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New Year Challenges D uring the year 2013, the Railway employees of various categories have worked with dedication and commitment which paved the way for improved efficiency of the Railways. In the course of performing duties, some of our brethren have lost their lives and in spite of such tragedies, the wheels were kept moving. The inner strength of rail workforce is a great contributory factor for the Indian Railways to sustain itself as a dynamic infrastructure even though the political leadership has not hiked the rail fares matching with the cost of inputs during the previous years except marginal hike made in the recent past. So far as Railway employees issues are concerned there have been a few satisfactory decisions by the Government and Railway Ministry, particularly additional increment benefit on promotion to identical Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities, abolition of written test for appointment of wards of safety staff under LARSGESS, payment of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78 days wages at the notional calculation of Rs.3500/- per month in spite of attempted reduction of Bonus days, cadre restructuring orders benefiting over 3-1/2 lakh employees with stipulation of matching surrender of posts and merger of Senior P. Way Supervisor with JE P. Way with

spread effect which may result promotion of seniors as SSE (P. Way). It is however sad to note that several proposals pertaining to Grade Pay, Allowances of staff after bilateral agreement with Federation sent to the Finance Ministry by Railway Ministry are continued unresolved leading to serious staff discontentment. Such vital proposals pending are – Merger of Technicians Grade II with Grade I –

Indian Rail Worker Wishes A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014 and conveys heartiest Greetings To its readers & Railway Fraternity GP Rs. 2800/- (PB-1), Station Masters Entry Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/-, Replacement of Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- with GP Rs.4800/-, Allotment of Entry Grade Pay to Group ‘B’ (Gazetted) staff as Rs.5400/-, Higher Grade Pay and additional allowance to Running Staff, Placement of JA Grade Officers in PB-4 and up-gradation of certain Group ‘C’ apex grade pay posts to Group ‘B’ (Gazetted). Apart from the above, the genuine demands for merger of DA

with Pay, Grant of Interim Relief and Guaranteed Pension/Family Pension to the employees are yet to be satisfactorily finalized. However the announcement made by Government for constituting 7th Central Pay Commission in September, 2013 can be construed as a positive step. But the Railway employees as well as Central Government employees are greatly disappointed over procrastination of genuine issues at the higher level of the Government. In August, 2013 a separate meeting was held between the Railway Board (CRB, MS, FC) and NFIR. In the meeting 34 issues contained in NFIR’s Charter were discussed but unfortunately many are continued unresolved. Contd. on page...26

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2 Historic National Convention of NFIR 15 Proceedings of 211th Working Committee Meeting of NFIR 19 National Women's Conference 22 NFIR & Its Affiliates - Diary Events - 2013 26 NFIR's Affiliates Activities 34 NFIR References to Rly. Ministry 35-36 Railway Board's Decisions

Historic National Convention of NFIR Ocean of Railway Employees brought Visakhapatnam to Standstill T he National Convention of NFIR held at Visakhapatnam was a grand success. Over 20,000 railway employees which included delegates, activists, women representatives and young cadre of NFIR Unions have participated in the National Convention i.e. inaugural session and open session etc. on 11th and 12th December, 2013. The delegates and participants reached Visakhapatnam on 10 th December 2013 by 10 Special Trains and Special Coaches worked from different parts of the Country. On 10 th December, 2013, the Working Committee of NFIR met at Srinivasa Kalyanamandapam Visakhapatnam, under the Presidentship of Shri Guman Singh, President/NFIR. The Working Committee has considered the draft resolutions as well as General Secretary’s report and decided to be placed before the General Council and Delegate Session for consideration. Earlier Shri KS Murty, Chairman Reception Committee and Vice President/NFIR has warmly welcomed the NFIR Leaders and Working Committee Members and sought their co-operation for the successful conclusion of the National Convention. Earlier on December 9, 2013, the cadre of ECoRSC led by KS Murty and RC Sahoo have given warm reception to Shri M.Raghavaiah, General Secretary/NFIR and Mrs. Raghavaiah on their arrival at Visakhapatnam on 9 th December, 2013 by Godavari Express. The Reception Counter at Visakhapatnam was inaugurated by the General Secretary NFIR on 9 th December, 2013. He also addressed Press Conference on the same day and briefed the Media on various programmes for three days from 10th December, 2013 onwards. On 11 th December, 2013, the Inaugural Session of NFIR’s Convention commenced at Railway


Exhibition Ground, Mahendra Pratap Nagar, Visakhapatnam, as scheduled. The session was formally inaugurated by lighting the Jyothi by Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy, Member of Parliament & Chairman – Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology – Environment & Forests, Dr. G. Sanjeeva Reddy, President/INTUC, President/NFIR Shri Guman Singh, NFIR’s General Secretary Shri M. Raghavaiah, Shri Rajeev Vishnoi, General Manager/East Coast Railway and Shri Anil Kumar, DRM, Visakhapatnam. Shri Uma Shanker Jha, Secretary General/ AIRPFA, Shri O. Sundararamaiah, Secretary General, All India OBC Railway Employees Association and Shri Chand Babu of All India SC/ST Railway Employees’ Association besides NFIR leaders were on the Dias. Shri K.S. Murty, President/ ECoRSC & GS/SERMC & SECRMC welcomed Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy, Member of Parliament & ChairmanParliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology – Environment & Forests, Dr. G. Sanjeeva Reddy, President/INTUC, Shri Rajeev Vishnoi, General Manager/East Coast Railway, Shri Anil Kumar DRM/Visakhapatnam, Shri US Jha, Secretary General/ AIRPFA, Shri O. Sundararamaiah, Secretary General/All India OBC Railway Employees’ Federation, Shri Chand Babu, All India SC/ST Railway Employees’ Association to the National Convention of NFIR. Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy Member of Parliament & ChairmanParliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology – Environment & Forests, Dr. G. Sanjeeva Reddy, President/INTUC, Shri Rajeev Vishnoi, General Manager/East Coast Railway and Shri Anil Kumar, DRM/ Visakhapatnam, inaugurated the Photo Exhibition of NFIR showing pictures of its former veteran leaders


organized by West Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh (WCRMS). The dignitaries and participants of the General Council appreciated the exemplary work done by the WCRMS. Shri Guman Singh, President/ NFIR in his presidential address mentioned about the victories secured by the affiliates in April 2013 secret ballot elections and specifically complimented SECRMC, NCRES, NFREU, SERMC, WRMS & SCRES for their spectacular victories with special mention of NCRES, NFREU and SECRMC who were able to bag above 50% of total votes polled. NFIR in its history of over 60 years, has been able to achieve many demand the President said. Citing further the achievements of NFIR, the President said that:Constitution of Railway Labour Tribunal (RLT) and its award for railway employees, Participation of employees in PREM,


