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When it comes to finding the best guitar course there really are a LOT of options at your disposal. In the age of the internet information is King, and as they say, 'let your fingers do the walking'. So you owe it to yourself to shop for the most ideal guitar course for your playing style and for your pocket. Make sure you figure out which course delivers the biggest 'bang for your buck', and teach you things that you can implement right away. This advice golden: make sure you get a very practical guitar course. There is nothing worse than learning tons of abstract theory that you cannot assimilate into your playing style. Everything you learn on the guitar should be geared towards improving your practical skills (and not just theoretical knowledge). I've played for a long time and have taught a lot of people how to play guitar. I used to play in various bands playing rock, jazz, and classic covers. I studied lots of legendary guitarists in spanning a wide array of musical genres including rock, country, blues, jazz, fingerstyle, acoustic, and electric style. For me the guitar was an obsession. I don't play nearly as much anymore because I have other priorities and can't spare the time to get in there and practice like I should. However, my baseline guitar skill is still there; I can still play solid rhythm, have great chord progression ideas, and can play interesting lead solos against virtually any musical style. During the time that I have played guitar, I have tried just about every angle possible learn tricks that will take my playing to the next level. I purchased books, CDs, DVDs, and online courses. However, most of the courses that I purchased were a waste of time because they generally had too much theory and not enough 'good stuff' that I could implement. As a result I would have these stupid techniques that I would be trying to pull off in public and they would sound pretty darn cheesy. Although I don't play as much as I should I still make it my business keep aware of all the guitar courses available on the internet, and most of them are bogus, or they are just expensive over hyped junk. After the experiences that I've had, I wanted to give you some hints to help you figure out what is best for you. Make sure that any guitar training package that you get contains the following: 1. Value for money (pay a little extra to get the best quality). 2. Practical techniques that make you play better in real life situations. 3. Instructors who perform regularly and can teach you the things that they ACTUALLY USE.

4. Heavy use of jam backing tracks to practice along with. 5. The course covers guitar genres that you will mostly be playing. 6. Nice professional music and guitar tablature charts so that you can jam along too. 7. Community forum so that you can learn from other enthusiastic guitarists. With that in mind, the two guitar courses that I recommend above all others are: a). Guitar Tricks - which is an online video based course, and in my opinion is the best guitar course overall b). Learn and Master Guitar - A massive physical DVD and CD course that covers all angles of guitar playing.

Here are some in depth reviews of the best guitar courses [] available: [] . Karm plays and teaches guitar as a side line hobby. He used to play in various bands as a rhythm and lead guitarist, playing all sorts of styles from jazz, blues, rock, country, and folk. He also composes some of his own tunes, and teaches the odd guitarist from time to time.

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==== ==== Play guitar like pro check it out: ==== ====

7 Secrets to Find the Best Guitar Course  

Play guitar like pro check it out: