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20 Years of Supporting the UK’s largest Hospitality, Retail & Leisure Companies A Leading Vendor Independent IT Service Provider Ou r S e r v ic es

Systems Deployment

Asset Management

Support & Field Service



With the reliance on IT now fundamental across all businesses, we recognise that specialist IT services are paramount. nGeneration pride ourselves on having a single-minded approach to understanding your business requirements, working in partnership with you to develop a service solution that meets your every IT service need. If you know what you are looking for, we will ensure you have all the facts to make the right decisions. On the other hand, if you need

nGeneration Limited, Vaughan Park, Dudley, DY4 7UJ

direction, we are more than happy to work with you to achieve your objectives. Whether you are looking to outsource your non-core activities to allow you to focus on your core business, or looking for an alternative managed service partner, nGeneration offer a comprehensive range of centrally managed and field-based services.

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Customers we are proud to work with

Working in partnership with over 40 of the UK’s leading hospitality, retail and leisure brands.

Systems Deployment Successful implementation of hardware and software demands a clear definition of requirements, a well thought out plan, and a defined implementation methodology. Ava i l a b l e S er v ic es

Project Control

Site Survey


nGeneration can provide you with either a complete implementation service solution or individual services to suit your business needs. Our high standards, consistent approach and quality assurance ensures that your project is delivered on time and to budget. We are vendor independent, regardless of your business system, we can deploy it. Whether your project is a single site IMACS (Installs Moves and Changes) or multi-site rollout, we will always adopt proven project management and implementation methodologies, ensuring

nGeneration Limited, Vaughan Park, Dudley, DY4 7UJ




risks and impacts are identified and actioned. Our dedicated Project Control team will seamlessly co-ordinate and communicate with all parties involved in the project and provide regular, accurate progress updates. All installations are audited in real time utilising a cloud-based QA system. Our cross-industry experienced deployment specialists can be trained in your specific operational business processes and understand your project objectives to ensure you achieve the business benefits of your IT investment.

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We Can Deploy All On-Site IT Systems

Key Hig hlig ht s

Key B e n ef its

Vendor independent

Deployment of any system

Single or multi-site projects

Ability to scale up or down Single supplier approach, delivering cost efficiencies and eliminating the risk of failure Flexibility to meet specific requirements Guaranteed quality assurance, ensuring projects are delivered on time and to budget

Complete service solution Menu driven services Proven deployment methodologies Effective communication Directly employed, industry skilled workforce

Real-time project updates - instant remedial action Greater commitment and control of the workforce

O u r F i el d Ser vi c e te a m s a re st rate g i ca l l y lo cate d a c ro s s t h e e nt i re of t h e UK & I re l a n d . T ic ket s a re d y n a m i ca l l y rou te d t h ro u gh to F i el d S e r v i c e v i a ou r S u p p or t D es k . T h e F i e l d S e r v i c e te a m ca r r y on veh i c l e sto c k , e n s u r i n g a 1 st t i m e f i x a n d m i n i m is i n g d i s r u pt i on to you r b u si n e ss.

nGeneration Limited, Vaughan Park, Dudley, DY4 7UJ

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Support & Field Ser vice No matter what system you deploy, the true measurement of a system often relies on the quality of the post implementation support. Ava il a b l e S e r v ic es






Field Service Support 09:00 – 21:00 365 Days

Triage & Repair 09:00 – 17:30 Monday-Friday

Manufacturer Support 09:00 – 17:30 Monday- Friday

Call Escalation & Fix 09:00 – 21:00 365 Days

Software Maintenance 09:00 – 17:30 Monday-Friday

Support Desk 09:00 – 00:30 365 Days Call Handling & Fix

If the support service is deficient, it is often the system which is deemed to be failing, this is where nGeneration can help. We currently provide Support Desk and Field Services to over 3500 sites across the UK and Ireland for some

of the UK’s largest hospitality, retail and leisure companies, consistently delivering 98% + Service Level performance across both Support Desk and Field Service.

S u p p o rt D esk The Support Desk is a dynamic service which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

nGeneration can provide all levels of support or can integrate into your existing support teams.

Key Hig h l i g ht s

Key B e n ef its

In-house Support Desk

In depth customer knowledge

Flexible operating hours

365 days, core hours 09:00-00:30 or as required Integrate with other customer support desks or provide end to end support services 98%+ SLA performance reducing business disruption Faster call resolution; simplified user process

Flexible support models Industry leading SLA performance Integrated call logging Data driven reporting with Live KPI dashboards

Real time performance overview and in-depth analysis

F i e l d S e r v ic e nGeneration provide an unrivalled support model which can encompass all of your onsite IT, reducing downtime and providing a single point of contact for your operators. Our business model is to provide a first-time fix on site achieved via our on-vehicle spare stock methodology, delivered by directly employed

and highly trained staff. nGeneration boasts industry leading 98%+ SLA performance (versus an 85% industry target). We can provide remote monitoring and preventative maintenance services which can resolve issues before they have an operational impact, ensuring you benefit from maximum uptime.

Key Hig h l i g ht s

Key B e n ef its

Engineers located across the entire UK & Ireland

Coverage where you need it most

Flexible operating hours

First-time fix on site

365 days, core hours 09:00 – 21:00 or as required Single point of contact for operators and improved efficiencies Reduced business disruption

Industry leading 98%+ SLA performance

Proven, consistently high-quality service

End-to-end secure mobile handling

Fully PCI compliant

Real-time stock management

Live, accurate status of your estate IT assets

Multi IT system support

nGeneration Limited, Vaughan Park, Dudley, DY4 7UJ

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Support & Field Ser vice in Numbers

Asset Management We look after your assets as if they are our own. Asset Management encompasses storage, logistics, triage, repair or disposal, refurbishment and goods replenishment. Ava i l a b l e S er v ic es


Repair & Refurbishment

Spares Replenishment

Central to asset management is our live cloudbased stock tracking system which provides comprehensive control of each items life cycle. This dynamic system records a full device history, including any previous repairs, staging certification and any other action performed on the device with key stages of all processes backed up by images, timestamps and user credentials. Every stock movement is geo-tagged, allowing an incredibly accurate, live view of device locations across your entire estate.

