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2019 WIN






2019 WIN


Issue 7 | December 2019






schools, Te Tauihu iwi and Ngāi Tahu through participation, rejuvenation of relationships and being involved.

Message from the Chair Butch Little

Kia ora e te whānau, Kua tae ki te wā Kirihimete! Christmas has arrived!

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This is the time of year to celebrate with whānau and friends and look back at what we have achieved for the year.

The last quarter of 2019 has been an energetic and engaging time for Ngāti Tama. We went out to our whānau to conduct a series of Engagement Hui across Aotearoa, Te Ipukarea was hosted in Motueka, and we have been connecting with our whānau regularly. We are continuing to strengthen our relationships with our

Ngāti Tama Staff and Board members went across the country in October to listen and learn about whānau aspirations and priorities. These hui were about listening to whānau aspirations which we will continue online with surveys and research over the coming months. Feedback and participation with this process will help to inform future Ngāti Tama strategies and will guide our trustees with future decision making. I encourage all our whānau to take part in the survey process either on our website or by completing the survey included in this pānui. The results of the survey and whānau engagement will be made available at our 2020 AGM. The Board and Tama Staff are planning for our Annual General Meeting in April 2020 which will be hosted at Whakatū Marae. The AGM will coincide with our Ngāti Tama ki Te Tauihu Whānau Wānanga where we will share histories of Ngāti Tama ki Te Tauihu whakapapa, waiata, karakia and take a field trip to one our culturally significant sites. I encourage our iwi members to come and listen, engage and be part of the AGM and weekend wānanga.

We’ve had a fantastic end of year with four Ngāti Tama teams entering Te Tauihu Te Ipukarea, the annual interiwi sports competition. Hosted by Ngāti Rārua in Motueka, sports included Netball, Basketball, Touch, KĪ-o-Rahi and Euchre. With the energy and tenacity of our young people, Ngāti Tama took first place for both the Rangatahi and Tamariki categories for KĪ-oRahi. A great result for our debut season. Ngāti Tama unveiled a Pou commissioned by the Ngāti Tama Board and placed at Motupipi Primary School in Mohua. The pou, carved by Tim Wraight is named Motupipi and recognises the special relationship between the school and our iwi. This is the beginning of Ngāti Tama erecting Pou at significant sites around the rohe to commemorate the history and the connection Ngāti Tama have to those places. Lastly, on behalf of the Ngāti Tama Group, I would like to wish all our whānau a safe and festive holiday season, I look forward to catching up with you all in the New Year.

Ngā mihi o Te Wā me Te Tau Hou, A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Anthony (Butch) Little Chairman | Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust



General Manager Jaqui Ngawaka Kia ora e te iwi, ngā mihi matakuikui i tēnei wāhanga o te tau. I have now been in the GM role for 18 months and what a time it has been. 2019 has been filled with growth, activation, engagement and so much learning. Firstly, I would like to thank the team for all their hard work this year. We are well on our way to delivering our 12month business cases that focus on our current priorities; Te Reo, Tikanga, Whakapapa, Environment and Education and I’m looking forward to the development of future strategies when our current one expires in 2020. I would like to extend my thanks to all those who sent in messages for Narissa Armstrong, who resigned from her role as Pouāwhina after 7 years with the Trust. Friends, staff and iwi members joined Narissa in a celebration dinner, and the Trust presented her with a taonga created by Brian Flintoff, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a personalised book filled with whānau tributes.