Formulation of DA policy, award of Justice Miabhoy Tribunal, payment of over time, Railway Workers’ Classification and upgradation of Technical Staff in higher grades, Upgradation of Gangmen from unskilled to semi-skilled, Cogent presentation of all categories of railway employees before the successive pay commissions for increase in pay and allowances of railway employees, Payment of PL Bonus to railway employees, Revision of entitlement for privilege and complementary passes etc. are some of the key achievements secured by NFIR for all railway employees on Indian Railways. Further Shri Guman Singh said

January, 2014

that the issues which were deliberated in the 26 th National Convention of NFIR held at Kolkata from 11 th to 13 th December, 2010, have been dealt with satisfactorily by the Federation during this period and some such noteworthy achievements secured by the Federation were highlighted by the President/ NFIR which are as follows:-

disappointment over negative attitude of Finance Ministry, Government of India, resulting nonfinalization of proposals -

For the first time introduction of Grade Pay of Rs. 2400/- and Rs 2800/- in the category of Track Maintainers,

Allotment of entry Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- to Station Masters,

Payment of Shoe allowance @ Rs. 900/- to Track Maintainers, Special Allowance @ Rs. 375/to Engineering Gatemen, quality improvement in their uniform, Abolition of PET, written test and relaxation for 2 nd Aptitude test for appointment of wards of railway employees under LARSGESS, Merger of Senior P. Way Supervisors with JE/P. Way, Implementation of Cadre Restructuring in Group ‘C’ posts, Payment of Overtime allowance to railway employees at 6th CPC rates between the periods 01/ 01/2006 to 01/09/2008, RELHS-97 declared open-ended scheme facilitating joining by retired employees, Grant of one additional increment in the pre-revised scale of pay in fixation of pay in respect of staff whose annual increment was due between February, 2006 and June, 2006, Mounted pressure on Administration and got 1.3 lakh vacancies filled up, Payment of PL Bonus to Railway employees similar to last year (78 days) against attempted reduction in number of days of wages. President/NFIR further stated that apart from above, NFIR has also reached agreement with the Railway Ministry on the following vital issues pertaining to Railway employees. He however, expressed


Replacement of GP Rs. 4600/with Grade Pay Rs. 4800 (PB-2), Merger of Technician Grade II with Grade I in Grade Pay Rs. 2800/-,

Provision of Grade Pay Rs. 4600/- in the category of Loco Pilots and Train Guards, Grant of parity in the Pay structure of Railway Stenographers with that of those Stenographers working in RBSS/CSS Grant of Special allowance to running staff. Shri Guman Singh further stated that the NFIR has always been opposing privatization/ outsourcing of all jobs including jobs of regular nature and will continue in future with same stand. The General Secretary Report was considered and after deliberations adopted by the delegates Session. General Secretary/NFIR Shri M. Raghavaiah, in his address heartily greeted all the dignitaries who were on the Dias. They were felicitated with Mementous by the Reception Committee. The General Secretary/ NFIR briefly explained the important achievements of the NFIR benefitting lakhs of employees during the period from December 2010, Kolkata Convention till now. He specifically mentioned to the audience the historic achievements of NFIR in January 2011 for ensuring Air Conditioned Pass entitlement to all categories of employees. He further said that the Scheme for employment of wards of the safety categories employees (LARSGESS) got improved by NFIR covering the safety staff in GP Rs. 1900 also. He specifically mentioned the historic achievement of NFIR in ensuring introduction of higher grades pay for Track Maintainers’ category thereby the Track Maintainers will be in a position to


reach the Grade Pay Rs. 2800/-. He further assured that the agreement reached with the Railway Board for distribution of 10:20:20:50 in GP 2800, 2400, 1900, 1800 respectively will be achieved in course of time. He also cited the NFIR’s achievement of additional increment on promotion of staff to identical Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities benefitting Technicians, Running Staff, para medical staff etc. He said that merger of Sr. P.Way Supervisors with JE/P.Way w.e.f. July 3, 2013 consequent to NFIR’s PNM demand with spread effect as SSE (P.Way), abolition of written test for appointment of wards under LARSGESS are also significant achievements. He expressed confidence that good number of Apex level Group ‘C’ posts will get upgraded to Group ‘B’ Gazetted as the proposal is with the Finance Ministry. General Secretary/NFIR M. Raghavaiah has, however, criticized the Government’s negative attitude on various 6th CPC related proposals sent by Railway Ministry to Finance Ministry which are lying uncleared. He appealed to the rank and file of NFIR to get ready to launch sustained struggle including that of industrial action if the Government continues its adamant attitude. He expresses serious concern over procrastination on issues such as Grade Pay parity to Railways Stenographers, revision of kilomertrage rates for Running staff, rectification of MACPS aberrations and deficiencies of LARSGESS and cautioned Railway Ministry that further delay would lead to serious unrest among working class. He expressed confidence that the Visakhapatnam National Convention would be a trend setter for NFIR to work with great determination for consolidation of all workers under its banner not only for achieving the demands but also for serving the customer with greater dedication and providing greater support to the Nation thereby Nation should progress further. Shri M. Raghavaiah richly complimented Dr G. Sanjeeva Reddy

