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a bi-annual complimentary bulletin by RADAC

MICA (P): 169/08/2012

Protecting Consumer Interest the primary concern for RADAC

More BTOs coming your way

Looking forward to the bliss of owning your new home? HDB’s Build-To-Order (BTO) flat system offers flexibility in location and timing for flat buyers who wish to purchase new flats. Eligible buyers who plan to move to a new HDB apartment in the near future can apply for apartments in their preferred location from the specific sites launched. Come January, HDB will launched another 3,320 units of studio apartments, 3-, 4- and 5-room flats in six new Build-To-Order projects – in Ang Mo Kio, Choa Chu Kang, Hougang, Kallang Whampoa, Tampines and Yishun respectively. (This information may be subject to change) To find out more about eligibility requirements and procedures on buying a new flat, log on to the HDB website at:

The Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC) was set up in 1986 as a non-profit voluntary consumer-based body to provide greater controls in the renovation industry as well as educate consumers on renovation issues. The objectives are to promote and regulate amongst Associate Members and Registered Trade Bodies, the highest standard of conduct and practice in the trade. It has always been our concern to upgrade the professionalism of renovation firms. Hence, in order to streamline the desirable standard of renovation works in the industry, we set up a registry of accredited renovators who satisfy the stringent registration criteria and code of practice. To be accredited, renovators must first fully satisfy eligibility requirements like technical competence, sound financial standing and having a HDB license for a minimum of three years or at least seven years for those without a HDB license. RADAC Accredited Renovators are also required to be covered under third party/public liability insurance for a minimum of $200,000.00 annually so as to protect the interest of the renovators as well as homeowners who appoints them. It is important that we keep to these high standards and not accommodate any incompetency in assessing the eligibility of renovators seeking to be accredited.

Get a Free RADAC Renovation Guide 2012 Today! Log on to the RADAC website at; scan the QR Code, or visit the RADAC Facebook, for the updated listing of RADAC’s accredited renovators.


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Opening Hours: 10am - 9pm daily

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2 The Renovation Express


Q u i c k R e f e re n c e

What should I do if I want to renovate a HDB flat? You should check whether the renovation item requires a renovation permit and if so, apply for it before you commence on the renovation works. If the works require a renovation permit, you have to authorise your HDB registered renovation contractor(s) to submit your renovation application on your behalf. Your registered renovation contractor will need to submit the application for renovation permit electronically to HDB. If the renovation work involves the demolition of walls, the scanning of floor plan, with details of the proposed work is required. The floor plans can be purchased via the HDB InfoWEB using the “Purchase of Residential Floor Plan” e-Service or from HDB Hub (Sale of Architectural Plan Counter) at 3rd Storey Atrium (next to payment counter), or using the self-service kiosk at any HDB Branch at $5.00 per copy.

Since flat owners need not apply for renovation permit for certain renovation items, why can’t flat owners engage contractors who are not registered with HDB to carry out these works? Registered renovation contractors have obligations to HDB. For instance, all registered renovation contractors must ensure they: • follow HDB’s renovation guidelines/conditions • do not damage HDB property • do not cause nuisance to other residents during renovations Even when renovation permits are not required, flat owners should engage registered contractors to ensure that renovations are carried out properly.

RADAC says ... For more than two decades, we have been providing homeowners with pointers and tips on renovation through one platform - the annual RADAC Renovation Guide. This is distributed by HDB and given free to new home buyers (brand new and resale) during the key collection process. It gives me even greater pleasure now to launch the inaugural issue of the Renovation Express, a new bi-annual bulletin by RADAC. Through an island-wide distribution, we hope that this publication will further established our mission and help provide a deeper insight of the renovation industry to future new homeowners, many of whom will be seeking to renovate and furnish their homes as early as first quarter of 2013.

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Can I engage an interior design company or sign a renovation contract with a renovator not registered with HDB? For interior designs work, you can engage an interior design company to provide the concept design if you wish. Such design works are not regulated under the HDB Registered Renovation Contractor’s Scheme. However you must engage a renovation contractor that is registered with HDB to renovate your flat (including works that do not require a renovation permit).

