law of Bollywood and thus we have Lara Dutta - looking edible in fancy lingerie and Katrina Kaif – pricked, inked and pretty sexy. The li’l brother space is filled by Zayed Khan and the technicians employed are the best that Bollywood can copy. The film relies heavily on the stunts, all of which you can see a glimpse of oin the trailer!


Blue Who? Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta and Kylie Minogue (one song and two scenes?) What’s it about? Sagar (Dutt), a deep-sea diver working on the Bahamas is friends with a rich business man with a salt and pepper weird beard, Aarav (Akskay). They are friends but fight like little girls because of ego problems. Sagar has a younger bro (Zayed khan) who screws around with the mafia and as they try to nail the little prick, he runs scared to Sagar for help. Apparently Sagar has to deal with the ghost of his dead father to save his li’l bro (seriously, whatever that was supposed to mean). Oh, and it seems there is some treasure buried inside the sea, which a lot of people are looking for... Whatever it is, we hope they find it fast!

In theatres...

Or at the shady 5-in-1 DVD stall around the corner What’s the buzz? Scream rip-off! “Inspired” , that too from a strictly “alright“ film called Unknown, The Acid Factory borrows it’s plot heavily from the original Hollywood one. Sure the name may sound hardcore and the packaging and marketing are up to mark, we’d rather you keep your ears open for the latest news on plagiarism! Other than that, it promises to be a “morality play on the inside and a cat and mouse chase on the outside.” All we can say is, Huh? Or better yet, “Come again“ Or even better, “How about we stop marketing and start the actual filmmaking?”




London Dreams Who? Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, Asin What’s it about? Two fairy kids who like music and apparently that’s the only bond holding them together. There is Arjun (Ajay Devgan), a dedicated singer who runs away from home to roam the streets of London as a tramp until he struggles and primes to become a class musician. He then calls his friend Mannu (Salman Khan) to London and this is when guys, Arjun f**** up! Mannu is instantly liked by the crowds and is a happy go lucky headstrong guy who hits it big instantly

because of his cocky way. Meanwhile, Arjun’s also got a little thing going on with this chick called Priya (Asin). Now Mannu the horny punk does Priya and this is what pisses Arjun off big time. He takes it out on Mannu during a 4 city tour by sending him on a downwards spiral which includes a lot of drugs and women. And we thought a mark of good friendship was when one supplies the other with a lot of drugs and women! What’s the buzz?An almost repeat cast of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, minus Aishwarya Rai may just may just do the trick!

Raat Gayi Baat Gayi Who? Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Neha Dhupia, Iravati Harshe What’s it about? It’s a film about three modern day couples... Yawn! No, wake up. This one could actually be good! A contemporary take on three married couples whose slow and regular screw ups come to light one fine day. Isn’t that what we do everyday? With Couple number one (Rajat Kapoor and Iravati Harshe), the husband gets naughty with a hot girl (Neha Dhupia) on a drunken night. The husband feels guilty as hell and also suspects that his wife’s found out that he was busy wetting his bad ol’ wick the previous night. He traces the events of the night along with two other messed up couples to try and find out what

really happened. Did he bang the broad or just passed out in front of a hot girl or couldn’t get it up! (Never happened to us. Never ever!) What’s the buzz? It looks like one of those light ones which may make you sit back and think a li’l bit. Sure infidelity as a subject’s been done to death, but that’s only because people cheat on their spouses quite often! Anyway, a fresh take on a universal truth called “infidelity“ is always welcome which we hope it is! Oh, with Saurabh Shukla, who you may know as Kallu Mama from the gangster epic Satya at the helm, this one may just be good, because instead of sitting and solving problems by so called “mature talk“, the guy may just have the girl kidnapped and ask ransom from the parents!



Advantage Maria Sharapova WORDS: NISHA SAMSON


hink Maria Sharapova and all you guys get an instant hard-on. And who can blame you... the woman is one of the hottest tennis players on the circuit literally and metaphorically. Talent, endless legs, lotsa dough and a killer attitude, this woman means business... on the court and off it. Someone up there worked overtime on Maria and her stars... and we got to say that he did a FAB job. We’ve seen the agro on court, but what’s Maria like off it? FHM had a quick tete-a-tete with this tennis star and got behind what makes her tick... besides her racquet of course. Brace yourselves guys and DROOOOOOOL!











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