We recently welcomed a new member to our staff, Nikita Takai, who has returned home to Nelson after 11 years in Wellington, working for the Medical Council of NZ. We also have two contractors to Ngāti Tama, who are delivering specific project based mahi for the Trust, in Education, Te Reo me Ōna Tikanga and Environment. Lastly, I would like to wish all our whānau a safe and festive Christmas holiday as we all look forward to what the New Year brings. Kia hāneanea te noho ki roto i ōu kāinga maha, kia tau tonu te manaakitanga o te Runga Rawa ki runga i a tātou katoa, mauriora! Jaqui x

Ngāti Tama Staff Wānanga 2019 to Te Waikoropupū and Onetahua

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Te Pouwhakahaere | General Manager

Upcoming Dates Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu AGM 25th April, 2020 Whakatū Marae, Nelson Ngāti Tama ki Te Tauihu Whānau Wānanga Friday 24th – Monday 27th April 2020 Whakatū Marae, Nelson Ngāti Tama Education Grants Opening

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1st February 2020

NGĀ KAUPAPA | CONTENTS Message from the Chair


Message from the General Manager


Whānau Engagement


Ngāti Tama AGM & Whānau Wānanga


Te Ipukarea


Motupipi Pouwhenua Unveiling


Charitable Trust to take role within Tama Group


Tribute to Cultural Trustees


Te Mauri o Te Mana Kuratahi


Farewell to Narissa


Māori Business in Te Tauihu


New Employee Profile: Nikita Takai


Associate Trustee Profile: Johannah Katene-Burge


Staff Noho to Onetahua


Ngāi Tahu relationship


Te Taiao: Te Kotahitanga mō te Taiao Alliance


Project Moturoa: Seeking registrations of interest


Ngāti Tama Grants






Carver, Tim Wraight Unveiling of Motupipi at Motupipi Primary School

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Education & Te Reo me Ōna Tikanga Scoping Exercise 7


WHĀNAU ENGAGEMENT HUI TĀMAKI MAKAURAU | TARANAKI | PORIRUA | ŌTAUTAHI | WHAKATŪ In October, Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust held Whānau Engagement Hui across Aotearoa to get insight into whānau aspirations, goals and challenges for future strategy development. These hui was also an opportunity for Ngāti Tama to capture information around Te Reo Me Ōna Tikanga and Education. Ngāti Tama was granted funding to undertake scoping exercises to help inform the future development of a Ngāti Tama Te Reo me Ōna Tikanga Strategy and future Education Strategy. The Ngāti Tama ki Te Tauihu Strategic plan 2015 is due to expire in 2020, and a new Plan needs to be created to guide the Trust for future decision making. Ngāti Tama set out to capture whānau voice to ensure future strategies reflect whānau ideas. Have your say by going to https://ngatitama.nz/contact/survey/

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RENEE THOMAS What encouraged you to attend the whānau engagement hui? I like to contribute and love to hear what others have to say. I know it is difficult to engage with whānau and also recognise the importance of Kanohi ki te kanohi engagement. Why is it important for whānau to have their say in iwi priority planning such as this? The job of the trustees is a difficult one and more input from whānau makes the job a bit easier - if they know what whānau want it is easier to plan for.


What would you like to see the iwi doing for you and your whānau in 30 years? After seeing what the Pueblo do in New Mexico I can see a real opportunity for our people of Ngāti Tama to benefit greatly from the treaty settlements. With a small membership base of 500 it could be really easy to be able to reach out and help whānau as groups achieve their dreams and aspirations - on an individual basis that will strengthen our whānau, hapū and Iwi as a collective.

“it could be really easy to reach out and help whānau achieve their dreams and aspirations”


KŌRERO MAI For the Trust to better understand the aspirations of iwi members. The scoping exercise is consisted of a series of workshops, surveys and research to provide insights into the current landscape of Te Reo and Education for our iwi members.


How would you like to see Ngāti Tama in 30 years time? It will also include a review of relevant literature and evidence that will help shape recommendations for the

future development of an education and te reo strategy.

The findings of the scoping exercise will be presented at the 2020 AGM.

Have your say! Go to https://ngatitama. nz/contact/survey/ for more


Whānau Wānanga


Friday 24th April – Monday 27th April 2020

Saturday 25th April 2020 Start: 2pm

WHAKAPAPA | HĪTORI | WAIATA | KARAKIA | WHENUA whanau@ngati-tama.iwi.nz | 0800 TAMA IWI | 74 Waimea Road, Nelson

Contact Ngāti Tama office to RSVP for catering purposes

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Whakatū Marae, Nelson

Whakatū Marae, Nelson


TE IPUKAREA MAUI There was a great show of Ngāti Tamatanga at Te Ipukarea this month, hosted by Ngāti Rārua in Motueka.