I had engaged a HDB registered renovation contractor to renovate my flat. Can HDB help me resolve my dispute with the contractor on pricing, work delays or poor workmanship, etc? Where there is a dispute between the flat owner and the renovation contractor on pricing, work delays, type and quality of the renovation works, both parties will have to resolve the matter between themselves as such matters relate to the contract signed between the flat owners and the renovation contractor. If they cannot settle the matter amicably, both parties could seek assistance through the Small Claims Tribunal or seek remedy through court proceedings.

P oi nte rs : W ha t to do

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D e si g ni ng yo u r D rea m H om e . . . .


T h e R A D A C Ro a d S h ow : 5 - 7 De c 2 0 12 . . . .


Renovation Trends: An insight . . . .


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RENOV ATI ON EXPRE SS t h e in a u g u r a l e d it io n

publisher R AD AC E D I T O R I AL wen rui sarah foo edi WR I T E R S sarah foo Ai r a t o s P AD V E R T I SI N G sales@sotari

A complete list of permitted/ not permitted works can be found in the HDB Renovation Guidelines. Alternatively, you may visit the HDB InfoWEB at under Living in HDB Flats > Home Renovation.

The information contained in this bulletin has been updated at the time of printing. The Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre (RADAC) does not warrant the correctness of all information contained herein and will not assume any liability in respect of any inaccuracies that may exist. No part of this bulletin may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of RADAC.

“RADAC will be conducting more talks on the importance of a safer home renovation.” says Mr Johnny See, the RADAC Chairman. This bulletin will also be aptly complemented with updates from the HDB, City Gas, established organisations and RADAC. As an advisory body, RADAC will be conducting more seminars and talks on Safer Home Renovation and the importance and advantages of Appointing a RADAC Accredited Renovator to help consumers with their renovation options. So look out for the schedules and dates via the RADAC Facebook and website. Participation is free and we look forward to seeing you For more info, log on to:

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The Renovation Express


Over the years, Chew Interior Design has created thousands of dream h omes for our customers in HDB, condominiums, landed properties and commercial projects such as offices, retail outlets and child care centres. We provide a pleasant one–stop renovation experience; from the designing interior concept to after-sales service. As a service-orientated company, we have set aside a special team, our Customer Care Department (E-Care), dedicated to dealing with before and after-service. We strongly believe that it is important to consistently provide good quality service to our customers, in accordance with our company’s mission. Bring along your floor plan and come by our showrooms for a non-obligatory discussion. We can help you to create your future dream home.

HDB LICENCE NO: HB-020070-C WEST ZONE 10 Toh Guan Road #01-01A (The Furniture Mall) Singapore 608838 Tel: (65) 6777 0880 Fax: (65) 6873 2146 Email:

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EAST ZONE 22 Kallang Ave #01-00 Hong Aik Industrial Building, Singapore 339413 Tel: (65) 6787 0880 Fax: (65) 6787 8870 Email:

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The Renovation Express up to



gaining popularity amongst homeowners. The benefits

From stoves to water heaters, to clothes dryers

Utility Savings

WARMING UP YOUR HOME WITH CITY GAS Along with your stove, City Gas water heaters are fast


– City Gas integrated home solutions are a perfect fit for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. With reduced carbon emissions, our appliances are the eco-friendly choice for a greener environment for all.

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half the time when compared to electric To complete your home, there’s the City Gas clothes dryer. Fitted with innovative and user-friendly controls, our clothes dryers not only protect your clothes from external elements, but also efficiently kill harmful dust

dryers. With so many benefits to improve your HDB home life, go green and choose City Gas today!

mites and micro-organisms. With piped gas you will



63% e#

never have to worry about running out nor is there the

Carb o Emis n sions

inconveniency of replacing tanks. The safer choice compared to bottled gas or gas tanks, with its lighter-than-air properties they readily dissipate


Energy study conducted by Dr Lee Siew Eang, NUS.


Based on usage of 2 showers per day. Running cost is subject to change with tariff revision.

into the atmosphere in the event of a leak. As gas tariff is regulated and reasonably priced, there is no financial burden to consumers. With no storage space needed, it is not only a compact choice, but it also gives you a clean and hygienic environment

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The Renovation Express


We make it possible to live beautifully!


