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The internet is an amazing machine. There has not been anything like it before and maybe never again will anything impact not only our business world but our home life as much as the internet has today. There is a real knack to line yourself up with this machine and work with it, to earn a home based income. At the end of the day though, how can I earn an income from home on the internet? I wish I could give you ''the answer'' but there is no one correct and only right answer. The amazing thing about that though, is this..... this is really good news for you and me!!! The reality today is that to earn online you are only limited by your own imagination and personal drive and determination. Yes you will need help and direction because you will not make it alone, but in saying that you can and it has happened. But the main thing that I have learned over the last few years is that earning online is not rocket science. The methods are simple and they work. If you do your homework, read and implement what you learn, then you will succeed!! The key to succeeding and having a Healthy Cash Flow, I believe, is to have Multiple Streams of Income. We made a quality decision to get off the merry go round of mediocrity and change our lives for the better. A great scholar and very wise man, Jim Rohn once said that ''for things to change, you have to change''. That is exactly what we have done. We decided to work from home online and in home based business and have no regrets about making a change in our lives to get ahead. What is a Healthy Cash Flow? To me it is having enough money going into your bank account so that you are never again worrying about what you can and can't do with your life. That seems to be a very good definition of a healthy cash flow. You will not get rich, wealthy or even enjoy a truly healthy income, working for someone else. You need to be self employed and the internet has opened the door to so many people, the world over, that anyone can take advantage of this most amazing machine that we know as the World Wide Web. People of all races, all colours, and all people types, whether you are handicapped or not, everyone has the opportunity to make money online today!! There are numerous opportunities out there so be careful how you choose and what you choose

and don't go wasting your money chasing everything that you see while you are surfing online. I advise my people to work out what their strengths are, what they really enjoy doing, what would they like to do online and then look for affiliate opportunities that would really suit their interests and passions. Online you can turn your hobbies, your interests and your passions into an income for life!! I particularly like information products right now because I am learning about making money online, how to partner successful people online, who are the successful people online, what do they do and how do they do it. I have learned that success leaves clues and all you have to do is follow the right people, who produce the right products and you will find that they will lead to your own success. Most of the ''gurus'' online want to keep the secrets of success from you or make you buy them from them, but I say it again, success online is not rocket science. If you learn nothing else from my article, please remember this one fact..... People search the web looking for information or solutions to their problems!!!! The key then is to be able to turn your passion or your interest into the answer to people's problems!! Turn your passions and your interests into products that will solve people's problems!! Do what you enjoy and turn this into marketable information that people will search, find and buy from you. This is not rocket science!! How do you do this? You simply write articles, ebooks, make audio tapes, dvd's, etc and then market them online. Find your market and promote your products, or someone else's, to the masses. Marketing information products is just one way of earning an income online. Affiliate Marketing is another and in fact is a brilliant way when you are just beginning to earn online. Multiple Streams of Income, having more than one source of income, is the best way to go. You tend to cover all bases here in case one or two of your affiliate opportunities no longer continue, for whatever the reason. If you can remember some of the tips in this article you will be on your way and heading in the right direction, as you choose how you would like to earn an income online. I wish you all the best as you seek to earn an income for life on this amazing machine we call the Internet today. Warm Regards,

Colin Thomson has been an Affiliate Marketer for a couple of years and has learned many valuable lessons both through trial and error. If you would like Colin's Free ''Healthy Cash Flow

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