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Preface 2. Event Welcome the freshmen of the School of Foreign Languages

Some words about

FFL’s student magazinespecial issue

3. New report + The School of Foreign Languages was noisier at “Full-moon night in 2013” + CEC attended the first day of Quyet Thang secondary school on September 5th 2013

4. Teaching and learning English + Ielts Test taking strategies + Interesting methods used in teaching English for children

5. Stories/ Dairies: + Autumn dairies

6. Funny Corner : American-English funny stories

7. Technology information: Prezi- presentation software

8. Handmade: Strawberry Pillow

9. Student’s favorite foods: + Famous ice cream + “Ốc Vân Béo”

10.Student’s fashion: The hottest trends in autumn 2013


Photo collection

12. Entertainment corner: + Music: Heart to soul + Horoscope + Quizz

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FFLstudent EDITORIAL TEAM Ngô Thị Minh Nguyễn Thị Lương Lã Thị Thúy Dương Thị Liên Nguyễn Thị Nhung Vi Thị Thanh Hằng DESIGNERS Lã Thị Thúy Nguyễn Thị Nhung PHOTOGRAPHER Lã thị Thúy

From the editors

Autumn comes to bring light wind along which dispels hot summer. It is also a sign of a new school year of all students in the country in general and students of faculty of foreign languages in particular. To mix with the jubilant atmosphere of the opening day, the editorial board decided to release “FFL magazine special edition” on this September. FFL Magazine No. 9 with topics “autumn dairies” We believe that this magazine will provide useful information about Faculty of foreign languages in some fields: teaching and learning English, technology information, student’s fashion and entertainment.

With the purpose of creating an active, positive and creative learning environment, we, the editorial board of magazine, expect that students can develop comprehensively not only about language skill but also science technology and other fields. We hope that this magazine will be a closed friend of students, particularly students of Faculty of foreign languages. We wish you had a new successful year.

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Welcome First Year



he School of Foreign Languages is considered to be one of the top quality universities of Thai Nguyen University. Although having been experiencing foundation and development for 5 years, the School of Foreign Languages has gained a lot of achievements and affirmed its position in training comprehensive students. This year, on September 5 2013, joining the jubilant atmosphere of the first day of school taken place all over the country, the School of Foreign languages-TNU organized the admission procedures for more than 500 students passed the 2013 university entrance exam. Perhaps this year is a special year for students at course 36 of the School of Foreign Languages because the early days of their admission were rainy days. Therefore, they had many difficulties in completing admission procedures, th

Dương Thị Liên

renting accommodation. However, our

ancestor has ever said (try better expression): “It is the first step that counts”. This saying is really true because there are many opportunities waiting for the first year student ahead. Students passed the university entrance exams in 2013 can register rooms at clean and spacious dormitory. There are many convenient services in canteen, entertainment areas. Furthermore, the dormitory is equipped with wifi systems, library and technology rooms which helps the students have the best conditions to study effectively. Participating in studying at faculty, students have chance to learn in a friendly and opened environment. The sophomore, the junior, or the senior will help the freshmen in completing their admission procedures, subjects register, room rent. Besides, the teaching staffs of the School of Foreign Languages are very close and enthusiastic with students. They always smile with students when teaching, which helps their lectures become more interesting.

students when teaching, which helps their lectures become more interesting. The biggest opportunity is that students will be exposed to many different cultures and communicate with foreign experts who are teaching at the school. The faculty trains a lot of different language majors such as English Education, English Language, Chinese Education, RussianEnglish Education, French-English Languages…. Through learning at school, the students can get knowledge about culture of these countries without going abroad. On the other hand, there are many scholarships, study abroad for students who have outstanding achievements. Annually, the School of Foreign Languages realizes student exchange programs to study, research and practice in some universities in China, Russia and Thailand. In the future, the School of Foreign Languages will actively promote exchange programs and joint training to help students have more opportunities to access foreign academic environment. With the opportunities above, students at Course 36, are expected to become comprehensive students of the School of Foreign Languages. Welcome you to the School of Foreign Languages and be ready to express yourselves.

New report Full-moon night in 2013 Second part is music exchange. Children enjoyed the interesting songs and dances, especially, they had chances to show their voice by singing songs they like most and then they received gifts from Ms. Hang Nga. This festival became more and more wonderful with foreign teachers’ participation. They were friendly and humorous when they sang Vietnamese songs and shared their feelings with children. Although Halloween festival is for children in their country, Mid-Autumn Festival for children in Vietnam left deep impression in their mind

Joining the jubilant atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the most exciting annual festival for children in over the country, The School of Foreign Languages held "full-moon night in 2013" for the children of the officials and staff of lectures of the School in Hall A in the evening on September 16th 2013. The children had a meaningful and fun Mid-Autumn Festival at the School with many activities. Firstly, they were retold about the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival and the legend of “Cuoi” and “Ms. Hang Nga”. With the sweet voices and good performances of students, they made children excited with details of the legend. Children are impressed by cute images of “Cuoi” and Ms. Hang Nga’s beauty. Both of them were so friendly that they always smiled brightly with children. Therefore children continuously raised their hand to talk and dance with “Cuoi” and “Ms. Hang Nga”.

The participation of foreign teachers Finally, the most attractive parts were lion dance, lantern parade and then dealing out mid-autumn festival with cakes and fruits. Lion dance is an important activity in the full-moon night. Two colorful lions danced around the hall attracting children by their twinkling eyes. After that, children carried their lanterns, sang and went around the school following the lions. The bustling sound of drums made the atmosphere of the Mid Autumn night noisier than ever before. When the sound of drum stopped, children turned back to the hall where trays of fruits and cakes were waiting them to enjoy. The full-moon night ended with the sweet flavor of moon cakes. The “Full-moon night 2013” at the School of Foreign Languages took place in the joyful, warm atmosphere that was full of love and laugh of children. Not only kids but adults also shared the joy and happiness in that night. Through this festival, parents have chance to express their love, care, and the responsibility to their children. Besides, it also encourages the children to study hard to become good children of the family, the school and Uncle Ho

Nguyễn Thị Lương

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New report CEC in Quyet Thang secondary school

From June, 1st 2013 to July, 20th 2013, Community English Club - CEC (The School of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University) implemented successfully the voluntary campaign “Teaching English to the Disadvantaged students at Quyet Thang lower secondary school”.

Where CEC set foot in. Quyet Thang lower secondary school lies about 6 kilometers to the West of Thai Nguyen city center. Although this school is not too far from city center, it belongs to a rural area with many difficulties. Therefore, students in this school are under limited learning conditions compared with students at the same age in city center. Outstanding activities implemented The voluntary group includes 24 volunteers who are of great active, enthusiastic and responsible for club’s activities. Moreover, they had enough competence and experience to work as student-teachers to teach and carry out activities for students at grade 6. Before implementing the program, all volunteers experienced a training course lasting 1 week to gain necessary skills and appropriate teaching methods.. During the voluntary campaign at Quyet Thang lower secondary school, many meaningful topic-based lessons and useful outdoor activities were carried out with nearly 85 students at grade 6 involved, for examples: topics about family, school, hobbies, dreams, etc. Furthermore, with a view to creating a natural-speaking environment for students, volunteers also taught English through songs, games, dramas, videos, which helped students learned English in the most interesting and natural way. A number of learning aids such as: pens, notebooks, colored-pens, etc were given to students. Besides, volunteers also spent time editing 85 textbooks used as main teaching and learning materials. On the closing day of the campaign, CEC awarded encouraging gifts for 15 students who performed well and got good results during the course. It indeed stimulated students’ learning spirit to achieve more in the new school year. What CEC creates The voluntary program “Teaching English to the Disadvantaged students in rural area of Thai Nguyen” implemented by Community English Club, has created a sound environment for students to play and study English effectively in the summer time. After a short course, students can make simple conversations in English about their family, school, hobbies, dreams, etc. Furthermore, their vocabulary about familiar topics also increased dramatically. Besides, this program also provided CEC’s members with valuable chances to apply what they studied at school into the real context. The attempt of all volunteers was highly appreciated by the headmaster of Quyet Thang secondary school. The 2013 summer voluntary campaign has gained expected success. In order to maintain good results and build up the stability for the program, we schedule many extra curriculums and back-to-school supports such as donating to the student encouraging fund and organizing English speaking contest for students here when the new school year starts.