January , 2014

A View of National Convention of NFIR



January, 2014



January , 2014



January, 2014



January , 2014



January, 2014

in extending guidance to NFIR at all times. He complimented Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy, Senior Congress Leader and Member of Parliament for his continued support to the railwaymen in general and NFIR in particular. He expressed happiness with the Leaders Shri US Jha, Secretary General/AIRPFA, Shri O. Sundararamaiah,Secretary General/ All India OBC Railway Employees Federation and All India SC/ST Railway Employee Association representative Shri Chand Babu who have responded to the invitation and associated themselves with the NFIR leadership in the inaugural session. In his address, Shri US Jha, Secretary General/AIRPF Association thanked the Federation for extending invitation to him to participate in the National Convention at Visakhapatnam. He pointed out that Safety, Security and Punctuality are the main motto of Indian Railways but unfortunately, Security is ignored by the Railway Ministry. He sought that the Security policy of Railways should be reviewed and all vacant posts should be filled. Shri Jha further pointed out that all the vacancies in the RPF right from Group ‘C’ to Group ‘A’ should be filled soon. Shri O. Sundararamaiah, Secretary General/All India OBC Railway Employees’ Association thanked NFIR for extending invitation to him to participate in the Open Session of National Convention. He said that he was Office Bearer of SCRES (an affiliate of NFIR) and he gained lot of experience from Shri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary/ NFIR. He was thankful to the Federation for getting all facilities to OBC Federation. Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy, M.P. in his address thanked NFIR for extending invitation to him to take part in the Open Session of National Convention of NFIR. He said that he is over-whelmed with joy to stand among the ocean of Railway employees who are assembled at Visakhapatnam to participate in the National Convention. He, however,


assured that since the Federation has given a lot of affection to him, he will reciprocate the same and he is always ready to participate and discuss any issue that is brought to his notice and see that the same is resolved satisfactorily. His doors are always open for Railway employees to solve their problems. He prayed Almighty Lord Shiva and Balaji to shower their blessings to all Railway employees. In his address, Dr. G. Sanjeeva Reddy, President/INTUC dealt on the policies of the Government of India on privatization and outsourcing. Nearly 50% of the jobs have been outsourced, he said. If we allow to continue the same, Trade Union movement in India will be ruined in the next five years and there will not be any Union in the industries, Dr Reddy lamented. He further said that the present leadership should fight this challenge very seriously and should associate with unorganized sector workers to bring them under the umbrella of registered Trade Union. The Government flouted many beneficial clauses in the ILO declaration for which organized labour should fight, Dr Reddy said. He gave a call to the Trade Union Leaders to fight against the antilabour policies of the Government. He assured full support and cooperation of INTUC in this regard. Shri Rajiv Vishnoi, General Manager, East Coast Railway, thanked the Federation for extending the invitation for participating in the National Convention. He assured full cooperation in solving the labour problems on East Coast Railway and wanted to maintain cordial relations with the organized labour. Draft resolutions were read and placed before the Open Session by S/Shri Guman Singh, R.P. Bhatnagar, M. Raghavaiah, B.C. Sharma, Ashok Sharma, R.P. Singh, Vinod Mehta read the draft resolutions. Prominent those who have addressed the delegates in the session on various draft resolutions were S/Shri Amar Singh, SERMC,


Khaliq Ahmed, WRMS, SK Verma, WCRMS, PS Bhattacharya, ERMC, Praveen Bajpayee, CRMS, U Venkateshwar, SCRES, Munindra Saikia, NFREU, Ghanshyam Sharma, UPRMS, Ashok Sharma, WCRMS, Sharief Khan Pathan, WRMS, Subhash Chandra, URMU, Siddharth Sharma, SECRMC, Suresh Kumar Singh, ECRMC, Vasudevan, SRES, YS Tyagi, NCRES, Mratunjaya Dwivedi, NEREU (PRKS). In the After Noon on 11 th December, 2013, a colourful Parade was taken out via Railway Colony to the venue of Open Session i.e. Rly. Exhibition Ground, Mahendra Pratap Nagar, Visakhapatnam, covering a distance of over 3Kms by nearly 20000 Railway employees. In the proces-sion, Banners & Placards were exhibited throughout the march, raising slogans consequently the city of Visakhapatnam came to a standstill, till the procession reached the venue. The Leaders standing in the open Jeeps encouraged the participants. On reaching the venue a beautiful display of fireworks was organized by the hosts in the Railway Exhibition Ground which was appreciated by thousands of participants. Responding to the points raised by the delegates, General Secretary, M. Raghavaiah, said that the issues brought out will be dealt with by the Federation and the amendments will be incorporated in the Resolutions. In the Open Session held on 11th December, 2013 (evening) following members were felicitated in appreciation of their exemplary work in their respective fields:S/Shri Vinod Babu, Kanta Hanumant Rao, Smt TD Satyawani. Shri Ghanta Srinivasa Rao, Andhra Pradesh Minister, thanked the General Secretary, NFIR for extending him invitation to participate in the Open Session of NFIR’s National Convention at Visakhapatnam. He was very happy that the Convention was held in his constituency with the participation

January , 2014

of large number of railway employees. He said that he will always be available for solving the problems of railway employees of South Central Railway in general and more particularly posted at Visakhapatnam. He further said that he would love to stay in the session and participate fully but to AP Assembly session being opened on 12 th December, 2013, he being summoned on 12th December 2013, he was compelled to rush to Hyderabad.

Elections In the General Council meeting, elections for the posts of Office Bearers, Zonal Secretaries and Working Committee Members were held. Shri Guman Singh & Shri M. Raghavaiah unanimously re-elected as President and General Secretary of NFIR. S/Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, K.S. Murty, J.G. Mahurkar, R.K. Sinha were re-elected as Working President, Vice Presidents and Treasurer respectively. While Shri T.K. Chatterjee and Shri B.C. Sharma were re-elected as Joint General Secretaries, Shri R.P. Singh was elevated as Joint General Secretary. Names of other elected Office Bearers:-

Kumar, R.P. Sinha, Pradeep Kumar, Subhash Chand, Inderjeet Pal, D.K. Chawla, Prem Kumar Solanki, Prem Chand, Akhlaq Ahmed, Manjit Singh, Sukhdev Singh, K.L. Srivastava, A. S. Dhariwal, S.N. Malik.

South Central Railway Employees’ Sangh (SCRES) S/Shri R. Reddappa, K. Bikshapathy, A. Rajagopal, G. Prabhar Andrews, G. Mohan Rao, U. Venkateshwarlu, B.K. Visweswara Rao, Ms M. Uma Nangendramani, Sh K. Vishnu, K. Jagpathi Raju, K.V. Prasad Rao, M. Bharni Bhanu Prasad.

Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh (CRMS) S/Shri R.N. Chandurkar, S.A. Siddiqui, V.K. Sawant, R. Vishwanath, D.R. Jamadar, Vinod Chaturvedi, Ms D.P. Naidu, Shri V.K. Samadhiya, S.B. Patil, V.S. Solanki.

Western Railway Mazdoor Sangh (WRMS)

Prakash, K. Velayudhan, B. Babu, C. Dhanapal, B. Subash Bashi.

South Eastern Railwaymen’s Congress (SERMC) S/Shri J.M. Das, Prahalad Singh, Dipankar Roy, B.N. Ghosh, S.R. Misra, Chanchal Kumar Singh, Subrata De.

West Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh (WCRMS) S/Shri Kailash Sharma, Rajesh Pandey, G.P. Yadav.

East Coast Railway Shramik Congress (ECoRSC) S/Shri Pramod Kumar Sahani, P. Mohan Rao, P. Balarama Swamy, B.K. Mund, Sudheer Padhi, N.S.L. Koteswara Rao, J. Sampat Kumar.

South East Central Railway Mazdoor Congress (SECRMC) S/Shri Ravi Dhal, Dilip Kumar Swain, B. Krishna Kumar, D. Vijay Kumar, Vijay Kumar Agnihotri.

North Central Railway Employees’ Sangh (NCRES)

S/Shri Hiren Mehta, Mahavir Singh R. Gohil, R.A. Bhatia, UVS Tomar, S.C. Khatwani, M.D. Patel, Sharief Khan Pathan, N.K. Mahani.

S/Shri Syed Shakeel Haider, Y.S. Tyagi, A.K. Rai, Satya Narayan, Ram Kumar Singh, S.K. Dikshit, Ajay Kumar Mittal.

Elected Assistant General Secretaries :-

Eastern Railwaymen’s Congress (ERMC)

ICF Mazdoor Sangh (ICFMS)

S/Shri P.S. Suriyaprakasam, Vinod Mehta, Praveen Kumar, Binod Sharma, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Munindra Saikia, R. C. Sahoo, R.G. Kabar, VPS Rastogi, CP Singh.

S/Shri S.S. Barua, S.K. Saha, K.B. Thakur, R.N. Ojha, R.K. Das, P.N. Sarkar, A.K. Dhar, Dipak Chakraborty.

Elected Zonal Secretaries:S/Shri CPS Sharma, PL Mitra, SM Mukherjee, Sekhar Das, Praveen C. Bajpai, CM Upadhyay, Ajay Kumar Singh, Ghan Shyam Sharma, V. Gopalakrishnan, Pitambar Laxminaryan, S.P. Sharma, Ram Prakash Sharma, T. Narsinga Rao, Taposh Mukherjee, R. Gurunathan, Tarsem Singh, S.K. Laha, H.G. Dwarkanath, Ram Rattan Singh. Elected Working Committee Members:

Uttariya Railway Mazdoor Union (URMU) S/Shri Manoj Kumar, Balvinder


NF Railway Employees’ Union (NFREU) S/Shri Manik Ch. Dey, Dinesh Paswan, P.K. Rastogi Bijob Deb Roy, Diganta Kumar Baruah, Vivekananda Chaudhary, Partha Bhowmik, Jitendra Singh.

Uttar Paschim Railway Mazdoor Sangh (UPRMS) S/Shri Ramesh Kumar Sharma, Ajay Sharma, Ishfaque Khan, Dharmendra Gautam, S.I. Jacob, Ansar Ahmed.

Southern Railway Employees’ Sangh (SRES) S/Shri R. Balakrishnan, T. Parthiban, K. Rajaraman, M. Surya


S/Shri G. Sugumar B. Ashok

RCF Mazdoor (RCFMU)


Shri Suresh Pal

Chittaranjan Railwaymen’s Congress (CRMC) Shri Virendra Kumar Srivastava

DCW Railway Workers' Union (DCWRWU) Shri Jaswinder Singh

Rail Wheel Factory Karmika Sangha (RWFKS) Shri Indra Shekar M.N., Smt K. Kejalakshmi. Thereafter newly elected Working Committee met. Action plan for the next two years was agreed to be finalised by the President and General Secretary/NFIR. Messages conveying good wishes were received from the

January, 2014

following dignatories:Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, Hon’ble Minister for Railways, K. Jaya Suryaprakash Reddy, Minister for State for Railways, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary, Minister for State for Railways, Pallam Raju, Minister for HRD, Oscar Fernandes, Minister for Transport & Highways, Harish Rawat, Minister of Water Resources, Smt Sheila Dikshit, Minister Delhi State. Dr. G. Sanjeeva President/INTUC

Chief Reddy,

Shri J.P. Agarwal, MP (LS) & Chairman, House Committee, Lok Sabha, Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy, Member of Parliament, Shri Paspuleti Balaraju, Minister for Tribal Welfare, (AP). Shri Ajay Maken, Member of Parliament, Arunendra Kumar, Chairman/ Railway Board, Kul Bhushan, Member Electrical/Railway Board, R. Kashyap, Financial Commissioner, Railway Board A.K. Mittal, Member Staff, Railway Board D.P. Pande, Member Traffic, Railway Board Subodh Jain, Member Engineering, Railway Board Alok Johri, Member Mechani-cal, Railway Board, Suresh Kumar Seth, Addl: Member Staff, Railway Board, Smt Ragini Yechury, Executive Director/IR, Shri G.C. Agarwal, General Manager, South Eastern Rly. Rajiv Vishnoi, General Manager, East Coast Railway, Manoj Pande, Chief Personnel officer, South Eastern Railway, Anil Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager, Waltair, S.K. Mohanty, Divisional


Railway Manager, Road Division,


M. Akhtar, Chief Personnel Officer, East Coast Railway, S.A. Pankaj, Chief Workshop Manager, Mancheswar, East Coast Railway, Madan Lal Meena, Additional Divisional Railway Manager, Waltair, M. Raghavaiah, Secretary/NFIR.


