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 Having a supportive especially for someon stage  Friends help the youn adulthood  Friends give young pe increased sense of se  Positive peer relations students can learn, pl significantly reduced

group of friends is important; e in the late childhood to adolescent

g make the journey from childhood to

ople a sense of belonging and an lf confidence

hips create a calm environment in which ay, develop, and grow, where bullying is

 Increasing number of have difficulties maki  These students tend t and even bullying  Help these students f peers, as well as assi setting

 To help students (with skills) acquire the rel school setting

students, with or without special needs, ng friends o be subjected to isolation from peers

orge healthy relationships with their milate themselves better in the school

or without SN who have poor social evant basic skills to make friends in the

Upper Primary to Lower Secondary (Primary 4 to Secondary 2 students)

Lesson plans + Resources Can be customised and tweaked to the discretion of the AED (LBS) for the students’ needs

1 semester

Need not begin with Lesson Plan #1 (Subjected to student’s needs)


Eye Contact and

2) Listening Skills 3)

Taking Turns


Starting and Endi


Appropriate Touch



Facial Expressions

ng Conversations

 These are the commo identified, based on o social skills assessme

 These topics are sequ

n areas of difficulties we have ur observations and the ‘TalkAbout’ nt survey

enced from basic to complex skills

Topics chosen may be too general There are other skills that can be taught to help students make friends Issues with progress monitoring

Difficulty deciding which topics are more essential Thankful for the open discussions, different information and resources our team had

Meaningful sharing and brainstorming enabled us to create a package useful for us

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W6 7 ALC Zonal Sharing (West) 2013  

W6/7 ALC -Making Friends Lesson Package