Ngô Thị Minh

Teaching & Learning

English PREPARING & TEST-TAKING STRATEGIES As far as you know, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most popular certificates that English learners want to take. They plan to do this test for many reasons: getting a highly paid job, applying for scholarship, studying abroad, immigration, etc. No matter what purposes are, candidates have to plan carefully to win the test. IELTS is considered a hard nut. Therefore, learning experience from former test takers is useful for candidates who are on the preparing process for it. Today, we sit down with a graduate Ms. Ngan Tran who has just obtained band score 7 in IELTS a few months ago. She is going to share with us some strategies during the preparing and test – taking processes. Of four sections in IELTS: listening, speaking, reading and writing; which one do you think is the most challenging ? NT: Among four linguistic skills that I was examined, Speaking is the most demanding. This is due to the fact that I did not prepare carefully for this section. Additionally, English pronunciation is not as easy as we have been thinking. It is a big challenge. Is it necessary for candidates to take the trial test before taking the real test? NT: It is advisable for IELTS candidates to take part in the IELTS trial test before taking the real one. It is not too hard to see that after the trial test, candidates will get more experience for a better real test. As we know, you obtain score 8 for reading and 7.5 for listening, so how did you practice to have good “eyes” and delicate “ears” to achieve well in these two sections? NT: Actually, I do not have any special strategies to get high marks for those. For Reading Sub-test, I have a habit of reading from one to two pages of an interesting book or novel in English before bedtime. Furthermore, I also bring a newspaper or magazine with me to read when having spare time that or else be wasted. For listening section, I usually spend time watching TV programmes and films, listening to radio programmes – even English songs on Youtube

By : Ngô Thị Minh

For candidates taking the test, time is the biggest enemy. What tips that you apply to manage time effectively during the test? NT: The best tip I can give to all candidates is saving their time during the test that they should deal with everything as fast as they can. For examples: turning pages in the answer sheets quickly and so on For most of candidates going in for IELTS, writing seems to be the toughest skill to perform and achieve a high score. As I know, you got a quite good score 6.5 for that skill. According to you, how should candidates prepare for IELTS writing subtest? NT: I suggest spending more time preparing than testing. When you test yourself, you find out what your level is, but you do not learn anything new. You will not improve if you only write test essays. Before writing an essay, spend time studying the topic and preparing your ideas, opinions and academic vocabulary.

What should the candidates develop when practising English? NT: Besides enriching thier vocabulary to perform well in the four sub-tests, memory for English needs developing. In the Reading Test, the more they remember what they have just read, the more they can answer their questions quickly and precisely, but at least the words can be read again. However, in Listening Test the biggest problem is that they can not go back, and the tape is only played once. Therefore, candidates usually miss the words that they have heard. This requires them to have a good memmory for English. If they want to, try the following exercise. Using the pause button on your tape recorder, repeat or write down the sentences spoken in the passage. Gradually increase the length of what they repeat. No matter how many exact words that they can repeat, just how many words that they can remember. According to you, what is the key to success in IELTS? NT: Well, as what I experienced, following a regular study plan is the secret of being successful. I mean you should make a strict

plan that you can spare time to practise English for all four Sub-tests. You should not focus only on your weakest areas or the skills that you are interested in. Take a rest between tasks to reset your mind and NT: To tackle the feeling of being nervous, avoid stress. Remember that working candidates should go to the testing towards your goal slowly, steadilly and centre earlier at least 30 minutes. Then, regularly is a formula to the victory. Most of candidates feel nervous in the day taking the test; do you have any general advice for them to overcome this fearness?

they can walk around the waiting room to take the fresh air and gradually they will get better. Why don’t they try chewing gums?. That what I did to keep calm.

Thank you so much for the interview. Hope you achieve more brilliant success in the future.

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Teaching & Learning

English Some interesting methods used in teaching English for children You love children so much and you will be a primary school teacher in the future but you are worried about how to teach English effectively for children. In the knowledge sharing corner, students who come from English Education –K33 of The School of Foreign Languages will help you get best methods used in teaching English for children.Below are some interesting and useful experiences of the future primary school teachers Different from the two girls, the humorous boy of English Education K33, Loc Van Thieu pays a lot of attention to Story-telling method. According to Thieu, Story-telling is an interesting method that teacher should use.

