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We empower people to make change.



“ We empower people to make change. ”

What do we do? We are a global non-profit on a mission to end hunger and create a world where everyone leads a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity.

What we believe We know it’s possible for hunger to end, and that our generation has the power to end it once and for all. People who live in hunger are not the problem – they are the solution. We don’t see a billion hungry mouths to feed, we see a billion human beings who are enterprising and resilient. We train people and unlock their capacity, creativity and leadership so they can end their own hunger. That’s what we do.

What is hunger? Hunger is not merely a lack of food, it is related to a nexus of issues; clean water and sanitation, nutrition, education, women’s empowerment, maternal health, environment, microfinance, health, agriculture and food security. To solve hunger sustainably, you must believe that it is possible and create an enabling environment for change to occur. That is why our approach of starting with women as key change agents, mobilising communities into self-reliant action and creating effective partnerships with local government is so effective. We don’t simply address the symptoms of hunger, we mobilise people and empower them to drive change.

mobilise people “ We and empower them to drive change. ”

Why? A world free from hunger, works for us all. Have you ever asked yourself “Is there more to life than this?� Whilst our circumstances are different to people who live in Africa or Bangladesh, we are often resigned to the status quo and feel powerless to create change. We’re all hungry for purpose, connection, contribution, a better life for ourselves, our families, our community and to make a difference. At the core of this need is human dignity and knowing our lives matter. In a world where we are searching for more, partnering with those who need it most, makes life richer. Hunger and poverty are not problems of one country or another but are global issues solved as global citizens. We can all be empowered to lead change.

The Process


Unlocking human potential to become leaders in their own lives, communities and organisations is what we do. Our proven methodology of shifting mindsets, creating visionary, committed and active leadership works in any environment – from a village in Africa, to an individual or community in New Zealand.

Step 1

Shifting Mindsets

I can’t, I can, We can! The first and critical step, before being able imagine new possibilities, is understanding mindset and the limiting beliefs that are barriers for action. It takes time to move people from deep resignation to possibility. The Hunger Project’s training enables a shift from believing I can’t, to I can to We can! Powerful change occurs when you get a critical mass of people shifting their thinking and behaviours.

What are the outcomes of people who are empowered and have a mindset of possibility?

• • • • •

Ability to rethink what’s possible and challenging ‘truths’ Ability to rethink what is possible and challenging self-limiting beliefs Internal locus of control – “I have the power to change things”, “I am the key” A belief in the capability and potential of others: “We can” Expansiveness: believing that through sharing time, ideas, money, effort, the vision is achievable. This is the antidote to a scarcity mindset. Open to learning and growth, rather than self-protection

Step 2

Visionary Leadership

Imagining new possibilities. We believe no one has a monopoly on vision. We are born with the inherent ability to dream, imagine and create a powerful vision for our lives. Having a bold vision gives us purpose and a pathway to action. Entire communities transform when they align around a common vision.

What are the outcomes of visionary leadership?

• • • •

Ability to create a bold and clear vision Ability to create meaning for yourself and others. Ability to hold and communicate a belief in what could be possible Ability to mobilise, engage, and empower others.

Step 3

Committed Leadership

“ Until one is committed, there is

hesitancy, a chance to draw back � - William H Murray.

Commitment enables resilience and the ability to navigate obstacles. We believe you must first commit to yourself as being capable, resilient, willing and able to enable change, before you commit to others. Once you have found the power within, you find the power by committing to others.

What are the outcomes of committed leadership?

The ability to courageously commit to a future possibility in the face of the unknown. Having the courage to face your own self-doubt and fears in order to commit to yourself and others. Ability to take ownership and be accountable and enable personal responsibility.

Step 4

Active Leadership

Through action our vision becomes a reality. Action enhances our natural leadership and through action our vision becomes a reality. We often believe we have to be a leader before we can lead change. Whereas, active leadership is taking action towards your vision, progressing it rather than hesitating and waiting for perfection.

What are the outcomes of active leadership?

• •

• •

Ability and willingness to share your commitment and action plan. Ability to rise above the current reality and circumstance and taking action towards your vision and make it a reality. Persistence and resilience Ability to start with small steps and actions to achieve your goal and use this to gain momentum and bring others on board. You become a role model to others, as other notice you in action.

How can you help? Playing a role in ending hunger awakens the human spirit and we know that when you give, you get so much more in return. You can join the movement of people rising up, empowered to make change:

AWAKEN Your leadership, capability, potential and human spirit by participating in our Awaken programme. This is a 12-month programme culminating in an immersion experience in one of The Hunger Projects programme countries, is designed to awaken your ability to create change whilst having an enormous impact in ending hunger.

ENGAGE Engage with us by participating in our Rethinking What’s Possible Workshop and discover your own limiting beliefs and create new possibilities for what you’re capable of.

INVEST Help us by giving a monthly amount to keep training and empowering people to make change for themselves. Or Fundraise for us! Give up your birthday presents, do something active and raise money that can be invested in our work.

That’s how we build leaders and empower people to create change. It works in any context, in any environment. For more information visit 15

The Hunger Project Publication  

This is a digital version of a publication concept for The Hunger Project.

The Hunger Project Publication  

This is a digital version of a publication concept for The Hunger Project.