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July/August 2012


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  

        

     


Have you always wanted a LOVEly photograph of your family up on your wall, but just never seem to get round to it? Well, wait no longer, because Caroline and Karl, founders of LOVEphotography, are here to help... “Many mums and dads love the idea of having a really lovely family photo on the wall, but getting everyone in the family to agree to come to a photoshoot can often be a real problem. Its such a shame, because everyone is always surprised at how much they enjoyed spending fun time with the family - even the most camerashy enjoy our shoots and fall in love with their finished artworks. So our best advice is to seize the moment! Call us on 01159476224 for your LOVEphotography Family voucher (currently on special offer - please ask for details), then you’ve got two whole months to book in - plenty of time to let them have a look at our website and facebook page and we’ll guarantee they’ll be convinced! Time goes so fast, so don’t wait too long - and be sure to check out our website for all our lovely special offers. We look forward to seeing you soon!”

big LOVE, Caroline & Karl xxx

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Welcome our Sizzling Summer edition.......

Hopefully by the time you read this summer will be in full swing and the flip flops will be out and the sun cream will be on! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to complete the reader questionnaire. It is still available online if you haven’t already given us your views. One thing that you really want more of is money off vouchers so we are including a new Live for Less feature on page 67. Don’t forget to check out the Whats On section on our website for some great events in Nottingham over the summer months: Happy Reading Ali, Cat and Sarah

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Really Rajah Good!! In the current economic climate you need to be doing plenty right in order to stay in business. Rajah resaurant and takeaway on Mansfield Road, Sherwood was established in 1979 and is still going strong which says a lot about the quality and service they provide. The restaurant seats just over 50 and is open every day from 6pm until 11pm. We decided to have a takeaway and watch the football instead. The menu (left) is comprehensive and contains all the usual favourites. Best sellers are tikka masala and chicken balti. I decided to give one of their specialities a go - the chicken shahjani, a medium creamy curry that included nuts and dried fruit. It was

absolutely delicious. Really unusual and something different. The owner, Mr Ali, explained that they only use the best quality ingredients and the spice mixes they use are specially designed and ground for them. If you decide to eat in I would recommend the chom chom as a starter...really, really delicious. I won’t give you the ingredients. Just try it and you won’t be dissapointed! Rajah can be found at 575a Mansfield Road, Sherwood. Their number is 0115 962 2410.

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Grab a Kebab!

Kebabs are easy to prepare, quick to cook and healthy. You can cook them over a bbq, under a grill or using a grill pan on the stove. Skewers can be wooden or metal. Wooden ones need a good soak in water first. Metal skewers can be re-used and also conduct heat, helping to cook meat through.

Spicy Chicken Kebabs

Seafood Kebabs

190g uncooked king prawns 200g scallops - (king are better but I could only get queen) 1 fillet of white fish like monkfish 6 rashers of streaky bacon marinade 2 cloves garlic - finely chopped pinch of chilli powder 2 tbsp olive oil juice of half lemon

450g chicken breast 2 red onions cherry tomatoes marinade 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp red wine vinegar juice of half a lime pinch chilli powder or flakes 2 cloves garlic finely chopped

Cut chicken into chunks. Mix marinade and add to chicken. Cover and leave overnight. Thread chicken, red onion and tomatoes Cut the fillet of white fish and add onto skewers and cook until chicken is cooked through. Make along with the rest of the fish to a bowl. Mix the marinade and add to sure it is thoroughly cooked. the fish. Stir to coat and leave for Halloumi and Veg Kebabs at least an hour. Cut each rasher 200g halloumi cheese Cut the cheese, courgettes, of bacon into 3 strips and use it to 1 or 2 courgettes red onion and yellow pepper wrap around the scallops. Thread 2 red onions into bite size chunks and place the fish onto skewers and bbq cherry tomatoes in a bowl with the tomatoes. until all the fish is cooked through. 2 yellow peppers Mix the marinade ingredients Lovely with couscous. marinade and add to the vegetables. Mix really well and leave for 2 tbsp olive oil as long as possible. Over juice of 1/2 lemon night is good. Thread the veg 1 tsp dried oregano and cheese onto skewers and grill until browned & the veg are cooked.

Fruit Kebabs

pineapple bananas x2 1 x ripe mango strawberries marinade 2 tbsp honey 1 tbsp brown sugar juice of half a lime

Prepare the fruit into bite size chunks and thread onto skewers. If you are cooking on an outdoor bbq it might be an idea to lay the fruit on foil. I used a grill pan and melted some butter on it first. Place the kebabs on the heat and brush with the marinade. Turn and cook until the fruit starts to go brown and caramelise. This should only be a few minutes. Delicious served with ice cream, creme fraiche or chocolate sauce.

Da yt Cr ime ui a se nd ro s a Ev un ll y en d ea in r g

e e bl ir la h ai ate Av riv rp fo

Princess River Cruises Cruising The River Trent In Nottingham

• Private Parties From £20pp • Daytime Cruise and Dine Packages • Monthly Forthcoming Events • Ideal For Corporate Entertainment • Fully Enclosed & Heated • Hen Parties Welcome • All Inclusive Evening Packages • Wedding and Anniversary Celebrations

0115 9100400/401

The Park Yacht Inn, Trent lane south, Colwick Nottingham, NG2 4DS

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Penny’s B


Welcome back ladies,

I hope that you have had the chance to enjoy the few hot days that we have had so far this Summer....(you have to be quick don’t you?) The sun came out and I had an absolute mad rush in the Boutique. I think everyone realized when the temperature went up that they hadn’t even thought about their summer wardrobe. But as a lady pointed out to me yesterday...We have to be really quite careful when buying our Summer wardrobe as Summer really doesn’t seem to last very long but when winter arrives we know we are going to get PLENTY of wear from our purchases. Well, I have decided in my head (and I am going with it)...that summer hasn’t even started yet and it is going to be a beautiful, long hot summer! Buying for me in May and early June has just been a delight with every colour out there that you can possibly imagine, colours to suit absolutely everyone and of course lots and lots of white... White linen, white denim, white cotton. As with every summer there is a HUGE amount of linen in the shops and as we all know, linen is like Marmite - something that you either LOVE or Hate. I don’t think there is any inbetween,you either think it is cool and comfy and really don’t mind if it is all creased or you are forever ironing it and it drives you crazy. Anyone that knows me knows that I like the worn in look with linen and I personally don’t iron it. Having said that I don’t iron anything if I can help it. Ooh..... That reminds me to tell you about this fabulous little hand held steamer that I have discovered, it is brilliant and I believe every home should have one. It makes life so much easier when it comes to those really hard to iron; ruffled, pleated or very delicate materials that somehow manage to look worse after you have ironed them than before!

For the ladies that have never owned a steamer please go find one and buy it. The one I bought was from Morplan and cost £29.99 (pictured above). You will thank me for it! Also it is great to steam your face....what more does a lady want: something to make your clothes and your face look beautiful....sorted! Lets talk Accessories: Belts are a must this summer. Tiny slim belts, jewelled belts, thick chunky belts, any belt. So if you have a fabulous tiny waist pull the belt in tight and show it off and if your waist is not quite as you would like it you can still wear a great belt just don’t pull it so tight. Accentuate whatever it is about your body that you love...great legs get them out, great décolletage show it off, great shoulders show them off. Everyone has a favourite part of their body as I wrote in the last column: find it and accentuate it. Vintage jewellery is also a must this summer. If you have had a chance to look at any of the fashion mags, brightly coloured vintage jewels are the thing to be wearing. If colour scares you a little make your outfit all one colour and add a bright fabulous necklace and bracelet..... Wow that outfit up! Remember ladies, experiment, have fun but most of all enjoy!! I am always on hand at the shop, pop along by all means. Penny X Boutique 11, 0115 960 2006



FabulousFashion and Footwear BeautifulJewellery and Accessories

Real Clothes For Real Ladies

11 Plains Rd, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5JH

0115 960 2006

9.30am till 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.

WIN Two TICKETS!! for the opening night, starring....

Joe Mcgann & Beverley Callard Just answer the following.....

Who played Little Voice in the film of the same name? Send your answer & contact details on or before Friday 21 September 2012 to:

ng magazines, 2 Goodwood Avenue, Arnold, NG5 7BB

All correct answers will be entered into a draw. The winner will be notified by Monday 24 September 2012. The tickets are for the evening performance on Monday 1st October.

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business, IT & opportunities


Online Filing Services Available


Accountancy, Payroll & Taxation Services provided for individuals & Private Limited Companies

Do you enjoy Cleaning? Looking for Part Time Work? Are you honest and reliable? Are you looking for a job that has hours, days and times to suit you?

Tel: 0115


384a Gedling Road Arnold NG5 6PD

Please contact us

Tel: 0115 955 5343 Fax: 0115 840 2026

Tel: 0115-911 7516 Mob: 07944-072743 email:

Chances are, it’s not your broadband connection slowing you down. Your local, Calverton based computer repair & support company is here to help. Our comprehensive 14 step PC service is proven to increase performance & efficiency on all systems.

Specialising in  System Maintenance (including virus removal)  Computer Sales, Repairs & Upgrades  Laptop Sales, Repairs & Upgrades  Apple Sales, Repairs, Upgrades & Installation  Tailor Made Computer Systems  Internet & Wireless Networks

Phone our Calverton office

0115 965 3737 Visit our website

Our fully qualified, experienced technicians are available 7 days a week to help resolve all your computer issues at a very competitive, fixed price.

Special fixed labour rate for readers of the NG3 Magazine of just £36 Save 25% on our usual fixed fee. Whatever the fault and however long it takes, you won’t pay a penny more than our fixed labour charge. We do not believe in hourly rates, we have no call out charges and all work is carried out in your own home (wherever possible)

Visit our offices:

Unit 11, Calverton Business Park, Hoyle Road, Calverton, NG14 6QL (Below Manor Lift Installations)


Phone : 0115 965 3737

All our prices are INCLUSIVE of VAT

Email :

Web :

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HOW TO CONTACT YOUR LOCAL BEAT TEAM SHERWOOD POLICE STATION Mansfield Rd, Sherwood 101 Ext: 800 4371 CARLTON POLICE STATION Cavendish Rd, Carlton 101 Ext: 811 6616

BEAT TEAMS Mapperley Park based at Sherwood PC Jeanette Stasuik 07792 437306 PCSO Kiri Prebble 07702 141844 PCSO Darren Booth 07545 701862 CPO Lisa Mickle 07983 427895 Email - mapperley@

Porchester based at Carlton PC Catherine Flint 07525 226791 PCSO Rowan Huggett 07525 226727 Email - gedling.southnpa@ Find your Safer Neighbourhoods team by entering your postcode on the homepage of www.