Hoang Thi Dieu, a final year student who is learning Primary English Teaching shares that using songs is one the most popular methods in teaching English for children. She likes this method so much because it is not only easy but also effective to teach English. In her opinion, most of children love singing and they are so sensitive with music that whenever they hear melody of a song, they can swing following that melody. Therefore, using songs in teaching English to children helps them remember vocabulary easily. Besides, children mainly learn language through imitation. They can imitate native speaker to pronoun words, emphasize stress and make intonation. However, to get the best effect, she emphasizes that teacher should use appropriate and simple songs in teaching.

The second method is using games in lessons. Many researchers who have studied about using games in teaching English demonstrate that this method brings a lot of benefits for children to learn English. No one can deny that using games creates real contexts in which children use English to communicate in a natural way. Cao Thi Ngoan who is a primary school teacher in summer volunteer program shares her experience that if a teacher starts a lesson with a game in warm up part, this will help motivate students a lot because the atmosphere at the beginning in class is very important, when students are motivated, they will involve positively in the whole lesson. Also, if teacher ends the

lesson by a game, this will help students relax after hard-studying hours. Furthermore, students have a chance to review the lesson (vocabulary, grammar structures, pronunciation). She suggested some games teacher should use in teaching such as bingo, slapping board, hang man or cross-word…

At home, children love listening to stories told by their parents before going to bed. For children, stories is a fantasy world. They are attracted by characters like fairy, princess, prince or animals, etc. Having realized this, teacher can combine lessons with stories. This method helps children not only practice listening and speaking skills but also get moral lessons. That is because each story has its own meaning which often educates children to love their family, friends, nature…. The stories will become more attractive and interesting if the teacher uses colorful pictures, various gestures to illustrate. After telling stories, teacher should create situations in which children can perform their ability by retelling, role playing the stories.

Each student has their own methods to teach English effective for children. However, the main factors which help you be successful teacher is your creation and passion in teaching. Hope that experiences from students of English Education –K33 will help you be more confident to become successful teachers in the future.

Dương Thị Liên

September 4, 2010 my close friends Dear diary, Today, I was very happy. At last, after





studying, my dream of being a student of Faculty of Foreign Language,



University became true. Tonight, I and my close friends had just had





congratulate me on passing the University entrance exam with high mark. They came and gave

September 20, 2011

me some lovely gifts such as a Tshirt, Dear a red dress and a bag. And tomorrow, I and my mother will Today, I received the scholarship of go Thaifor Nguyen complete my to Faculty studentsto having good

results. I would really like to admission procedure. Myexpress elder the deeply gratitude and sincere

brother and sister always told thank to my teachers, particularly,

me that the student time was Mr. Phung Huy and Ms.Trinh Nhung

the most beautiful period of each who have encouraged me a lot during person’s life. I felt both learning process. They notexcited only transferred knowledge but and a little me bit the anxious. But now, also taught me how to live nicely and








Goodnight all!







September 5, 2010 Dear diary, the new life My mother came back home. She said to me that her feeling was still the same as the day she took me to the grade 1, worried and thrilled. Although I smiled with her at this time to make her thoughtless, actually, now, I am crying like a child. To be honest, I

was afraid of being alone that I had not ever been far from home. I told myself: “I will be ok!” Fortunately, I lived in dormitory with six friends who were very

Furthermore, they also understood


and helped me when I had difficulties

talked to me and consoled me a

in learning as well as in life with their

lot. I hope I will overcome and





Yesterday, my parents phoned me and said that they were satisfied and




keep pace with the new lifestudent life.

proud of me so much. Great! It is my feeling now…

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September 10, 2012 Dear diary, Somebody used to say that the first stab of love is like a sunset, a blaze of colororanges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples… Today, I and my lover celebrated the first day we were fall in love in the autumn 2 years ago. Nothing was happier than the moment when he played guitar the song I like most, “Remember when” of Alan Jackson and I sang this song by my heart. My life has become more meaningful and colorful since he appeared. My first love which is innocent like a gentle and mellifluous sunshine in fall season is the purest and sweetest gift the god gave to us. I will remember and value each minute, each second, and even each moment when we are together. We promised that we would try our best to have a bright future by working hard. I believe in you, my love! Kiss you…

Lã Thúy

Fu ny c rner n


Special house Girl: That sounds good. Boy: All you need to do is just use some cheese in order to make the mouse come to the trap. Girl: I don't have any cheese. Girl: I'm in a big trouble! Boy: Why is that? Girl: I saw a mouse in my house! Boy: Oh, well, all you need to do is use a trap. Girl: I don't have one. Boy: Well then, buy one.

