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How would you like to be able to sell your music in 12 different languages? I'm not speaking of selling to citizens of other nations by default of their speaking English as a second language within their own country, but actually having your music website easily translated into these 12 respective foreign languages. In fact, music aside, most websites (bar locally focused ones) could dramatically benefit from having a multi-lingual website that visitors, where discovering these sites directly or indirectly, would immediately appreciate the opportunity to review sites information in their own language. However, although the Internet has now been available to the general public for over ten years, most sites are not available in multiple languages. And, although there is no statistics to verify such, it is not difficult to imagine that sales lost as a result of sites not being accessible in foreign languages in likely astronomical. And, this does not lend itself well to the axiom, "What you can't see, can't hurt you." With it now being a foregone conclusion that compact discs will shortly join the dead media cemetery that the 8-track cartridge has long become a permanent member of, and as digital downloads have fast become the norm, primarily, due to expediency and cost, there is no better time than now for musicians/recording artists to take a serious look at enhancing their sites in multiple languages. There is an age old axiom that says, "Music is the universal language," yet, few music sites and, particularly, sites owned by musicians and recording artists appear to even take that saying to heart. However, perhaps, this is simply an area that has not become prominent on a conscious level en masse. Yet, there is no better time in this particular state of the Music industry to implement and transition your music site into a fully functional multi-linguistic site because: * Like yourself, most musicians and recording artists are not giving this ongoing concrete thought * Being one of the first artists to convert your site, particularly, if you are in a highly competitive music genre, i.e., Hip Hop, Rock, etc. will give you a jump on your competition * Regardless of where music is produced, geographically, people worldwide enjoy and purchase music

* Generally speaking, and with all situations being equal, if a single compact disc sold for $12 on a single day in response to a single language's promotional effect, then multiplying this effort by, at least, 12 languages constitutes the day's sales, theoretically, at $144. To enjoy further financial prospects, and applying the above calculation to a week, month, or even a year to see a marked difference in your income, it equates to a sales income of $1,008 per week, $4,032 per month, and $48,384 per year. Now, bear in mind that the above $48,384 is solely from the above theoretical, yet, realistic scenario from enjoying the fruits of a multi-lingual music website's labor that exists on a global scale. Actually, your website already exists on a global just doesn't know it yet. Now, to the above multi-lingual sales income, add the following: * the number of sales that you will make at each gig * the number of sales that you will make from third-party sites that sell your music, i.e., CD Baby, iTunes, Super D Wholesaler Now, let's say you are a full-time musician performing, at least, three times per week, with selling a minimum of three $12 CDs at each performance. Your yearly income from these particular gig sales equates to another $5,184, bringing both sales ventures to a grand total of $53,568. And, this is not even counting income paid for your performance, which suffice it to say, could easily exceed $75,000 for the year, even if you were only clearing $100 for each gig each week on just a local or regional level. Also, by now being in a position to increase your fans from your multilingual website, you have also opened avenues for live performances overseas that did not exist previously, for even more income. Remember just a few short years ago when having a website was viewed as an enhanced luxury, and how it was odd at first to see companies displaying their urls on their television ads? Now, fast forward to today and recall how odd it is to see a television commercial that does *not* have its website displayed on the ad. Well, the same will shortly be true for single language websites. Listen to what a leading international marketing company says about the advantages of having a multiple language website: ______________________________________________________ "If your website is only in a single language, say, English, this puts many international audiences out of your reach - and the enormous potential markets they represent. In today's global marketplace, it is wise to consider deploying a multilingual website. The benefits of having a multilingual website and the advantages are obvious. The Internet's ability to cross cultural barriers make it a truly global communication tool and getting ahead means opening up previously unexplored markets. Put simply - if you do not translate, you

are not going to reach enough clients with your website. A multilingual site will convert online inquiries into sales and new relationships for your business." So, if you are in the market to dramatically increase your music sales, and taking your sales into a much higher financial realm from the subsequent efforts of translating your single language website into a powerful multi-language website, allow me to further interest you in the item that has been endorsed and approved by Google that can get you easily started at this page [].

Kenny Love is a veteran Music industry executive, is publisher of the B# Newsletter for musicians, and is president of, a music business firm providing promotion, publicity and additional administrative services for independent and unsigned musicians and recording artists. To learn more, get more details at [] and []

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