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Profits Theme is a product of GetProfitsFast. This is premium theme support the marketer do following as: Instantly create squeeze pages proven to build your list quickly, sales pages that look and convert great, product launch pages, fully functioning unlimited-level membership sites (can drip-feed content) without any outside software required, OTO (one time offer) pages (upsell, downsell, etc), legal pages, content pages,delivery pages, protected download pages (member area), and any other type of web page you might ever require! With this tool, you are no longer at the mercy of designers and programmers. No more feeling of helplessness. Gain control back instead of begging them! Introducing Profits Theme for internet marketers – THE internet marketing wordpress theme that creates full-blown profit sites in just minutes so you can focus on marketing instead of creating sites…

I decided to give Profits Theme by Welly Mulia and Adi Djohari a test run on my test site. I have been using James Dysons Optimize Press for quite a while and i must be honest James is an awesome guy and OP has been the gold standard when it comes to these Themes. My initial Profits Theme thoughts: 1) I have found it very easy to use, and i like the fact that you can customize almost any field you desire. 2) It creates pages like Privacy Page, Disclaimer etc. automatically, that’s a real time saver.

3) You can create a complete sales funnel with this theme,Landing/squeeze pages, sales pages, one time offers etc. 4) The integration with autoresponders confirmation/thank you pages. 5) The ability to build a Multi-level membership site, although i have not tested this yet. 6) You don’t have mess with the HTML/CSS/PHP codes, a real headache for non programmers. 7) The Blog functionality is great, this is where Optimize Press needs some attention. 8 ) So far the support response times has been good (Very important that tickets are answered timeously!) 9) Profits Theme also has features that usually require separate plugins such as: . Opt-in form (pop-up and onpage form) . SEO . Basic ads management . Link cloaking 10) You get 6 great looking Skins bundled with the Theme. Other excellent factors include the design flexibility, you can create a layout that suits you best. So far i am very impressed by Profits Theme and will recommend it to my subscribers as a definite alternative to Optimize Press. Profits Theme has taken the technical work out of building a Sales Page, Membership Page, Squeezepage, Product Launch Page, and heck even legal pages and download

pages. The killer is that you don’t need a 3rd party plugin nor do you have to be overly technical. When you setup a sale page for example. You just generate one and get a outline example of where everything should go. The pics (i.e. money back guarantee and testimonials) are already in place. All you have to do is customize the page with your own copy and add your own pictures. In other words it reduces the steps to building your page while giving you a greater visual advantage. If your a blogger, freelance writer, marketer, or business owner with no technical skill.

YOUR SAVE TIME AND MONEY Profits Theme is created specifically for internet marketers by internet marketers. That’s why it’s called WordPress for internet marketers. It solves all 4 problems above:  Profits Theme creates squeeze pages, landing pages, sales pages, product launch pages, protected, multilevel membership sites (can drip-feed content), thank you pages, legal pages, etc.  Profits Theme creates them fast  Profits Theme creates them beautifully  Profits Theme has a low price tag compared to what it can do and how much money it can save you (in the thousands of $) FULL TOOL SUPPORT AND TECHICAL SPECIAL

Click your way to INSTANTLY create Protected, MultiLevel Membership Sites, Squeeze Pages (works will allautoresponders), Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Product Launch Pages, One-Time-Offer Pages, Thank You Pages, Legal Pages Using Profits Theme CAGWYW (click and get what you want) Technology  Create testimonial boxes, johnson boxes, buy now areas, add to cart buttons, download buttons, free trial buttons, money back guarantee badges, free badges, arrows, etc. – all from within the WordPress editor simply by clicking your mouse; NO NEED to use shortcodes at all (those

techy [shortcode][/shortcode]that other similar software are using) Create unlimited, high converting and professionallydesigned squeeze pages – 1 column, 2 columns, text, video, fake video – you name it. Different landing page templates for different pages (if you want) Sign up people to different lists on different pages (if you want; yes you can do that because each page has its own individual settings) Want to have pop-ups on your pages? No problem! Create different pop-ups for different pages (if you want) Copy-n-paste your autoresponder code from your autoresponder provider AS IS (no need to mess around with code) and Profits Theme smart recognition technology will do the rest. Want to capture name and email, or email only? No problem! Create a professionally-designed and elegant PROTECTED, MULTI-LEVEL membership site and download area (tested to work with Clickbank, PayPal, Digital Access Pass, and Wishlist). Create unlimited one-time-offer (OTO) pages that your visitors can only see once or multiple times. Delayed ―add to cart‖ button allows you to specify when you want your add to cart button to appear. Create all of the above easily using Profits Theme’s simple drag-n-drop interface. Built-in content templates save you tens of hours of hard work. 22 niche headers (in different niches) included.


Protects your content/products from unauthorized access – works for both one-time purchase and recurring membership site payments Protects your content sold via Clickbank – member area protected by Profits Theme; no need to use additional 3rd party software. Protects your content sold via PayPal – member area protected by Profits Theme; no need to use additional 3rd party software. Protects your content sold via DAP (Digital Access Pass) – need to buy DAP separately; DAP tested to work with Profits Theme. Protects your content sold via Wishlist – need to buy Wishlist separately; Wishlist tested to work with Profits Theme Set up unlimited membership levels and/or products (paid or free) – Eg. Silver, Gold, Platinum, and grant different access levels for each of them; no need to use additional 3rd party software. Drip-feed your content on a pre-determined schedule; no need to use additional 3rd party software. Set up expiration dates for your content (if you want); no need to use additional 3rd party software. START YOUR PRODUCT LAUCH CAMPAIGN WITH EASE AND SPEED

Disallow people (who haven’t opted-in to your list) to view your pre-launch content. Even if they know the direct URL, they will be redirected to your squeeze page to opt-in first before they can view your content.

Create real product launch where the launch is happening on a fixed date, for example December 1 2011. Create fake/evergreen/perpetual product launch where the launch is always ongoing without a fixed date. Different subscribers will have their own different launch dates. Create unlimited launch sequences within your product launch campaign. Have 5 pre-launch content? Maybe 20? 100? No problem! Tease your subscribers with ―what’s coming next‖ video splash image to whet their appetite. Easily set the order of your launch sequence using dragn-drop. Easily set the release date of each launch sequence at the click of a button. PROFESSIONALLY – DESIGNED BLOG FRAMEWORK

Professional and elegant blog design to boost your credibility and professionalism. 5 skins @ 5 colors + 1 default skin = 26 different skins included.

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Each individual page has its own settings. E.g. Sign up people to different lists on every page (if you want) using copy-n-paste, and drag-n-drop interface. Create regular posts to post content. Easily set up sidebar opt-in form (no coding necessary). Easily set up your own rich content ad (by simply typing), AdSense ad or any other ad network, or your own banner before post content, and/or within post content, and/or after post content. Easily set up opt-in form before post content, and/or after post content (again, you can sign up people todifferent lists on the same blog post, if you want — how cool is that?) Easily set up sidebar 125×125 ads. Fully customizable sidebar tabs.

GET SOCIAL TO GET VIRAL Easily share your content on Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button  Interact with your audience using Profits Theme built-in Facebook comments system (so that when people leave comments on your site, their friends can see this and potentially click the link to your site) and/or the default WordPress comments system Save your time and money. Take chance to check out now ProfitsTheme only 97 $ or try other product of Internet Marketing WordPress Theme 

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Profits Theme, the BEST Internet Marketing WordPress Theme  

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. by Ngan Son · 0 comments Follow me...