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Ever since I have been coaching Internet Marketing, and people how to make a viable living from home, I have always come up against one major hurdle. Lack of focus!!! Internet marketers that are successful have a clear goal and target in mind on each and every project. They set out on a project and despite distractions via email, forums and the like they finish it. The people who fail and struggle, do so for many reason, but one of the biggest is the offer of further Internet Marketing products that claim to be the saviour and take the prospective internet marketer off focus. The buzz generated around internet marketing products pre launch is almost impossible to escape if you have subscribed to any internet marketers mailing list. It is like a merry go round of products as all the internet marketing gurus support each other and set out to line their pockets and empty yours. The sales copy of the internet marketing products is clever and designed to do it's job. This copy and a cleverly worded series of autoresponder emails, do their job of getting you to part with your cash. If you are new to the game they are worded to make you believe you have no chance of success unless you go ahead and purchase right there. A deadline or a price reduction is always presented to make you feel you must act now. Go back in a months time, the product will still be there. Book mark a one time offer page, go back a week later, is the page you were only ever going to get to see that one time still there. What do you think? If you want to get ahead in Internet Marketing you need to not let the latest internet marketing product launches get in your way. You need to ignore them, as your business develops you will soon be aware if you need to buy something to forward your business, and then you go and get it. If you follow this advice, you may just save your self a few dollars and succeed

Iain Higgins, is an active member of the Professional Golfers Association who still teaches golf today. His golf coaching was limited by injury so he then applied his techniques of golf coaching to IM. Having made $500,000 in two years he turned to training others in Internet Marketing. In 2005 he took 12 students through his Immentor programme and 10 now earn 5 figure monthly incomes. His passion for coaching and will for his students to succeed is second to none []

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How Internet Marketing Products, Can Destroy Internet Marketers  

The people who fail and struggle, do so for many reason, but one of the biggest is the offer of further Internet Marketing products that cla...