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Writers Marquis Fussell Andrew Hindes Clay Reese Jamel Summers

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A Spark Off the Bench By Jamel Summers, VikingSports Magazine

Jayvon McCullough is a sophomore guard playing varsity basketball at North Forsyth. He is a great kid and an excellent student in the class room. He is a highly intelligent 10th grader. This year was Jayvon's first year at North Forsyth. He moved from Murphy, NC this summer, where he grew up. Jayvon strives to excel in the classroom because he knows that it will help him out in the long run. In Murphy, Jayvon played basketball and football for his high school. When asked about his transition moving from Murphy to Winston-Salem he said “ The transition was real rough at first. After meeting a few people and growing accustom to the area things got much easier." Murphy is a small town located in the western corner of North Carolina. The people are kind-hearted and easy going. Everybody knows everybody and you are always greeted with a smile. Jayvon said that he missed Murphy because that is where a lot of his friends and family are. He hasn’t been back since the summer. He said that “Growing up in Murphy in such a close-knit environment. I believe the morals and values that have been instilled in me since birth have benefited me in the fact that staying true to myself will carry me a long way. Changing just to fit in has never been an option to me in any situation and I'll always have that within myself no matter where I go in life”. Regarding his high GPA, Jayvon commented “Having a high grade point [average] has always been a goal of mine." His GPA is his motivation to do succeed in school. His current GPA is a 4.1 and he takes all honors classes. Jayvon knows exactly what college he wants to attend but his choices are Duke, North Carolina, Yale and ECU. In college he wants to study neurology. During Jayvon’s free time he enjoys working out in the weight room because it takes a lot off his mind. He likes to write poetry every once in a while. One quote: “To reach success changing and molding throughout my odysseys in life”. In terms of playing alongside is cousin, Jayvon says “It's a privilege being able to play alongside someone in my family. Having that blood relationship makes it a whole easier to communicate on and off the court”. He says he doesn’t regret moving here because he believes everything happens for a reason. Teammate Edward Valentine said “I thought Jayvon was a cool laid back dude”. Jayvon was quiet one Edward first met him but as he got to know him he opened up more. He said that playing with Jayvon is fun because he is a hard worker and good shooter.

Little Sam By Marquis Fussell, VikingSports Magazine

Sam “Little Man” Harper, the wrestling prodigy, has won 13 matches this year. In only his second year of wrestling, Sam is taking out his competition left and right. Taking out his competition means using the cradle. Sam manages to show enough strength to wrap up his opponents' arms and legs and prevents them from moving. Taught never to back down, he goes hard in every match. Never giving up and giving all he’s got he’s an example of what dedication can get you. Wrestling in a 112-119 weight class, Sam still manages to do well in his fights. Iin his last tournament Sam came in third place. Sam says “Before a match I listen to rap music to get hype.” As long as his adrenaline is pumping, he feels there’s nothing or no one that can stop him. The multi-talented Harper is also an excellent football player. Playing safety Sam “Little Man” Harper is not scared to go up against anyone. With remarkable speed, good reflexes, and excellent strength, Sam is a young athlete every young man works hard to be. Not only showing his skills on the mat and field but also in the classroom. Being taught that education is important Sam says “I try hard in school because my mom always encouraged me to do good. She always said you’ll never make it in life if you don’t try." With a good head on his shoulders Sam has a promising future. Sam’s other hobbies are working out, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends. Being the good friend he is, Sam will go out of his way to help out others. A gracious person, he is he is a good person to be around. When needing to get a good laugh in Sam is the person to go to. “I just like making people feel good about themselves”. Never catching him on a bad mood and asking him what puts him in a good mood he says, “Because no one is happy unless I’m happy so I smile for everyone”. Sam never stops playing football. His favorite thing to do on the weekend is starting football games in his neighborhood and playing till the sun goes down. Never letting his size get in the way of his talent, he is sure to be something special some day soon.

Catherine the Great By Andrew Hindes, VikingSports Magazine

Catherine Perez, a senior at North Forsyth, does not spend her winter days working all the time and hanging with her friends. She is a part of the North Forsyth High School Winter Guard Ensemble. She believes that the unit will do great and get first or second place at every competition. Catherine gets very nervous before every competition but it usually goes away right before the event and she hopes she will do give an amazing performance. Winter Guard is very enjoyable for Catherine because she enjoys dancing and dancing is a big part of the Winter Ensemble. She also is a part of the color guard here too, which performs at half time with the marching band at the football games during the fall. Some of her fellow unit members enjoy her presence. One of the members that has nothing but good things to say about Catherine is Sarah Leggett. When Sarah was asked how Catherine does as a part of the team she said “Catherine is an outstanding part of the team.” She also had to say that "she adds a positive and optimistic attitude to the unit.” The team and Sarah enjoy Catherine’s presence on the unit. Sarah also says that Catherine adds senior leadership to the squad. She has been a part of the unit and she knows what is expected of her and as a senior leader of the team. Catherine and her unit believe that they will achieve a lot this year. The person that is the ring leader of all this is Mr. Rick Sigler. When asked how Catherine does as a part of team, Mr. Sigler said “Catherine [is] the epitome of the team.” Mr. Sigler said “absolutely she puts her heart into all of guard at the competitions and practices.” Mr. Sigler and the fellow guard members agree that Catherine is a caring and dependable person and that she adds a positive and refreshing attitude to the Assemble. When asked what type of leader she was, Mr. Sigler said "She is a great senior leader.” Catherine had this to say about both what Mr. Sigler and Sarah said about her leadership role. “I do the best I can, all I want to do is make the unit all little bit better and that she wants to inspire younger members to fall into [mine] and the other senior’s footsteps.”

Will Power By Clay Reese, VikingSports Magazine

Track may not be the most well-publicized sport North Forsyth has to offer, but it does have its superstars. Take William Youse for example, a gifted young man with the genetic gift of being incredible in track. William runs the one hundred and two hundred meter race, four by four and four by two. He’s been running track since his days as a middle school student at South Eastern Middle School. He also ran track when he attended Eastern Stokes High School. But the most amazing thing about this amazing young man is probably his family history with this sport. Both his grandfather and his father ran track at South Eastern Middle and Eastern Stokes High. They also both went on to compete in college--University of Southern California for his grandfather and Louisiana State University for his father. They both also went on to represent America in the Olympics. William hopes to follow in his family’s footsteps by getting accepted into a college, Costal Carolina to be exact, to run track. William's older brother Sam, was also a star athlete while at North Forsyth. Sam made a name for himself at North in both football and basketball. “Before each meet I exercise four or five times to get prepared.” William said. It’s rare when a family posseses this much of a legacy in one sport. But simply performing is only half the job; coaching does play a crucial role in the whole grand scheme of being an athlete. Indoor track Coach Pete Gilchrist commented on the strategy that is implemented in winning meets. “We just try to run harder and faster than everyone else to get more points. That’s how we win meets.” Further: “I have them sprint, do distance training, weight lifting, and stretching to make them as fast and strong as possible.” To those unfamiliar with track, iIt may seem like all those guys did was run around a funny looking track. But it goes to show that whatever sport you participate in, it is going to be a hard and arduous road to victory.

VikingSports March 2011  
VikingSports March 2011  

In this issue: interviews with Jayvon McCullough, Catherine Perez, William Youse and Sam Harper. Also, photos of Vikings in action on the...