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This is the first year Ngāti Tama has entered teams into the inter-iwi sports competition, and first impressions of the event was that the air was electric. Ngāti Tama Chair and staff showed support and manaaki for our teams by providing lunch, snacks and cheerleading throughout the day. This year’s games saw teams competing in Netball, Basketball, Touch, Kī-o-Rahi and Euchre. All eight iwi braved the winds and occasional rain to take out the top spots. Most gazebo’s including ours, lost their battles with the strong winds of Tāwhirimātea but it didn’t put a damper on the days competitions. Our tamariki and rangatahi teams were amazing on the KĪ-o-Rahi field. Ngāti Tama tamariki and rangatahi displayed great sportsmanship and positivity and in the end were able to take home two first placings. Our euchre team had some intense games on the cards table, whānau came to play and they didn’t mess around!


Signing up to play for two teams wasn’t for the faint of heart, but a number of our rangatahi ran back and forth all day from the netball court to the KĪ-o-Rahi field, with few breaks. A big mihi to our ladies netball team who represented Ngāti Tama with pride! And a special mention to Pohe Stephens and Pikiora Spooner for all your tautoko and organisation of Ngāti Tama teams. Thank you to Ngāti Rārua and we look forward to Te Ipukarea 2020 being hosted by Ngāti Toa.

tamariki and rangatahi displayed great sportsmanship and positivity


Ngāti Tama First Placings Rangatahi Kī-o-Rahi


Rangatahi Tāne Wāhine




Toa me Kuia

Touch Rugby






Kuia me Te Ātiawa



Netball Basketball Euchre

Toa Rārua


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Tamariki Kī-o-Rahi


Motupipi Pouwhenua In the calm of the early morning darkness, headlights and torchlights converged around the flagpole that stands near the front of a small rural primary school. Children, some still in their pyjamas, others bright eyed and bushy tailed, gathered on a tarpaulin splayed out on the dew laden grass. On the edge of the field, a lit up classroom strewn with mattresses and sleeping bags, evidence of the overnight camping adventure the evening before. Parents, teachers and the community were joined by kaumātua, Ngāti Tama trustees, staff and whānau to unveil Motupipi. Carved by local carver, Tim Wraight, Motupipi was blessed at dawn to signify the relationship between Ngāti Tama and the Primary School.

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The three metre tōtara pou was commissioned by Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust and marks the beginning of a series of Pouwhenua to be constructed and erected at a number of significant sites for Ngāti Tama ki Te Tauihu.


Motupipi: ‘Motu’ – island ‘pipi’ – shellfish As the name ‘Motupipi’ would suggest, the estuary surrounding the island was renowned for the ‘gathering of the delicacy’. At first glance it seems the island is detached from the mainland however it is joined and surrounded by farmland at its base. It’s currently a popular recreational site for bikers and hikers alike and is now generally referred to as Motupipi Hill.

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The surrounding area takes its name from the island including the local primary school and the newly unveiled pou which bears the same name. The pou signifies the important relationship between Ngāti Tama, the school and the local community.

IWI PĀNUI | Iwi notice

Cultural Trust to perform charitable role for Ngāti Tama Group Ngāti Tama ki Te Tau Ihu Cultural Trust (NTCT) has been approved to perform the charitable role within the Ngāti Tama Group (the Group), following a review of the Tama entities including Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust (NTWT), Tama Asset Holding Company (TAHC) and NTCT. Over the past eighteen months, the trustees sought and considered legal and financial advice about the overall structure of the entities to enhance operations across the Group. As a result of the review, NTWT approved to support NTCT to perform its charitable role within the Group. NTCT will be guided by strategic and operational plans and advice from NTWT and current NTWT staff. This aims to result in effective and efficient use of resources, reduce risk of work duplication and mitigate any foreseen compliance issues.

