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Note from the DirectorNow that summer is over and school has started, let me give alogical Museum. This included the construction of the a little overview of what was accomplished. We have had building which was added to the west side of North another very busy summer. In addition to all of our typical Hall, new landscaping, around the addition, all interior summer projects, two unexpected campus power outages finishes, including the construction of several very exand one planned outage kept the mechanical staff very busy. tensive cherry cabinets and displays. The museum has The additional square footage of the Spoelhof Fieldhouse, turned out very well and Bruce Dice, the donor, is very the Covenant Fine Arts Center, the Van Reken residence pleased with the outcome. hall, and the new electric chiller at the Commons has put us  A suite of 11 offices in the 2041 Raybrook building was very close to the top of our capacity and required the upalso remodeled this summer. This project also included grade. Although the Knollcrest East Apartments were not a reception space, a conference room, a kitchenette, and affected by any of the outages, during one of the outages, a work room. This office suite will house several of we also had a major fire in one of the Theta Epsilon apartCalvin’s Academic Institutes. ments, costing almost $32,000 in repairs. The fire was caused by someone leaving food unattended on the stove. The Grounds department made several much needed improvements to drainage issues on campus, and also completed several smaller landscaping projects. These projects inThis summer we also completed several large projects: cludes among others, landscaping around the new Dice Min A new energy efficient electric chiller was installed in eralogical Museum, the Beta apartments, and upgrading the the Common’s Power Plant. landscaping around the DeWit Manor house. The summer  The DeWit Manor house was updated with new paint, grounds student crew and lawn mowing crew kept the camcarpet, remodeled bathrooms, a new roof, and several pus looking well maintained and manicured. We have reother improvements in preparation for the arrival of the ceived many great comments from prospective students and new president and his family. their parents visiting campus, as well as from new students  The Beta apartment complex was gutted and remodeled. and their parents attending the several summer Passport This complex has 11—two bedroom apartments. Each events on how well the campus is maintained. apartment was completely gutted and rebuilt with new bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing, electrical, flooring, The beginning of the school year has started very well. Our paint, windows, sliders, doors, HVAC systems, fire typical spike in work orders, after the students move in and alarm systems, and new furniture. The complex also school is back in session, have been considerably less this received a new roof and landscaping. This is our last year, indicating excellent work by the entire Physical Plant remodel of the 5 courtyard apartment complexes. staff in the repair, maintenance and cleanliness of the cam We also completed the construction of the Dice Miner- pus. Thanks for all your good work!

Staff Outing– 9/13/12

Congratulations to Tom Oosterhouse and Ted Koopmans on winning the first annual Bean Bag Toss tournament at the Physical Plant Staff Outing! The weather and the food were great and everyone had a wonderful time. We’re already looking forward to next year! Special Thanks To: Christian Reformed Recreation Center Creative Dining

Dice Mineral Museum

The Dice Mineralogical Museum is 99% complete. During the week of September 10th, Mr. Dice was on campus finalizing mineral placement, adjusting lighting and wrapping-up other last minute details. A few display shelves and other custom items will be manufactured by the Physical Plant and installed in the coming weeks.

SAVE THE DATE: All part and full time staff are encouraged to attend the first event held at the museum! On October 17th from 2-4, President Le Roy will be present as the museum is opened to staff only! Invitations were sent out in the mail. If you would like to attend, please send in your RSVP or email: Appetizers will be served, so please come and enjoy Calvin's newest space!

Focus on… Flat Iron Lake Flat Iron Lake Nature Preserve is a newly-formed nature preserve in Kent County’s Oakfield Township, approximately 30 miles north of Grand Rapids. The nature preserve was the idea of Fritz and Carol Rottman who owned much of the property surrounding Flat Iron Lake, and wished to see the land preserved for green space and scientific study. The project was completed in Fall 2009 with the donation of the final pieces of property, and the creation of an endowment to support the preserve’s long-term maintenance. The 65 acre preserve includes: - 25-acre kettle lake - Deciduous forest with vernal pools - 20-acre created prairie - A House used by biology classes and summer research students as a research facility. The house is also used a retreat center. The Flat Iron Lake Preserve is under the direction of Dr. Randy Van Dragt, Director of the Ecosystem Preserve. The preserve is not open to the general public but tour for groups can be arranged with advance notice. Each year approximately 1/3 of the 20-acre created prairie is burned during a prescribed burn. Fire is needed to maintain the prairie. Below is a photo of the prairie during a prescribed burn.