Resolutions The following Resolutions were adopted unanimously in the 27 th National Convention of NFIR:1. Abolish Notional salary calculation ceiling for payment of Productivity Linked Bonus. The Twenty Seventh Annual Convention of NFIR in session at Visakhapatnam on 11 th and 12 th December, 2013 takes note of NFIR’s consistent struggle since the year 1969 for introduction of the concept of “Productivity Linked Bonus” (PLB) to Railwaymen. Due to the persuasion, initiative and relentless struggle of NFIR, the Government had agreed for evolving the Scheme of PLB to the Railway employees in the year 1979 and consequently an agreement was reached between the Federations and the Railway Ministry for introduction of PLB Scheme in the Railways. The NFIR had from time to time pleaded for bringing positive changes in the scheme more particularly relating to salary eligibility limit and calculation ceiling limit. The continuous efforts of the NFIR has yielded satisfactory results, so much so, the Railway employees in all categories become entitled for Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) @ Rs. 3500/- p.m. (on the basis of number of days of wages). This revised calculation limit was given effect from 2006-07 onwards as approved by the Union Cabinet on 03/10/2008. Though the railway employees are presently entitled for P.L. Bonus in terms of number of days wages subject to the calculation of the same @ Rs. 3500/- p.m., the National


Convention strongly demands that the notional calculation system presently followed should be dispensed with and the Bonus paid on the actual wages of the employees. The National Convention therefore, demands that the existing calculation ceiling for payment of PL Bonus should be reviewed to facilitate employees to receive their legitimate P.L. Bonus on the basis of actual wages drawn. 2. Merge DA with Pay and grant interim relief. The revision of wage structure for Central Government employees had been undertaken by the successive Pay Commissions appointed by the Government of India during the past decades and gave their reports. These reports have been implemented by the Government with some modifications and improvements. However, anomalies and aberrations continue to persist. Previous Pay Commissions (3rd, 4 , 5 th & 6 th ) have by and large covered the aspects of the principles of wage determination. But, however, the job contents, remuneration commensurating with the nature of duties and responsibilities have not been taken into consideration by the Pay Commissions while determining the revised pay structure, consequently the Railwaymen have been put to disadvantage. th

The 5th CPC had recommended that the DA must be merged with pay and treated as pay for computing all allowances as and when the percentage of Dearness compensation exceeds 50%. Accordingly, even before the setting up of 6th CPC, the DA of 50% was merged with pay in the year 2004. Presently, the Dearness Allowance is 90% of pay as on 01/07/ 2013 and is likely to touch/cross 100% of pay as on 01/01/2014. The recommendation for merger of DA to partially compensate the erosion in the real wages was first mooted by the Gadgil Committee in the post 2nd Pay Commission period. The 3 rd CPC recommended such merger when the Cost of Living Index

January , 2014

crosses over 272 points i.e. 72 points over and above the base index adopted for the pay revision. In other words, the recommendation of the 3 rd CPC was to merge the DA when it crossed 36%. The Government in the National Council JCM at the time of negotiations had initially agreed to merge 60% DA. The 5th CPC had merged 98% of DA with Pay. As the DA already stood at 90% of pay and further revision is due on 01/01/2014 when DA is likely to touch/cross 100%, it is therefore necessary that the Government takes steps to merge 50% with pay for all purposes w.e.f. 01/01/2011 for ensuring compensation to the erosion of the value of real wage of Government employee. The 27 th National Convention, therefore, urges upon the Government of India to consider the demand and accord sanction for merging DA component of 50% of pay with the Pay for all purposes with effect from 01-01-2011. The National Convention also appeals to the Central Government to grant Interim Relief to the employees as well as retired employees to sustain in the light of continued price rise of various commodities. 3. Seventh Commission



the pressure and consistent struggle since Feb 2013, launched by the NFIR and Railway employees on the Government, has yielded result, wherein the Government has made announcement on September 25, 2013 for constituting 7th Central Pay Commission. The 27 th National Convention now in session in Visakhapatnam unanimously resolves to convey its thanks to the Hon’ble Prime Minister for his decision to set up 7th Central Pay Commission. The National Convention, however, demands inclusion of one of Secretary level Officers of Railway Ministry as member of 7 th CPC which may facilitate realistic examination of the issues of Railway employees. The National Convention also appeals to the Government to include a Labour Representative as one of the Members of the Commission. 4. Ensure time-bound negotiations for settlement of pending issues The National Convention reviewed the labour situation vis-àvis pending issues relating to Central Government employees including that of Rail Workforce. After lengthy deliberations, the National Convention listed the issues placed below:-

In the NFIR’s Election Manifesto2013, Federation has committed to the Railway employees that the NFIR shall struggle for achievement of 7th Central Pay Commission. After Secret Ballot Elections results declared on 2nd May 2013, the NFIR Working Committee met at New Delhi on 30 th /31 st May 2013 and passed resolution for preparing Railway employees for launching indefinite strike if the demands, more importantly appointment of 7th CPC, are not redressed by the Government of India and the Ministry of Railways. The Charter of Demands along with NFIR’s communication was sent to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Finance Minister, Railway Minister, Labour Minister etc.

Guaranteed pension to those appointed on or after 01/01/ 2004.

