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Schools’ Learning Programme July 2013 – July 2014

Discover the history of glass making on Wearside, the science behind the glass making process and explore an exciting programme of art exhibitions.



Inspiring people to learn about, make and enjoy glass.

Look out for these icons to see how each workshop links to the curriculum:

Art & Design

National Glass Centre at the University of Sunderland is a visitor attraction with a difference. With glass at the heart of everything we do, we celebrate Sunderland’s glass making heritage and explore the creative potential of this extraordinary material. Housed in an innovative and striking glass and steel building on the banks of the River Wear, National Glass Centre offers visitors an opportunity to explore, learn and engage with glass through an award-winning, year-round programme of exhibitions and events.


We have everything you’ll need for an educational, engaging and exciting day out. Our experienced learning staff, purpose built learning spaces and even our glass roof will provide you with a truly unique experience. This brochure details our exciting, brand new workshops, online resources and CPD sessions along with everything you need to know about planning your visit. For further information on our new learning offer please visit our website.

Design & Technology



Religious Studies


How to book

How much will it cost?

Our workshops are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Prices vary depending on the length of the workshop and the materials required. For a standard full day visit our prices range from £8 – £10 per pupil. Prices will vary for outreach workshops, bespoke artist-led sessions and CPD sessions.

Booking is easy, visit our website and fill out one of our enquiry forms or contact a member of our Learning and Engagement Team. Visit: Call: 0191 515 5555 Email: Please have the following information ready: - Workshops you would like to book. - Preferred dates of visit. - School contact details, including email contact for the lead teacher. - Number and ages of pupils. Minimum 15. - Number of adults. Our ratios are 1:6 for primary schools and 1:15 for secondary schools.

For any of these sessions a space to have lunch and for belongings to be stored will be provided. Please contact a member of our Learning and Engagement Team who will provide you with a quote relating to the workshops you are interested in.



To make the most of your visit to National Glass Centre, choose two workshops from those listed and take part in a learning journey in which we aim to inspire, engage and nurture pupils and teachers alike. Combining two workshops allows for a full day of activity in which pupils will discover the history of glass making on Wearside, the science behind the glass making process and explore an exciting programme of art exhibitions. The day includes a glass blowing demonstration in our hot glass studio and also gives pupils the opportunity to create their own piece of glass art.

See glass being made Discover the history of glass making on Wearside


Make your own piece of glass art Experience art in a unique environment



Creative workshops take inspiration from our permanent and temporary exhibitions. Sessions are adapted to Key Stage 1 and 2 groups and can be tailored towards your specific needs if necessary.

Incredible Collections Half Day Workshop Dan Klein and Alan J Poole Collection June 2013 – July 2014

Building Ideas Half Day Workshop Constructions - New Work by Jeffrey Sarmiento October 2013 – January 2014

This wonderfully diverse collection showcases some of the best of British glass making over the last few decades. With 70 individual pieces from over 50 artists, there is so much to explore and learn about glass and the many ways in which it can be used to create almost anything you can imagine! Pupils will participate in activities and discussions then go on to make an exciting piece of glass artwork, using themes and techniques to complement the focus of the gallery tour.

Discover extraordinary glass artwork inspired by architecture and structures. Through discussion and activities, pupils will explore their creativity and produce a piece of art from glass using the artist’s work as their inspiration.

Creative Connections Half Day Workshop Erwin Eisch - Clouds Have Been My Foothold All Along September 2013 Investigate the importance of friends and family through the artwork on display. Pupils will find out more about Eisch’s work through discussion and activities then go on to develop a design which they will translate into a personal piece of glass artwork.


Symmetry in Shapes Half Day Workshop Constructions - New Work by Jeffrey Sarmiento October 2013 – January 2014

Most of our sessions are suitable for groups with Special Educational Needs, please contact us to discuss how we can best meet the needs of your group.

Explore the exhibition and investigate shape and symmetry within the artwork. Pupils will focus on pattern and tessellation and create their own glass artefact inspired by geometric design.


Spectacular Design Half Day Workshop Eyewear January – April 2014 Explore the incredible Eyewear exhibition and discover how fashion and design have changed over the decades. In this workshop pupils will participate in gallery activities and discussions, develop designs and then make their own unique artwork out of glass inspired by the exhibition.

