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Swimming Upstream by Andy Brown, VikingSports writer

North Forsyth has a new star in town. Daniel Galloway has become a rising star on our men’s swim team. He has had wins in events such as the Breast Stroke and the 1 00 meter Breast stroke as well. He even made it to regionals and also states this year which is a big improvement from last year. Daniel has been swimming for two years now and has made a splash into the scene. He helped bring the team to a stellar record this year, only having one loss. They also placed 3rd in regionals. When asked about his reaction when he made states he responded “I felt accomplished…I was like heck yeah! I feel like a boss.” His favorite part about swimming competitively is that it gives him the opportunity to achieve goals. He also thinks pretty highly of his teammates, when asked who the best on the team was, he didn’t say himself like some would, instead he stated “it has to be a tie between Steve Ehren, Aubrey Brendle, and Mason Trivette depending on what event was taking place.” According to his team mates, Daniel IS one of the best on the team. Teammate Steve Ehren, who also made states this year, said “He is one of the best because he has made it to regionals, and states should have been his too”. Some may ask how he has improved so much over the last year. The answer is simple “he improved his technique and has gotten stronger” said Steve, and Coach Q also said “he is faster and stronger along with a stronger dedication to his performance.” He has also impacted the team’s success this year by winning his events and “filling a much needed spot.” Around the team, Daniel is a big hit. His hard work and dedication has shown and has helped propel the team to a very accomplished season. Coach Q says “he is very coachable and fun to be around.” This can be seen in his accomplishments and his upbeat attitude. During the offseason Daniel plans to swim a lot, eat healthy, and stay active. Whether or not it pays off we will not know until we watch him next season. One thing is for sure, he is definitely a star athlete.

Ball Control

by Hani Bello, VikingSports writer

Lajada Crews, point guard and shooting guard who has been playing varsity basketball for two years, started playing basketball when she was very little. She always watched her father and brother played basketball all the time, which made her interested in playing basketball. Lajada said, “My dad always push me and play really aggressive when we played one on one and him doing that made me a tough player”. Lajada’s favorite basketball player is Austin Rivers and her favorite college team is Duke University. She doesn’t have a favorite team in the NBA, but likes individual players. Watching players individually makes her into a better player. Lajada’s teammate, Daishya Duffy has been playing basketball with Lajada for two years and always has a fun time around Lajada. Junior Lajada Crew’s most memorable moment this season is when Coach Foreman took a handful of bubblegum and threw it in the middle of the court because he usually doesn’t like anybody take the gum for the jar. Coach Foreman has been coaching since 1 987. When asked what the team needs to improve on, he said that the girls need to work on individual skills and fundamentals of basketball. The varsity girls failed to win a game this season, but Coach Foreman was never disappointed or mad at the team because even though they got beat, they showed up at practice with a positive attitude and they work hard everyday.

Like a Fish

by Austen Spainhour, VikingSports writer

When you think of swimming, what comes to your mind? Guys and girls doing swimming strokes, racing, and supporting each other? The swim team at North Forsyth has a lot of players on it, and a lot of inspiration and team effort. Each person plays a role in this team, and each person is pushed by something or someone, who is there making them who they are. One guy on the swim team, who is full of spirit and motivation, has done great this year. Mason Trivette has been swimming ever since his dad taught him how to. He is a dedicated swimmer and he tries his best. When ever he swims, he puts all he has into it and goes for the win. When he wins, he wins for the team, and when he loses, he still keeps his upright attitude. His dad is his coach, and he shows no favoritism. Mason is pushed and trained by his dad, and he is inspired by him. When asked what the most memorable moment in swimming was he replied, “When we beat our 400.” He’s really a team player. When he wins, he wins with the team. He is known for his bright attitude and knows a lot about swimming. When asked if he had any words of wisdom for the new people joining the swim team, he replied, “It’s hard at first, but you have to stick to it, because at the end, it’ll pay off.”

Floor Lord

by Patrick Green, VikingSports writer

Despite only being a sophomore, Kedrick Flomo has gained quite a fan following at North Forsyth. He can be called a playmaker when comes to the court. Coach Matthew Stewart and girls basketball player Janea Walker said that Flomo plays like the Heat star Dwayne Wade because Kedrick is a slasher just like Wade. Several people have remarked that Ked can be one of the top players in the state if he stays dedicated. Many teammates believe that he already is, if you ask their opinion. Fans say Ked's greatest strength is shooting the ball; if Ked is shooting at least 51 % behind the arc, the fans must be right. Flomo has many different skills but Coach Stewart said that his best skill his creating his on shot off the dribble because he’s a threat when he beats the person off the dribble and gets his shot off. Coach Stewart and player Janea Walker both said they see a great opportunity for Ked to go to a Division I school while getting scholarships from many different schools all over the country. Ked says to win a state championship the team has to live up to their motto “Play Hard, Play Smart, and Play Together."

VikingSports March 2012  

Interviews with Daniel Galloway, LaJada Crews, Mason Trivette and Kedrick Flomo.

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