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Note from the DirectorAgain this year, because of all that is going on, we are not planning our annual “State of the Department” meeting. Instead we have dedicated this issue of the Physical Plant Page to looking back at what has been accomplished and looking forward to upcoming projects and events. Thanks to all of you, Physical Plant has had another very productive/successful year. What you-all do is very important to the success of this institution, and I was reminded once again of this by the following note I received from Bill Haverkamp, one of Calvin’s Development officers: On Saturday I went to Kalamazoo Christian Elementary School for a pancake breakfast. I noticed a woman wearing a Calvin sweatshirt, so I approached her and engaged her in conversation. She told me that her son was at a Fridays at Calvin recently and would be coming to Calvin in the fall. Both she and her husband attended the event. In addition to positive comments about a political science department professor, this woman made a special point of telling me that her husband was working in the Physical Plant department at Western Michigan University, so when he came along to the Fridays at Calvin he was on the lookout for how Calvin maintained its facilities. She said her husband was SO IMPRESSED with the condition of Calvin’s facilities!! He saw nothing broken or in disrepair and was blown away by how clean and neat the grounds and facilities were kept. It was obvious to this person with a critical maintenance eye that Calvin took very seriously the need to be stewardly in how it maintained its facilities. Obviously, well-kept facilities do not just happen. They require hard work, a vigorous upkeep, and replacement/renovation plan and attention to detail. THE CALVIN PHYSICAL PLANT STAFF DESERVES HIGH PRAISE AND COMMENDATION FOR THE CARE OF CALVIN’S FACILITIES. Thank you for your fine work. It shows!! And that made a difference in attracting this student from Kalamazoo. You certainly do deserve the praise and commendation. It is really a pleasure for me to see how each of you use your gifts to glorify God with your work at Calvin College.

EHS– Year in Review

Injuries to employees working at PP seem like a roller coaster – up one year, down the next. If we continue this pattern, we can expect 2012 to be a year of many injuries to PP staff. There are 2 injuries to PP staff so far this year. Hopefully, we can break the cycle this year! The pie chart indicates that most of our injuries are strains/sprains and

lacerations. The strains are primarily to the back and shoulder with Building Services and Architecture sustaining about 75% of these strains.

ple, the spike in the Grounds Dept injuries in 2008 resulted from exposure to poison ivy. By recognizing how this happened, the Grounds crew now has improved glove and equipment handling procedures as How can this information be useful? well as the use of a barrier cream to By analyzing how, where, and what help prevent exposure to the oils types of injuries we’re having, we that cause a rash. can target certain activities to reduce or eliminate the hazard. For exam-

EHS: What’s ahead? Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) continues to ensure regulatory compliance and employee safety across campus. Two areas that have been an important focus for Jennifer & Heather in the past year: 1. Environmental Management System (EMS) The EMS has continued to develop into a system that not only encourages compliance with regulatory requirements but also benefits the college and larger Calvin community by decreasing the overall environmental impact of the college. The EMS team met several times over the course of 2011 to identify and create action plans for the first set of environmental objectives. The first objectives included: development of standardized operating procedures for handling and disposal of hazardous waste in the Art and Biology Departments, a third party audit of air emissions and hazardous waste generation from the wood and paint shops at the Physical Plant, identification of potential upgrades to the North Hall interior lighting, including their economic and environmental impact and identification of known waste streams on campus including point of origin and final disposal procedure. 2. Department Specific Training EHS was able to develop and provide department specific training to several different departments encompassing a wide variety of subjects. Departments that were recipients of focused training included IT, Library student em ployees, Prince Conference Center, Health Services, Physics and Engineering. Training programs are currently being developed for the Scene Shop, Costume Shop, Biology, Chemistry, EMS Awareness and biological safety. In 2012, Jennifer and Heather will focus on:  Updating the lock-out policy and procedures including hosting a 2-hour training for impacted PP staff  Updating the Contractor policy, gathering current proofs of insurance from the contractors and hosting a luncheon this fall/winter for contractors to cover safety rules when working on campus and areas of improvement. Feedback from PP staff that might help improve contractor safety would be welcomed.  Lab Safety & Biosafety. As research in academia continues to draw more media attention due to recent serious events and deaths, Campus plans and procedures will be reviewed to ensure effectiveness. Working with the campus Biosafety Officer, Lori Keen, work will be done to create operating procedures, guidelines for handling biohazards, developing a biosafety manual, conducting training and working more diligently with the Institutional Biosafety Committee.  Progress continues in moving our material safety data sheet collection to an electronic version. Once complete, it will be available to the entire Calvin community online. Currently, Physical Plant staff is working with CIT to put an icon in each computer's start-up menu that will link directly to the Calvin's MSDS’. Student employees, Shelby & Emma, are working with Health Services, Engineering and the Art Department to update their chemical inventories and enter their data sheets into the online system.