Check out our Website

Reputed as one of the leading local firms, we provide residential and commercial interior design solutions in a broad range of styles and sensibilities. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we have delighted and gain the trust of countless customers with our creative design solutions, undivided attention and reliable after-sales service. Visit us at the RADAC Road Show on 5 - 7 Dec 2012 at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub Mall (10am - 10pm) and let us help turn your home into a beautiful reality!

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ID EMBOSS PTE LTD A member of Kohong Group (since 1971) 662 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188798 (near Bugis MRT Station) Tel: 6295 7096 Fax: 6295 7097

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The Renovation Express


More Than Just Closets In recent times, the wardrobe has become a very important element within the home – and ladies can testify to that. With space becoming a constraint these days, the best way may well be to engage a carpentry professional, better yet one whom specializes in wardrobes. After You Have Selected Your Flat It is never too early to start conceptualising your renovation.

ClosetRobe not only understands the dynamics of construction but also has access to a wider range of materials and the expertise to plan for a wardrobe that is versatile, adaptable and stylish. Only choice materials such as melamime-finished boards that are scratch resistance are used. In addition, the wardrobe can even be fitted with TV consoles and workstations.

Here Are Some Useful Pointers:You could start with consulting your relatives, friends and colleagues who have carried out recent renovation works. Visit show-flats, Road Shows and home décor exhibitions for ideas and cost estimates. Spare a thought to the needs of every occupant.

And for homes at the other end of the scale, ClosetRobe, being HDB licensed and a RADAC accredited renovator also provides design and construction services for kitchen cabinets, feature walls and living spaces within your home. This one-stop consultancy ensures that your interior is a cut above the rest.

Determine and prioritise your requirements, then source for your renovation funds. Make comparisons of loan packages offered by the various banks. Always budget your renovation with an affordable cost. It is wise to shortlist a few RADAC accredited renovators for assessments and comparisons. You can check with the HDB to confirm the validity of a contractor’s licence or access the RADAC website or QR Code on the status of its’ accreditation.

Scan for more of ClosetRobe

Never just go for the lowest quote but be mindful of hidden cost and ensure that all items discussed are duly included in the quotation proper. Should you have any dispute with your contractor, RADAC could help to mediate a quick and amicable solution – provided the contractor you appointed is a RADAC accredited renovator. Word Of Caution The public must be warned that there are many new contractor and renovation firms today that may well be operating without a valid HDB licence. Before signing any renovation contract, it is wise to do a quick check on their status.

HBD Licence No: HB - 05-4147C

For more information and innovative concepts, visit the RADAC website at: or find us on the RADAC Facebook.

33 Ubi Avenue 3 #01-25 Vertex, S. 408868 Tel: (65) 6285 3400 Fax: (65) 6285 3425 Email:

Scan here

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The Renovation Express(280x350mm)_16pp-L4.indd 7

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- Residential and Commercial Renovations

- Turn Key Project / A & A Construction

- Design Concept and Development

- Space Planning and Feasibility Studies

- Interior Design Consultation

Our Expertise :





Good design begins in the head of the designer and ends in the heart of the observer


The Renovation Express

Designing your Dream Home Homeowners of today tend to be more actively involved in the renovation aspects of their homes. They are quick into details and demand the best in quality and finishing.This is in complete contrast with a decade or so ago, where they leave everything in the hands of their designers. Scan the QR Code for an updated list of RADAC Accredited Renovators

Knowing What you Want

Knowing What to Do

The first step to an ideal home renovation is knowing what you want. A good designer will take time to understand the client’s profile, lifestyle requirements and budget constraints and help the customer achieve that balance. The designer should be quick to share his views with the client on the concept design, practicalities and space planning. These days, interior designers are resourceful, well equipped and with the help of ingenious computer graphics, they can conceptualize a conversational concept onto paper, and in visual details. This further helps the client in deciding the final color elements.

Before committing pen to paper, it is prudent for the customer to consider the designers company’s background, proven track record and its financial credibility. Consumers who appoint a RADAC accredited renovator have the privilege of insisting on the RADAC Standard Contract; the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement satisfactorily protect the interest of the consumer and the renovator. In addition, RADAC has in place the Renovation Conciliation and Arbitration Procedure Programme (RECAP) which provides mediation and site inspection as a quick and amicable way in resolving renovation disputes, without resorting to the Courts.