Eye-catching Half Day Workshop Eyewear January – April 2014 Pupils will take inspiration from the eye glasses on display, get creative, design something extraordinary and then make an eye-catching piece of art from glass. This workshop will focus on creating an abstract design and how ideas can develop from an initial point of inspiration.


Primary (cont)

Sunderland has a rich heritage of glass making that dates back to 674 AD when Benedict Biscop brought skilled craftsmen from Gaul to glaze the monastery of St Peter’s. Our permanent exhibition Stories of Glass in Sunderland explores the origins, growth and legacy of glass making in Sunderland from the 7th Century to the present day.


Stories of Glass in Sunderland Half Day Workshop

Whimsey’s Adventure Backpacks One Hour

Over the years many historical artefacts have been brought to National Glass Centre for safekeeping and now the archaeologists need help identifying them! In this interactive session, pupils take the role of trainee archaeologists and through a series of challenges and dramatic interventions they will discover the history of glass making in Sunderland from Benedict Biscop to the present day. Using real objects from our handling collection pupils will learn how to use objects as evidence, develop historical enquiry and interpretation skills and further their understanding of chronology.

Follow the story of Whimsey, a mystery object who doesn’t know what material he is made from, only that he was made a long time ago in a factory in Sunderland. Can pupils discover what material Whimsey is made from and what his special properties are? Where do they think Whimsey came from? Pupils use the materials and activity ideas in the backpacks in small groups to carry out investigations and tests. This session has been designed as a half-facilitated visit, half-self led visit allowing some flexibility in timing and content to fit your needs.

Patterns of Pyrex Half Day Workshop

Benedict Biscop Half Day Workshop

What is Pyrex? What was it made from and what was it used for? And why is it so important to Sunderland’s heritage? This cross-curricular workshop introduces pupils to Pyrex, a significant part of Sunderland’s glass making heritage, and also explores the use of patterns in Pyrex designs. Pupils will get the opportunity to design their own patterns and transfer them onto glass, creating their very own artwork. The session makes use of the extensive collection of Pyrex in the Stories of Glass in Sunderland exhibition, supplemented by an object handling box of Pyrex.

Travel back in time 1300 years and meet the man who introduced the art of glass making to the Anglo-Saxons. Visit St Peter’s Church and see what’s left of the monastery built by Benedict Biscop, find out about the lives of the monks who lived there including the Venerable Bede and discover the importance of the site to Sunderland’s glass making heritage. Back in National Glass Centre, get hands-on with our glass handling collection and learn more about Biscop and Bede in our interactive Stories of Glass in Sunderland exhibition.


Secondary AND Post 16

Bespoke Artist-led Sessions


University of Sunderland

All of our visits include the opportunity to see glass being made in our hot glass studio. Witness the changing states of this amazing material as molten glass is formed into a finished, solid object. Watch artists in this unique working environment during our glass blowing demonstrations which take place throughout the day.

We offer bespoke half or full-day artist-led sessions on request. Do you have a particular project in mind? Our Learning and Engagement Team work alongside practising artists to provide you with tailor made workshops in glass and ceramics designed to meet your learning objectives. Sessions make use of our exhibitions and studio facilities to combine critical thinking with creative activity. Workshops can be based around one of the following techniques: fusing, slumping, sandblasting, stained glass, casting, lampworking and printing.

Our dedicated Education Exhibition Space provides a fantastic opportunity for your school to showcase the work produced by your students. 10

National Glass Centre is home to the University of Sunderland’s Glass and Ceramics and Foundation departments. We can arrange for an introductory session with lecturers from either course to provide an insightful and informative addition to your visit.

This allows for the possibility for work to be displayed to the public alongside our worldclass exhibitions on completion of one of our bespoke workshops. To find out more about our Secondary and Post 16 programme as well as our exhibition space, please contact a member of our Learning and Engagement Team.

National Glass Centre on the road

We bring glass to you. Our unique schools outreach programme offers the opportunity to bring the excitement and creativity of glass to your school. Learn about the history and science of glass and even create your own piece of artwork inspired by the topic theme. History of Sunderland Glass Painting Workshop

Changing States Glass Fused Mosaics Workshop

Themed around the history of Sunderland and the local area, we will introduce Benedict Biscop and explain how he brought skilled craftsmen from all over Europe to Sunderland in AD 674. This will be complemented by an interactive digital guide about Benedict Biscop along with a glass handling collection. Pupils will design their own stained glass window then learn how to transfer the image onto a glass tile using transparent glass paints.