Staff Updates: In 2011/2012 Calvin Physical Plant welcomed:  Chris Schellenberg– Grounds (Temp)  Scott Machiela– Grounds (Temp)  Jamie Bassow– Transportation on-call driver  Nico Damstreegt– Transportation on-call driver  John Meppelink– Transportation on-call driver  Dean Mickelson– Transportation on-call driver  Bryon Davis– Transportation on-call driver  Franklin Block– Transportation on-call driver In 2011/2012 Calvin Physical Plant said “Good Bye” to:  Marc Huizinga– Mechanical (Retired)  David Zylstra– Building Services  Larry Boone– Grounds

Milestones: 10 years… Phil Beezhold Romery Diaz Sergio Diaz Richard Field 25 Years… Bob Speelman

Projects: Year in Review 


-Punch List -Mechanical updates

Lake Drive Greenhouse

Glen Oaks East

-Electrical -HVAC -Roof -Cabinets -Appliances -Landscaping -Fire Alarm

 

Delta Remodel

-Clubhouse Re-Roof -Asphalt Repairs -Landscape Upgrades -K/L Updates -Roof -Siding -Sun Decks -Gutters -Windows

1230 Lake Drive -Bathroom Remodel -Exterior Paint -Landscaping upgrades

All American Wall

Huizinga Track and Tennis -South Storage Build Out -Track Repair

Alpha/Gamma Flood Repair

 

SFC Leak Repair Chapel Floor Refinish

 

SB*321A Server Room “DeHeer” Science Lab

NSF Science Lab 

Campus Double Check Valves

Waltman Lake -Lodge Improvements -Grounds Maintenance -Master Planning

Youngsma -Bathroom updates -Re-Landscape

-Demolition Prep  

NH*167 and NH*191A Commons -Serving Line Renovations

Asphalt Paving

Projects: Year in Review (Cont.) 


-Carpet -Electrical Upgrades -Alarm Upgrades -Paint -Shower Basins

Heritage Hall/ Rare Book

Water Main Break Repairs

KHvR Tree Damage Repair

KDH Remodel

Weyhill Build Outs

-Asbestos -Stairway Reconfiguration -Electrical Upgrades -Office Remodel -Custom Cabinetry -HVAC Upgrades -Flooring

Parking Lot Signage

 

CFAC Storm Water Clean Out Bunker’s Hollow Landscape 

Misc. House Maintenance -Furnace Replacement -Paint

 

Rho-Tau Re-Roof Athletic Fields -Top Dressing -Deep Tine Aeration

   

DeVries Hall Bathroom Sinks Theta-Epsilon Decks SFC Redundant Server Room CM Chiller Replacement

NH Offices -Carpet -Paint -Work Surfaces

 

  

Religion Reading Room Business Dept. Remodel

-GMB -Seacrest -and others…

CIT Office Remodel Chemical Engineering Lab Prince Conference Center -Carpet Repair -Breakfast Serving Line

DeWitt Manor -Foundation Repair -HVAC Upgrades

Track Repair

Dryland Diving Board

Upcoming Projects...       

 

North Hall Re-Lamping “DeHeer” Lab DeWitt Manor Renovations Costume Shop Build-Out Student Academic Services Move/Renovation Foreign Language Move/Renovation Beta Apartment Remodel -HVAC -Electrical -Interior -Landscaping Commons Chiller Replacement Asphalt Repair -FAC Lot -PCC Lot -Other locations...