It is a matter of satisfaction that

Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB)


Merger of DA with pay with retrospective effect. Grant Interim Relief to Central Government employees (serving and retired). Increase contribution to Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) for all Government employees. Enhance Fixed Medical Allowance of Rs.300/- p.m. to not less than Rs.1000/- for all retired Government employees. Extend special privileges and facilities for Women employees for their empowerment.


on actual wages without enforcing any ceiling. Count Temporary status Casual Labour Service in full as qualifying service for retirement and other purposes. Transport Allowance should be exempted from the purview of Income Tax. Merge Technician–II with Technician – I with Grade Pay Rs. 2800/- (PB-I) in Railways. Revise entry grade pay of Station Masters as Rs.4200/- in PB-2. Replacement of Grade Pay Rs.4600/- with Rs.4800/- (PB-2) w.e.f. 01/01/2006. Allotment of entry Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- to the Group ‘B’ Gazetted staff. Rectify anomalies of 6th CPC raised in the Departmental Anomaly Committee Meetings. Grant pay fixation under Rule S13 (erstwhile FR 22C) for those promoted to the identical Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities. Allotment of higher Grade Pay to the Loco Pilots and Guards. Implement cadre restructuring of all left over categories immediately. Extension of benefit of LARSGESS for all Safety categories of staff including TRD, Train Lighting, Bridge staff. LARSGESS restrictions/adoptions of compassionate appointment procedure – past cases should be considered for appointment of wards and widening scope upto GP Rs. 4200/-. Issues pending with the Ministry of Finance should be settled early in favour of railway employees. Remove ban on filling up of vacancies of Ministerial staff in Railways. Review of recruitment policy of erstwhile Gr ‘D’ post now in PB1 & GP Rs. 1800/- not meeting with the career advancement of

January, 2014

the staff recruited. Track patrolling – Support man provision – ensure mandatory requirement under safety. Stop Out Sourcing, Contractorisation and Privatization. Rectify MACPS anomalies. Grant stepping up of pay of seniors where ever juniors drawing higher pay as a result of MACPS. Grant Up-gradation of Apex Group ‘C’ posts to Group ‘B’ Gazetted – as per agreement. Implement the report of Joint Committee for career growth of Track Maintainers in toto. Abolish 12/- Hours duty in Railways – Introduce 8 hours duty roster for Running and Safety categories staff. Classify Running Staff working high speed trains as “Intensive”. Reduce Duty Hours of Nursing Staff thus honour Government’s decision.


ees at all Divisional Headquarters.

Provide quality Health care to employees, their families besides retired employees.

Setting up of a multi-disciplinary training institute for imparting training in rail related electronic technologies for the wards of Railway Employees.

Safaiwalis/Safaiwalas Railways.

Fill vacancies of Doctors, Para Medical Staff and provide Super specialists in all Railway Hospitals. Bring all Railway employees under Incentive Scheme in Workshops, PUs etc., wherever not covered. Grant parity in Pay Structure for Stenographers in Railways at par with CSS/RBSS. Training Allowance should be revised to 30% of pay in all Training Centres/Schools. Rectify VIth CPC pay fixation of Loco Inspectors joined prior to 01/01/2006. SPAD definition needs to be reviewed to prevent harassment and victimisation of Running Staff and safety category staff.

Sufficient number of ticket checking staff posts need to be created for manning trains.

Make upward revision of Income Tax exemption limit in the case of running staff.

Revision of designations of various categories of staff need to be discussed and finalised.

Running Rooms should be improved, air-conditioned and upgraded on priority.

Casual Labour/Substitutes acquired temporary status prior to 01/01/2004 should be covered under Liberalised Pension Scheme. Grant Patient Care Allowance to all categories of staff working in the Railway Hospitals. Implement norms for creation/ sanction of new posts of SSE/JE (Signal), ESM, Helper (Signal) etc. Negotiating foras of PNM at different levels and DC/JCM & NC/JCM to be made effective for resolving issues speedily. Reduce duty hours of staff through realistic job analysis. Amend Rules for providing employment to Wards of Employees. Ensure Career improvement of

Grant Project incentive allowance to the staff working in projects on Indian Railways.


Ensure creation of posts in safety/operational categories for manning new services and maintaining new assets without linking to matching surrender vis-à-vis automatic creation of posts on the basis of half yearly review. Grant of Daily Allowance to Staff Car Drivers. Absorb quasi administrative units/offices staff against posts in GP Rs. 1800/- (PB-1). Enhance the rates of Patient Care Allowance and Hard Duty Allowance and also cover other Para-medical staff. Provision of Hostel facility for single women railway employ-


Extension of medical facilities to the dependent parents of railway employees. Liberalize compassionate appointment provisions. Allotment of Pay Band-4 to Junior Administrative Grade Officers. Induct Course completed Act Apprentices against Safety vacancies. Remove restrictions on payment of Children Education Allowance/Hostel subsidy. Allow retention of Railway Quarters by the wards of Safety staff employed under LARSGESS. Allot adequate funds for maintenance of Railway Quarters as well as construction of new quarters. Introduce Technological advance warning system to prevent deaths of Track Maintainers while on duty. Grant Study leave with attendant incentives to the employees for pursuing higher studies. Enhance Night Patrolling Allowance for Track Maintainers and adequate compensation should be given to Night Patrolmen. The 27 th National Convention resolves to urge upon the Central Government and Railway Ministry to take Steps for ensuring timebound negotiations with NFIR for satisfactorily settling the issues listed above to generate satisfaction among all categories of Railway employees. The National Convention also decides to direct NFIR affiliates to organize mass meetings, conferences, demonstrations, rallies at all levels during the next five months period to mobilize all categories of

January , 2014

employees for mounting pressure on the Government to resolve issues through sustained dialogue.

Resolution on Strike Ballot This National Convention of NFIR now in Session (11 th & 12 th December, 2013) took note of the status on various pending issues and after lengthy deliberations came to firm conclusion that the Government of India (Ministry of Finance) has been procrastinating on the proposals approved by the Railway Ministry relating to following:-

The National Convention felt that the Railwaymen should get ready to launch sustained struggle forcing the Government to clear the pending issues. The National Convention at the same time resolves to direct its affiliates to conduct “Strike Ballot” on 17 th/18 th January, 2014 on the demands for seeking the mandate of Railway employees to take steps for launching serious agitation and eventually “Indefinite Strike”. OBC



Federation leaders met NFIR President and General Secretary All India OBC Railway Employees Federation’s National President Shri Ramchandra Rao and Secretary Shri P. Rajshekhar Rao met NFIR President and General Secretary Shri Guman Singh & Shri Raghavaiah at Visakhapatnam on December 12, 2013. They expressed their support to NFIR on fighting common issues. S/Shri Bhanumurty Bhaskar Rao, Sridhar, Uma, Rami & Narsinga Rao, have also met NFIR leaders.

