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Insights Published in AUGUST 2019

A quarterly e-newsletter for members of the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association

Message from the President Spread the Word! First and foremost, I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for your continued support and dedication to NGMA. I am especially pleased with the great response we have had from our members and friends to NGMA’s annual reception at Cultivate. It has been terrific to see how this outreach has grown from just a few attendees to an event that is nearly outgrowing our space. That hasn’t happened by accident. You, our members, have been very intentional about making the reception part of your Cultivate itinerary and inviting your colleagues to join us. Offering this networking opportunity was a strategic decision made several years ago. It was (and is) an extension of being “NGMA Proud.” Wearing your NGMA lapel pins and posting the association logo in your booths and on your marketing materials are great ways to introduce our association to those who will benefit from it. Now that Cultivate’19 is one for the books, I want to encourage you to continue to make efforts to spread the word about NGMA. Invite people into our ranks on a regular basis. Everyday, you probably come into contact with vendors and business associates who would benefit from joining NGMA. Please extend them a personal invitation. Growing NGMA benefits us all! Working together, we can build our organization and our industry. Sincerely, Tom Vezdos, NGMA President

Information about membership is available online at You can also request the member benefit brochure by emailing:

Save the Date for the 2020 NGMA SPRING MEETING Plan to join us for the NGMA Spring Meeting April 5-7, 2020 in Atlantic Beach, Fla. Stay tuned for more details 1in the next issue of Insights!


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Executive Director: Lisa Ruggiers Newsletter Editor: Carolyn Kimmel NGMA’s staff wants you to get the most out of your experience with NGMA. We are available to serve you, so please do not hesitate to contact staff with any question or concern that you may have. For a full staff listing, please click here. NationalGreenhouseManufacturersAssoc

Insights is published electronically four times per year: Winter issue is published in February Spring issue is published in May Summer issue is published in August Fall issue is published in November

Dave Bishop

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NGMA Members Mingle at Cultivate’19

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Earning Their Trust

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NGMA’s Mission Statement To represent and advance the interests of the greenhouse industry through education, networking and communication. 2


Snapshots from Cultivate’19 Reception NGMA members mingled with industry professionals as NGMA hosted its annual Membership Reception on July 14 in Columbus, Ohio. The annual reception was held in conjunction with Cultivate’19.


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Snapshots from Cultivate’19 Reception continued from page 3

Good news? New product? Changed positions? Company or individual award? Ideas about what you’d like to see in your newsletter? If you have information you’d like to share with the membership, please send it to



Association News The Floor is Yours: NGMA Launches Speakers Bureau NGMA is working to raise awareness of our industry and promote our members to various audiences. As part of our marketing plan initiatives, NGMA is launching a Speakers Bureau. To begin the process, we are asking those interested to complete a form to participate. Let us know: • What topic(s) are you able to speak about • Where are you able to speak – local, state, region, national, international and/or virtual • The fees you charge to speak • Your expertise and background related to the topic(s) chosen • Information on the audience you typically address • When and where you have presented the topic(s) chosen previously • And a little bit about yourself

Authors Needed for Ball RedBook NGMA Board member and Communications Committee Chair Chris Beytes is looking for a few good writers. He is hard at work planning the 19th Ball RedBook, to be published in 2020. This reference guide to the horticulture industry has been in continuous publication since 1932 when George J. Ball wrote the first 64-page guide to greenhousegrown plants. It has since expanded to two volumes and more than 1,000 pages. Some NGMA members are already contributors to the RedBook, and Beytes has opportunities for more. He specifically needs expert authors for the following topics: • Open-Roof Greenhouses • Growing on the Ground (meaning on concrete floors or groundcloth, as opposed to on benches) • Mist Systems for Propagation • Controlled Environment Agriculture (a primer on greenhousegrown food crops) • Apps for the Greenhouse and Nursery (a look at how growers use apps for their business)

Volunteer Now! If you have questions, contact NGMA Director of Communications Michelle Keyser at 717-238-4530.

If you or one of your staff are well-versed in one of the above topics or can suggest someone who is—a grower, an academic or a fellow supplier—please contact Beytes at It’s an opportunity to be part of horticulture’s history! 5


Helpful Hints

NGMA is saddened to share that long-time member Brad Gaddy passed away on July 26 at the age of 53.

NGMA has created a series of “Helpful Hints” documents about issues related to greenhouses.

Gaddy, a 1989 graduate of the University of South Carolina and a loyal member of First Baptist Church of Chester, Minn., began a successful career in the horticultural sales industry in 1996.

The documents, which provide useful information about a variety of topics, can be shared with your current and prospective clients.

He was a dedicated member of NGMA who volunteered his time to serve on numerous committees. In addition to his work with NGMA, Gaddy founded the first youth soccer league in Chester in 1995 and was instrumental in the formation of the first soccer team at Chester High School in 1996.

The following topics are available in these printer-friendly documents: • Carbon Dioxide • Chemical Cautions • Electrical Systems and the Greenhouse • Energy Conservation

A true southerner at heart, Gaddy never forgot his love for South Carolina even as he enjoyed traveling the country for his work. He loved telling stories and always had a joke to share. He brightened the lives of everyone he met, and he will be deeply missed.