        

  

Dice Mineral Museum West Wing/ SC Addition (Unknown start date) Kalsbeek-Huizinga Maintenance 2041 Raybrook Remodel Outdoor Track Repair/Replacement Waltman Lake Philosophy Office Remodel 1230 Lake Drive Roof Repair Glen Oaks East -I/J Renovations -Landscape Repair Campus Commons (Unknown start date) Sports Stadium/Track (Unknown start date) Vos House Renovation

Deferred Maintenance Deferred Maintenance is a term used to describe necessary building maintenance that has been postponed (deferred) until funding is available. Due to the continued diligence and upkeep by Calvin’s maintenance staff, many items/equipment have lasted years (sometimes decades) past their life expectancy. The list below represents some of our most urgent issues, with an estimated total cost of approximately 4 million dollars. Mechanical Issues Air handlers at 2041 Raybrook Obsolete mechanical controls (Science Complex) KDH boilers (50 years old) Commons and KDH dish wash equipment Dining Hall pulpers Science Building air handlers KDH mechanical system KDH Fire Suppression system Library mechanical systems Roofs Old PE Building roof with insulation CFAC old "pizza hut" roof Beta Apt Complex roof Asphalt - Roads-Sidewalks CFAC parking lot Price DeVos parking lots Burton entrance Residence Halls/Apartment Complexes Zeta Lambda kitchens bathrooms Phi Chi kitchens/bathrooms

Upcoming Projects: West Wing Schematic design is currently underway for the proposed West Wing project. The addition will be located to the West of the current Spoelhof Center. The addition will house the Business and Economics Departments, the Art Department, general administration and common classroom space. Between the existing building and the new wing a proposed glass roof will create a courtyard, allowing natural light into the Art Department studio classrooms.

Existing College Center

The renderings to the left show a cross section of the proposed addition, and a aerial of the new wing connect to the existing College Center via the glass roof. Proposed Addition

Construction could start as early as next year. However, the project has yet to be fully financed. More information will be coming in future Plant Pages.

Upcoming Projects: Dice Mineral Museum Ground breaking for the new “Dice Mineral Museum� is scheduled for March 19th, 2012. Over Spring Break an access road will be created, and water piping rerouted near the West side of North Hall. Completion is scheduled for this September 2012. The addition will add ~1,800 square feet to the campus footprint. The two story addition will house a gem and mineral gallery on the second floor with storage and lab space on the lower level. The minerals and construction funds are a gift from Bruce Dice, a long time Calvin supporter and Calvin student from 1946-1969. The rendering to the left depicts the second floor gallery. Note the many custom display cases used to showcase the gems/minerals.

Physical Plant Budget

In the graphs above and to the left, the budget figures have been adjusted to allow an accurate comparison over the past seven years. Ex: staff benefit expenditures were added in 2010 and 2011, those accounts were removed so that all data would be comparable. A few items to notice: 1. Natural Gas costs were down in 2008-2010, resulting in the dramatic dip in “Actual Expenditures� during those years (Prices are now on the rise) 2. From 2010-11 to 2011-12, the Physical Plant budget was reduced by over 5%, equating to a deduction of ~$610,000. 3. Campus square footage has risen by ~25% in seven years, from 1,754,102 to 2,161,918 Sqft. Not included in these numbers are: Woodlawn Ministry Center, Seminary Complex, GOE, Weyhill, 1320 E. Beltline and the Douglas Brothers Building. 4. Actual Expenditures per square foot are ~50 cents less than 7 years ago. (Graph to left) 5. Currently projecting a 3% increase in actual expenditures in 2012, resulting in a budget override of $300,000. However, with four months left in the fiscal year, each department is continuing to try and operate as efficiently and economically as possible.


