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Booklet TOOLS IMPRESSIONS LINKS from the traINING COURSE HUMAN RIGHTS IN SPOTLIGHT "This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

Booklet The training course “Human Rights in Spotlight” hosted by non – governmental organization “Konstruktor” from 6. to 15. April 2013 in Struga connected participants from 12 countries (Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Georgia, Armenia, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland and hosting country Macedonia) on the platform of human rights education, advocacy for human rights, fighting discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes. The 8 - days training course “Human Rights in Spotlight” was implemented with goal to reach following learning objectives: to raise participant’s awareness in the field of human rights, to develop their competencies in advocacy for human rights education at local and national level (to be able to prepare and lead campaing tackling various human rights issues and stakeholders), to fight discrimination and contribute to creating more inclusive society by undertaking various actions and sharing lessons learned to the local communities. The project activities (simulations, discussions, work in different multicultural teams, field visits, theoretical insights) were based on non-formal education an provided the participants also an opportunity for develop their communication, leadership, team work, project management skills as well as ability to lead campaign or implemented actions at local or international level with support of Youth in Action Programme. For more information about the training course please check out the project blog:


Write down your own definition of human rights and think about following questions: Why teach human rights? Are human rights of all people fully respected? Each human being has responsibility to protect human rights of others? Do you agree or disagree? Can you do anything including using violence against someone to defend your human rights? Yes or No.

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The most interesting and useful was the fact that we learned a lot without being taught in a traditional way. LInks:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights; United Nations - Human Rights; Council of Europe - Commissioner for Human Rights; Council of Europe - HR Education, Youth Resources The Story of Human Rights; Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

Welcome Evening. Getting to Know Each Other.

Human Rights Day


ECHR European Court of Human RIghts Do you know about this court? Do you know if there was/is any case connected with your country? Check it out... and learn more about the mechanisms of protection of human rights.

Discovering Realities of Participants Countries - Presentation of the case D.H. AND OTHERS v. THE CZECH REPUBLIC ; More about the case:{%22item id%22:[%22003-2176193-2313650%22]}


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If we speak enough we can make a change. LInks: Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms; Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders; Human Rights Education Associates (HREA); Human Rights Watch; Amnesty International; Series ‘Focus Human Rights’; PLSOknOL7CeZMOWQVegNFRyigaoGg2RTCQ Morning Energizer.


During the training course the partici- Write down your own story and find an opportunity to pants had an opportunity to take part in discuss it with others. discussions, simulations, team challanges. One of activities implemented during the training course was ‘Fish Bowl of Conflict’, the details description of the tool you can find on SALTO website: http:// tool/fish-bowl-of-conflict.1362/. The activity is starting by writing down a story reflecting any situation where conflict appeared. In case of this training course it was a situation when human rights of someone were not respected or when appear confflict between the human rights .


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I will try to protect human rights. TIps: Amnesty International - Conflicting Rights; doc_17614.pdf Human Rights Case Studies; On Conflict of Human Rights; Understanding Human Rights; List of Human Rights Issues; aspx Fish Bowl of Conflict.


The issues of discrimination and social exclusion was also covered by the training course ‘Human Rights in Spotlight’and you can think about following questions: Where you see the roots of the discriminations? What you think are the consequences of discrimination? and How you think that we can fight discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes?

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I realize that too many people do not know about HR. 7

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One of the most interesting thing was non-formal education becuase in my country is very hard to find this kind of traning courses. LINKs:

Speak out Against Discrimination; No Hate Speech Movement; T - Kit 8 Social Inclusion; publications/T-kits/8/Tkit_8_EN Anti-Discrimination Good Practice Guide; Tackling Social Exclusion through Creative Activities;

Learning to Trust - Theatre Based Activities.


To explore the theme of advocacy you can ask following questions: What are the aims of the advocacy? Who are the targets of advocacy? What’s important when making advocacy in post conflict areas? What is important for planning advocacy? What is important for long term teamwork on advocacy issue?

Learning Each Other Names - Blanket Game.


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I learned that we are same and we can’t discriminate others. LInks: Ten Common Elements of Successful Advocacy Campaigns; Advocacy and campaigning Ian Chandler; KONY 2012 - case to discuss; Adcoacy Campaigns; The Community Tool Box; Tools for Advocacy;

Presentation - Who are the targets of advocacy?

Advocacy and Campaigning Course Toolkit


Bring the change to your local community with help of crowdsourcing. How? Develop project idea, transform it in interesting presentation, spread it on-line, get support from the ‘crowd’ and make the change happen.

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My perception was that HR are universal and represent the right to live in dignity and to be yourself.


This is still my perception but I realize that cultural back round or religion can have influence of how you define this.

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I also realised how diverse EU countries are. There are so many perceptions about people of certain nationalities. I almost thought that these problems did not exist in EU. LInks: What is Crowdsourcing?; what-is-crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing - How it can work; Kickstarter; Crowdrise; 5 lessons learned from a successful crowdfunding campaign; Working on New Project Ideas.

Tips for launching the campaign


One of the session of the training course was also focused on developing the ability to facilitate activity focus on human rights education. The participants were discussing about different elements of facilitation process with goal to improve their skills and competencies. And what about you? How you would motivate the group? How would you make sure that your perceptions and opinions are not influencing the activity?

Getting to Know Each Other - Human Rights Bingo.


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I never thought of so many topics which are dealing with HR. I was really suprised how many interesting different topics came up. LInks:

What is Human Rights Education?; html Manual for Facilitators in Non-Formal Education; Facilitation manual: A guide to using participatory methodologies for human rights education; Teaching Human Rights; documents/pdfs/Pub_United%20Nations_ABC_ human%20rights.pdf Human Rights Resource Centre; Field Visit of organization PORAKA NOVA in Struga.


The training course ‘Human Rights in Spotlight’ was implemented with support of Youth in Action Programme of the European Union. If you would like to develop your idea into action just do it. More information about Youth in Action Programme you can find on the website of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Agency Executive Agency (EACEA) or check out website of your National Agency (NA) in case that you are coming from Programme Country. One of the session of the training course was also focused on developing the ability to facilitate activity focus on

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Every human being should enjoy all the given rights and have the freedom to express/act according to his feelings. 15

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I really felt the meaning of the sentence: “We are all born free and equal”! LInks: Website of EACEA; Website of SALTO - YOUTH; Facebook Groups Connected with YiA Programme; Exchanges network European-Youth-Exchanges Do Great Things Network & Friends All Over The World Global Cooperation Union For International Projects NFE cooperation tank Malta Spirit In Action Macedonian Youth Portal Foundaction European Voluntary Service (EVS); Making a Video: Do not Label Me: watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XA7RME58j4w.




Booklet: Human rights in spotlight  

'Human rights in spotlight' was international training course that connected young people all around Europe and provided them an opportunity...

Booklet: Human rights in spotlight  

'Human rights in spotlight' was international training course that connected young people all around Europe and provided them an opportunity...