OK. Here’s the good news. Summer’s here. It maybe doesn’t look like it at times, but there are definite rays of sunshine in Mapperley. One of them is the continuing fall in crime in the area, which is always very welcome. However, the summer can sometimes play havoc with the figures. That’s because the warm weather means we open the windows and doors and spend a little more time outside. And that spells opportunity to a burglar. It may seem to go against our instincts when the temperature is rising outside, but keeping windows and doors secure is always important. If you are soaking up the sun in the back garden, is the front door locked and are the front windows closed? If you have dug out the paddling pool from the shed, have you closed and locked the door before turning your attention to the hosepipe? Please don’t let the warm, hazy feeling of summer cloud your judgement about home security. You’re probably looking forward to your holiday too. Again, home and vehicle security are vital for your check list alongside the swimsuits and suntan lotion. You can always inform your local beat team of the dates of your holiday, that way the team can keep an eye on your home during their patrols while you’re away. Cars are heating up too and we have had a small number of thefts from vehicles. It may be tempting to leave the window slightly open while it is parked, but that is just another opportunity for a thief to exploit. Always remove items of value from your car to minimise the temptation. As always, please continue to report any incidents of note. If we don’t know about it, we can’t do anything about it. We will always respond to your calls, however trivial you may feel that they are. It often builds a bigger picture and allows the police to place our resources into the correct areas. You can telephone us on the numbers on the left hand side of the page or on the general number 101.

free time

meal for one again...

fancy sharing? Your local personal introduction service Call 0115

852 4008 or email


Wanted; Single Men of all Ages! Successfully launched this Spring, Castro & Vieira work with well-balanced people of all ages who are too busy or don’t get the opportunity to meet like-minded singles. We meet and vet all clients and personally introduce them to one another. Clients include professionals, creative types, managers, medics, entrepreneurs and retired people. The opening offer of a limited number of free memberships has attracted some lovely people who are now waiting for introductions. We still have a small number of free female memberships but more free male memberships– so come on gentlemen, don’t delay – pick up the phone today for a free, no obligation chat.


5 Main Road, Gedling, Nottingham, NG4 3HQ 0115 9613081


£18.50 PER HOUR

Or if you would prefer we can pay for BOTH YOUR THEORY AND PRACTICAL TEST and you will only pay

£20.50PER HOUR



  

Email to:


EVEN PAYMENTS ARE MADE SIMPLE WITH JUSTDRIVE All Credit and Debit cards taken. Internet banking and Paypal payments also taken.

Opening hours Monday to Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Check out our website for all the information you’ll need to help you pass your theory test and if you are learning with us it’s all free

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free time Singers show Olympians the way to gold

Rotary Showcase

Saturday 14th July 2012

What is the Rotary Showcase? This fun packed event is being organised to raise the profile of Rotary in your area by local clubs.

What is Rotary? Rotary members are enthusiastic, fun-loving and active volunteers who give their time and talents to serve communities both at home and overseas. These are dedicated people, men and women from business and professions, who share a common interest in helping others.

The Grand Central Chorus, singing ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’ and ‘South Rampart Street Parade’ took the winner’s medal at The Barbershop Singers National Championships in Southport on the 27th May. ‘It was fabulous’ said Bryan Smith from Long Eaton, ‘I only joined seven months ago and here I am with a gold medal – terrific.’ The Long Eaton based chorus won the gold medal for the fifth time in their 21 year career. ‘I felt we were in with a chance’ said Chorus Director John Grant who was the Director when the Chorus was formed and returned 18 months ago to the role. ‘We came third last year and I knew we’d improved but, so might the other Choruses’. John Archer a long standing member of the Bass section and resident of Hucknall, said, ‘It was nerve wracking, third place was announced, not us, then second, not us, then the brief wait for first place is awful, gold or nothing, happily it was gold. The chorus were ecstatic. 2003 was the last time we won Gold and many of the guys on the risers were there then.’ The British Association of Barbershop Singers holds a National Convention annually. This was the 38th and forty choruses were taking part. Each Chorus is marked on their choice of music, presentation and quality of the singing. Grand Central achieved 79.1%. Anyone wishing to sing Barbershop or seeking an entertainment for an event can find out more on the website www. or ring Martin on 07855270803. The Chorus rehearse every Wednesday evening at Harrington School, Derby Road, Long Eaton NG10 4BJ. Come along and see what you think they are always on the lookout for new recruits..


Where will it be held? The Rotary showcase will be held on Saturday 14th July 2012 In The Market Square Nottingham between 10:30am and 4:00pm

Live entertainment for the whole family and interviews presented by local radio. Come and visit our information stalls. Learn about the various aspects of Rotary including membership. Find out where your nearest club is. Taste food prepared by the Rotary Young Chef of the year. For further information contact David Pedlar at

Make a world of dif dif fe ferrence


featuring “Game On” fun sports & activities Friday 3rd August 1pm til 6pm Coppice Park, Ransom Road Music - Circus Skills - Super Science - Magician - Food

FREE soft drinks for “athletes”!!

Please mention ng3 when responding to adverts

a helping free time hand

THANK YOU KNITTERS OF NOTTINGHAM!!! Marie Curie Cancer Care would like to thank everyone for their kind donations of knitwear for their hospital stall. They have been amazed at the response of all the ng magazine readers and would like to applaud their generosity. So far this year they have raised a whopping £2300. You can buy from their stall every week at City Hospital or look out for their stall at the Jubilee celebrations in Nuthall or the Awsworth Party on the Rec.

Call for a FREE BROCHURE Small family business Destinations to suit all age groups Local pick ups

Call in or ring for a FREE brochure

0115 926 3138 30 Redhill Road, Arnold

The Dover Beck Flower Club

Burton Joyce Village Hall 7.30pm - £4 for visitors - All welcome July 19th - ‘Looking Forward’ - Lyn Wherrett Sept 20th -’Autumn Inspirations’ - June Borrowdale Oct 18th - In the midst of..’- Diane Fair For more information and tickets please call 0115

966 4771

2012 COURSES FOR ADULTS Coming soon.... How To Fix Your Computer | The Internet Computer Basics | History of Arnold Researching Family History at Calverton, Bestwood, Arnold and Nottingham For further details email:


Mrs Elizabeth Proudfoot & Mrs Veronica Dobson who both won tickets to the theatre & Mrs Palin who won tickets to the Capital FM Arena Thanks to our competition sponsors: Theatre Royal, Nottingham & the Capital FM Arena

Toadvertise advertisecall call0115 0115926 9269777 9777or oremail: To


Community Diary

If you run a group or club and want people to know about it, why not list it here? If your group is not-for-profit or a charity then your listing is free. All other groups pay just £5+vat per edition. Please get in touch either by phone on 0115 9269777 or email: Mapperley Townswomens Guild - meet 3rd Monday each month. March to September at 7pm & October to February 2pm at Haywood Rd Community Centre, 46 Haywood Rd. Call 07759575383.

Mapperley Women’s Institute - meet 2nd Monday each month from 7.30pm onwards at Haywood Rd Community Centre, 46 Haywood Rd. Call 01636 673550 for contact details.

Mapperley Artists - meet at Haywood Rd Community Centre, 46 Haywood Rd. Wed 9.30am and Thursday 1.30pm. Call John Tanner on 0115 960 2614.

Porchester Garden Club - a social club for keen gardeners, meet on last Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm at Haywood

Rd Community Centre, 46 Haywood Rd. Call Mrs Tanner on 0115 960 2614.

Nova - new friends for single people. Call at the Mapperley Plains Social Club, Mapperley Top, Thursdays from 8pm & pick up our programme of monthly social events. For info: or phone Paul on 9404147.

Arnold Arts Society - at the Pond Hills Arts Society, Pond Hills Lane, Arnold. Meetings are on Tuesday/Thursday

mornings and Wednesday evenings. For more info call Eric Wileman on 01623 793923.

Mapperley Knit & Natter Club - first Monday of each month. 7 - 9pm at Haywood Rd Community Centre, 46 Haywood Rd. For more information call Ann Mathews on 0115 927 9365.

Wesleyan Reform Church - Christian Ladies Fellowship meets every Thursday 2.30pm-3.30pm. We have a variety of speakers from different churches. For more info call Mrs Patricia Lyon on 0115 926 8590.

Nottingham Playgoers - Interested in Theatre? We read the plays, visit the theatre & discuss them afterwards. We’re

a very friendly group meeting Tuesday evenings 7-9pm at the Mechanics, North Sherwood St, Nott’ham. Contact Sue Cullen on 0115 847 8423.

Arnold & District Camera Club - meet every two weeks on Thursday eve at Pond Hills Community Centre. Photography skills from the complete beginner to the accomplished amateur. For more info call Phil Howcroft on 0115 956 3850. Friends of Coppice Park - meet every 2nd Saturday of the month, 11am - 2pm at the park to work or play. All welcome. For more info call June on 0115 960 5540.

Rotary Club of Sherwood Sunrisers - every Tues morning 7 - 8.30am at The Park Inn, Mansfield Road. For more info call

Alan Bush on 07833 232215.

Prospect Players - meet at 7.30pm on Tues & Fri at the Pondhills Lane Community Centre, Arnold from September to May. For more info call Donna Atherton on 953 2049 or visit Spanish Mums in Nottingham - *join us on facebook* Are you a Spanish parent living in Nottingham? Would you like to meet other Spanish parents? Then we’d love to hear from you. Contact Susana on Mapperley Scrabble Club - Arrive at 6.30pm every Thurs at Haywood Rd Community Centre. Newcomers & experienced players welcome.For more info contact Greg on 07910 048162 or visit Trent Valley Ladies Probus Club - meet at midday first Monday each month for lunch & a talk. Contact Angela Stanley on 01159 619502.

Complementary therapies, health & well-being - Every 4th Tuesday, 7.30 to 10pm, Arnold Library Meeting Room.

Entrance fee, refreshments. July 24th: Meditation - Ruth Chambers, August 29th: Introduction to Tai Chi - Jason Sewell. Jacky 01636 815739, Jayne 0115 926 2068. South Notts Alive & Kicking - Every Thurs at Arnold Liberal Club. 7.30pm-11.15pm. South Notts N.C.D.S.W is for the divorced, separated & widowed. Hand in friendship to all. Tel 0115 914 1076 or 0115 915 9119 for details.

Robin Hood Probus Club - For men who are retired, partly retired or nearing retirement. Monthly meeting Tues at Five Ways, Valley Rd. Call Derek 962 1932 or Bonington Players - meet for rehearsals at 7.45pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays from August to May at the Old Peoples Welfare Centre, Nottingham Road, Arnold. Productions are staged at the Bonington Theatre, Arnold. For more info call Linda on 0115 953 2807 or visit Friends of Bestwood Country Park - a community group for all interested in supporting the Park.For more details or visit our discussion forum website at Tai Chi for Health and Self Defence - Dragon River Chen style Tai Chi at Arnold Hill School. Monday nights, 7-8.30pm. New starters always welcome. Website: For more info call Dave on 07981488890 or Nottingham City Petanque Club - play French boules at Valley Road, Sherwood, NG5 3HU opposite

the Fiveways pub on Tuesdays at 7pm and Sundays at 2pm. Visit or leave a message on 07972 424052. New members welcome, first 3 vists free.

Community Diary cont..... If you run a group or club and want people to know about it, why not list it here? If your group is not-for-profit or a charity then your listing is free. All other groups pay just £5+vat per edition. Please get in touch either by phone on 0115 9269777 or email: Classic Cars, Bikes & Custom - Likeminded enthusiasts meet at Cafe Janais, Cattle Market, Nott’ham. 2nd & 4th Wed every month. For info call Brian on 07836 794541.