D’esprit is a design consultancy specializing in interior architectural concepts and decoration. Founded in 1978, the company has gained a solid reputation based on its commitment to quality, detail and technical proficiency. Visit us at the RADAC Road Show on 5 – 7 Dec 2012 at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub Mall (10am-10pm) and let us help turn your dream home into a reality.

Since 1987

D efi

reativ ning the fine line of C

ity & Personality

D’ESPRIT INTERIORS PTE LTD 8 Boon Lay Way #06-10 Tradehub 21, Singapore 609964. Tel: 6665 7611 Fax: 6515 4615 Email:

HDB Licence No: HB-02-0314F

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Cert No: GDPMDS-2008-02

Member of the IAF MLA for QMS

11/28/12 11:52 AM

The Renovation Express

the radac road show





10am - 10pm

Over the past six years, RADAC have conducted a series of Renovation Road Shows, all at one venue the Toa Payoh HDB Hub Mall. This is to facilitate and provide the added convenience to consumers who are collecting their apartment keys from the HDB Sales Office. It helps that the Toa Payoh MRT station is but a couple of steps away. According to MRT statistics, some 18,000 people commute within this location daily, making it one of the busiest and populated MRT station in Singapore. We have witnessed many renovation contracts being inked and signed here; and we believed the two main reasons for this continued success are the attractive renovation packages and the wisdom of consumers in appointing RADAC accredited renovators. RADAC is extremely selective in the choice of relevant trades for our events. To ensure that home consumers are better served and assured of quality workmanship, only RADAC accredited renovators are permitted to participate in our Road Shows. Incidentally, RADAC will be hosting a 3-day Road Show from 5 - 7 December in conjunction with the launch of The Renovation Express. Apart from attractive renovation packages accorded by RADAC accredited renovators, we also have two new participants who will be joining us in the Road Show for the very first time; APS Group – who will be showcasing their latest range of kitchen appliances and SingTel - who will share useful know-hows on fibre cabling installation tips, for you and your renovator.


SPECIAL PROMOTION by Ideal Design Renovation Free Samsung Galaxy Tablets 10.1” 16GB with contract amount $18,888.00 and above. - Special Package for Master Bedroom @ $2,888.00 - TV Feature - Bedframe - Wardrobe - 2 Bedside Table - Furniture Voucher $100 - Lighting Voucher $100 - Bathroom Accessories Voucher $100 - Curtain Vouchers $100

Ideal Design Renovation Pte Ltd 161 Lavender Street #01-11/#02-11 Singapore 338750 Tel: (65)6842 5542 Fax: (65)6842 5580 Email: Website:

So if you are in the midst of renovating your home but have yet to decide on a trustworthy renovation firm, do drop by the RADAC road show and make that all important decision there!

The first 500 visitors to Express at the Road Show can pick up their free goodie bags! No purchase required!

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The Renovation Express

Renovation Trends – your choice may well be as good as mine by P. Airatos While there are contrasting views on what constitutes an aesthetic concept - most will agree that it has to be practical and functional. We look at the characteristics of the more popular trends choices today, some of which may well be the basis to help you get started. Contemporary Design

Roman and Greek inspired columns and crafted busts, imported wall coverings, Victorian fabrics and antique furniture or modified replicas of the golden era

Minimalist Design

Contemporary interiors are current, uncluttered and welcoming - reveling in the use of sleek design fundamentals. Neutrals like earth tones, black and white are often the choice palette. In contemporary settings, the most obvious and distinctive element is line. Less is more. Always clean and comforting to the eye, the combination of style and functionality is the hallmark of this concept. Clever lightings and lightweight furniture are usually accented and incisive, oblivious to curves or decoration. The nature of elements makes it practical and extremely space efficient Classic Interior Design

Minimalism, a fresh and inviting concept that thrives on simplicity is fast becoming a popular interior design style. Over the years, the fundamental principles of minimalism remains – clean lines, hard surfaces, open spaces and low furniture. But these days, we are also seeing softer edges, more colors, varied textures of natural fibers, symmetry in both content and form. The concept seeks to remove any sign of personal expressivity; allowing one to appreciate the concept more intensely without the distractions of composition and theme Mixture Design

