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JULY 2012

NORTH GARLAND AND GARLAND HIGH SCHOOL JOIN FORCES AT NORTH TEXAS FOOD BANK On Friday, August 3rd, North Garland High School and Garland High School volunteered together at the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB). The Key Clubbers had to arrive at the Downtown Garland Dart Station at 6:45 AM to ride the DART train and bus to make it to the 9:00 AM session on time. Once there, Meredith, the volunteer coordinator, showed a quick five-minute video on how much the NTFB has made an impact on the food insecure. The organization is mainly run on volunteers, who help feed an average of 90,000 people daily in the North Texas area and is partnered with over 300 soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. Unfortunately, even with such an outrageous number, it is only about onethird of the 300,000 people that are going hungry every day. After the video, the volunteers were guided inside the warehouse, where all the food was stored and ready for assembling to be shipped off. Some regular volunteers there were Mike and Rick, who volunteer at the NTFB at least 2-3 times a week for the past several years. Mike showed the volunteers how to separate certain foods into different boxes. Any type of water bottle was separated into its own box, while any other drink was put together collectively into another. Any sugary foods, or snack foods, had its own box that could contain anything from candy to cookies to crackers. The volunteers had to pay special attention to any drinks that were leaking, packages that were opened, or cans that were dented so much that the metal was “touching,” for it could be a sign of botulism. Lastly, known as the “Family Box,” was comprised of one bottom layer of canned foods, and the rest of the box filled with soft foods (pasta, Hamburger Helper, any meals) and condiments (mustard, mayonnaise, pickles). Mike stressed the importance of the Family Box and that it should be “filled to the brim,” for it feeds one person for an entire week, yet it is the one category that volunteers tend to organize incorrectly. As the morning volunteer session was coming to a close, Mike stated that “Whatever I said, I need to remember to tell it again, because you guys have done an excellent job at organizing the Family Boxes. I’ve told volunteers probably 18 different ways, but somehow something goes wrong!” Meredith nodded in agreement and also noted that “Never have I seen such a small group of people pack so many boxes.” As a result, your North Garland and Garland Key Clubbers (with the help of a few other volunteers) made 9 pallets of 8,892 lbs. of meals, making a grand total of 7, 410 meals for the food insecure! Thank you so much to everyone who came, for the job was physically demanding and not always sanitary. The event was such a success and so much fun that both North Garland and Garland’s Key Clubs will be sure to volunteer again (and again)!


UPDATES CAR WASH Key Club held a second car wash on July 21st at Firestone Auto Care, the same location as the first car wash. It was not as successful as the first, but helped raised money for Key Club nonetheless, so thank you to everyone who came! There might be one more car wash during the summer, which is still being decided. If you have any suggestions or ideas for any future fundraisers for Key Club, please don’t be afraid to give us your two cents! Other than that, stay tuned for future fundraisers we will have during the school year!

MIRACLE TREAT DAY On July 26th, Dairy Queen had its annual “Miracle Treat Day,” where for every Blizzard Treat that was purchased, Dairy Queen donated one dollar to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Dairy Queen also created an event on Facebook, and for every person who RSVPed to the event, DQ donated an additional dollar to the cause— up to $50,000. The event, of course, reached over 50,000 participants as of the 26th. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Facebook event and/or purchased a Blizzard Treat on Miracle Treat Day. You helped contribute to the $50,000+ raised to help sick children in your community! Key Club is looking forward to next year’s Miracle Treat Day, where we can hopefully raise even more for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

BACK TO SCHOOL August is already here, and in no time, so will the school year! As fun as summer is, please do not forget that when the school year arrives, Key Club will be kicked into high gear. There will be way more volunteer opportunities, fundraisers, and meetings, so your attendance is extremely important. We understand that everyone has priorities and Key Club is an extracurricular activity, but please remember that Key Club is about giving back to the community and it’s vital that you set aside some time to help others who aren’t as fortunate. Try not to procrastinate on schoolwork and any other responsibilities that you might have, whether it’s in school or at home. Even if you don’t have time for Key Club, Key Club will always have time for you, so try to give back to the community as much—and whenever—you can!

I pledge, on my honor; to upload the objects of Key Club International; to build my home, school and community; to serve my nation and God; and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.


Vol 2 Issue 4  
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