Card Making & Paper Craft Classes - held monthly in Arnold. If you can get a crowd together I can come to you! Contact Victoria to book 07748 707845 or

Society for the Study of Ancient Egypt - lectures held 6 times a year -plus special events & trips. New members welcome

- expect a warm, friendly welcome. For further info call 01246 276771 or

Roundabout Social Club - for 50+ single, separated, widowed & divorced. Every Wednesday and a full monthly programme at Federation House, Claremont Road, Sherwood. 8pm -11pm. Tel: Mike 0115 920 0164 or Coffee & Cake - every Wednesday 10.30-12noon at Foxhill Evangelical Church, Hill View Rd, Carlton. Drop in for a cup of tea/coffee, a cake and a chat. Nottingham Flower Club - Invites you to discover a new talent by joining us on a Thursday evening at the Bluecoat School, NG8 5GY. For dates of meetings contact Janet-0115 9375861.

Card Club - a new card playing club based on the game TICHU. More simple & fun than bridge, more challenging & strategic than poker. Come & learn with us. Monthly meetings TBA. Contact:

Nottingham Rotaract - 18-30 ish - Want to meet people? Try new activities and help in your local community, nationally

and internationally through volunteering and fundraising? We meet 7pm central Nottingham on 1st and 3rd Thursday each month. Visit for further details.

National Council of Women - Nottingham & Notts Branch - meet last Tues in month 7pm-9pm at Sherwood Methodist Church, Devon Drive, Sherwood. For more info call 0115 982 7989. French speaking group - French speakers, native or not, meet monthly at various venues in & around Nottingham to keep up with the language. Good conversation French required. Join our group on Facebook: “The Nottingham Frogs” or email A bientot. Grand Central Chorus - Sing in harmony with the GCC. Every Wed, 7.15pm at Harrington School, Long Eaton, NG10 4BJ. Visit or call Martin on 07855 270803 or just turn up. All teach by ear materials supplied. The Nottingham Branch of the Hardy Plant Society - meet on the 2nd Friday monthly (Oct-April) at West Bridgford Community Hall, Church Dr, West Bridgford, NG2 6AY at 7.30pm. Programme of guest speakers. In summer coach trips to inspirational gardens. Further info: or call Sylvia Bennett: 01949 836882/

Arnold Townswomens Guild - meet the first Tuesday of each month (Feb to Dec). 7pm to 9pm. New members welcome. Contact Jenny Green on 0115 926 3125. Burton Joyce Bowls Club - The Poplars Sports Ground, Station Road are having an open day on 28 April for anyone to come along and “have a go” and to meet existing members. Further information on 0115 844 7167 Wednesday Lunch Club - Arnold Methodist Church. Cooked meal, company & friendship. Contact Mavis 952 0919. Embroiderers’ Guild - anyone interested in stitching and textiles is welcome. We meet at The Nottingham Mechanics,

North Sherwood St, Nottingham (close to the Royal Centre) on 1st Tuesday each month at 1.30 - 3.30pm. For more info contact Judith on 0115 953 1695.

Nottingham Backgammon Club - Meet Mondays at 9pm at the Horse & Groom, Radford Rd, NG7 7EA. No membership fees, no playing fees. Call Keith Gray - 07717 058856 for more info. Arnold Branch of the U3A - meet at 1.30pm on the first Tuesday of the month at Arnold Methodist Church - Chairman 0115 920 1160 or visit

Bonington Film Club - Membership £1 per year. Film admission £2.50. Films shown regularly to members in the Bonington Theatre. To join contact Pauline Allan: 0115 967 6722 or

Yoga Exercise - Gedling Asian Elders Assc. £1 inc tea & biscuits. Every Tues 11-12noon. St

Marks Church Hall, De-Vere Gardens, Woodthorpe. Tel: 0115 958 3244.

Pushy Mothers - Buggy workout in Woodthorpe Park. Fantastic way to improve your fitness & meet other mums. Tue 11-12 & Fri 10.30-11.30am. Call Vanessa on 07979 520085.

Age UK Notts Membership - over 40 social activities a month in and around Nottingham -

everything from coffee mornings to table tennis! Call 0115 841 4473 for more information.

free time

St Anns Allotments Nottingham

Local WI Delegates helped fill to the rafters The Royal Albert Hall in London at their annual AGM. And, just like every WI and every WI meeting there was something for everybody: from voting on the resolution calling upon the government to increase and retain midwives, to the amusing talk from Lord Julian Fellowes on his inspiration for his Downtown characters, to the fantastic dancing of Christina Rhianoff and her partner from Strictly Come Dancing. As the National Chair, Ruth Bond said in her address, “The WI means something to every member; and you know, if we just stop to think, it is what we make of it and it is up to us to make it everything we want it to be but, above all- it is there for you – to dip into once a month or to become immersed in some aspects of all that is on offer. But however you might view your individual membership, I do assure you that your WI needs you! Your membership matters. And never think otherwise.”

Time to get out and enjoy the warm weather - why not visit your local heritage gardens? Sunday Community Orchard activity days on 15th July and 19th August, 11am - 4pm, with heritage tours leaving at noon. Plus more tours on the last Wednesday of every month at 1.30pm. Booking is essential. The entrance to the Community Orchard is opposite the Hill View Community Centre, on Ransom Road, about 200 yards up from the junction with Hungerhill Road (see the yellow sign at the gate). Postcode; NG3 3LJ

The WI has had an amazing year. Since the last AGM 19,834 new members have joined and 145 new WIs formed. For those wishing to join this throng could do well to look at the WI website, enter their postcode to find WIs close by. So come on in and give the WI a try.

Disclaimer & Copyright Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of material in this publication, the editor can accept no responsiblity for the veracity of claims made by contributors in either editorial or advertising content. ng magazines is an independent organisation. All text, images and design in this publication are subject to copyright. Any unauthorised duplication is strictly prohibited.


Note: The site is a working allotment site; it’s hilly with uneven surfaces which can make it difficult for elderly or disabled visitors. Please talk to us for access information. For more information contact Mo Cooper on 0115 911 0207 email: website:

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Kumon’s maths and English study programmes work to unlock your child’s potential, building their confidence and independent study skills. To unlock your child’s potential, contact your local Instructor for a Free Assessment: Carlton Hill Study Centre Karen Saunders 0115 953 2617 Sherwood Study Centre Caroline Cochrane 0115 875 1271

Develop your child’s independence

Fees vary. Please refer to your local study centre.

To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:



If you run a group or club for kids and you want it publicising, this is the page for you. If your group is not-for-profit or a charity then your listing is free. All other groups pay just £5+vat per edition. Please get in touch either by phone on 0115 9269777 or email:

Shake, Rattle & Rhyme - songs, movement & rhyme for babies to pre-schoolers. Monday, St Marks Church Hall, Woodthorpe, 10am - 11am: Thur, Westdale Lane Community Centre. 10am-11am. Call Jo on 0115 960 9599. St Judes Toddler Group - Tues & Thurs (term time only), 9.30am - 11.15am at St Judes Church Hall, Woodborough Rd. Call Jenny on 0115 985 6131. Calverton Road Playgroup - Tues - Fri, 9.30am - 12pm. 2 - 5 yrs. Pondhills Lane Community Centre. Call 0115 926 6760. Iona School Toddler Group - a gentle & supportive session for parents/carers and their little ones. Tues & Wed 9.30am - 11.30am (term time only) at Iona School, 310 Sneinton Dale. Call 0115 941 5295 or We are a registered charity. Mapperley Baby & Toddler Group - Every Thurs 2pm - 4pm at Mapperley Methodist Church, Woodborough Rd, Mapperley (ring for Hall). Relaxed play for babies and toddlers. £2 per family, includes tea and biscuits. Contact Claire on 07813 531804. Bread & Bitter Bump to Baby Group - Monday (except Bank Holidays) 10 - 12. Friendly, busy group. Suitable from bump to crawling. Small play area with baby toys. Special offers during the group. Various events organised. Some weeks “chill and chat”. FREE admission. Contact Paula for details 07967 252784 or BMX Race Club - Nottingham Outlaws BMX club run regular races and coaching sessions. All ages welcome. Race bikes & helmets to loan for new members. Sellers Wood Drive, Bulwell. Call Phil on 07985 419101 or Nottingham Boys Choir - We provide a structured environment for boys to sing some of the finest classical music ever written - and modern music too! Come and see why this makes us different. We meet every Wed eve in Carlton. Check out our website or call Michael Overbury on 01636 702054. Nottingham Sea Cadets - Waterside Way, Nottingham, NG2 4DP. T: 0115 958 0528. E: W: Tues & Thurs eves 7pm - 9.15pm. Absolute Triathlon Club - Expert swim, bike & run coaching for ages 8 - 16yrs, all abilities. We meet Sundays 2.45 - 4.45pm (term time) at Southglade Leisure Centre, Bestwood. Call 0115 960 7912 or visit for more information. Magical Movers - singing dancing and having fun in Mapperley, Sherwood and Woodthorpe. Call Rachel on 07753 884911 - Street Dance Classes - Culcha street dance for girls & The Force break dance classes for boys. Age 8 - 18yrs. Various times and venues. For more details call Gedling Borough Council on 0115 901 3605, email: arts& or look on Air Cadets - 2418 Sherwood Squadron - activities include flying, gliding, shooting.For 13-18yr olds. Tues & Thurs 7-9pm. Wesley St, Carrington. Tel: 0115 962 3318 or Good Shepherd Pre-School - OFSTED registered for children aged 30 mths upwards. Children from all families welcome, with places available fro September 2012. Please contact Melanie Saunders on 07971 382837 for more information. Guitar and Bass Tuition - with Richard Woodward. All styles, acoustic and electric, beginners to advanced. Tel: 0115 960 9421 Carlton Lifesaving Club - Sats 4.30 - 6.30pm at Carlton Forum Leisure Centre, Carlton.9yrs +. For more info call Dave 961 4114 or Shirley 956 8395 or visit Marcia Jones School of Dance - Street, Tap & Ballet Classes. Every Wednesday, Lindsay Morgan Hall, Marshall Hill Drive, Mapperley. Enrol now to be part of our 2012 Dance Spectacular held at The Royal Concert Hall in November. For more info tel: 0115 9226499 or visit www. Gedling Colliery Cricket Club - run Kwik cricket sessions for 7 to 11 yr olds every Sunday morning from 10am to 12noon. Contact Andrew Whitaker on 07891 654978.


WIN !!

a Family ticket* to see........

This ground-breaking arena show will see the loveable Ice Age characters embark on an actionpacked adventure full of drama, humour and fun. The whole family will love this brand new story which combines incredible music and song and spectacular set design with characters dancing, skating, flying and performing breath taking acrobatics and daring stunts!

Just answer the following question.....

Disco Lights to hire Ideal for parties Call Gary on 07977 457567

What is Scratt, the Sabre Tooth Squirrel always chasing?

Send your answer & contact details on or before Friday 6 October 2012 to:

ng magazines, 2 Goodwood Avenue, Arnold, NG5 7BB All correct answers will be entered into a draw. The winner will be notified by Monday 8 October 2012. The tickets are for the 7pm performance on Thursday 25 October 2012.

