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Ethereal Very pure colour chooses the hair material, plays with its texture and reveals volumes, forms and shades from it. Light and very light blonds with iris and beige reflections, cold or streaked with gianduia, are the nuances Ethereal by Green Light dedicates to summer, anticipating them in a new colour collection. It was created thanks to the support of the Structure-Head Artistic Team, composed by: Nadia Armeni, Massimo Bruno, Enzo Compagnoni, Emanuela Lanni, Rosa Mascolo, Manuel Velasco, leaded by Enrico Piccione, with Alessandra Barlaam in makeup, brilliantly co-ordinated by Chiara Temponi. Soft, free lines, no constraints, only a desire for beauty and sensual charge. The Ethereal woman wears essentiality, eliminates all excess and opens up to new worlds of style. An energy hairstyles and cuts reveal by playing on a few simple colour accents, on decisive, soft or clear-cut lengths that release light by making the reflections dynamic volumes. In the collection are seven new nuances for Spring/Summer 2018. Feminine, refined, exclusive, they confirm the choice of extreme luxury that the Green Light brand has always stood for.

PRECIOUS SHADOWS Intense Direct Pigments Jewels in your hair Hairs as radiant as precious stones and as intense as the sparkling shades of diamonds. These are the promises of Precious Shadows intense direct pigments, the last innovation on colour signed by Luxury by Green Light. 12 trendy nuances that can be used individually or mixed with each other to achieve infinite shades, intensify highlights, change the colour, but also cover grey hair, correct undesired tones and make hair shiny and radiant, an entirely new way to understand the colour and express their personality. Thanks to Micro Pure Pigment Technology, the pigments it contains are particularly intense and they provide a full, vibrating and long-lasting colour. A creamy but extremely compact consistency for an easy and accurate application that allows combining several nuances in the same lock and creating structured plays of colour so as to precisely recreate the desired effect. The Multivitamin Complex with which they are formulated nourishes hair that has a healthier and radiant appearance. No activator is needed and they are free of Ammonia and PPD. Goodbye to old and sad mono-colour hairs, the customisable and long-lasting Vibrating Colour age has arrived, the Precious Shadows age has arrived, intense direct pigments Made in Italy signed by Green Light.

AMBITIOUS BLONDE No one can resist the temptation of pure, brilliant, blonde hair From Grece Kelly onwards, blond hair has always been a must, so much so that also the most iconic dark-haired women succumb, from time to time, to the temptation and bleach their hair. But 50% of the female public, even if yearning for very blond hair, give up because they are afraid of damaging their hair. The answer of the kind ladies is unanimous and only one:“Damaged hair? Thanks, but no thanks�. Any example of the possible risks of a failed lightening? The list is long: It ranges from the fear of weakening hair shafts to the possibility of thinning the lengths, not to mention the cheap (untidy) effect that, in the case of a failed lightening, is literally around the corner. Ambitius Blonde, the Blu Ultra Schiarente Bleaching Powder by Green Light is dedicated to all the Blonde Girls of the world. In fact, it intensely and surprisingly bleaches and protects hair thanks to the action of sugar. The exclusive formula based on Plyamino Sugar Complex, a mix of natural sugars, makes of Ambitius Blonde a new icon product in Green Light because, during the bleaching treatment, hair is even bleached up to 9 tones, which guarantees an incredible result: Extremely pure blond hair and protected hair fibre No secrets. Only the natural power of sugar, in an innovative and effective formula, a revolutionary product entirely made in Italy to the benefit of the salon to guarantee a really perfect bleaching that respects the physiological structure of hair that will be come as soft and radiant as ever. Ambitius Blonde guarantees a perfect and protected result. At last, all the Blonde Girls of the world will see their dream come true.

Color Service Potion - 3 in 1 The Revolution in Hair salon Coloring services The only product that ‘makes the difference’ in professional treatments at the salon, it combines technological innovation and immediate and effective solutions. The world of hairstylists does not turn only around the colour fashion, there is another fundamental aspect that professionals keep always permanently monitored and that is linked to innovation, or to the research of patents and technologies that makes the difference at the salon. This day and age, it seems that everything has been invented, but, when a sample of professionals was interviewed, it turn out that there are no products that make life at the salon easier. The last innovation in Green Light , Color Services Potion 3 in 1, was conceived with this Mission: Creating a highly innovative technology that combines in only 1 product 3 highly important advantages such as: 1) Providing well-being to the customer’s skin by preventing itching, irritation and reddening caused by the application of oxidation colouring and chemical treatments. 2) Protecting hair from dehydration by nourishing it so as to keep the keratin structure intact. 3) Eliminating ammonia smell when colour is mixed and applied, thanks to the perfume of the mix of the vegetal oils included. No, it’s not a chimera, Color Services Potion 3 in 1, a really revolutionary cream to be applied together with colouring that, thanks to the precious ingredients contained (Extract of calendula, St. John Wort, aloe vera and pomegranate, coconut oil and panthenol) develops three important actions on skin and hair. A new unprecedented way of conceiving the service at the salon thanks to an exclusive technology Made in Italy signed by Green Light. Only one product, 3 surprising results as the integrity of the technical work developed remains unaffected. Skin and hair are protected and the head of hair keeps a healthy and nourished aspect. It can also be used together with the bleaching mix after the Waving or Straightening treatment or it can be used alone directly over the skin due to a soothing-calming action thanks to the composition of the selected natural ingredients that make of the product an excellence, even from the formula viewpoint. A choice that is responsible towards the environment and customers. Color Services Potion 3 in 1 by Green Light, a mix of precious ingredients for a revolutionary product in a handy and convenient format, or the 400 ml tube that provides up to 20 applications.

