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Premium List Magnet is a plugin tool help the blogger making the list mail. With the list mail, the blogger can easily promote the goods to the reader. However find out the list mail is the difficult work. The blogger has lost a lot of money and time. Premium List Magnet will help you save money, save time and increase the revenue in the short time.

Why do you believe that Premium List Magnetcan help you make the list mail very quickly? I think you should buy this tool because it has many function which help you optimized the mail list system. To clear you can review:

1. You can create 2 types of campaigns with Premium List Magnet: Optin – for building your list or Ad – for presenting ads/messages that you want your visitors to see. 2. Spend your time with Premium List Magnet: Use your mouse to click here. Then click there. Then fill in some blanks. Takes minutes. Peanuts. And your beautiful OPTIN and AD campaigns are ready. 3. Even though this is a WordPress Plugin, it also works on non-wordpress sites (read: ANY website).You still need to install it on a WordPress blog, and configure the settings there. Once done, you simply copy a snippet of code it gives you, and paste it on your non-WordPress sites. 4. Most Facebook users use REAL, VALID emails. This means when you use our “Facebook Connect” button to build your list using Facebook, you’re collecting real emails as opposed to bogus emails used for the sole purpose of getting freebies. 5. At the click of 2 buttons by your visitors, and without them typing anything into optin forms, you capture their “real” and “valid” emails (along with some other personal information, which you can use if you like).

6. No need to buy additional expensive software just to create a squeeze page on your Facebook page. Use this very tool to do that, at no additional cost. Instantly insert aSqueeze Page Right within your Facebook Pages 7. Use Video/Custom Image In Your Popups,using text for your popups is great, even though everyone is using it. But why stop there and become just like another “somebody”. Easily embed a video or custom image for your popups to catch the attention of your visitors. Can you say interactive? 8. As marketers, the more specific you get, the better the results. If you’re in the make money online niche, and on one of your posts/pages, you talk about list building – wouldn’t it make more sense to have a “list building” campaign on that post/page? Instead of a just a general “make money online” campaign? 9. With Premium List Magnet, you now can create different optins/ads on different posts/pages. If your blog is about weight loss, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a “natural weight loss” optin box on a post/page that talks about natural weight loss? Instead of just a general “weight loss” optin box? If you do that, your conversion is going to increase, guaranteed. 10. Well, you can create DIFFERENT IN-CONTENT optins on DIFFERENT posts/pages to suit your needs. Did we also mention that you can put your IN-CONTENT optin box below/within/after the content? 1. We all know that multiple, repetitive exposure to the same offer will lead to a higher conversion. Because of this, we have implemented a blog sidebar optin feature where you can easily and instantly insert an optin box to your blog sidebar. 2. Be prepared to monetize your new-found stream of incoming leads. Don’t let your marketing efforts go to waste. You’ve worked so hard to get visitors to your site, and when they leave, they’re gone forever, never to come back to your site ever again. 3. Intercept visitors who leave your site with an offer so enticing they can’t refuse. The offer can be ANYTHING – a popup optin/ad, or even redirect them to ANY webpage you want. 4. People who are willing to take their time and leave a comment on your blog are engaged visitors. And engaged visitors are priceless. Why not offer them an easy way to join your list? With one easy click of their mouse to check a box, they’ll be immediately added to your list. You can thank us later. 5.

Just choose whatever works for you. Maybe you’d like your popups/sliders to show 5 seconds after the page loads? Or maybe 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes? Why settle for one or two plain, boring, and ugly templates when you can have a variety of beautiful templates to choose from? Grab your visitors’ attention by presenting them with stunning design that gets your visitors to scream “WOW!” Buid Member site with Profits Theme andPremium List Magnet help you

increase income for your blog. Premium List Magnet is a present of Getprofitsfast. Basic on above functions I think blogger can make a lot of change to get the big revenue. You can buy Premium List Magnet only 67 $.

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Premium List Magne1  

Premium List Magnet is a plugin tool help the blogger making the list mail. With the list mail, the blogger can easily promote the goods to...