(i) Merger of Technicians-II with Technician-I Grade Pay Rs. 2800/-. (ii) Revision of entry GP as Rs.4200/- to Station Masters category. (iii)Replacement of GP of Rs.4600/ - with GP Rs.4800/- (PB-2). (iv) Revision of GP of Loco Pilots (Mail/Exp) as Rs.4600/- (PB-2) – Revision of Grade Pay of Guards. (v) Upgradation of apex level Group ‘C’ posts to Group ‘B’ Gazetted. (vi) Additional Allowance Running Staff.


(vii)Revision of entry Grade Pay as Rs.5400/- to Group ‘B’ Gazetted staff in Railways. While the Railway Ministry after detailed examination had approved above proposals for rectifying the anomalies/aberrations and sent proposals to the Finance Ministry, the National Convention feels sad to note that the Ministry of Finance failed to clear the proposals though over three years have passed. These apart, the demand for grant of guaranteed pension and family mention to those employees appointed on or after January 1, 2004 has been ignored with the passing of National Pension System bill by the Parliament. The National Convention also expressed concern over non-redressal of pending issues by Railway Ministry even though NFIR has been eager for negotiated settlement.


Committee constituted to Study the Existing HMIS Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) constituted a Committee to study the existing Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) and suggest most suitable HMIS for adoption over Indian Railways. The Committee will consist of the following: i) Executive Director/Health (General), Railway Board Convener ii) Executive Director/Finance (Expenditure), Rly. Board Member iii) Group General Manager/General Manager from CRIS Member iv) Additional CHD from Northern Railway Central Hospital Member Dr. Praval Pant, Director (IH)/Rly. Board will act as Member Secretary of the Committee. The Terms of reference of the Committee will be as under: “To study the available Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) over Indian Railways and suggest most suitable HMIS that can be adopted for all Zones.” Ref: Railway Board’s order No. ERB-I/2013/23/49 dated 02.12.2013. 14

January, 2014

Proceedings of 211th Working Committee Meeting of NFIR held on 10/12/2013 at Visakhapatnam T he

President/NFIR while initiating the proceedings welcomed the Central Office Bearers and the Members of the Working Committee and at the same time informed that the AIRF has fixed 20 th December 2013, seeking opinion of the Railway employees for Strike Ballot for the call of Strike in the Indian Railways. He, however, expressed doubt on the sincerity of the other Federation who have never honoured railway employees’ opinion. It was further informed by the President that the call of Strike by the other Federation in 1974 was politically motivated, therefore, had led to victimization of the Railway employees. Cases of the employees victimized in 1974 strike were fought by NFIR and consequently, they were re-instated. Shri Guman Singh, in his address mentioned following achievements secured by NFIR recently for the benefit of Central Government employees including Railway employees:Setting up of 7 th Central Pay Commission by the Prime Minister, Merger of Senior P. Way Supervisor with JE/P Way, The President further invited attention of the Members of the Working Committee on the agenda items and stressed that the anomalies of 6th Central Pay Commission are pending with the Ministry of Finance. He further requested the General Secretary/NFIR to address the session. Shri M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary welcomed the Members and apprised them with the following orders/decisions issued by the Government of India/ Railway Ministry consequent to continued struggle of NFIR :-


Setting up of 7 th Central Pay Commission by the Prime Minister, Merger of Senior P.Way Supervisor with JE/P.Way, Payment of PL Bonus to railway employees equal to wages of 78 days against the attempted reduction in number of days, Implementation of Cadre Restructuring in certain Group 'C' categories. All vacancies should be got filled by the end of December, 2013. Abolition of Written test for appointment of the wards of Railway employees under LARSGESS in GP Rs. 1800. Federation is pursuing further with the Railway Board for relaxing the condition in case of other safety category staff in higher Grade Pay. Benefit of erstwhile FR22C (Rule S-1313) in case of promotion of staff to the identical Grade Grade Pay shouldering higher responsibilities, While highlighting the achievements secured by NFIR for the benefit of Railway employees, the GS/NFIR expressed the need to pursue remaining issues which have been taken up already by the Federation at apex level:i) The General Secretary said that the NFIR has been protesting against implementation of cadre restructuring orders with effect from 01/11/2013 with matching surrender because of the fact that strength of cadres has already been depleted and further reduction in respective cadre by way of matching surrender of posts will adversely affect not only the efficiency but also the productivity of the system.


Shri Raghavaiah stated that it has been made clear to the Railway Board by NFIR that the unrealistic conditions imposed by the Railway Board in the process of implementation of cadre restructuring, should be withdrawn. ii) The General Secretary further advised that the Federation has already invited attention of the Prime Minister vide its letter dated 18th Sept. 2013, the need for merger of 50% DA with Pay w.e.f. 01/01/ 2011 & 80% on 01/01/2013 as DA is mostly likely to touch or cross 100% of pay on 01/01/2014 with the present trend of inflation and the price index. At the same time, the Federation has also demanded grant of interim relief to the serving and retired Central Government employees to compensate with the higher rate of inflation, Shri Raghavaiah stated. iii) Shri Raghavaiah, further stated that though the Railway Board had reached an agreement in the past with NFIR on 27th Jan. 2006, and 17 th February, 2006 for “counting of casual labour service in full”, unfortunately approval has not been conveyed by the Government of India with the result that a number of employees continue to suffer specially at the time of retirement. This has resulted into filing of a number of court cases where even the Supreme Court has held the views expressed by the NFIR, he said. iv) The General Secretary drew attention of the Members of the Working Committee to the Charter containing 25 demands relating to various issues and informed that these are being pursued with the Government of India/Railway Board. Shri Raghavaiah further highlighted following important items which are yet to be resolved at

January , 2014

the level of MoF/Railway Board. Rectification of anomalies of 6 CPC pending with the MoF,


Non-clearance by MoF for upgradation of apex level 3335 Group ‘C’ posts to Group ‘B’, Exemption of Running Allowance and Transport Allowance from the purview of Income Tax, Incentive Scheme in the Production Units/Workshops, Payment of Teaching Allowance to the Trainers in the Training Centres @ 30% against 15% paid at present Reduction in duty hours of nursing staff working in the Railway Hospitals, Appointment of wards of Railway employees in the Railways, There are more than two lakh vacancies in various categories on the Indian Railways which have been affecting adversely the efficiency of the Indian Railways out of which about one lakh are in safety categories. There is immediate need to fill up these vacancies to maintain and improve the efficiency level. Payment of Travelling Allowance to the Staff Car Drivers, Regularisation of staff working in quasi-administrative organizations in Railways against erstwhile Group ‘D’ vacancies. Merger of Technicians Grade II with Grade I with Grade Pay of Rs. 2800, Station Masters/Stenographers should be given initial Grade Pay of Rs. 4200/- , Group ‘B’ Officers should be granted Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/-. In his address further, General Secretary/NFIR further briefed the Working Committee Members about the Resolutions to be considered in the General Council meeting on 11th /12th December 2013. President invited the members of the Working Committee to deliberate the agenda items.