In 2011, the recycling totals included:

           

18,354 fluorescent lamps 2.55 tons of ballasts 900 lbs. of batteries 7.36 tons of electronics 78 cubic yards of polystyrene 10 lbs. of mercury devices 42.03 tons of scrap iron 120 tons of concrete 26.57 tons of glass/metal/plastic 45.39 tons of cardboard 98.07 tons of paper 5.44 tons of paperboard

This past year, we’ve been as GREEN as ever! Each department continues to be on the forefront of new and pioneering ways to use college resources, both economically and environmentally. Building Services continues to operate as a “Green Seal” campus. Grounds, in partnership with the Environment Stewardship Committee, is working towards being certified as a “Arbor Day Tree Campus USA”. To become a “Tree Campus”, five strict standards have to be meet and a year long application process must be completed. Look for more information on this in future Plant Pages! The Mechanical Department is leading the way in energy management through out many campus buildings (including Waltman Lake!). A multi-year project, in conjunction with the CERF program, is coming to completion with the replacement of outdated and energy inefficient T-12 light fixtures in NH. Over Spring Break 2012, the lighting in offices and classrooms in NH will be upgraded to T-5 fixtures. Don Winkle (Campus Electrician) continues to take advantage of many of the Consumers Electric rebates by changing out old fixtures across campus with new technology including LED fixtures. Architecture is reusing and re-purposing more than ever. During the CIT remodel, many panels were reused in the new office layouts. Also, brick and block recycling is higher

According to industry standards, Calvin's 2011 paper and cardboard recycling alone saved:

    

3,025 trees 1,245,563 gallons of water 588 cubic yards of landfill space 14,057 gallons of oil 10,677 pounds of air pollution effluents from entering the atmosphere

DID YOU KNOW…. ...Calvin Grounds Department is working with both dinning halls on a compost program for organic waste! This past year over 16 cu. yards of waste were composted from the Convocation and Commencement picnics alone!! than ever; including the innovative donation of damaged concrete blocks to local mink farmers! In the graph above, you'll notice the spikes in “Trash” waste in 2009 and 2011. A large proportion of this waste was due to the many large construction projects on campus. Note that plastics, electronics, paper and glass are at all time high’s for recycling! In 2011, revenue generated by the recycling of paper products on campus exceeded $10,100! Revenue from miscellaneous metal recycling exceeded $6,500! This doesn't include the over $20,000 in revenue from the Commons boiler copper recycling and the $3,000 in steel recycled from Waltman Lake! Composting, energy management, pool filtration, water conservation, pesticide/fertilization reduction, native plantings, low VOC products, storm water management, energy efficient air handlers….this is only the tip of the iceberg! The Calvin Physical Plant is leading the way in sustainability! Keep it up Physical Plant!

Work Orders 2011-2012 Types of Work Orders

Work Orders per Month 1200






Relamp HVAC

372 1020

Bldg. Serv Minor Repair Plumb. Ge n


800 600

General Elec. 119

Carpentry Repair


Electrical Fixture Repair 938


Locks & Doors

200 0 Feb












This year the Physical Plant received over 7,500 work orders. This equates to 30 work orders every business day of the year, or ~1 work order every 15 minutes of each 8 hour work day. In the graph above, notice the large amounts of work orders are received when students arrive on campus in the Fall and then again in the Spring. Single work orders have ranged in scale from: “replace a light bulb” up to “fix 109 seats in the FAC Auditorium”.

Transportation Services Since this past summer, Josh Wilbraham (SO) and Liza Gunnink (FR) have joined Lori Silvey (Temp), Doug Kok and student Calvin Bulthuis on the Transportation Team to make the reservations, convert and close out the rentals, process invoicing, prepare end-of-month charges, try to make last-minute arrangements, and maintain and re-fuel vehicles. At the end of December we also welcomed six new On-Call Drivers to the team (see Staff Updates on Pg 3) The On-Call Drivers have driven numerous trips already, including driving to Chicago O'Hare and Detroit Metro airports. They will also be assisting with the The Festival of Faith and Writing.

One other major change since the start of the new calendar year is the switch from Budget Rental to Enterprise Rental as the preferred provider for the college. In addition to Enterprise and Budget, we have also added a new provider Sign & Drive, which is owned by a Calvin alum. They have filled in swiftly when our other providers have not been able to accommodate some very last minute needs. Holiday Coach has continued to provide most of Calvin's busing needs, but we have also added Dean Transportation and Mobile Ministry Solutions to our list of vendors for certain trips. In all, 2,348 rentals were processed in 2011-2012!