Waltman Lake

Winter will be here soon! Waltman Lake is currently taking reservations for available dates in December and January! Warm up next to a woodburning fire place during a departmental meeting, or after cross country skiing, hiking, ice skating, or sledding with friends and family! Reservations can be made by contacting Matt Hoekzema @ 6x7673 or visit our website at: Can’t remember the website address, just Google “Waltman Lake”!!!

Healthy Habits For the 2012-2013 school year, Healthy Habits has several new programs they would like to offer! There are new programs for all employees, their spouses, and their children as well as additional benefits for employees currently enrolled in Calvin’s Priority Health medical plan. For more information please refer to the handout that was given to you, or go to the healthy habits website.

Please remember that September 30th is the end date for Quarter 1 cash incentive participation program. Please see Nola if you need assistance in filling out the appropriate on-line information.

Cranes on Campus!

For safety reasons, this past month the Physical Plant work diligently to get a lot of aerial work done before faculty and students arrived on campus. Above Left: Re-roofing of the NVW sun deck Above Right: Updates to the KHvR irrigation well. The well head was cleaned and lowered 20’. Lower Left: Re-roofing of the BV sun deck Lower Right: Removal of dangerous, diseased, and dying trees near The Commons. Not Pictured: Placement of a 400 pound air handler motor on the roof of De Vries Hall.

Hot & Chilled Water Upgrades

This past month, both the Grounds and Mechanical Departments worked together to update the Commons Annex hot and chilled water supply/return piping. Due to poor energy efficiency, incorrect routing and outdated pipe sizing, the piping was re-routed and replaced. The Commons Annex hot and chilled water were originally feed from the East by aging pipes that originally served both the Annex and the FAC. During the CFAC renova-

Electrical Primary Expansion

In last months newsletter, you may remember reading about the primary updates to the campus electrical system. The updates went very well and are now complete. The 300 amp service lines were replaced with 600 amp wiring. The picture to the left showcases the size difference between the two power lines. The new line is shown on the left, with the original line on the right. Thanks to the Mechanical electricians for the seamless transition to the new wiring.

tion, the lines serving the CFAC were caped and abandoned. Thus, the piping to the Annex was excessively large for the reduced amount of square footage served. The correct sized piping is now run to the West of the Annex. This allows for a shorter distance for the hot/ chilled water to travel, thus saving on energy loss. Thanks to both departments for the great work!

September Birthdays August Work Order Stats

5—Patrick Smith 10—Ade Ellens 15—Katrina Hughes 24—Rick Miles 30—Dale DeYoung









Building Services KE Dorms Academic Buildings

57 198 22



September 3—Labor Day September 4—First Day of Classes September 4—Opening Convocation September 15—River City Improv @ 7:33pm September 19-October 7—ArtPrize Downtown September 21—Volleyball vs. Hope September 24—Men’s Golf vs. Hope September 26—Men’s Soccer vs. Hope September 26—Physical Plant Picnic with Michael and Andrea LeRoy

Prince Conf. Center


This Month’s Funny Work Orders...



August Vehicle Rentals Calvin fleet car


Calvin fleet minivan


Calvin fleet large van


Golf Cart


Off-Campus Rental car


Off-Campus Rental minivan


Off-Campus Rental large van


Commercial Coach



Upcoming Dates & Events

“The pump on the door, the thing that makes the door close on its own, is broken.” “Right outside the window of the front desk by the front door there is a dead bird :( Shelby and I saw it hit the window and we're waiting for it to come out of its coma...but it looks pretty dead. Please take good care of birdie and look for updates on his memorial service that will take place early next week. Thank you and remember, birds are people too.” While on the path an elderly couple stopped a couple of student workers and said “There is a mannequin in the woods on the right. W thought it was a dead body!”

Staff Updates Charlie Huizinga’s uncle, Dick Molenkamp, passed away recently. Dick worked at the Physical Plant as a carpenter. Dean VanSpronsen’s mother-in-law passed away suddenly on September 17, 2012. Please keep Dean and his family in your prayers

Building Services Set-ups


In August, Building Services set up (and tore down) 273 different special events across campus!

Contact Info Calvin College Physical Plant 1475 Knollcrest Circle Grand Rapids, MI 49546

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Vol 6 Iss 1 September 2012  

physical plant newsletter

Vol 6 Iss 1 September 2012  

physical plant newsletter