Boy: Okay then, take a piece of bread and put a bit of oil in it and put it in the trap. Girl: I don't have oil. Boy: Well, then put only a small piece of bread. Girl: I don't have bread. Boy: Then what the heck is that mouse doing at your house..??

Girl: Can't afford one. Boy: I can give you mine if you want.

Beggar A: "Sorry, old man, that my hen got loose and scratched up your garden" B: "That's all right, my dog ate your hen" “Why do you beg?” “The truth is I beg to get money

A: "Fine! I just ran over your dog and killed him".

for booze- drink.” “Why do you drink?” “To give me the courage to beg”.

Vi Thị Thanh Hằng

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Step 1

As we know, presentation is one

click on New Prezi, then enter the slide

of compulsory skills in the School of Foreign Languages. Students usually present many topics in learning process; therefore, we must need to have a software to support our presentation. Most students are also familiar with presentation software: Power point? but it is not the best selection. One of the most interesting software students need to know is ‘Prezi’. Prezi is website in which students are allowed to edit presentation on the home page with various categories account. Being different from Power point, Prezi doesn’t help user present on particular page. It can zoom into each part of the presentation, and makes it become the united together. Prezi software makes your presentation more coherent and unique. Now, we will try making a presentation with Prezi. Prezi is built in the Flash background, thus, you can make the presentation when you are online or offline. Firstly, you have to go on and sign up. That is same as our unregistered an email address to have username and password. After that, you follow the instruction of website to finish the subscription account. Then, you log in your account, and follow the instructions below:

Step 2 After entering the information, you will be converted to Template page, Prezi has 5 template forms. If you want to create a white slide, you only press Blank / Start editing.

Step 3 making a completely slide. Below is the main interface of Prezi, where you will use your creation to make an impression slide

In the home page, there are many squares which have same slide in power point. They have different shapes, such as: sloping, incline… All of the squares are organized, which follow the order of our presentation. On starting the presentation, you must only click the mouse on arrow same as Power point. The square will be enlarged and eye-catching. On Prezi, we can also insert word, PDF, image, audio and video. Prezi is easy to use, but it also has some problems which make you invert your time.

Today, Prezi is one of the most important software application, which makes your presentation powerful and beautiful. It is a redoubtable opponent with Power point of Microsoft and Keynote of Apple. Retrieved from the website:

Vi Thị Thanh Hằng

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STRAWBERRY PILLOW Nguyễn Thị Nhung Have you ever made something for your lover, friends or your parents? Do you like a cotton pillow made by yourself? It’s simple to have a cotton pillow. Here are some steps for a sweet strawberry pillow:

Preparation: -

Pink ( or red ) cloth, green cloth


Scissor, soft cotton (stuffed pillow)


Sewing needle, skein, chalk and ruler




5.1 Step 1

Step 2




Cut pink cloth to two equilateral triangles and sew left border side of two triangles together. Fold the pink cloth so that 2 sewed selvages overlap and then sew one horizontal line at the bottom of the triangle to make a strawberry. After sewing, cut

4 4



5.3 Step 3

5.4 .4

Step 2

Now, put the cloth back to its original triangular shape and then sew another two short parallel lines at the corner triangles you had sewn. Step 4

Turn to the right side of the cloth and stuff cotton into the strawberry pillow.Grab edge of the cloth and

sew it

Step 5

To make stem of strawberry, cut green cloth into three pieces like in the picture. Sew number 1 and 2 together and turn to the right side. Next, stuff the stem

Page 8

of strawberry with cotton. Sew the stem with the strawberry.


Nguyễn Thị Nhung Ice cream is one of the most favorite foods of students. Although the weather is so cold, many students still want to enjoy ice cream. Thai Nguyen City has a lot of ice cream restaurants, especially those on Luong Ngoc Quyen Street. You can easily to find a funny place with your friends. “ Famous” is the most famous restaurant with catching eyes decoration. You will be attracted at the first look. It is at 35 Luong Ngoc Quyen, each day, hundreds of students come here enjoy ice cream. When coming, your feeling is fantastic because of the cool atmosphere. Over 50 tables at three floors, you can choose a suitable seat for yourself. Waiters and waitresses are so friendly, enthusiastic and polite. Most of them are students, so it is easy to understand your taste. These ice creams are made from safety products with high quality The main ingredients are milk and cream and often combined with fruits or other flavors. Some popular fruits are strawberry, coconut, breadfruit, taro…some flavor such as chocolate, cacao, vanilla, caramel….. Page 9