Classic Interior Design is one that is based on symmetry, order and balance. A primary element in Classic design concept is the use of a focal point around which visual balance is achieved. The color palette, often earthy, gold and off-white takes its cue from the Greek and Roman periods of history where choices were often inspired by statue and nature. Common classical motifs include

The Renovation Express(280x350mm)_16pp-L4.indd 10

The mixture of traditional and modern furniture styles can create an individualised, multi-layered living space. Furnishing your home can be atoned to developing your own personal style rather than adhering to any single doctrine. Therefore, in a multi-tier residence, the eventual concept has to be trendy and more importantly, functional. Having said that, combining modern style furniture and accessories with traditional ones can result in chaos if not executed well Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design is hallmarked by clean, straight lines and an uncluttered look. Unlike Contemporary Design which are more of the in-trend current styles, the Modern Interior Design refers to a specific geometrical, clean-lined style. The fact that the modern style may also be part of a current look or trend adds to the similarity as well as confusion between the Modern and Contemporary Designs. Although it is said that Modern Interior Design originated from Europe, many of today’s adaption alludes a more Japanese influence in them; And to the Japanese, space is viewed as an important element. Hence, form and function are predominant in the choice of design elements, lightings and color palettes

Unique Interior Design

Unique Interior Design is one that evokes a conventional talking point around which the design encumbrances the symmetry. A primary element in the unique concept is the impact of thought, often reflecting the aesthetic lifestyle of the home dweller. The color palette is more often subjective, but many a time, choices are inspired. In essence, the unique setting is almost always an original concoction, largely conformed to the basic requirements of the dweller and the creative accentuation and design expertise of the designer

The writer has penned numerous articles on renovation and home furnishing. This compilation was first published in a 2012 Renovation Trends supplement by RADAC. Used with permission.

11/28/12 11:52 AM

The Renovation Express



Elementz Design Studio© is an interior renovation company that provides the full spectrum in designing and custom building works. At the helm of Elementz Design Studio© is Mr Tommy Ong, a qualified veteran in the interior renovation industry with more than 15 years of experience. Backed by several teams of professionals who went through intensive in-house training and upgrading programmes, you can be rest assured to expect nothing but the best quality in service and design. Some of our projects include: Interior design and space planning for HDB flats, condominiums and private houses all over Singapore • Exterior design and landscaping planning for private and commercial estates • Interior conceptualization for shophouses and shopping malls • Workplace design for offices • M & E works and services • Maintenance services for public and private housing and commercial estates


Head Office: Blk 164 Bukit Merah Central #04-3631 Singapore 150164 Tel: 6278 8296 Fax: 6278 8294 Email: Showroom: 168 Punggol Plaza #01-09 Singapore 820168. Tel : 6875 9198 Fax : 6875 8665 Carpentry Workshop: 122 Eunos Ave 7 #05-16 Richfield Industrial Centre, Singapore 409575 Tel : 6846 7389 Fax : 6846 8298

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The Renovation Express(280x350mm)_16pp-L4.indd 12

Join us at

Join us at

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The Renovation Express


WHY CHOOSE A RADAC ACCREDITED RENOVATOR? Renovation can and should be a wonderful experience. However, one needs to be mindful when signing up a renovation package. After all, nobody should be at the tail-end of dishonest contractors, shabby work or finishing that are not up to expectations. How then do you protect yourself against such occurrences? Here’s what some RADAC accredited renovators have to say. CISEERN: First and foremost, consumer interest should never be compromise. Accreditation is like a credibility endorsement. And since the credentials of the accredited renovator are intact, the renovation process should well be in safer hands. After all, renovation is, and should always be a pleasant experience. CLOSETROBE: The last thing any home consumers want is for their dream home to end up in the hands of an irresponsible contractor. It is therefore prudent to consider the track record and credentials of the renovator before you actually appoint them. One of the better options is to appoint a RADAC accredited renovator. After all, for any renovator to be accredited to RADAC, they must first meet the necessary and stringent requirements prior to being certified. It’s like a stability check. ID EMBOSS: The answer is simple. Naturally, every homeowner will want a reliable and professional renovator. So what could be better than having a recognized body like RADAC to do the screening part for you? It is a pre-requisite criterion to pass the stringent checks made on the credentials of the renovator and of the workman-ship we deliver. At ID Emboss, we are proud to uphold that standard and to be known as a RADAC Accredited Renovator. SKY CREATION DESIGN: RADAC’s vision statement “To pursue a high quality of renovation work in Singapore homes at affordable cost” is indicative that being a reliable and professional renovator, we, at Sky Interior, have duly met the necessary requirements to be certified and accredited by RADAC. Consumers should always check on the credentials of any renovator they wish to appoint. This is easily done through the QR Scan, the updated list in the RADAC website as well as the annual RADAC Renovation Guide.

