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JUNE 2012

SUMMER EVENTS! CAR WASH There was a car wash on Saturday, June 30th, from 10 AM to 4 PM at Firestone Auto Care. We managed to raise a whooping $177.50! We had about 15 members show up and worked extremely hard to gain every penny! Thank you very, very much to those who attended, because we couldn’t have done it without you. Because this car wash was a success, there will be another car wash on July 21st at the same place with the same times. To gain even more hours, you are welcome to bring soda and other beverages for 30 minutes,15 minutes for a pack of three sponges/rags/etc., and an hour for a hose! Materials are extremely important to make a car wash successful, so please bring any supplies you might have lying around the house. Thanks again to the members who came to our first car wash of the year, so let’s make the second one even better!

NORTH TEXAS FOOD BANK The North Texas Food Bank has been providing food for the food insecure, those who don’t have the necessary means to provide for themselves, for nearly 30 years. Even though they’ve been going strong for three decades, they can never have too many volunteers! Key Club will be packing boxes with food for the food insecure at the NTFB on July 27th, form 9 AM to noon. Since the location is pretty far, we’ve decided to take the Dart train and bus, which means everyone attending this event will have to meet up at the Dart Station by 7 AM. This event is a month away, which is plenty of time to make plans around the event, so please try your best to attend!


W H A T E L S E I S T H E R E ? ELISA PROJECT “The Elisa Project was founded in 1999 by Rick and Leslie McCall in memory of their daughter Elisa, who suffered from an eating disorder and ultimately took her own life. A nonprofit organization, The Elisa Project is dedicated to the prevention and effective treatment of eating disorders through support, awareness, education, and advocacy. We strive to be the premier knowledge resource on eating disorders and a proactive agent of change to ensure that all those affected by these diseases receive the treatment and support they need.” One of Key Club’s most important service projects this year is The Elisa Project. We aim to raise money to spread the awareness of such disorders and help those who are going through the same situation Elisa did. Our plans to raise money and awareness for the organization are still being discussed, so this is just a heads up for a huge project in the near future. If you have any stories related to this issue, please don’t hesitate to share (anonymously or not). Also, if you have any ideas on how to fundraise or raise awareness of any kind, you are more than welcome to talk to any of the officers.

WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR IDEAS! Have any ideas that you want to pitch to Key Club? Please do! This includes any ideas you might have about fundraising, volunteer opportunities, club recruitments, raising awareness for a project, or anything at all that will benefit Key Club! Also, members are extremely welcome to submit any articles to the Tex-O Key, which is the official newsletter of the Texas-Oklahoma District. Articles can include anything from poems about how much you love Key Club, to stories from any activity we’ve done, or just your thoughts on Key Club. The more articles we submit to the Tex-O Key, the more points we get! The more points we have, the closer we are to being one of the top Key Clubs in our district. Please let your officers know if you want to submit anything, and if you do, you’ll definitely get hours for it!

I pledge, on my honor; to upload the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.


Volume 2 Issue 3  

North Garland Key Club's monthly newsletter