All functions for the Ngāti Tama Group are performed by NTWT and all staff are employed by NTWT. These functions include services that NTCT as a registered charity has taken advantage of since Nov 2016. NTCT will continue to provide NTWT and TAHC with services obtained at discounted rates due to its status as a registered charity. New Trustees of NTCT will be appointed to ensure that all Ngāti Tama Group expenditure and charitable activity is being treated correctly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the name will be changed to Ngāti Tama ki Te Tau Ihu Charitable Trust to avoid confusion about its function and purpose. Cultural mahi will continue. This will happen as part of day-to-day staff responsibilities and through guidance and advice from NTWT committees or working groups. The recent cultural trustees will have completed their roles and have been invited to be members of the NTWT Grants and Scholarships Committee.

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The changes have begun and will be fully effective from January 2020.

Bev Purdie – Recent Cultural Trustee


Cultural Trustees acknowledged for their service On behalf of all whānau we wish to acknowledge the Cultural Trustees for their hard work and dedication. Over several years they have worked tirelessly to uphold the kaitiaki legacy of Ngāti Tama. The cultural trustees have also provided opportunities for te reo and tikanga enrichment through whānau wānanga and through the expansion of education grants to include primary and secondary schooling.

Te Waikoropupū Springs aquifer system and catchment area. The intended purpose of the WCO is to protect Te Waikoropupū and preserve the quality of the water. We are currently awaiting a response from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and our hope is that the WCO will be granted so that any Council freshwater management plans will reflect the need to protect this significant water body and wāhi tapu. Leanne and Margie will continue to provide advice, guidance and leadership in our response to the WCO application.

Leanne Mason – Recent Cultural Trustee

The cultural trustees have also provided opportunities for te reo and tikanga enrichment

As you will be aware Ngāti Tama was a joint applicant with Andrew Yuill to lodge a Water Conservation Order (WCO) application over

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We particularly acknowledge Margie Little and Leanne Manson who, in addition to their normal work have persistently led and driven the vast majority of work in mining, water conservation and environmental protection., on behalf of Ngāti Tama and with the full support of local whānau.

Margie Little – Recent Cultural Trustee


Te Mauri

o Te Mana Kuratahi In November, te mauri o Te Mana Kuratahi, was received by Te Tauihu Students, and accompanied back to Whakatū Marae.

Te Tauihu is set to host the National Primary Schools Kapa Haka Competition in 2021 Jane De Feu leads students onto Whakatū Marae. Credit: Stuff

Ngāti Tama wish to congratulate those tauira who participated in this year’s competition and we look forward to 2021. Te Tauihu is also host the National Secondary Schools competition in 2022 and Te Matatini in 2025.

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A FOND FAREWELL It was the end of an era for Ngāti Tama ki Te Tauihu, when we bid farewell tp our longest serving employee. Narissa Armstrong stepped down as Pouāwhina for Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust on November the 8th.

the Trust business. She could put her hand on any paper in this office and know the who, what, when and why” Narissa is the longest standing employee of Ngāti Tama and has seen all its members, trustees, directors, representatives and associates come through. Narissa was joined by current and past trustees, iwi members, friends and staff to celebrate her contribution to the iwi and wish her well with her future endeavours.

Narissa has been with the Trust through milestone events such as receiving Settlement, the moving of Ngāti Tama Trust offices to Waimea Road, lodging of the Water Conservation order for Te Waikoropupū and she has supported three General Managers. General Manager Jaqui Ngawaka says “Narissa has been an enduring figure within Ngāti Tama offices throughout the years and is knowledgeable about every aspect of

Margie Little with Narissa at her farewell dinner

OHAOHA | economic

MĀORI BUSINESS IN TE TAUIHU The network members identified their aspirations and goals and Mākete Pō was born as one way to promote their mahi.

