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Fixed income investing is an excellent way to teach saving and has it's benefits. If you are searching for a means to increase your financial position this isn't the answer. Knowing how to invest and the options available to maximize those investments are the keys you are looking for. As in every situation, knowing how and following through with it leads to the desirable result. Fixed income investing is making an income in a manor that is normally safe, secure and predictable. Some of these are savings accounts, bonds, personal retirement accounts and granting loans to banks or companies for a set interest rate. These options are great for people who want to be guaranteed a definite profit on their money. The income form them may be very small but there is no danger, in most cases, of experiencing a loss. This is normally the first way most people are taught to invest. For those who wish to receive a larger return on their investments, fixed income investing is not acceptable. They see the possibilities of their money growing and multiplying to levels that will someday support or even improve their lifestyles. They invest in the stocks market, corporate securities for expansion and possibly real estate. These usually take time and patience as well as the willingness to take a loss on the investment amount. Many people experienced this in the current financial downturn and lost much of it. Even those who have an understanding of making their money work for them don't always know other avenues available to increase their wealth. This often takes years to study and learn the principles or spend the money to have someone else advise us. A couple friends of mine, one who was a Wall Street money manager for 15 years and another who spent 10 years in the financial services industry, agree the world economies are headed for troubled times. As governments continue as they are, the middle financial class will gradually disappear leaving only the very rich and the poor. This will cause the majority of the population to loose what they have worked so hard for and rely on the governments for their existence. The only ones who will be supporting the masses will be the rich who didn't prepare for devastation. The need for financial education has never been greater but most people don't realize how or where to get it, or that they even need it. Investing can be a complicated and scary endeavor most people don't wish to engage in. That's why fixed income investing with a small amount of money market investing with professional assistance is the normal way. In order to have the assets and be prepared to face the financial situations ahead, whether good or bad, everyone needs to be more educated. Knowledge is something that can never be taken away from you. If you would like help to find more financial education visit me on my website. Click the link for wealth and health training; there you'll meet one of my friends.

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