• Environmental Control Computers • Glazing • Heating Systems • Insect Screening • Internal and External Greenhouse Curtain Systems • Irrigation • Purchasing a Greenhouse

Please click here for his full obituary and take the opportunity to share your memories of him on his tribute wall.

• Supplemental Lighting • Ventilating and Cooling Greenhouses The Helpful Hints documents can be accessed here.

Member Benefit Spotlight: Website Promotion Did you know that as a member you can access an alphabetical listing of each member on NGMA’s website? The listing is searchable and includes company contact information. Make sure your information is up to date! The main contact for your company now has the ability to manage the company’s profile. When logged in, go to “Manage Profile” to make sure your information is current. Learn more about all your member benefits here. If you have additional questions, please contact 6


Board Member Profile Dave Bishop Conley’s Greenhouse Manufacturing

Q: How long have you been a member of NGMA, and why are you a member?


I have been a member since 2013, but Rough Brothers has been a member since the inception of the NGMA.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your membership? A:

I enjoy the interaction with both other greenhouse manufacturers and vendors. To be able to come together for a couple of days annually and work together is unique, I believe.

Q: How long have you been in the industry and

what is the biggest change or challenge you’ve seen over the years?

Q: Tell us about your involvement in NGMA and in

what capacities you have served the organization.


I got into this industry in 1988, so 30-plus years at this point. I have seen many, many changes over that time. I believe the biggest is that, at one time, we as an industry were serving mostly the horticulture and floriculture market. At this time, there are several markets that we are immersed in, including cannabis, large vegetable production, hemp, aquaponics, etc. The biggest challenge for me is moving from market to market, sometimes several times a day. Each market has very different needs. Also keeping up with constant new technology and determining the value of that technology and how to implement it is a challenge.


I have served on the nominating committee and the conference committee. I currently chair the conference committee.

Q: What are you hoping the association will accomplish in the upcoming year or in the future?


I am hoping that we as an association can further our presence in the building and codes area. I deeply appreciate the work that has been done the last several years in that area, and I believe that we need to continue to work hard. I am also hoping that we can expand our membership as we continue to see other types of business to which we are selling.

Q: Tell us about your company. A:

I am a regional sales manager for Conley’s Greenhouse Manufacturing. Conley’s is one of the oldest in the industry—73 years old. We are a third-generation, privately owned company, which sells products nationally and internationally. 7


Earning Their Trust by Jeff Tippett

Trust is perhaps the most important factor of persuasion. If you master all the other elements of persuasion, but others don’t trust you, you will not persuade them. Period. Emphasizing personal relationships through building trust is essential to succeed in both your personal and professional lives. Most people think of trust in terms of the things we do to earn it. And while I focus there too, we need to start much deeper. The foundation for building trust is your motivation, what’s in your heart, the spirit in which you eventually do those things to earn it. A well-trained salesperson can easily fool others for a while, but in the end, I don’t think it’s sustainable. I encourage you to pause and look within. I believe that others’ trust in you begins with who you are as a person and what your intentions are. And, ultimately, no amount of smooth talking can make up for the wrong intentions.

At the outset, most of your audience will either be neutral or slightly disinclined to trust you. But you now have what you need to begin earning their trust. We also have to check our own motivations and determine what drives us. Is our primary focus on ourselves, or do we place a priority on others? This simply, yet often overlooked, mindset can change how people perceive us and affects our ability to persuade them. Here are a few concepts that you can leverage to solidify trust.

Be consistent It takes multiple interactions for your audience to begin to get a feel for who you are. These could be face-to-face meetings, phone calls or social media communication. You will need to be precise and consistent for people to begin to fully understand you, know your story and start to trust you. Often, even the slightest deviation can set you back. Speaking of social media, you have to consider every post and what it says about your brand. Every interaction online, whether posting, sharing or commenting, gives your audience clues to your brand presence. I would argue that every single post—no exceptions—has to support the brand you are creating. Any deviation can derail your quest to earn the trust of others. Continued on next page...



Deliver as promised

But let me add this disclaimer: Know your audience. Know the extent to which they’re willing to “get real with you”— where the boundaries lie.

We’ve probably all had someone promise us a deliverable—whether a creative asset, meeting time, contract, phone call, email, etc.—and not, in fact, deliver. Failing to deliver as promised can harm your brand and the fragile trust you’re building with your audience.

To the extent that your audience is willing to be open and authentic, I encourage you to respond as much as you are comfortable in doing. This authenticity will allow your audience to trust you more profoundly. Besides, you don’t want them wondering what you might be hiding.

We’re often so eager to please that we commit to things that, realistically, we know we can’t deliver. In the moment, that promise feels comforting. It’s nice to think you’re going to fulfill someone’s wants or needs. But while your audience may be happy in the moment that you said yes to their request—and that makes you feel good, as well—nobody is going to feel good when expectations aren’t met. Overpromising will not only disappoint; it will set back your quest for trust.