* 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children

To advertise call 07817 609444 or email:

27 23

RAC Urges Government to Splash Cash on Drug Driving Ads A poll by the RAC has found that 61% of motorists believe the roads are not manned by enough police officers. Regardless of whether this concern is real or just perceived, it’s probably not going to be a problem that will be resolved any time soon. What with police force numbers being hacked in to such an extent that first Truckpol was forced to close and possibly now AVCIS will go the same way, the likelihood of more plods on patrols is remote. This might cause a few issues when the remaining officers are handed drugalysers for roadside testing. The same poll found that the number of 17 to 24-year-olds taking drugs and then driving has nearly doubled from 5% to 9% in the last 12 months, and 12% had driven or been a passenger when the person driving had taken drugs. That’s potentially a lot of people for the police to target. But it’s not just the yoof that are giving us all cause to worry; the RAC also says there has been a 50% rise in the number of 25 to 44-year-olds logging on to the internet, tweeting, facebooking and emailing while they drive. Just over a fifth told the motoring organisation that they feel safe on the roads and 44% feel less safe than they ever have, although it’s unclear whether they were given the figures above before being asked. Education and safety campaigns is the RAC’s answer, and it urges the government to invest more money into them as soon as possible. Countless ad campaigns around the dangers of drink driving have made the practice unacceptable to most and the organisation says the same must now be done with drugs. Rothera Dowson specialise in motorist defence and dealing with offences, including drinkdriving, so if you’ve been charged with an unexpected driving offence, our experts can provide the right advice to help you deal with it. For more information about road traffic offences please contact Anton Balkitis at Rothera Dowson Solicitors Nottingham on 0115 9100 600.


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a helping hand

RETIREMENT HOUSING FOR RENT Mansfield Road Baptist Housing Association Ltd has over forty years experience of providing quality apartments for the elderly. The accommodation within the four sheltered housing schemes is designed for elderly people to live an independent life whilst at the same time enjoying the security of having a warden living on site. A varied programme of social activities is offered including a weekly lunch club.

For more details and an application form see: or contact Jackie on

0115 942 1508


Do you have difficulty getting out to your Optician? We are able visit you at home and conduct a thorough eye test using the latest equipment. Eye Tests are FREE to people over 60 and other qualifying groups, we can also arrange NHS glasses for those who qualify. Free delivery & aftercare. Fully Qualified NHS registered, based in Nottingham NHS & Private Home Visits Large range of stylish frames All types of the latest lenses avail. All glasses delivered promptly Friendly & Quality Service Housebound only

(unable to make your own way to a high street optician) Optometrist: Mr. Timothy Deakin, BSc, MC Optom GOC 01-18851

Tel: 0115 9261 694 (Office) or 07854 207384 (Mob) To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


a helping hand - group directory

If you run a support group or organisation and want people to know about it, why not list it here? If your group is not-for-profit or a charity then your listing is free. All other groups pay just £5+vat per edition. Please get in touch either by phone on 0115 9269777 or email: Breathe Easy - a support network for people with a respiratory condition, their families, friends & carers. The Nottingham North

Branch welcomes people from Arnold, Gedling, Carlton, Mapperley & Sherwood areas. We meet the 2nd Thurs each month at St Georges Comm Centre, Victoria St, Netherfield at 1.30pm. Further info from Woody 911 4248 or Jim Bennett 847 7639. Nottingham Prostate Cancer Support Group - if you are affected by Prostate Cancer and would like to talk to others in a similar situation, you are welcome to join our group. We meet at the Nottingham City Hospital between 7 and 9pm on the 2nd Thursday every other month. Partners always welcome. For further information either ring Self Help Nottingham on 0115 911 1661 or email

Notts Gosh - (Nottingham Gynae - oncology support & help group) support in the aftermath of various gynae cancers. Support, information, understanding or simply a cup of tea. Meetings are held bi-monthly on the last Tues of the month in the Urology Seminar Room at Nottingham City Hospital from 7-9pm (meet in Maternity foyer at 6.45pm) For more info call Sue Mills on 0115 969 1169 ext 56162 Nottingham Miscarriage Support - For anyone affected by the loss of a baby during pregnancy who would like to meet with other women and men who have shared similar experiences. Meet 3rd Thursday monthly 7-9pm at Sherwood Methodist Church, Devon Drive. For info contact Kymm 0115 8449484 or 07870 771326 or

ADHD - a support group for parents of adults with ADHD. Meet last Monday of month 7 - 9pm in Nottingham City Centre. Call 0115 982 2573 for more info. Cutting Back - Self-help group for women who self-harm. Weekly meetings in City Centre. For more information call 07930 713530 or email: Debt Help & Advice - The Debt Advice Network is a registered charity offering free, impartial, professional, face-toface advice to people with debt problems. Contact your local counsellor David Hall on 07973 113882 or email: david.hall@ Framework’s EVE Works - Helps unemployed people into work/training/volunteering. We help remove barriers to work. For free 1-2-1 appointments and training eg. confidence building/interveiw skills. Tel: 0800 111 4262 or email: eve@ Marie Curie Helper service - Provided FREE of charge to carers of people with terminal cancer or other life-limiting illnesses. For a few hours each week our trained volunteers are able to provide one to one emotional support, information and a short break from your caring role. For support, call 0845 304 8730, 0115 938 5906 or email: Visit for more information. Alcoholics Anonymous - every Sunday 5pm - 7pm at Sherwood Community Centre. Just turn up. Aphasia Self Help Group - meet monthly at Sherwood Community Centre. For more information contact Sam or Alison on 0115 962 1153

Carer’s Support Group - meet alternate Fridays 10am - 12pm at Sherwood Community Centre. Contact Sam or

Alison: 0115 962 1153.

Nottingham Arthritis Care Self Help Group - meet the last Friday every month, 11am -1pm at Sherwood Community Centre. Contact the Arthritis Care Office: 0115 952 5522.

Nottingham Self Help Group for People who Stammer - meet alternate Tuesdays at Sherwood Community Centre. Contact Mathew: 0115 953 2177. Sherwood Lunch Club - £3.20 for a 3 course meal with tea or coffee. Contact Sam or Alison: 0115 9621153.

Tea Dance - run by Nottingham Osteoporosis Society. Every Thursday 1.30pm - 4pm at Sherwood Community Centre. £2.50 includes tea and biscuits. All welcome.

Allsorts - Do you have physical or sensory disabilities? Want to meet new people? Aged 18-40? Have fun with like minded people, join Nottinghamshire Allsorts. email: or visit:

Relate Nottinghamshire - Offers family counselling, relationship counselling, sex therapy and young peoples counselling. Costs

negotiated according to income. Tel: 0115 950 7836 from 9am to 9pm. Fibromyalgia - Support groups, workshops and group meetings. Contact Charlotte - 0115 9676 434 or 07961 025780. Hard of Hearing/Deafened - for anyone who has a hearing loss & communicates in spoken English, Nottinghamshire Deaf Society runs a monthly Hard of Hearing Social Group (4th Friday, 10am-2pm) & evening lip-reading classes (next course starts 3rd Nov). For further details contact Rachael by phone 0115 988 7576, text 07817 275253 or email: Contact the Elderly - If you want to make a difference to the lives of elderly people in your local community, why not consider volunteering for Contact the Elderly? We are a national charity tackling acute loneliness among isolated older people, aged 75 and over, by organising free, monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties. Please contact Pamela Walker on 0121 603 1331 or for more info. Mark Spencer MP for Sherwood Advice Surgeries - Please phone the constituency office on 0115 968 1186 for an appointmenr or email Surgery 2nd Saturday monthly (10am-12pm) at Under One Roof, Vine Terrace, Hucknall, NG15 7HN. Carewatch in Nottingham - is a friendship centre for over 55’s living in the Nottingham area. We are open weekdays from 9.30am - 2.30pm & offer hot meals, drinks & snacks as well as activities like easy exercise, card making, speakers, bingo & party days. Based at St Augustine’s Church Hall, Westville Gardens, off Woodborough Road, Nottingham, NG3 4QF. Tel: 0115 9856959

Seasonal redundancies can catch workers off guard As the summer season draws to a close many businesses are facing the bleak decision of making redundancies in what will be the lead up to Christmas. Angela Shaw, employment solicitor at Massers Solicitors in Nottingham, is advising workers of the need to understand their rights when an employer starts a redundancy procedure and also for employers to understand their obligations. In my experience there tends to be a rise in redundancies at this time of year and businesses are continuing to look at options for cost cutting and rationalisation. The economic downturn has made redundancy more commonplace but many businesses are still unaware of their obligations during the redundancy process. There must be a genuine reason for the redundancy and a thorough consultation for the purposes of involving all affected employees. The consultation should address why there is a

risk of a redundancy and what could be done to avoid it, for instance, whether there is a suitable alternative position that could be offered even if it is on a fixed trial basis. Where an employer decides that there is a case for redundancy, there will be a right of appeal against that decision. If the decision is upheld, there may be grounds to pursue a complaint of unfair dismissal at an Employment Tribunal in addition to any other relevant claim. An employee who is made redundant could be eligible for a statutory redundancy payment or there may even be a provision for an enhanced payment. In some circumstances, an employee may be asked to enter into a Compromise Agreement. This is a confidential document whereby the employee will forfeit employment rights in return for an ex gratia payment. It will be necessary to seek independent legal advice about the document for which an employer will usually make a contribution towards the costs of that advice.


For further information please contact Angela Shaw at or speak to another member of our employment team on 0115 8511666

Massers Limited t/a Massers Solicitors is registered at 15 Victoria Street No.4227801 and also has offices in West Bridgford. We provide specialist legal services for both private and commercial clients.

For trusted legal advice Call 0115 851 1666 • • • • •

Corporate Commercial Commercial Property Debt Collection Employment Family & Divorce

• • • •

Litigation Moving House Personal Injury Wills, Trusts & Probate

Victoria Street, Nottingham and West Bridgford To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


a helping hand Find out what more than 150 people a week in Nottingham experience Maggie’s Moment Tours - a one hour experience of a Maggie’s Centre At the Nottingham Centre people who come through our doors for the first time are pleasantly surprised by the light and airy atmosphere of the Centre. Greeted by our volunteers or staff your first cup of tea is made for you. Following a tour of the building you’re encouraged to think of the centre as an extension of your home, a place to find the strength and help you need. Calmness, clarity and a cup of tea is at the heart of what Maggie’s is all about. Maggie’s Centres are for anyone affected by cancer. They are places where people are welcome whenever they need us – from initial diagnosis or undergoing treatment, to post-treatment, recurrence, end of life or in bereavement. We also welcome family and friends, as they can also be deeply affected by cancer. Every Maggie’s Centre has a kitchen table. A safe place where people can sit and gather their thoughts over a cup of tea, chat to others going through similar experiences or speak to someone who can answer any questions they may have.

Many visitors take advantage of the professional advice on offer from our Cancer Support Specialist or our Benefits Adviser. A varied programme of activities is open to anybody affected by cancer, from yoga, Tai Chi and relaxation, to nutrition courses and hair loss workshops. We would like to offer people the opportunity to experience their own Maggie’s Moment and get to know us a little bit better. People are invited to come along to Maggie’s Nottingham, Gate 3, Nottingham City Hospital Campus, Hucknall Road, Nottingham, NG5 1PH every Wednesday from 4pm-5pm. Contact: Melanie Kerruish, Fundraising Organiser, 0115 924 6211, melanie.

Citizens Advice Bureau at Gedling Borough Council from May A free advice and information service is launching through Gedling Borough Council this May. Nottingham and District CAB will be running a drop-in outreach service from Friday 4 May at the Civic Centre. This is an all day Friday only service. Residents will be able to get hold of free, confidential, impartial and independent advice and information on a wide range of subjects, including debt and benefits advice. The outreach session will run from 8.45am, with 2 advisors available in the Customer Services section of the Civic Centre. CAB staff will issue appointments to clients in the morning, which will allow those who are not going to be seen immediately to leave and return at their allotted time. When clients return for their interview they will be able to wait in the seating area within Customer Services near the interview rooms until called by CAB colleagues. The drop in services will operate on a first come first served basis.


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looking good, feeling great

Redhill Ladies Hockey Club Inspired by Team GB?

Then Redhill Ladies Hockey Club is for you!

Club ckey s Ho adie hill L Red

Red hill L adie s Ho ckey Club

Are you 13+ and looking to get into hockey?

Starting Tuesday 7th August 7-8pm at Southglade Leisure Centre, NG5 5GU No experience or equipment needed just lots of enthusiasm!

Please enquire about our new junior section

For more information contact Tracey 07939 224105


% o isit 5 2 r first v



Chen Style Tai Chi Its not what you think.....

Health, Self Defence & Relax too? Arnold Hill School Main Hall Mondays 7 - 8.30pm ÂŁ6.00/session Interested? check out:

Call Dave: 07981 488890 or E: Have a smartphone? Try this QR code:

beauty & footcare

For appointments call us on

T. 0775 882 8788

Welcome to Duo of Mapperley We are offering you a comprehensive service in the comfort of our new treatment room away from the hustle and bustle of the high street.

MD Formulations Skincare Microdermabrasion Relaxing & Stress-Relieving Body Massage

Foot Health Clinic Electrolysis and waxing Thread vein and skin tag removal and more...

With over 20 years experience, running my own city centre salon you can relax and know you are in safe hands. Open Tuesday to Saturday

To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


looking good, feeling great It's Summer Time!

Start Dancin' Mapperley Plains Social Club Summer School starts on

Thursday 9th August! Argentine Tango

4 week course for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced dancers Waltz & Rock 'n' Roll 7 week course for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced dancers starts on Thursday 6th September To register:! email:! Phone: 07760 112277; 0115 9509378!

MONDAY & TUESDAY 10am - 4pm Evening Appointments & Home Visits Tel: 0779

903 7979


Frozen shoulder,whiplash, back pain, plantar fasciitis...

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

As seen on Paul McKenna for phobias, anxiety, cravings

Corinne Light BA, ECBS, EFT pract.

Tel: 07796 992655

Available at Mapperley, Arnold and Hucknall

Foot Health Practitioner

Nail Trimming • Corns/Callus Removal • Verrucas • Ingrowing Toenails • Diabetic Specialists

Suzanne Gratton-Fisher DipCFHP MPSPract MVR


In Pain? Under Stress? Depressed?

Tel: 07739 250807 Registered and Fully Insured

HAIR & MANICURE@HOME Marissa offers a complete Mobile Hair Service with 35 years experience specialising in Re-Styling Call Marissa on

07814 288204 for an appointment


Holistic Healing for Mind, Body & Soul Reiki Angelic Healing Crystal Healing Esoteric Soul Healing Indian Head Massage

Swedish Back Massage

Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Professional and Experienced Based in Arnold, Nottingham Member of FHT & UK Reiki Federation

Natalie Slater M.I.C.H.T Email: Phone: 0115 967 1386

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Sniff out your ideal veterinary practice, now open 7 days a week

c Friendly pet loving teams c Free car parking c Separate cat and dog wards c In house laboratory c 24 hour emergency cover

Vaccinations for life for only


Pet Healthcare Voucher


A regular health assessment is an important part of your pet’s healthcare regime. Terms and conditions: Valid only at Vets4Pets Mapperley. Any further treatments or consultations will be charged at full price. Not valid with any other offer. Valid until 31st July 2012.

Ask our staff for details

Call 0115 960 9200 or visit

Call 0115 960 9200 or visit

Vets4Pets Mapperley Unit B, 540 Woodborough Road, Nottingham, NG3 5HB

Vets4Pets Mapperley Unit B, 540 Woodborough Road, Nottingham, NG3 5HB

Opening times 8:30am-7pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun

Opening times 8:30am-7pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun

Martins Farm ian Equestr

& Feed Supplie s

Tack Shop • Country Clothing • Accessories Animal Feed • Supplements • Hay/Straw Shavings • Electric Fencing • Gates Fencing Materials • Rug Room

Tel: 0115 926 8703

Dorket Head Farm, Arnold, NG5 8PU

Do you love dogs? Are you mobile? Have you got a couple of hours a week to spare? Do you live in the Woodthorpe area? House-bound pensioner and Bosun need your help. Please call 0115 926 2643 To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


home & garden

Roberts Building & General Maintenance

Brickwork • Fencing • Slabbing

Large or small jobs welcome Full Public Liability Insurance Over 35 yrs experience Free Quotes

Tel: 0115 9205 313

Just Decorators

Fully insured quality decorating at affordable prices 20 years experience city & Guilds trained

call Paul 07969690435 0115 752 5961

C ORTON ELECTRICAL All electrical work undertaken

Showers | Sockets | Lighting | Re-wires

All work certified Free estimates

0115 961 3679 07719314101

S Bird General Builders & Plasterers' brickwork | plastering rendering pointing | alterations | repairs damp proofing | tiling

quality work at affordable prices 30 years exp

T: 0115 837 2297 or 07977388397

Al’s D.I.Y. Guide

Build a Tree House, Tree Optional!!

WIN a Stanley hammer! Exclusive to NG readers!

This month we are following an exciting new direction with the DIY column. We have exhausted the projects we can fit in to the space so we have a more extensive download for you at the below address or give us a call and we’ll send a copy. Kids and adults alike will love this project. Use it as a den or clubhouse, the limit is almost endless so it can fit most budgets large or small. You don’t even need a tree to do it! We suggest reuse of safe materials, it is cheaper and more ecologically sound. Start looking in your storage areas, asking friends and looking out for waste timber material from building sites. Always ask first. If you feel you don’t have the skills and tools required, we’ll build it for you. Email or send your designs and we’ll look over them and tell you if there are any obvious flaws and give you some free advice on how to progress. Attach your name, address, and phone number to enter a draw to win a free Stanley hammer (one entry per person, NG reader postcodes only, no cash alternative, draw on 31/08/12). Go to the link below and download the full free instruction PDF. Atlanticorp Ltd, Stables Suite, The Coach House, 363 Woodborough Road, Nottingham, NG3 4JH. 0115 837 7121 enquiries@atlanticorp. Proud sponsors of Mapperley Park Open Gardens.

© Alisdair Butler at Atlanticorp Ltd


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home & garden


Building and Roofing Services

From re-roofs to block paving, loft conversions to fascias

Fast and reliable work For a FREE QUOTE call Julian

0115 8407916 or 07903822887

0115 878 7048

To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


Carpet Style


All S with

tock this v






huge stocks of Carpets & Vinyls from simple cord to top quality axminsters & Berbers Choose in the comfort of your home or office We can move furniture around and take any old carpets away By using an independent flooring supplier you can be assured of our very best service, as our success depends on your total satisfaction

Up to 70% off selected Carpets

Free Fitting Free Underlay Free Grippers Free Doorbars On Selected Ranges • Minimum Order Applies

Rugs in all shapes, sizes, styles and Designs 1000’s of Remnants available, many down to Half Price or Less hundreds of beds in stock for immediate delivery

So don’t delay, call today on 0115 940 4110 or pop into our Showroom at Netherfield Open 7 Days Late night Opening WeDnesDay Netherfield Victoria Rd, netherfield ng4 2hD

Victoria Retail Park


McDonalds Colwick Loop Road LIDL Great Northern Way

Carpet Style

To Netherfield

Bagnall Rd

Cinderhill Rd Basford Crossings


Carpet Download our free 20 page Interior Design Guide at: Style

Vernon Rd

Opening Times: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 9.00am - 6pm Late Night Wed 9am - 7.30pm, Sat 9am-5.30pm • Sun 10am-4pm To M1

Helping you create the perfect home...

Canterbury Canterbur HOME IMPROVEMENTS

For all your home improvements with generations of expertise

Whatever your problem Canterbury has a specialist team of experienced installers & servicemen that can help. From small repairs to complete replacements. Most jobs can be undertaken on site, quickly & efficiently.

• Windows, Doors & Conservatories • Fascias, Soffits & Guttering • Porches & Carports • Kitchens and Bathrooms • Garage Conversions

Failed Sealed Units Cracked or Broken Windows Broken Handles, Locks & Hinges Gutter Repairs & Cleaning Conservatory Leaks & Roof Upgrades Many Thanks for a job well done. The door is excellent and the two gentleman who fitted it were great. The attention to detail was superb. Will you please thank them for me! Once again many thanks.

Cynthia Grice - Burton My wife and I were very pleased with the work carried out on our property, especially having to complete the car canopy on time in adverse weather conditions. We have no hesitation in recommending Canterbury for future customers.

Mr & Mrs P Hiley - Spondon Tel: 0115 944 0530 Crompton Road Ind Est. Ilkeston, Derbyshire, DE7 4BG

home & garden

Martin Page

Mapperley Area’s Local

Tree Surgeon

Have you considered? Just like the rest of your property your trees may need some maintenance from time to time? Are your trees too tall, unsafe or untidy? Are they blocking light from yours, or your neighbour’s property? With o v e r 25 years of experience working with trees in your area I would be pleased to offer you free advice and a free quotation.

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0115 906 8670


Specialising in landscaping, garden services and property maintenance Local, friendly, reliable and professional service We are happy to take on all jobs both big and small and can offer you expert advice and knowledge to ensure you get a beautiful garden and home

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For further advice or a complete new look for your garden call Dave Farnsworth for a friendly quote on

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The Lazy Gardener.... talks rot!!

Soil, especially in raised beds, benefits from being enriched with compost. It contains essential nutrients to help the plants grow. Whilst you can buy ready made compost - making it yourself is cheap and very eco-friendly by reducing the amount of household waste going to landfil. Even the smallest garden can compost. There are loads of different options for composting - however if you have a small garden like mine you are more limited. A great idea is a wormery. Worms eat lots of kitchen waste like used tea bags, vegetable peelings, stale bread and crushed egg shells. They also like shredded paper and small amounts of garden waste. The worms then convert

worms and microbes to do their magic. Although these plastic bins are not very attractive to look at you can screen them using evergreen plants, trellis with a climber growing up it or a willow or bamboo screen. During the spring and summer months we have loads of grass cuttings which are great for the compost bin, however to produce good compost layer with other waste. Grass can compact and fail to rot down if it is piled together in a big heap.

the waste into a rich fertilizer. A basic wormery costs around ÂŁ60. A ready made composting bin is another option. These are good value, starting at around ÂŁ16, and easy to use. You add garden waste, shredded paper, vegetable peelings etc. through the top and after a few months you can remove the compost via a door at the bottom. There are products available to add to the composter to accelerate the process but left to its on devices nature will take its course. Always remember to place the bin onto bare earth to encourage the

Leaf mould is also great for the garden. A cheap and easy way to cultivate it is to collect the fallen leaves in Autumn in black bin liners. Once almost full, add a small amount of water, tie up and shake. Then pierce a few holes in the bottom and sides of the bag and put away somewhere (ours are behind the garden shed). After a year or two you should have a good quality leaf mould. Most local authorities have composting schemes. The best thing to do is check out their websites or go to www. This website works in partnership with local councils. You simply type in your postcode and you get a list of products available in your area at reduced rates. Š Ali Wale

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Nottingham Roofing Services Over 20 yrs experience

All aspects of roofing Repairs, Full Roofs, Flat Roofs Slates, Tiles, Upvc Fascias, Velux All work fully guaranteed

For a Free Quote call Terry

0115 926 7179 07961 511138

All makes and models repaired

Elements | Fan Motors Door Seals Cooling Fans Grill Elements Controls and Lamps

Same day service at very competitive prices Call Dave on 07952026495 e:

Glenn Myers


We have your carpentry needs covered Don’t Move — Improve

Fully insured with over 20 years experience Loft Conversions Kitchen Fitting (new & upgrades) Flooring (Real Wood & Laminate) Doors and windows • Decking • Fencing Storage Solutions • Repair & Restoration For free estimates & advice contact glenn on: -

Home - 01158402397 mobile - 07971174656

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HANDYMAN SERVICES If it needs doing - We probably do it!!