Focussed on the science of glass, in particular changing states by heating and cooling, this workshop introduces pupils to working with glass, inspires them to design their own mosaic tile and takes them through the making processes step by step. Glass tiles are taken back to National Glass Centre where they are fired in the kiln. We will also show a DVD of glass blowing, plus there will be items that children can handle. This activity is suitable for children age 6+. Glass tiles must be collected from National Glass Centre at a later date which will be arranged on the day of the session.

The workshops detailed above are suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2. We can also deliver bespoke outreach workshops for older students.

Self-led Visits It is free for groups to visit under their own steam. A range of information and supporting materials are available to aid your visit, please see our resources section. Suggested activities include a tour of National Glass Centre’s exhibitions, a glass blowing demonstration with commentary in our hot glass studio, and don’t forget to walk on our glass roof!

Why not book yourself onto one of our CPD courses to familiarise yourself with our exhibitions and resources, before visiting with your group, in order to make the most of your experience? Booking is still essential for self-led visits.

Self-led groups can book the use of one of our learning spaces for lunch, storage of belongings and any other activities for a fee of up to ÂŁ25, subject to availability. 12



Space to think


National Glass Centre specialises in delivering practical Continuing Professional Development sessions to teachers and education professionals.

Why not use our inspiring venue for your next INSET day, staff training or staff meeting? Our unique building and exciting exhibitions provide the perfect space for your events. Bring your staff to our venue and we can introduce you to the endless possibilities on how to use National Glass Centre and our exhibitions in your learning programme. Specialist staff can be there to support you with your planning for part of the day and to give advice on how to make the most of the opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

Teachers’ Information Pack Practical information about your visit including risk assessments, overview of the galleries and current exhibitions, key themes and suggested pre, during and post-visit activities. Available to download from our website

These sessions are led by our experienced Learning and Engagement Team alongside practising artists and are aimed at broadening teachers’ creative skills. The focus of these sessions will be to familiarise participants with our current exhibitions and the learning spaces at National Glass Centre, increasing confidence in using our venue as a learning platform, as well as providing a practical glass making session to increase participants’ skills.

Our practical sessions can involve glass fusing and other kiln forming techniques, stained glass, glass painting, sandblasting, glass printing or ceramics. We offer a number of sessions delivered around changing themes throughout the year or, if you would like something specific, we can tailor sessions around a theme of your choice. If you have your own kiln at school, we can offer one-to-one courses to help you get the most out of your equipment.

For details of upcoming CPD events please visit

Online Resources A number of digital resources including a game and virtual tour relating to our Stories of Glass in Sunderland exhibition are available on our website. These resources are a great introduction to the history of glass making in Sunderland and can be used to familiarise pupils with the topic and National Glass Centre before your visit. ART KIT Take the hassle out of your visit by booking an Art Kit, containing clipboards, drawing pencils, coloured pencils and paper. Resources available from September 2013.


Planning Your Visit Advance booking is essential for all workshops and self-led visits. Workshops are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Workshop Prices Prices vary depending on the length of the workshop and the materials required. For a standard full day visit our prices range from £8 – £10 per pupil. Prices will vary for outreach workshops, bespoke artist-led sessions and CPD sessions. For any of these sessions a space to have lunch and for belongings to be stored will be provided. Please contact a member of our Learning and Engagement Team who will provide you with a quote relating to the workshops you are interested in. Cancellation If you need to cancel your visit for any reason please inform us more than 14 days before the date of your visit. Any cancellation within 14 days of the visit will be subject to a cancellation fee.

Shop National Glass Centre’s shop is full of exciting and intriguing products, but can be a busy place during school visits. Take the hassle out of your visit to our shop by pre-ordering our shop packs for each of your pupils. Shop packs are available at £2.50, £3.00 and £3.50 and contain a selection of glass souvenirs and stationery. Parking There are parking bays for coaches located in National Glass Centre’s car park. Further information and directions to the Centre can be found on our website. Contact Us National Glass Centre Liberty Way, Sunderland SR6 0GL 0191 515 5555 Connect Join our mailing list at

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National Glass Centre Schools Programme  

National Glass Centre Learning and Engagement Programme for Schools

National Glass Centre Schools Programme  

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