MOSSA Permanent is again in fashion and it will be one of spring/summer 2018 trends, but the new version has nothing to do with the one “cult” of the 80s, when they reached their success. Nowadays, permanent is softer, with soft waves, very similar to beach waves, a more delicate final effect. At over a hundred years from the first official permanent, it was actually on 1906 when the German hairstylist Karl Ludwig Nessler carried out the first one in his salon in Oxford Street. Technologies in the hair-style field have evolved for the benefit of hair. Today, the products used contain agents that protect the hair structure to make the head of hair sinuous and hydrated and keep hair vital and elastic. In some cases, not even ammonia is used, it is the case of the exclusive MOSSATM by LuxuryHair Pro: the new innovative waving system made to create permanent waves respecting the structure of hair and skin. Mossa™ formulas were renewed and enriched with the Booster Plex that guarantees the total protection of skin and hair during application and with the Sea Complex that nourishes, conditions and protects hair from external aggressions. Moreover, Color Protect preserves the colour of hair during and after treatment. The MOSSATM waving system is formed by a treatment kit divided into three forces, thought for different types of hair: Force 0 for resistant hairs Force 1 for natural hairs Force 2 for treated hairs Mossa is made up of shampoo, conditioner and a neutralising system. A delicate and protective waving system for treated hair thanks to the Plex and the Sea Complex it contains. Thioglycolates and ammonia free. The treatment has a Preparatory Shampoo formulated with natural surfactants. Thanks to its alkaline formula, it helps opening the hair cuticle, preparing it to receive the Waving System Mossa. Its cleansing action purifies the scalp of any residue from treatments, products and environmental pollution. Thanks to the Bamboo Extract and D-Panthenol, it strengthens and nourishes the hair fibre, leaving it soft and shiny. The Sea Complex protects the hair from external agressions. Finally, the treatment includes the use of a Post-Treatment Conditioner helps balance the hair’s natural pH, restructuring the lengths and sealing the cuticles. Thanks to Vitamin E, D-Panthenol and Bamboo Extract in the formula, the conditioner detangles and gives hair definition for natural, long lasting softness and shine. The Sea Complex prolongs the color and protects the hair fibre. The subtle fragrance helps reduce any possible residual odour after the treatment. MOSSATM by LuxuryHairPro is actually the product that manages to combine technology and innovation, with the trends imposed by fashion, remaining focused on skin and hair health in compliance with a responsible choice at formula level, a product that cannot be missing in a salon.

kosimetik gentlemen KOSIMETIK GENTLEMEN has created a specific line catering to male beauty needs at 360° For this purpose we have carefully observed fashion, trends and daily male beauty care. Daily hygiene care, ancient formulas, cosmetic origins, natural ingredients, sustainability, efficiency, elegance and design together with concepts such as hygge, lagom or cosiness, have inspired ours scientific and creative team in the development of this new rang of products for men’scare. KOSIMETIK GENTLEMEN is a different line that embraces hair, finish, skin, shave & beardcare. 88,97% of raw materials used in the KOSIMETIK GENTLEMEN manufacturing processare of NATURAL ORIGIN.

We bring beauty back to the soul Because a Pioneer knows where the (beautiful) wind will blow The Beauty Pioneers concept starts from an intuition of Giannantonio Negretti, leader of Ng Group, who is always looking beyond the traditional commercial practices to adequately respond to the permanent increase of the value of Beauty in society. “I believe in a permanent exploration and in the exchange of cultures to generate innovation and positively influence the world every day. I support pioneering research inspired on the study of how the world actually lives and dreams the Beauty and well-being experience. I promote the creation of non-conventional cosmetic solutions to fully meet the real requirements of professionals and contemporary consumers” – these are the words of Giannantonio Negretti. The Beauty Pioneers concept was created from this creed: Connecting Beauty to soul, because a Pioneer perfectly knows the panorama of cosmetics and so where the (beautiful) wind will blow. The moment to focus on the development of people has arrived so that they become pioneers of Beauty, explorers that study with passion the spirit and desires of people to create an offer perfectly aligned with their needs. “Beauty is a fundamental element that takes up great part of the time and considerations of consumers, ever more demanding, informed and needy to better express their own personality” Giannantonio Negretti continues “we think that the development of products is no longer enough, the moment has arrived to focus on the development of people that conform to the real being of consumers”. Beauty Pioneers is the mother of all Universal Beauty projects (UBA, UBI, UBL, UBP, UBT) because the purpose of all this is connecting people to beauty so that the public is also connected. THE GOAL: TO BEST MEET THE CONSUMER’S NEEDS Consumers look for a better assistance than the one provided by the Beauty operator nowadays and asks for professionalism, but, at the same time, they also want innovation. The Beauty Pioneers concept is based on the conviction that demand and offer are not currently aligned at the expense of the consumer that in fact ASKS FOR understanding so as to realise the 4 paradigms of the customer’s happiness, that is: EXTENDED YOUTH REINFORCED SELF-ESTEEM SOFTENED ANXIETY RELATIONAL WELL-BEING To promote and spread the culture of modern Beauty responsible and able to contribute to the creation of a better world.

Beauty Pioneer and Founder of Beauty Pioneers

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