HANDYMAN SERVICES 0115 9655299 07903 354127

building repairs • roofing • joinery • gutter work • kitchen fitting tiling • flat pack furniture assembly • painting & decorating laminate & wood flooring • window and fascia replacement minor electrical work • upvc cleaning • pressure washing gardening • landscaping • fence erection, staining & repairs decking • block paving • slabbing • gravelling • bark chippings A well established family run business providing a reliable and trustworthy service in your area.

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All w guara ork nteed

Discount for senior citizens and the disabled.

For immediate attention telephone

0115 965 5299 | 07903 354127

Are you looking for expert advice, quality workmanship with competitive prices? Well look no further; Mark Severn is here to help you with all your specialist ground work needs. Mark has been in his trade for 22 years. All Grounds is a local, friendly business specialising in hard landscaping, fencing and paving. Mark also does footings and foundations for extensions. If you want your home and garden to have a whole new look please call Mark now for a free quotation on 0115 952 4729 or 07870 271643.


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079800 51597 or 0115 9526889


All insurance work welcome We can beat any GENUINE written estimate No payments or advance payment until completely satisfied Tel: Anthony Doran for FREE ESTIMATE & ADVICE

0800 858 9517 07880 608 393

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JWS Window Cleaning Domestic & Commercial all areas covered

Registered Digital Installers Age UK & Buy with Confidence approved

• A Reliable Family Run Business • Digital Aerial Installation • Sky & Freesat • TV Wall Mounting • Free Estimates • TV & DVD Tuning from £25 Covering Nottinghamshire

0115 9877409 • 07710 546650

Solar Panels Supplied & Fitted

Part P registered with Elecsa

LV ELECTRICAL Domestic Commercial Industrial

T: 0115 837 9493 M: 07711 946 304

Locally Based

Call John on

955 2547 or 079738 22253

GM PLASTERING SILKY SMOOTH CEILINGS AND WALLS Professional plastering contractors

• • • • •

New Build Refurbishments Domestic & Commercial Insurance Free Consultation

• • • • •

Plaster Boarding Artex Removal Re-skims & Repair Work Coving Partition Walls

0115 8403 532 - 07743 935 567 To view our portfolio go to:

All aspects of Roofing work Flat Roofs Slating Tiling Guttering Chimney Repairs Oap discounts All work guaranteed Call Roy on

07535 399655 0800 0075511


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July/August Crossword (answers on page 68)

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“Move fast without sacrificing the equity in your home” is the message from local property buyer, Oliver.


Many companies offer to buy your house quick, but expect a large hit on your sale price. It doesn’t have to be this way!

call Oliver offers a local home buying155 service 07956 157

that is fair, ethical and avoids the time or and cost associated with estate agents, HIPs and readying your property for sale. 0115 967 1223 Oliver will first seek to understand what Find us at and you are trying to achieve by selling a tailored solution that works for you.

We also treat

WhatRats-Mice-Ants-Fleas-Bedbugs-Squirrels amazes people the most is how more is. fast and simple theMoles whole&process From contacting Oliver to handing over the keys in less than 14 days is typical.

s ’ UK o.ile1s ners Nof t win

se e t u om s Be e h th in

s a e d i e l i t t a e Gr me

o h r u o y e v o r p m i o t

e Local Delivery Perfect Quality, Lower Prices, Fre

With the luxury of under tile heating East Midlands Ceramics Showrooms, Southglade Business Park, Hucknall Road, Nottingham, NG5 9RA (opposite Bulwell Common Golf Course)

Tel: 0115 9770155 Email:

View our exclusive showroom video online at


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Fit A CatGuard Alarm.

For all your general building work

Plastering • Tiling Patios & Block Paving Extensions


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Over 20 years experience References Supplied For a FREE quote please call: Competitive Prices Local 0115 952 6874 Tradesman


07759 487940

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William Windley William was born on the 23rd February 1822, the son of Jane and Thomas Windley. His father was a dyer and silk merchant who had interests around the country with his main base in Nottingham on Finkhill Street. William followed his father into the family business and married Elizabeth, daughter of Rev John Wilson of Westmoreland in 1849. They had a son, John William, born in June 1852. In 1853 William moved his family to a new house, Fernleigh, which he had built. The land cost him £767 and the house was designed by the local Nottingham architect T.C Hine. The house was in an area that was later to be called Alexandra Park; number 384 on the new Woodborough Road. William had a daughter, Jane, born in 1855 and son, William, born in 1860. Unfortunately this last birth was difficult and Elizabeth died as a result of the birth. In 1862 William met and married Frances, daughter of Edward Crosland, who was a wine and spirits merchant. The same year William’s father died and he inherited the business and a considerable fortune. William and Elizabeth had three children; Edward Crosland Windley in 1864, Frank in 1865 and H.T Chadwick Windley in 1870. William was a great supporter of church building for the rapidly expanding population of Nottingham. The buildings of All Saints Church were erected in 1864. These included the church building, school, headmaster’s house and vicarage. They were built and paid for by a sole benefactor, William Windley, who provided the £13000 required for the project. The Architect was T.C Hine of Nottingham and the church and many of the other buildings are now Grade II listed. The school was renamed the Windley School in his honour. Windley was also one of the principal promoters of the building of St. Jude's Church in Mapperley. In 1869 tragedy struck the family as William’s

by Bob Massey

mother drowned herself in the river, unable to live with her husband’s death. Inheriting the remainder of his fathers money, William was now a very wealthy man but also a very generous one. He donated money to many charities and relief funds including the Indian Famine Relief fund in 1861 and the Robin Hood Rifles Battalion Fund and the General Hospital.

Fernleigh William was a shareholder in the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Banking Company. He was also a trustee of the Nottingham Dispensary and the Nottingham Church Cemetery Company and Chairman of the Church of England Association and Sunday School Institute. In 1865 William was made a Justice of the Peace and regularly served on the bench. He also found himself on the other side of the court when he was the main witness in a robbery trial in the same year. William was a great gardener and had many hot houses and green houses in which he raised exotic plants. He continued to live at Fernleigh for the rest of his life. He died there on the 22nd July 1877 after a short illness of only 3 days and was buried in the St Marys Church cemetery after a large very well attended funeral. His old home Fernleigh passed through many hands and is now the Nottinghamshire Hospice.

I am researching history of Mapperley and would like to hear from anyone with memories or photographs of the area or the people involved. Email or post via NG magazines.

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ROOM REVIVERS Breathing new life into your everyday Interiors & Exteriors Coving & Tiling Fully Insured Discounts for ng readers Call Dean 0115 960 8979 | 07730 071718



Stacks dropped or capped | Ridges re-bed | re-pointing | insurance work

Slating & Tiling | Flat roofs: new or repair | guttering etc... PAY NOTHING UNTIL ABSOLUTELY SATISFIED! Tel: (0115)

993 1792 Mob: 07752 772410

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Traditional Roofing Services Slating • Tiling • Leadwork Repair Specialists, Guttering, Pointing, Chimney Work, Repairs & Restorations

Local Tradesman Free Quotations

Tel: 0115 969 2121

Need flyers delivering for your business?

N.C Electrical

Domestic & Commercial For All Your Electrical Needs

For a FREE Quote call T: 0115 955 8882 M: 07966 376871 All Work Undertaken To BS 7671 “Part P Registered” Guaranteed and Certificated

Painting - Internal & External, Tiling, Plumbing & Bathrooms, Carpentry General Household Repairs, Garden Projects

Call Matt for a free quote

we can deliver up to 57500 flyers

From only £20 per 1000!!!

Call 0115

926 9777

07748 497 286 0115 9200738

For high quality, reliable, friendly service that won’t cost you the earth, simply...

Ring Bryn!

gas appliance servicing & breakdown repairs heating installations & upgrades from stopcocks to header tanks and everything in between...

ring today

07739 508949/0115 963 20 40 . . . t h e p l u m b er y o u c an tr u s t! 50

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home & garden est:1990

building services Extensions & Renovation Kitchen & Bathroom Pvc-u Windows & Doors Garages & Garage Conversions Plumbing & Underfloor Heating Electrical Licensed Waste Carrier


18 Years Experience Electrical Installation Condition Report Fault Finding Installation Work All Work Fully Guaranteed & Insured

Dylan Brown Tel: 0115 8411 733 Mob: 0787 999 2009 Email:

How to Play Fill in the grid so that every

Plans Drawn & Submitted All Work Guaranteed Quality Workmanship Fully Insured All aspects of work undertaken

Tel/Fax: 0115 956 9776 Mobile: 07855 806 259


row, every column and every 3 x 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9 with no repetition!!

Solution on page 68 M J Cleaning Services

Domestic Cleaners

one off cleans weekly cleans great rates for senior citizens

Call Melissa on

0115 847 9389 07814 902154 52

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PAINTING & DECORATING COVING & ARTEXING Fully City & Guilds Qualified 25 Years Experience Friendly Reliable Service Good Quality Clean Work Free Estimates • Competitive Rates

Call Glen Birch

Tel: 0115 9616043 Mob: 07952 129937

Mike Thompson

Joiner/Builder       

City & Guilds qualified Over 30 years experience

All Woodwork Fences & Gates Painting & Paper Hanging Glazing Tiling (floors & walls) Flat Pack Assembly NO Arnold based VAT

No Job Too Small

For a free quote and advice call Mike on

0115 967 3331 or 07957 432172

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Business Spotlight.... B & M Heating Your name: Brian Smith How did you first get into your line of work? I started straight from school 34 years ago. How did you get to where you are now? I Started at Boot & Perkins In Daybrook in 1978 doing plumbing & heating until 1988 when I went to CFM gas services in Sherwood doing gas fitting as well. Then 4 years ago I was made redundant when CFM folded & I started B & M Heating, which I am very proud of. I consider I give a quality service at a reasonable price & with 34 years in the business have the experience to go with it. How have you found advertising in ng magazines? I started advertising in ng magazines when I first started B & M Heating because it is a local magazine to me & I get on average at least 3 or 4 calls a month from new customers. I have tried local free papers but nothing has worked as well as ng, which proves to me that people read it & save it for future reference. What did you want to be when you were growing up & would you still like to be that now? When I was at school I always fancied being a chef ( this was before it became popular),would I like to do it now ? No I think I’d sooner let someone else do it & I’ll just enjoy eating. What’s your signature dish and what’s the recipe? That’s one for the kids to answer, when they we’re little & mum went out, we’d have our chick feast: Chicken dippers, chicken nuggets & chicken kievs made two happy kids, needless to say mum didn’t go out very often.... What 3 things would you like to do if you had the time and money? Things are difficult, but given the time and money it would have to be travelling around New Zealand & Canada with my wife Tracey and, as anyone who knows me will verify, I’d have to have my mountain bike with me for a bit of extra excitement!


