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NFC Offers Top Christian Online Home Schooling Program

The home is the first school any child attends. NFC Academy facilitates a fully accredited homeschooling Christian online program that ensures the best learning opportunities. The extensive NFC program prepares students for the next level towards high school. As an exclusively Christian school with a biblical worldview, NFC curriculum is comprehensive from grade K to 12 which includes math, science, history and geography, Bible, language arts and various electives. Based in Florida in the United States, NFC Academy curriculum is recognized globally and is not limited to any location. Parents in K-2 have the finest in print curriculum along with the NFC Daily Lesson Planner which lays out each day’s work…and those in 3-12 have access to the most comprehensive online curriculum available for Christian education. One of the NFC Academy Resource teachers, on the involvement of the parents, said, “The role of a parent in every child’s life is immeasurable. As an institution, we understand the impact of a teacher in the formative years of a child. Our curriculum offers parents the opportunity to be the primary teacher from 3rd grade all the way to middle school grades 6 and 7. We provide extensive training to parents on how to use the NFC online learning program at home. An NFC Academy teacher will answer all your questions through the journey.” Relocation of families may be a major setback in children’s education. Different countries follow different curriculums and school systems. NFC Academy’s experience is tailored made to meet homeschooling needs. Following Christian values, the curriculum ensures the growth of the student academically. The courses at NFC Academy are easily accessed and include assignments, text-based lessons, quizzes, and tests.

The school assistant administrator said, “In this media-rich environment, we use interactive learning games, external web links, off computer assignments, and video and audio clips which make learning fun. We have proven through results that using the media helps students develop necessary skills for academic success. For those parents who choose to take the great role of the primary teacher, we have a print program for Kindergarten to Grade 2. Our Daily Lesson Planner stipulates daily work in a clear and easy to understand language.� Through the Parents Portal, parents access the report cards since they are available online once the Academy teachers complete them. The final report card shows the completion of the academic year and next grade promotion. Students’ high school transcript will feature any credits earned for high school graduation. As the best Christian online homeschool, NFC Academy provides high-quality education conveniently. The school partners with the homeschooling families to ensure the students' continuous growth. With a perfect learning environment, students sharpen their attention and personal discipline to a significant level.

About NFC Academy Education is crucial, but its objective might fall short without character. As a top Christian online school, NFC Academy offers a system based on Christian principles and values. The online homeschooling program produces individuals that are whole. This online curriculum is interactive and is easy to adopt anywhere regardless of the location. NFC Academy is fully accredited by Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. NCAA approves the core courses taken for high school in eighth grade at NFC Academy.

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NFC Offers Top Christian Online Home Schooling Program