D’ESPRIT INTERIOR: The stringent criteria set for renovators to qualify for accreditation to RADAC are technical competence, sound financial standing and a HDB licence. All the above can only come through discipline, hard work and dedication, achieved over a period of time. This is why a consumer should choose a RADAC accredited renovator. With a RADAC accredited renovator, one is assured of a safer home renovation. IDEAL DESIGN RENOVATION: A renovator can only be accredited to RADAC upon satisfactory meeting the strict eligibility conditions and requirements – thus reflecting its credentials and stability. In essence, this is the best assurance to the consumer. In this industry, almost anyone can pass off as a renovator, but not all can claimed to be RADAC accredited renovators. U-HOME INTERIOR DESIGN: RADAC’s mission is to protect consumer’s interest – and we support that motion. There are hundreds of registered renovation firms in Singapore but many failed to meet RADAC’s strict eligibility requirements. So this is an important consideration. With the added assurance of accreditation, the consumer’s choice of choosing a safer renovation path is made that much easier. VEGAS INTERIOR: As an accredited renovator, and at Vegas, one can be ensured of quality - and on products as well as workmanship. Moreover, in cases of disagreements, even minor ones, RADAC can be called upon to address the matter professionally and fairly. Consumers who appoint RADAC Accredited Renovators have the privilege to insist on the RADAC Standard Renovation Contract which terms satisfactory protect both the accredited renovator and the consumer.

THE EXPERTS GROUP: Renovation is a choice - but one that cannot be taken lightly. The RADAC accreditation speaks of credentials and credibility of the renovator. That in itself, is an assurance that your investment is in safer hands. At Experts, we strive to serve our customers with pride, integrity and utmost respects. In essence, home renovation is a reflection of your lifestyle and you certainly want the best professionals to help you in creating that reality.

Scan here for an updated list of RADAC Accredited Renovators

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The Renovation Express


Vegas - A breath of imagination Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd is a full service interior design company with a wealth of experience and a wide base of satisfied clients in Singapore. From the onset, we understand a better design is not necessarily sufficient to satisfy our discerning clients; it has to be a lot more. The cornerstones that built our reputation are Service, Quality, Responsibility, Punctuality and Integrity. Our group of interior designers are experienced and professionally trained to share with you and arrive at designs that are not just stunning but also highly functional. Vegas Interior Design possesses the breath of imagination to transform your living ideas into living space. Be it a landed property, a HDB apartment, a condo unit or even a loft studio, all will be accorded the ultimate "Vegas original" design.

Through regular customers and many referrals, Vegas has expanded its forte into commercial interior designs, office and retail space renovations and design and build turnkeys - always mindful of striking that balance between good taste and budgets. We never subscribe to the erroneous belief that only big budgets beget fine interiors. But we subscribe wholeheartedly to finding innovative design solutions to suit your budget.


Interior Design Pte Ltd

160 Paya Lebar Road #01-07 Orion@Paya Lebar, Singapore 409022 Tel: (65) 6252 5522 Fax: (65) 6250 0092 Email: Webmail:

Scan Here for a preview of our new website

Visit our new showroom at 160 Paya Lebar Road #01-07 Orion @ Paya Lebar

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The Renovation Express

Published & Printed by the Renovation and Decoration Advisory Centre. T: 6565 9929 F: 6565 3271 E: Circulation 100,000 copies Distributed by SingPost

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The Renovation Express 2012 August