For All Your Plumbing & Heating Needs • Boiler & Fire Servicing • Central Heating • Bathroom Installations • Gas Safety Checks 536889

Call For A Free Quote Or Advice

0115 967 0912 07860 291977


94A Main Road, Gedling, Nottingham, NG4 3HG Opening Times: Mon - Fri 9.30am - 5.00 pm & Sat 9.30am - 4.30pm T: 01159988223 W:

“We pride ourselves on the personal touch. 15 years of carpet experience. Advising on the best product for you. Negotiating the best price we can. We treat your home like it’s ours and fit your carpets/floor with expertise and care.”

g n i r o o l f l l a off ction of this advert on produ

Free Home measuring & estimate Free Sample Service Free No obligation quote Wide range of premimum Products • Great Value Prices • Professional Delivery & Fitting • Old carpet removal service


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Andy your local van man


7 days a week 07732389000 (0115) 8371594 removals | anything moved or taken away

MATT THE PLASTERER FREE CONSULTATION attention to detail • clean & reliable re-skimming plasterboard • coving internal & external local repair & insurance work


T: 0115 9261102 M: 07970 544715


07850 122219

14 Fisher Ave, Woodthorpe

*** SUMMER OFFER*** Six panel, white, primed, grained, internal doors with handles, hinges etc. Fully fitted for only.....

£55 each*

* price based on a minimum of 5 doors, standard 6’6” x 2’6”

DOORS | FLOORS | BANNISTERS All internal & external doors, hard & soft wood, supplied & fitted. All types of wood flooring fitted. Laminate flooring fitted from £10 per metre.

All aspects of joinery work undertaken by a time served tradesman with 25 years experience.

Call BEECROFTS JOINERY for a free quote 0115 966 6125 or 07956 859452 56

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home & garden Family Business Since 1961

Phil Chapman AERIAL SPECIALIST Digital • Freeview • DAB• Freesat CCTV • Tuning • TV Installations

FREE Estimates

0115 960 3366 54 Roseleigh Ave, Mapperley, NG3

Michelles Cleaning & Garden Services

(lawns, leaves, hedges, weeding) Competitive hourly rates & free quotations for one off jobs

Tel: 07528

053078 fully insured

BRIGHTWOOD FLOORING Hardwood & Engineered Wood Floors Parquet Sanding & Refinishing of Existing Floors

Over 20 years experience

For a free quote and advice call

0781 4919436




Toilets | Sinks | Showers Baths | Manholes Smelly Drains Unblock & CCTV surveys telephone Aaron 0115 952 8223 • 07846 153 474

For all gardening services including

Lawns, Hedges, Pruning, Weeding and Landscaping Garden Clearance • Planting plans Fully qualified in Garden Design and Horticulture Jet washing Regular visits or Makeover for that Special Occasion CRB clearance and Full Public Liability Insurance

Tel: 01623 401128 or 07711 441459 Email:

To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


Paint your home for FREE Gedling residents thinking about a spot of decorating are being offered the chance to paint their homes for free thanks to a paint reuse scheme, which is underway now until October.

Mapperley Park Open Gardens Sunday 15th July 1.30pm - 5.30pm An exciting selection of gardens will be opening for Charity on Sunday 15th July from 1.30-5.30. The fourteen gardens range from a Mediterranean style courtyard to formal Edwardian to contemporary. It is always a hugely popular event giving you the chance to see some landscape design with real imaginative flair tackling the hilly geography of Mapperley Park. There are several new gardens this year too.

The monthly events at Calverton Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) provide local community and voluntary groups with free reusable paint donated by the public for the Community RePaint initiative. Over 366 million litres of paint are sold each year, of which 55 million are unused, stored or just thrown away. And rather than surplus paint going down the drain or in to local landfill which are both harmful to the environment, the HWRCs at Calverton take in the paint for reuse. All sorts of paint are available for walls, wood, metal, masonry, etc. The event is open to members of the public from 5.00pm-7.00pm on the following dates: • Thursday 26 July 2012 • Thursday 30 August 2012 • Thursday 27 September 2012 • Thursday 25 October 2012. Residents who would like to pick up some free paint from Calverton need to call 0115 850 5900 to book a time slot. They then simply turn up during their allocated time to choose their paint. Tins of paint are restricted to Nottinghamshire residents only. More information on the scheme can be found at: http://www3.nottinghamshire. g o v. u k / l i v i n g / w a s t e / h w r c / t i p locations/?entryid50=78465


You will be able to enjoy tea, cakes and refreshments and Pimms, champagne, strawberries and cream. Stands will be selling plants and crafts and there will be a raffle and activities for children. The event will be supporting two local charities and one international. Double Impact supports rehabilitation from alcohol and drug dependency. The Nottinghamshire Hospice “adds life to days” for people who have been told they cannot be cured. Sister Freda’s Clinic provides medical care to impoverished areas in Kitale, Kenya. A report on takings and the receipts of each charity will be published in the autumn Mapperley Park News. Look out for the free guide which will be available on the day and widely distributed beforehand. Entry is £4.00 per adult and children go free, enter at any of the houses displaying a St George’s flag. Please be aware that Mapperley Park is a hilly area and many gardens have steps but some gardens do have wheelchair access. Come along rain or shine and support us, it’s a great afternoon out only once every two years!

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We are a family run, father and son business who pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable and friendly service, at an affordable cost. We offer free planning and advice and can also arrange any electrical, joinery and plaster work if required. All work carried out is fully guaranteed.

For a FREE quote call Patrick on

T: 01159 201 300 M: 07976 876 412

Emergency call out 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Steve Earnshaw

Electrical Services Electrical Installation:

Sockets, lighting, cookers, showers, spot lights, security lights etc...


Rewires, fuse-boards, earthing, P.A.T testing

Over 25 years experience No job too small

Part P ELECSA approved

All work to 17th edition and guaranteed

Call Steve on

Landline: 0115 952 4306 Mobile: 0781 7087920 To advertise call 07817 609444 or email:


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Heatherview Landscapes Hedge & Grass Cutting Garden Maintenance Garden Clearance Patios Fencing Tree Cutting

Licensed Waste Carrier

Friendy, Local Service

Call Mark on 0115 953 3208 07946 444658


ROOFER Est. 30 years, CIS Registered Repairs and Re-roofs Flat roofs UPVC Fascias Fully Insured Quality work References available Competitive work

Free Quotes and Advice Call Mick 0115 9567655 07941327357

Digital TV Problems? Dont understand it ? Cannot get it to work? Hate instruction books? Don’t tear your hair out – call

Your local TV installation specialist

TV•DVD•VCR•Sky•Cable•Freeview Freeview Freesat•Blu-Ray Instruction: We’ll show Tuning: Missing or Wrong you how it all works Channels, Picture Break Up and how to record all your programmes Connection: HDMI, Scart and Optical Cables, TV Wall Mounting, Home Cinema

07973 375853 60

New Digital Aerials TV Distribution Systems Extra TV/Sky/Freesat points (supplied by fully qualifi ed & registered installer)


Buying on the Internet? Confused what to buy? Get Professional advice! TVs – Make, Size, Smart, 3D, LCD, LED or Plasma, also TV wall mounting Only and home cinema planning

½ hr consultation


For much more information visit Putting you in the picture!

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Recover Your Suite

3 exp 0 yrs erie nce

P & J Upholstery

Recovers | Repairs | New Designs New Foam & Fibre Cushions Full Range of Fabrics

FREE QUOTATIONS Paul: 07766 721289 Jonathan: 07795 064619

James Painting & Decorating Your local time served, professional decorator • Interior & exterior work • Free quotations • Fully insured • Friendly & reliable

Tel: 0115 963 5969 Mob: 07979 555355


Dust Busters

Fast, Efficient Cleaning Service We’ll put the sparkle back in your home

Call: 0115 8405024 or 07977 777716

email: Greg Drozdowski

Approved Chimney Sweep Member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps HETAS Approved Stove Installation Chimney Lining Bird Guards Supplied and Fitted CRB clearance and Full Public Liability Insurance

Tel: 01623 401128 or 07711 441459 Email:


“DIY that doesn’t get done!” General maintenance work Painting & decorating Gardening | Flat pack assembly

Call Darren for a FREE quote

0115 854 3751 07976 510293 To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


home & garden

PROFESSIONAL TREE SURGEONS All aspects of tree work carried out to high standards Our team are fully qualified and trained over 15 years experience in horticulture and arboriculture we also carry out hedge trimming and shaping, tree planting and woodland management Covered by £5 million public liability insurance Lots of great reviews left by customers on our website We remove & recycle 100% of our waste Professional, trustworthy and affordable Contact Will Rawson for your free no obligation quotation 0115 752 1036 • 07815 681327

Fully qualified and insured, independent local Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating engineer. Over 20 years’ experience in the service, repair and installation of domestic gas central heating. l l l l l l

Boiler & system breakdowns Servicing & landlord certificates Full system design & installation Bathrooms, showers & general plumbing 24-hour emergency call-out No minimum call-out charge

Call Mark Orridge on 0115 859 6036 or 07976 157216

Gas Safe registered number 215996

PHIL SARGEANT Painter & Decorator Mob: 07890 750585 Tel: 0115 960 7438

gardenscene landscapes garden maintenance/clearance domestic & commercial contracts planting, pruning & turfing hedge trimming

free estimates fully insured Tel: 0115 952 9774 or 0771 7774598


Gardenscene Landscapes From maintaining commercial grounds right through to garden maintenance, hedge and grass cutting and tree/ conifer work, Gardenscene Landscapes can help with your outside space. With many years experience and a friendly, professional service why not give them a call for a free estimate?

Call 0771 7774598.

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CONSERVATORIES • EXTENSIONS • WINDOWS • DOORS GARARGE CONVERSIONS • EDPM FLAT ROOFS All work comes with 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee Planning and Building Regulations included in all prices No Deposits Taken - No Hidden Extras

Fully Inclusive Conservatories or Garden Rooms inc base ,electrics, flooring, plastering 3m x3m start from £6,800 inc vat Windows fitted from £295

• Front Doors fitted from £495

Garage Conversions fully furnished from £4250

0800 597 1225

To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


FOR SALE.......

Sell your unwanted items for FREE. Call 0115 926 9777 Suzuki Bandit 2 Piece Seat. To fit 20072010 Bandit. As new. £65 ono.07894 078815

Motorcycle Cargo Camo Rucksack.

Unused xmas present. Padded straps. £40.

07894 078815 RSJ Steel Girder 9ft x 5” x 5”. £60. 07894 078815 T Sport Black Leather 16oz Boxing Gloves, Head Guard & Foot Guards. £60 ono.07894 078815 Bricks. FREE to collect. 07894 078815 Casio Exilim 10.1 million Mega Pixel Compact Digital Camera. With video mode.

Boxed with instructions etc. Hardly used. £65 ono.07894 078815 1950’s Poole Pottery Twin Tone. Light blue/grey. 6 dinner place settings, tureen with lid, gravy boat & saucer, sauce boat & 7 more matching pieces. £55. 01623 793849 Golf Clubs x 3 lots & Golf Bags x 3. £90 for the three. 0115 993 9095 Joiners Bench with accessories. £20.

0115 968 0408. Adult Folding Wheelchair - Brand New. Transit style. £100. 0115 926 4427. White Melamine Covered Drawing Board. (W66cm x H61cm x D1.5cm) on a

Sherborne adjustable table, stand enabling 4 raised working positions. Can be folded flat &

Rotring T-square set and Rotring drawing head (protractor etc). Bargain - £40 the lot. 0115 932 7478. Computer Desk/Shelf Unit. Beech effect. (H136cm, L80cm, W48cm). £20. 0115 926 8082. White Shower Door. With frame. 6’ x 2’3” £12. 01636 611115 Small Scandinavian Table. White. £15. 01636 611115 Two sets of headphones. £12. 01636 611115 Blue denim garden umbrella. 5’ x 3’ £12. 01636 611115 Ford Fiesta Tyres & Rims. MK 6. As new. 195x50x15. £25 each. 0115 955 4798 Crimson Silk Padded Ottoman Seat. £15. 01636 611115

Pine Table with 2 Benches & Small Kitchen Dresser. Any reasonable offer. 07875 355776. Panasonic 28” Television. Any reasonable offer. 07875 355776. Stag Bedroom Furniture. Small double

wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table and single bed head. Light coloured. Any reasonable offer. 07875 355776. Round Habitat Extending Table. Seats 6. £30 ono. 0115 9641568/07769 632163 Chest Freezer - 3ft long. £20 ono. 0115

9641568/07769 632163 Mobile Holiday Home, 4* Camp Site SW France. Last week JULY + first week AUGUST. Sleeps 4-6. £1000. 0115 9641568/07769 632163 Ted Baker Pageboy Outfit. Includes

waistcoat, trousers & matching striped shirt with cuff links. Suitable for 14ys +. Worn Once. Will accept £35. 0115 926 9208 Rhino Bike. Royal blue and silver. Suitable for 11yrs +. Excellent condition. Cost over £110. Will accept £65 ono. 0115 926 9208 Gym Tech Digital Exercise Bike. All digital functions and programs. Levelled seat. Heavy duty. Cost £1000. As new. £250 ono. 0115 926

9208/07771723 658 Blankenstein Upright Piano. Circa 1900.

Recently tuned. Beautiful floral inlay. Pleasant starter piano. £300 ono. 07831 487835. New Bale of Towels (Teal). Mat,bathsheet, bath towel/hand towel & flannels, £12. 01636

611115 Fully Lined John Lewis Curtains. 84” x 90” includes 2 matching cushions. £15. 01636 611115 Sandisk Extreme SDHC 16gb Memory Card. 45mbs speed. Superfast. Unopened present. £15 ono.07894 078815 Two Large Cream Throws. Brand new £15. 01636 611115 Double Metal Pewter Bed Frame. VGC. £25. 0115 955 4798 Excellent Leather 2 Seater Sofa & 1 Chair. VGC. £60. 0115 955 4798

Simply call us on 0115 926 9777 or email: Ads will appear in next available edition. Max 3 ads per person. Re-call for each edition

Now ONLINE. Go to and add your items for sale FREE!!!

home & garden

D. J. Hill Electrician All Types Of Electrical Work From Additional Sockets To Rewires

• Part P Registered • Small Jobs Welcome • Testing & Inspections • First Class Professional Service

Call Dave

07971 707445


All work guaranteed

Est.30 years

Chimneys, Gutters, Tiles, Fencing, Roofing Work & Storm Damage

Special rates for senior citizens We will beat any genuine quote!

Call Paul on

0115 9202034 07973 952361 To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


home & garden

P.G Stapleton

Building & Roofing Services

Guttering • Repointing • Brickwork Roofing • General Maintenance

FREE quotes and advice

Tel: 0115 965 3294 Mob: 07967 750 267 Over 21 years British Gas experience

TherMix (Gas Services) Ltd

All areas of Nottingham covered

ACS Qualified & time served Gas Engineer Competitive rates for installation of full systems, condensing boilers & other appliances. Specialist for older appliance, system repairs & servicing. Landlord safety certificates

Call Mike on

0115 840 2047 or 07968 314312 Member of the Warm Front Grant Scheme


FREEDOM BATHROOMS LTD For ALL your outdoor needs

With over 25 years experience, we’re your local experts in: • Block Paving • Tarmac Drives & Paths • Fencing • Walls & Brickwork • Garden Design & Landscaping

Specialists in Bathroom Adaptations 3 wetrooms 3 level access showers 3 disability adaptations 3 general plumbing

Honest, Reliable Service Contact John for a free quote

Tel: 01159 200197 Mob: 07973 376591



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Tel: 01636 526978 Mob: 07854 431439

Please mention ng3 when responding to adverts

live for less - vouchers



Valid Mon-Thurs Only • Expiry 31-Aug-2012 • Max. 4 People per Table • Valid for Take Away Collection Orders Only – Home Delivery Orders Excluded • Discount does not apply on Drinks, Set Meals, Pappadums, Rice, Nans and Side Dishes • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

Restaurant & Bar Lounge Fine Indian Cuisine “no ordinary tree – no ordinary restaurant”

Orders / Reservations

01159 20 30 80

520 Mansfield Road, Redhill, Nottingham. NG5 8PG

To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:


useful information

Useful Information Gedling Borough Council.........0115 901 3901 Notts County Council...............0844 980 8080 Council Tax...............................0115 901 3950 Housing Benefits......................0115 901 3970 Waste & Recycling...................0115 901 3621 Tax Credits...............................0845 300 3900 Leisure Centres Arnold.......................................0115 956 0733 Redhill......................................0115 956 9996 Carlton......................................0115 987 2333 Calverton..................................0115 965 3781 Richard Herrod Centre.............0115 961 2949 Police........................................0115 940 0999 QMC Hospital...........................0115 924 9924 City Hospital.............................0115 969 1169 NHS Direct................................0845 4647 Emergency Utilities Electric.....................................0800 056 8090 Gas...........................................0800 111 999 Water........................................0800 783 4444



Local Taxis DG Taxis........................................01159 500 500 Budget Mini buses.........................0115 962 6572 Local Community Centres ACNA .......................................0115 969 1364 Blue Bell Hill..............................0115 947 6722 Mapperley.................................0115 953 2104 Pakistan....................................0115 958 2973 Doctors Sherrington Park......................0115 985 8552 Mapperley Park........................0115 841 2022 Local Councillors Emma Dewinton.......................0115 960 8198 Michael Edwards......................0115 915 5050 Mo Munir...................................0115 969 3126 National Rail Enquiries..............08457 484950 Nottingham City Transport........0115 950 6070 Nott’ham East Midlands Airport.08719199000 DVLA........................................0870 240 0009

Crossword Solution

Please mention ng3 when responding to adverts

home & garden

To advertise call 0115 926 9777 or email:



Index of Advertisers

Alan’s Accounting Paul Keenan

13 13


1st Astral Aerials Phil Chapman TVConfused

44 57 60

Architects Plan A


Bathrooms/Kitchens/Bedrooms Fairdinkum Kitchens & Bathrooms Freedom Bathrooms Haydn Interiors Ltd Prestige Kitchens & Bathrooms Sliding Door Wardrobes

Beauty / Nails Duo Nails & Co

29 30,31

Building / Roofers / Fascias AKJ Contracts Arnold Building & Roofing S. Bird Brownz Builders Canterburys C n D Properties Duraclad Ernehale Roofing John White Builders Nottm Roofing Service Paul Hodgkinson PG Stapleton Roberts Builders Roofer Mick Roy West Roofing Traditional Roofing

Car Repairs/MOT’s Arnold Garage

Car Security

Aide Automotive

Chimney Sweeps Homesweep

Cleaning/Drive Cleaning Belle Casa Dustbusters Michelles MJ Cleaning


Lockdales Auctioneers

Complementary/Holistic Therapies Bowen Therapy Starlight

Computer Repairs/IT PCM-IT


Princess River Cruises

Dance classes/Studio Start Dancing

Drainage/Pipe Clearance ADK Drains Drainscan

Driving Schools Just Drive

45 66 51 35 63

52 43 34 35 37 69 63 49 47 41 65 66 34 60 44 50 71 47 61 53 61 57 52 9


D.Brown Steve Earnshaw DElectrix D J Hill Electrical P.Kelliher LV Electrical NC Electrical C.Orton Electrical Perkins & Son Tony Simpson

Equestrian Martins Farm

Estate/Letting/Relocation Agents I am Lettings Oliver



Fashion - Ladies Boutique 11

Flooring/Carpets Brightwood Flooring Carpet Style The Little Carpet Co

Foot Health

Duo High Street Foot Clinic Suzanne Gratton-Fisher

Gas Engineer Thermix

Gardening/Groundwork/ Landscaping All Ground Services Anderson Gardening B&P Paving Davids Gardening Services DF Garden & Property Fusion Garden Creations Gardenscene Landscapes Gardenupkeep Heatherview Landscapes LittleGreen Landscapes WRS

Glass Specialist Sines Glass


The New Cutting Edge

Health/Fitness/Wellbeing 32 32

Redhill Ladies Hockey Tai Chi

Home Improvements


Canterburys Tony Smith Handyman Man about the House


Introduction Agencies Castro & Viera


Job Opportunities

57 65



Midland Commercial Cleaners Beecroft Joiners DD Joiners Glen Myers M.Thompson


Eye Tests at Home

Oven Cleaning/Repairs Ovenu Oven Repairs 4 U Renu Spring Fresh

52 59 41 65 62 44 50 34 49 43 33 1 46 12 11 57 36 55 29 32 32 66 42 43 72 49 38 47 62 57 60 66 62 52 32 29 29 37 42 44 15 13 56 43 41 53 25 35 41 65 59

Painting/Decorating Glen Birch James Just Decorators Phil Sargeant Room Revivers

53 61 34 62 49

Pest Control

City Pest Control


Pet Care Zoolittles



LOVE Photography



S. Bird C J Plastering GM Plastering Matt the Plasterer

34 61 44 56

Plumbing,Heating, Air Con Agua Gas P.Byrne B & M Plumbing Bryn Vernon PC Plumbing Woodthorpe Plumbing

53 59 54 50 49 62

Property Maintenance Services DF Garden & Property DMG Handyman M A Britton JJ’s Jobs

38 61 50 66

Removals/House Clearance Andy the Van Man Dave the Rubbish Man

56 56

Restaurants/Bars/Takeaways Home Rajah The Banyan Tree

Retirement Housing

Mansfield Rd Housing Assc

Schools/Colleges Hazelhurst

Solar Panels

Arnold Electrical


Massers Rothera Dowson

Tiling/Tile Retailers emc Tiles Grout & About Room Revivers

Tree Surgeons Charnwood Trees WRS

Travel Agents Forest Travel


Bob Massey Kumon


P & J Upholstery


Vets 4 Pets

Windows/Conservatories Duraclad

4,5,67 6,7 67 25 21 39 27 2 46 57 50 38 62 17 17 21 61 33 63

Window/Conservatory Cleaning JWS Nice n White

Wool/Haberdashery Knitworking

44 61 15

NG3 July August 2012  

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