The Regional Intersectoral Forum (RIF) in Te Tauihu is made up of the eight iwi, and around 13 crown agencies, and the three councils (Nelson City, Tasman, and Marlborough). In RIF there are four pou – cultural, social, environmental and economic. The economic pou is all about opportunities to support Māori enterprise in Te Tauihu. It’s very organic the activity is driven by iwi/Māori/whānau aspirations.

which is an opportunity for whānau who have a business to come together for advice, support, information, networking. It's first hui was hosted by Ngāti Kuia, the second by Ngāti Tama and the most recent one by Westpac in Nelson. Ngāti Tama’s own Judi Billens was appointed Patron of the Network, for her wealth of knowledge with her 55 years industry experience in business, and commitment to supporting Māori Business in Te Tauihu.

In 2018, the members of the The network host quarterly pou set about forming a Māori hui and invite Māori Business Network, business owners to network, hear from other like-minded Mākete Pō business owners and professionals in a whānau 28 February 2020 environment.

Washbourne Gardens Richmond

The aim is to provide avenues for Māori businesses to promote, sell and market their products.

Judi Billens of Ngāti Tama was appointed Patron of the Network in September wonderful opportunity Māori Business owners.


The event was established to support Māori businesses to be active, accessible and visible within Te TauIhu. The event promotes Māori arts, crafts, entertainment and Māori business.

Te Puna | Page 15

Whānau enjoying Mākete Pō in Nelson, checking out the waka on display

Mākete Pō supports its vendors to find pathways to get their product out to the general public and is a

WHĀNUI | profiles



Te Puna | Page 16

I am a Nelson local and have recently moved back home after being in Wellington for the past 11 years. I have worked in administrative positions in several different areas, most recently in the health sector working in regulation and compliance with the medical profession.

The taonga of our tupuna have been entrusted to the current and future generations, for the benefit of our people. As an endeavouring young wāhine Māori, I now seek the opportunity to represent my generation in the strategic direction of our iwi and the prudential management of taonga tuku iho, for the future yet. With a commerce academic focus of strategic management and human resource management, I set purpose to embody the skills I have learnt thus far at The University of Waikato and to further develop this expertise alongside Ngāti Tama. In the age of modern management, processes are evolving, technology is upgrading, and business is expanding. Yet, underneath the evolution of change will always remain the people and the relationships we choose to foster. After all, the people are our greatest network, asset and priority. I am proud that my leadership is founded upon my identity as Māori and as Ngāti Tama.

Since moving back I am enjoying rediscovering my beautiful home town and having lots of family around me to enjoy the moments with! I am excited to be appointed as the new Pouāwhina for the Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust and really look forward to working with everyone.

Photo credit: Kate MacPherson

WHANAKE | develop

STAFF NOHO TO ONETAHUA We then headed over to Onetahua Marae, where we were welcomed by John WardHolmes, Robin Slow, Mākere Chapman and Mairangi Reiher. They took the team to Te Waikoropupū springs to hear stories of the area and then to a Ngāti Tama site in Parapara.

In November Ngāti Tama office went to Onetahua Marae for an overnight staff noho in Mohua. The first stop was to meet the legendary Fred Te Miha, who guided the team around Motueka to some Ngāti Tama sites in the surrounding areas. The team visited our property at Whakarewa Street and Te Puna o Riuwaka.

In the evening staff were treated to kōrero from Robin Slow about the history of Onetahua Marae, and a glimpse of the treasures inside. On day two the team stopped on top of Tākaka hill to see the physical representation of Ngārarahuarau's scales – a korero we’d heard about the night before. On the return home to Whakatū we visited Puketāwai Reserve in Motueka.

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Relationship with Ngāi Tahu rejuvenated Ngāti Tama are rejuvenating the relationship with Ngāi Tahu to support iwi development and capabilities. In 2011, a relationship agreement was signed between the two iwi and was signified through a touchstone and base to acknowledge the special intergenerational relationship between Ngāti Tama and Ngāi Tahu. The pounamu touchstone was gifted by Ngāi Tahu. The rākau base was carved from the same tōtara log that was used to carve the pou tuarongo at Onetahua Marae.