Which ice cream do you like? There are a lot of types for you: -

Vanilla ice cream Strawberry ice cream Chocolate ice cream Coconut caramel Taro ice cream Orange ice cream Jelly yogurt Breadfruit yogurt

Breadfruit yogurt is the best choice? It combines breadfruit and yogurt; you will be interested in sweet flavor of fruit and cool yogurt. Only with 15k you have a delicious yogurt. Surely, satisfaction is your feeling after eating it. In addition, “Famous” also has snacks, fast foods, and a lot of drinks. It is large enough for you to organize a party. The price is also suitable with students. Let’s come and enjoy!

A long-sleeved shirt is the best choice for the beginning of the autumn. Girls who are thin should choose light jeans. Students will be more dynamic when combining jeans, shirt with sneakers or boots and a backpack. Moreover, you can bring a watch or some bracelets to make you more beautiful.

Huyen Le is confident with jeans and long-sleeved shirt

Fashion Forum in this October has received many interests and sharing of FFL students, especially girls. In this autumn, Fashion Forum hopes you have more new clothes in your wardrobe and below are 4 most popular mixes that you can choose

Other choices in this autumn are vests and cardigans. You will look more youthful when mixing a green cardigan with jeans and you can also choose a pair of green shoes to make your clothes more harmonious. A pink short-sleeved vest will highlight your skin in this autumn. In addition, if you combine a pink short-sleeved vest with a short skirt, you will look more active Nguyễn Thị Lương

Page 10

Student‘s Fashion

The next topic is beautiful shoes and scarf patterns used in the autumn. Fashion Forum hopes you share your ideas about this topic. You can send it to email address: . Your sharing will be published on the Fashion Forum next issue.

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“Heart to Soul” is a music program which is produced by the Community English Club of Faculty of Foreign Languages- Thai Nguyen University. Through music gift, our program is a means help you share and transfer the thinking, feeling and love to who you want. “Heart to Soul”, also, is considered as an interesting place where you can find and make friend with the lovely and friendly person. Please contact with us at mail address:

Opening the first program is message from Nguyen Hong Thuy studying in English Education class- K33, FFL. She wants to give her family the song: “ Try” by Pink with the message: “ although this time is very difficult for all of members in our family, we will try to overcome together. I love our family so much!” Next, Vu Phuong Thao – a student from English Education Class- K33 also express her love to a Indian boyfriends named Prasad that : “ I am really happy when we are friends. I know, in November, you will come back to India. I will never forget you. Best wish for you. Send to you a romantic song “Dau mua” by Trung Quan Idol”. The last is a film song : “ Remind of you” by Byul as a lovely gift which is from Doan Thi Len- Monitor of Chinese Education Class – k33 to K36 with the congratulation : “ We am glad to welcome all of you. We hope and believe that you will study well and complete excellenly in all activities”. In next program, we will continue being a brigde to transfer you message to who you love. Please contact with us at mail address: Or HearttoSoul - Lã Thúy

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Nguyễn Thị Nhung - Aries ( 21/03- 19/04) May be friends need your advices. Standing out of situation, you can realize problems clearly. After 16 , you have a lot of stress. Remember to keep calm in emergency situation th

A month with full of notions, solutions and planations. Unfortunately, no one believe your ideas. On 8 , you want more attractively than intelligently. It is amazing that you Aare successful by this way th

- Gemini (21/05-21/06) You are trying to promote your speed in working. It is not easy to make everyone satisfy. They require a lot, you have to do your tasks and even your friend’s duties. Don’t forget it is limited although you are generous

- Cancer (22/06- 22/7) You have a lot of creation and you know how to touch the success in learning. Your imagination is quite good. It is unlimited. This a best chance to get good mark. Sharing your ideas help you closer with friends - Leo (23/7-23/8) You get difficulties in owning your fright. You need change, although you are not happy you should accept it. May be you are too stress in this month. However, congratulation, you pass a month with a lot of efforts - Virgo (24/8- 23/9) The working relates to performance, communication, teaching will develop very well. Persuasion help you deliver your ideas clearly. It is perfect time for you to improve your knowledge

Page 13

- Libra (24/9-22/10) The job relates to politic is easy to success. Going on time, you know what you should do. On the other aspects, tardiness make you unhappy. You have to wait for your leader a lot. Don’t loose your hope, at the end you will get something you want - Scorpio (23/10-21/11) You should use a lot of time to think about yourself. Certainly, you should change. You are scared of unclearly things. If you know the way to change, you will be comfortable.

