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Every internet business person uses internet marketing products. These products might include analytical tools, affiliate management tools, or a number of other things. Out of the myriad number of internet marketing products available there is on that a serious internet professional cannot live without ... an Autoresponder. What is it? An autoresponder is simply a piece of software that is either installed on the server that is hosting your website or provided by a third party. What does it do? The primary function of an autoresponder is to act as a post office. It manages your email. No not your private email, but the email that is part of every internet business. It handles the drudgery of adding new members to your lists as well as removing those who have chosen to opt out. Imagine how much time you would spend just doing those two things manually. The autoresponder will provide you with the code for the opt in form that you will place on your website so visitors can join your list. This little piece of automation alone is worth its weight in gold. How do you make money with it? You can load your autoresponder with messages that will be sent to your list at specified times. In these messages you provide valuable content to your readers as well as promotions for your products. In essence the autoresponder is the heart of each and every online business. When you are thinking about which internet marketing products that you need the autoresponder should be at the very top of your list.

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