There are two designs running into each other, carved by Tim Wraight. The pūngāwerewere for Ngāti Tama is a symbol of the web and weaving together of unity. The pākura for Ngāi Tahu is a double-sided spiral that signifies the two sides of life.

TE TAIAO | environment

TE TAIAO O TE TAUIHU – AN UPDATE Earlier this year Ngāti Tama forged an alliance with iwi, councils and the Department of Conservation in the Te Tauihu to work collectively with communities to restore natural landscapes across the region. The Alliance provides environmental leadership and coordination in working together and with others to protect and enhance the wider region’s diverse natural landscapes.

Hundreds of native plant and animal species live within those landscapes, including some unique to the region. Since its signing, Ngāti Tama have been working with the alliance to work towards achieving the strategies outcomes. The Alliance has accepted an operational plan 2019/2020 to help guide the Alliance work focus. Existing projects such as project Moturoa are seeking registrations of interest from interested iwi members.

The landscapes include vast areas of beech forest, eastern dryland, alpine hinterland, the sheltered sounds of Marlborough, freshwater catchments and varied marine environments including extensive intertidal flats and wild and exposed coasts.


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PROJECT MOTUROA Ngāti Tama are taking expressions of interest for the Project Moturoa Program. Currently we are seeking two tāne and two wāhine to be part of the 2020 intake based in Nelson. Starting February 2020 to November 2020, the program is underpinned by Kaitiaki Whenua, NZ Certificate in Conservation (Operations) Level 4 on the NZQA Framework with the aim to a viable pathway of learning and employment that links Te Taiao & Kaitiakitanga to social, employment and economic outcomes. Project Moturoa is an initiative by The Regional Intersectoral Forum (RIF) and The Kotahitanga mō te Taiao Alliance to bring together opportunities where iwi can enhance the mauri of the environment and the people

in an interconnected way. To apply for the program, please go to the NMIT website to register at: Any further questions please contact: Pene Gieger | Course Coordinator M: +64 272509837 pgieger@doc.govt.nz

PĀNUITANGA | notices

EDUCATION GRANTS The round will be open from 1st Feb – 30th Apr 2020

MAI MERCHANDISE USE THE PROMO CODE TAMA50 TO GET 50% OFF (Only while stocks last, so be in quick). BUY NOW at ngati-tama.konstruct.com

Maximum one Education Grant per person per year may be granted. Parents (of children 17 years and under), tertiary students & adults can apply for: • • • • • • •

Pre-school grant: up to $50 per year Primary school grant: up to $100 per year Intermediate school grant: up to $200 per year Secondary School grant: up to $300 per year Tertiary degree education grants: up to $1000 per year Postgraduate scholarship: $2500 one off Non-degree, Poly-technical courses/trade training: up to $500 per year

MANAAKI GRANTS Open all year round Up to $500 per year Maximum one Manaaki Grant per person per year may be granted All applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

NOTICES Office Christmas closing dates Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust offices will be closed from Friday 20th December and will reopen on January 6th.

Catering Services Expressions of Interest for catering during the 2020 AGM & Whānau Wānanga to be held Fri 24th – Mon 27th April 2020 are now being sought. For more information please email comms@ngati-tama.iwi.nz. The last date for submitting an EOI will be Fri 14th Feb


To apply for a grant, you’ll need to be a registered iwi member of Ngāti Tama. Application forms for Education Grants will be available on the website from 1st February 2020. Manaaki Grant Applications are available online.

To register as an iwi member or to update your contact details, go to Ngāti Tama website or contact us in the office. Ngāti Tama Ki Te Waipounamū Trust P O Box 914, Nelson 7040 www.ngati-tama.iwi.nz Ph. 0800 NGATI TAMA whanau@ngati-tama.iwi.nz

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