2011-2012 Snow Report Snow Fall 5 year Comparison 120

109.5 102

100 74.5

80 64 60


40 20 0 2007-2008





This winter will go down as one of the warmest in recent history. However, we still saw over 50” of snow (72” is West Michigan’s average). Calvin Grounds plowed a total of 15 times (so far!). Ten of those snow events took place on either Friday evenings, Saturday or Sundays. With warm weather on the horizon, snow is last thing on many peoples minds. However, Calvin Grounds isn’t putting the snow plows and salters away just yet. Charlie Huizinga (Grounds) remembers plowing over 7” snow in mid April! Here’s to a warm Spring!

Admissions Admissions numbers for March 1, 2012 continue to track ahead of last year in FTIAC (first time in a college) Applicants (+7%) and Admits (+6%), but behind in Deposits (-17%). However, as has been the pattern so far this year, many Admits have given our counselors a verbal “Yes” that they are indeed coming even though they have not yet made their deposit. Those coded this way, plus the Deposits, represent a fuller picture of those who are planning to enroll, and the sum of these two is 342 compared with 315 last year (+9%). Transfer Applicants and Admits are also running nearly equivalent to last year (1% and 4% ahead, respectively). Notable changes in FTIAC Admits are a substantial increase in scholarship recipients, females, and Canadians, as well as a healthy increase in Christian high school and Christian Reformed Students. As of March 1, Admissions is at 99.9% of Applicant goals (3,476/3,480) and 99.5% of the Completed Application goal (2,244/2,255).

Vos House Calvin College has now taken ownership of another residential home near main campus. Located near the Hampshire Gate (gated road heading West from the SFC parking lot #6). The home’s property backs up to the lower baseball fields. The home is in need of some major interior and exterior maintenance/repairs. The home also includes a large in-ground pool. Currently there are no plans for the home. It will be added to the fleet of homes that Calvin rents to visiting professors and temporary staff, once the current owner moves out within the next two years. Calvin also anticipates taking ownership of the neighboring house (The Joosse Residence) within the next year.

March Birthdays February Work Order Stats Architecture








Building Services KE Dorms Academic Buildings

35 65 15



Prince Conf. Center




February Vehicle Rentals Calvin fleet car


Calvin fleet minivan


Calvin fleet large van


Off-Campus Rental car


Off-Campus Rental minivan


Off-Campus Rental large van


Holiday Coach




? - Marvin Slachter 5– Ada Castle 6– Marcianna McCullough 8– Ross Hoogewerf 14– David Street 15– John Stegink 16– Luke DeVries 18– Jim Marsman 19– Dean Gunnink

24– Tim VerStrate 24– Bob Speelman 25– Charlie Huizinga 28– Perry Gooch 29– Mike Cannady 30– Bob VandenBerg 30– Byron Davis 31– Dean VanSpronsen

Upcoming Dates & Events March 5-8—FEN Symposium March 10—Turtle Island Quartet March 16-25—Spring Break March 17—St. Patrick’s Day March 29– Calvin Orchestra Concert

*Save the date* April 25– Annual Benefits Fair

This Month’s Funny Work Orders... “I confess that my 2 year old got hold of a dry erase marker which does not erase off of painted cinderblock. Any chance we could have someone to come touch up the paint under our dry erase board..forgive us?” “Bathroom heater not opening/working. It’s freaking cold in there. The chain is off da hook. But seriously it’s not working.” “We are considering installing a pool in our suite bathroom, but we hear such things are in violation of dorm policy. Therefore we would appreciate your fine expertise in removing the large puddle of water that continues to form in our shower.”

Staff Updates We would like to welcome Jack Phillips as the new Mechanical Assistant Director. He graduated from Calvin in 2002. He has been married for five years, has 2 kids, a son who is 3 and a daughter who is 1, and they are expecting another one soon! He previously worked as a engineer assisting large corporations with complex system controls. He is very excited to be a part of the Calvin community and cannot wait to give back all that he has learned. Please give him a warm welcome when you see him!

Building Services Set-ups In January, Building Services set up (and tore down) 563 different special events across campus.

Contact Info Calvin College Physical Plant 1475 Knollcrest Circle Grand Rapids, MI 49546

E-mail: Phone: (616) 526-6444 Fax: (616) 526-8563

Visit us at www.

Physical Plant Page - March 2012  

physical plant page - march 2012

Physical Plant Page - March 2012  

physical plant page - march 2012