- Sagittarius (22/11-21/12) You have a lot of improvements in this month. In working you must be careful. However, you pay attention a lot on a small detail, you may get mistake

- Capricornus ( 22/12-19/01) You know the way to touch your dream clearly. On your plannation, you receive advices from friends. In addition, someone need your help, you will be respected a lot

- Aquarius (20/01-18/02)

- Pisces (19/02-20/03)

Although you are always busy, you still feel boring. You think you give a lot and receive nothing. On first week, you are misunderstood by your friend. In this situation, try to explain clearly and don’t loose your friendship

Your job is very good. You know how to attract others. You find solutions for all problems. If you are finding a part time job, you will receive a surprised requirement. You should agree because in future it will bring a lot of fun.

VAIO® Duo 11 (Gun metallic) Model: SVD11215CGB

VAIO® Duo 11 features the Surf Slider™ design for smooth transitions between two modes. Use touch operation in the slate mode and regular PC operation in the keyboard mode. Utilize the digitizer stylus to take notes, or enjoy original applications. It works for both business and leisure.

Intel® Core™ i5-3317U Processor 1.70 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.60 GHz

Windows 8 64 bit

11.6 inch wide (Full HD: 1920 x 1080) TFT colour display (VAIO Display Plus, LED backlight, OptiContrast™ Panel)

Smooth transformation between slate and PC mode thanks to the Surf Slider™ mechanism

sleek, light and full featured Ultrabook™

Bundled with precise writing digitizer stylus



Almost people love autumn because it is always considered as the most beautiful and comfortable season in the year. Slight wind and yellow sunshine in the cool weather bring people the interesting and romantic feelings. However, this weather has bad effects to your skin, especially, girls’ face skin. The moisture in atmosphere decreases dramatically so your face skin becomes dry. In addition, wind combining to sunshine in the droughty weather creates a favorable condition for the development of acne- the obsession of every girl. Although there are many good remedies to take care of skin, fruit mask is often chosen as the most popular and suitable method to help girls retake their smooth and bright skin. Fruits such as papaya, apple and orange contain a lot of vitamin A, E, D as well as Enzyme which clean skin and regenerate the new skin cell fast. Furthermore, mask also provides water to keep the moisture for skin. Therefore, we will give you some simple recipes which are not only cheap but also effective.



Almost people love autumn because it is always considered as the most beautiful and comfortable season in the year. Slight wind and yellow sunshine in the cool weather bring people the interesting and romantic feelings. However, this weather has bad effects to your skin, especially, girls’ face skin. The moisture in atmosphere decreases dramatically so your face skin becomes dry. In addition, wind combining to sunshine in the droughty weather creates a favorable condition for the development of acnethe obsession of every girl. Although there are many good remedies to take care of skin, fruit mask is often chosen as the most popular and suitable method to help girls retake their smooth and bright skin. Fruits such as papaya, apple and orange contain a lot of vitamin A, E, D as well as Enzyme which clean skin and regenerate the new skin cell fast. Furthermore, mask also provides water to keep the moisture for skin. Therefore, we will give you some simple recipes which are not only cheap but also effective.

1. Papaya mask Preparation - ½ ripe papaya - A cup of oats - A cup of olive oil

Use -

Grind the ripe papaya


Mix the material Lather the mixture on the face in 20 minutes Wash face with warm water. Use twice a week. 2. Apple mask

Preparation -

½ apple A spoon of honey A spoon of milk (without sugar)




Grind the apple Mix the material


Lather the mixture on the face in 20 minutes Wash face with cool water Use once or twice a week

Note: you should use apple mask from once to twice a week because acid in the apple can kill the beneficial bacteria on skin which is the main cause of acne.


Turmeric mask

Preparation -

2 spoon of milk (without sugar) 3 spoon of turmeric

Use: -

Mix the material Lather the mixture on the face in 20 minutes Wash face with milk before washing with clean water

Note: you should wash face with milk before because it can clean the yellow color of turmeric.