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Spending time with an Internet marketing coach early in your online marketing career is an excellent way to ensure that you're on the right track. Not only can you learn valuable marketing techniques, a coach can also help you set your expectations and goals. As you begin your search for the right coach for yourself, keep the following tips in mind. Types of Internet Marketing Coaches Determine what type of Internet marketing coach you need. For example, do you want to join a membership site such as Chris Farrell where you learn Internet marketing by watching prerecorded videos or do you want a coach that you can meet with one-on-one? With membership sites, you'll pay a modest monthly fee whereas with a live instructor, you may pay for mentoring via special phone or Skype consultation package deals or by the hour. Both options are excellent choices for newcomers to Internet marketing. Research the Internet Marketing Coach before Making a Decision Whether you decide on a membership site or a personal Instructor, it's smart to do your research before making a decision. You'll want to find out if the membership site or Internet marketing mentor has a good reputation and lives up to promises. Questions to ask include: • Is the coach a successful Internet marketer? Or is the coach new to the field? It makes sense to choose a coach is successful in the field. • Does the Instructor have expertise in the niche you're interested in? While many marketing techniques are appropriate for all niches, an instructor with experience in your niche may have additional insights. • What types of marketing channels does the coach use and teach? Are these channels of interest to you? For example, if you're interested in using social media as one of your main marketing channels, you'll want to find a marketing coach who's an expert in marketing with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. • Does the marketing instructor keep pace with changing technologies? Are the coach's training materials current or are they from the pre-YouTube and Facebook era? • What do other customers have to say about the coach? Have they been able to apply what they've learned and become successful affiliate marketers? Was the coaching valuable to them? Researching membership sites and coaches online takes some time, but doing so could save you

from choosing the wrong Internet marketing coach for you. As you narrow down your list, consider signing up for a low-cost (or free, if available) trial. Many coaches host free introductory webinars or free video courses as well. Check them out and you'll get a much better sense of the value offered.

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==== ==== Internet maketing coach training you to make money online check it out: ==== ====

Internet Marketing Coach - Finding a Mentor  

Internet maketing coach training you to make money online check it out:

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