Be open to feedback We all wish that we were perfect all the time, but in reality, we are not. We make mistakes. We miss the mark. That’s why it is important to listen to what others have to say. Being open to feedback and incorporating it, as appropriate, will most likely boost others’ trust. If you think you know everything and the best way to do everything, you’re likely only fooling yourself. Others will see that, and it will negatively impact their trust in you.

It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver. If your audience is asking for something, and you know you can’t deliver, manage expectations. Explain the rationale for why you can’t deliver. Even better, frame your response in a way that shows why your decision is best for them.

Remember: Without trust, you have nothing. It is the foundation upon which all relationships are built. This is true for your personal and professional lives alike.

For example, I recently had a speakers’ bureau reach out because they were interested in representing me. But I knew that my time constraints would not allow me to complete their onboarding process in a manner consistent with my own standards. I told them I was interested, but explained that I wanted to make time to present quality assets. I then told them when I could reasonably expect to get everything to them, and they accepted my timeline.

About the Author: Jeff Tippett Jeff Tippett is the international, best-selling author of two books, “Pixels Are the New Ink” and “Unleashing Your Superpower: Why Persuasive Communication is the Only Force You Will Ever Need.” Speaking to international audiences through keynotes and seminars, Tippett helps attendees increase their effectiveness, gives them powerful tools to reach their goals and empowers attendees to positively impact and grow their organizations or businesses. In 2014, Jeff founded Targeted Persuasion, an award-winning public affairs and communications firm. He has worked with renowned brands including Airbnb, The National Restaurant Association and The League of Women Voters. Tippett, whose Metro Stylethe prestigious American Advertising industry recognition includes Award from the American Advertising Federation, is the host of “Victory by Association with Jeff Tippett,” a podcast that shares the victories of association executives with the world, highlighting the great work done Metro Style Style across this country everyMetro day. You can find Tippet here:

Contrast that approach to overpromising. Had I done that, and not provided the requested information on time, we would have begun what could be a mutually beneficial arrangement on the wrong foot. And if they can’t trust me with the initial process, they won’t be able to trust me when it matters to their clients. Under-promise. Over-deliver. Every time. It’s a winning formula.

Social Media Icons

Be open and authentic

Social Social Media Media Icons Icons

I acknowledge that being open and authentic within the business community often raises eyebrows. Most of us have been trained to leave our personal self outside the door when we walk into the office. I disagree with that.



Industry News Cannabis Conference Registration Open Cannabis Conference 2020, presented by Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary, will bring industry stakeholders together to engage the biggest opportunities and challenges facing the legal cannabis market. The three-day event will be held at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nev., April 21-23, 2020. The conference will once again expand its educational offerings with a track dedicated to the cultivation and sale of hemp and hemp-derived products. The event features in-depth educational programming on cannabis cultivation and business operations, as well as the most informed industry perspectives on retail management and customer engagement.

The Cannabis Conference exhibition hall will feature industry-leading technologies, solutions and services for the professional cannabis cultivator and retail businesses. For more information and registration information, click here.

Greenhouse Repurposed A focus on sustainability has helped Graham Farrar, a self-described ag-tech geek, set his eco-conscious, craft cannabis cultivation facility apart from others in the California market. Farrar operates Glass House Farms in greenhouses once used for orchid production and strives to implement practices that are good for the environment and for business. In fact, he is set to open a second site, a 355,000-square-foot operation which, like the first, will be in repurposed greenhouses and run on a perpetual harvest system, where the team will plant and harvest cannabis continuously. To read more about this industry pioneer and his unique use of greenhouses, click here for a profile in Greenhouse Management magazine.

How to Keep Talented Managers from Leaving Whether your business is growing plants or making the structures where they grow, the panelists at Cultivate’19’s Town Hall had some great tips on how to retain the workforce that will help your business grow. The Cultivate’19 Town Hall on Retaining a Horticultural Workforce was moderated by Lloyd Traven, president of Peace Tree Farm, and featured panelists from several businesses as well as consultants. If your business is a family business, that may add another layer of benefit and challenge as you strive to grow. Greenhouse Management shares 14 takeaways from the session here.

Editor’s note: Industry News articles are authored by someone outside of our membership but share observed trends and opinions that we feel everyone should have an opportunity to review and understand. NGMA does not endorse the views set forth in these articles. 10


Reach New Clients by Advertising on the NGMA Website NGMA’s website advertising program is designed to keep your company’s name in front of the thousands of visitors to the NGMA website. NGMA offers both horizontal and vertical banner placement positions for advertisements on The maximum positions for banners will be four (4) horizontal banner, four (4) small vertical banners and four (4) large vertical banners. Advertisements will rotate on a constant basis. Advertisements will be visible on all public pages of NGMA’s website. During the past three months (May, June, July) the NGMA website had 2,079 visits for a total of 4,173 page views. Approximately 96 percent of those visitors were new to the site. If you are interested in advertising on the website, contact We look forward to being able to promote your company through the NGMA website.

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