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Jazz Guitar is one of the most difficult styles to learn. It's improvisation methods, unique and often abstract chords along with crazy scales makes learning this style of guitar a lifelong process. Depending on your current skill level it can be tough to find a professional guitar teacher in your area who offers jazz guitar lessons. For this fact many beginners are turning to jazz guitar courses instead of relying on private instruction to teach them the chords, scales and techniques they need to play jazz guitar. In this article we'll outline exactly what you need to look for in a jazz guitar course, and where you'll likely find the best program online. It's about the Teacher While fancy videos, on screen graphics and bonus materials might seem flashy when shopping for a guitar course when it comes down to it the only thing that matters is the quality of the teacher. If the teacher doesn't know their stuff then chances are the course is not going to satisfy your learning needs. Look for a teacher who has experience with jazz guitar, has taught private lessons in the past or performs and records jazz music. Lots of Content It's often easier to find a one off DVD to watch on a particular guitar skill then to find a full blown course that covers everything about a particular style of guitar. To save time and to maximize your experience I'd suggest looking for a guitar course that covers everything you'll need to know including chords, strumming and timing techniques along with scales and improvisation techniques. While it might take a little more searching it'll be well worth it when you only have to buy one course then let your practicing do the rest. Support As mentioned above jazz is a very technical style and probably the most difficult to learn from home using a guitar course. This doesn't mean it's not possible, but it's ideal that you have someone, preferably the course instructor, that you can contact with questions if you need help.

Many courses include access to an online members forum where you can pose questions and get feedback when you need it. This generally isn't an additional charge to the basic course, but keep your eye out for a program that offers this sort of thing. Other Benefits of Using a Course While a jazz guitar course doesn't offer the one on one instruction and interaction experience you get from a private teacher there are numerous other benefits you will enjoy. You'll spend less money on a course then you will on private jazz guitar lessons. The one time fee you usually pay for a good self study guitar program might be more up front but you'll more then get your money back over the following weeks and months. Also you'll save time and be able to learn as fast or slow as you want. Since you're teaching yourself entirely at home you're in complete control of how fast or slow you choose to learn, when you watch the lessons and how often you practice.

Not Sure Where to Look? If you're interested in using a guitar course to learn jazz guitar but you're not completely sure where to start looking we can help. We've reviewed and compared the top guitar courses available online and continue to look for new courses and videos that hit the market. To help with your purchase decision visit our website and check out our reviews at

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A Jazz Guitar Course to Learn at Home  

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