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Over the internet I heard some of bloggers tell about Thesis 2.0 has been released. But it is scams or inaccurately. Today I only receive information from DIY Theme, they tell me â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thesis1.84 has released after they had released Thesis 1.8.3. Therefore Thesis 2.0 has not been released now.

Thesis 1.84 is a new version of DIY Theme, with Thesis 1.84 DIY theme introduced official WP Network/Multisite compatibility to the cheers and adoration of millions. Thesis 1.84 which contains the best WordPress Multisite support in the business coupled with

other tweaks that will make your Thesis site smarter and more flexible than ever before.

I has a plan setting up a multisite on WP and now I can check out Thesis 1.84 to set up and mange my site. Control â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thesis Skin and Child Themeâ&#x20AC;?

With Thesis 1.84 the child theme is wonderful. Only On big sites custom_functions.php can get a bit out of control. Because I has prepared set up multisite so I need the more efficient for managing code of blog. Thesis 1.84 help me very much relating to manage and control blog. Easy File Editor Code

If you a coder you often want to change and fix up the code for Thesis. With Thesis 1.84 you easily change In addition, it now has complete awareness of the

the custom.css files that are relevant to them, edit it. You don’t worry about Multisite on your hosting. Only change custom.css you can get the satisfies. The Thesis has a “Master Control”

When you’re running a Multisite environment (many sub domain, it’s really able to modify the designs of all the sites on your network from a single location. With traditional WordPress themes—and especially ones that rely solely on child themes (instead of custom folders, the way Thesis does)—this is not only difficult, but it is literally impossible to accomplish by only editing a single file. You need more time to rock code and change many times. With the new Thesis 1.84 by Thesis Master Control, edits like the one above are simple and can be accomplished from a single custom_functions.php file that governs all the sites on yourThesis-enhanced WordPress Network. Download Thesis 1.84 now to discover newly function.

Download Thesis Theme 1  

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. by Ngan Son · 0 comments Follow me...

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