S tora ge a nd L o g ist ic s Our 1200 pallet capacity warehouse has been designed specifically for the storage of IT equipment and includes dedicated PCI compliant secure storage. All equipment is fully insured and secure at all times when in our care. Field stock levels are continually monitored through our stock tracking system, delivering fast, efficient and fluid replenishment and return of spares.

nGeneration Limited, Vaughan Park, Dudley, DY4 7UJ

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Tr i a ge All returned equipment is triaged to assess its condition and status and either designated as; repair, return to supplier under warranty, refurbish or BER (Beyond economical Repair). All devices identified to be disposed are done so in-line with WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations.

Repa i r a n d Ref u r b ish ment nGeneration conduct in-house repairs, reducing repair cycles and minimising the volume of support stock required, maximising the efficiency of your IT investment. Our state-ofthe-art refurbishment facility is fully equipped, including air benches, ESD workstations and ultrasonic cleaning.

S pa re s Re p l e n i sh ment Spare levels naturally diminish as items reach the end of their useable lifecycle. Replenishment is fundamental to ensure there is no impact to the service process flows. Our stock tracking system automatically flags when spares reach a minimum stock level which ensures that you never run short.

Key Hig h lig ht s

Key B e n ef its

1200 pallet capacity

Able to meet needs of large-scale projects

Comprehensive triage process Certified in-house repair & refurbishment centre

Accuracy of diagnosis to reduce time and cost to resolve Cost-effective repairs, reducing volume of BER items

Minimum stock level management

No impact to the service process flows

Real-time stock status reporting

Complete visibility of your assets

Procurement Our direct relationships with many of the world’s largest IT manufacturers provides you with superior pricing and enhanced product life cycle support. Ava i l a b l e S er v ic es



We work together with you to determine your hardware requirements and source hardware which specifically fulfils your exacting specification. Our manufacturer relationships not only enable cost savings and extended



warranty, they also allow access to the latest in cutting edge technology. Where a required product does not exist, we can design and manufacture a solution to your specific requirements.

Key Hig h l i g ht s

Key B e n ef its

Consultative service

Identify your specific requirements

Progressive innovation and development Supported pricing

If it does not exist, we can design and manufacture it for you Opens up greater reach, presenting greater possibilities Access to the latest cutting-edge technology Drives cost efficiencies

Direct technical support

Enhanced speed to resolution

Bespoke products Vendor independent

nGeneration Limited, Vaughan Park, Dudley, DY4 7UJ

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Resourcing Over the last 20 years we have developed a comprehensive matrix of industry specialists, allowing you access to skilled resource who are not available on the open market. Ava i la b l e S e r v i ces



If you are looking to fill a role within your teams over either a short or long-term period, but do not want to increase your head count, nGeneration can provide suitably skilled individuals who will seamlessly integrate into your existing teams. If we do not have the right person on our payroll, our Talent team will find the right individual for you. All individuals are employed by nGeneration and invoiced to you, removing your IR35 implications. Whether you need a consultant to provide professional or expert advice in a particular field, a project manager to oversee a specific project, a business analyst to help improve processes and systems, whatever your requirement, nGeneration can help.

Each contractor is individually inducted into your company ways of working to ensure cultural fit and to ensure they have an in depth understanding of your business objectives. We have been a long-term resourcing partner for companies including Whitbread, Mitchells & Butlers, Bourne Leisure, Stonegate Group, Marston’s and The NEC Group.

Key Hig hlig ht s

Key B e n ef its

Comprehensive matrix of the best industry specialists

Coverage where you need it most

Fully employed by nGeneration

Single point of contact for operators and improved efficiencies

Candidates inducted into your specific business processes

Reduced business disruption

Understanding of the industry

More effective candidate matching

Our New Custom Designed Head Office & Ser vic e Centre Centralises Our Operations for Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness

10 Fully ESD workstations within the Repair and Refurbishment Centre Staging facility offering 400 Device simultaneous capacity Facilitates a 250% increase to our operational capacity.

Project Control Centre delivering 100% quality assurance

365 Day Support Desk 1200 pallet capacity storage facility

Our new 20,000 sq ft Head Office and Logistics centre has been custom designed to provide best in class facilities across every area of our business.

nGeneration Limited, Vaughan Park, Dudley, DY4 7UJ

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What our customers say about us

The biggest impact to our business has been their excellent support services. Their help desk and nationwide field engineers have always exceeded their SLA targets. Their model of using well trained engineers who carry the right parts delivers first-time fix and has dramatically reduced business disruption from EPoS failures. Steve Russell - Systems Development Manager

“ “

nGeneration continue to delight and exceed expectations, so I hope it to continue to be a great partnership moving forward. Sarah Pope - Chief Information Officer

We wanted to feed back that under the discussion banner of “What we did well”, a number of our senior management colleagues threw up onto the board, one word, that word was ’nGeneration’. Well done for your teams for making such a positive impact on the project, the stores and with our colleagues. Sheryl Rackham - Program Manager

Thank you to the team for all your hard work and efforts in what has been a well thought through and executed project. Matthew Ward - Chief Financial Officer

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