The following members participated in the deliberations:7.1 Shri S.I. Jacob, UPRMS mentioned following items:Rectification of anomalies arising out of 6th CPC. Non-redressal of issues highlighted in the Conferences of Technical Supervisors held on 25/02/2012 and 23/02/2013, Implementation of Cadre restructuring of the left over categories, Non-creation of posts consequent to increase in the activities and introduction of new services without matching surrender, Coverage of staff appointed prior to 01/01/2004 but acquired temporary status after 01/01/ 2004 under liberalized pension scheme. 7.2 Shri Rajesh Pandey, WCRMS raised following issues:-

safety categories, Inadequate medical facilities in the Railway Hospitals. 7.4 Shri Ram Ratan Singh, RCFMU mentioned following items:Scrap New Pension Scheme, Merger of MCM with Junior Engineer. Grant of 3rd MACP to the staff working in RCF in Technical, IT and CMT cadres. 7.5 Shri Chanchal Kumar Singh, SERMC highlighted following issues:Rectification of anomalies arising out of 6th CPC citing the case of Senior Clerk promoted from Clerk vis-à-vis directly recruited Sr. Clerk whose pay is not same creating abnormal, unrealistic and irregular situations where promoted Sr. Clerk gets less pay than the directly recruited Sr. Clerk,

Poor condition of Railway Hospitals due to shortage of Doctors, Super Specialists, Paramedical Staff, substandard medicines and non availability of essential health check -ups and test facilities,

Doctors appointed through Walk-in-Interview on contract do not have accountability, therefore, vacancies of Doctors in Railway Hospitals and Health Units should be filled quickly.

Extension of benefit of LARSGESS to Safety Category staff in Grade Pay Rs. 1900/-,

Grade Pay and avenue of promotion of Safaiwalas/Safaiwalies are grossly inadequate,

Grant 2 sets of PTOs to Retired Railway employees,

7.6 Shri G. Mohan Rao, SCRES raised following issues for urgent attention:-

Zonal Railways are taking policy decisions without consulting the recognized Unions, for example case of extension of duty hours of E&RCs on the Counters, There is no maintenance of Railway Quarters, condition of approach roads and sanitation in the Railway Colonies is very poor mainly due to nonallocation of sufficient funds for the purpose, 7.3 Shri Kailash Sharma, WCRMS raised following points:Strike Ballot dates not decided so far, LARSGESS should be liberalized widening its scope further to all


There are not enough websites at Zonal, Divisional and Branch level with the result intercommunication is at the lowest level, Zonal Unions should explore the possibility of opening websites through ‘Advertisements’ from Outside agencies to have self-sufficiency without incurring expenditure for better communication and coordination. NFIR Media Centre is about to introduce NEWS from January 2014 to up-date the information emanating from NFIR, need of websites at Division and Branch

January, 2014

level has now become all the more important.

7.10 Shri S.A. Siddiqui, CRMS raised following issues:-

7.7 Shri Ramesh Mishra, Working President/PRKS raised following issues:-

12 hours duty of Gateman needs to be reduced to 8 hours,

Need for filling up of all vacancies upto December 2013. Grant of Financial Upgradation under MACP Scheme in higher grade posts, Extension of LARSGESS in Safety categories in posts of higher Grade Pay. Loco Inspectors have been working continuously under hard and tough working conditions. Though the issue has been taken up by NFIR at Railway Board’s level, there are no instructions from the Railway Board. 7.8 Shri Praveen C Bajpayee, GS/CRMS brought out following issues:Safety of Track Maintainers due to higher rate of death on duty as a result of working under conditions such as without taking block, Wards of Safety Category staff being appointed under LARSGESS should be offered appointment in alternative category depending upon their educational qualification, Instructions issued by the Railway Board vide letter dated 6th January 2011 for determining the eligibility of Privilege/ Complimentary passes are defective where persons earlier drawing pay of Rs. 5375 (as per 5 th CPC/pre-revised) who hitherto were drawing 1st Class Pass have been denied same benefit on the plea that they are in Grade Pay Rs. 2800/- . Thus solved. 7.9 Shri Pradeep Kumar, URMU raised following issues:Inclusion of safety categories staff like TRD, Bridge, Train Lighting etc in the scope of LARSGESS. Strength of Engineering Department is less and needs revision.


Difference of rates of Kilometrage of running staff due to be paid from 01/01/2006 not paid. Grade Pay of Loco Pilots and Guards need to be improved, Ernakulam Bench of CAT has since decided the case for granting 3rd MACP in Grade Pay of Rs. 4800 & 5400 respectively, need to be implemented. Separate funds need to be earmarked for maintenance of Railway Quarters and Colonies. 7.11 Shri V.K. Samadhiya, CRMS highlighted following items:The strength of Staff is being reduced in phased manner and number of Officers increasing causing serious imbalance between the workers and the Officers with the result the work has been suffering badly at the cost of safety. The condition of Railway quarters allotted to Track Maintainers’ category is very poor and needs special attention. Posts of staff are being surrendered indiscriminately, adversely affecting the working on the Zone. 7.12 Shri Tapan Chatterjee, SECRMC invited attention on the following issues:The single Union on South East Central Railway is not being given due importance and there is no consultation while taking policy decision on all staff matters, The branches of SECRMC existing prior to 2007 secret ballot elections have not been restored along with accommodation causing serious resentment among the cadre, There is shortage of staff in every category, There is no coordination between the CCM and CPO.


CCM is taking arbitrary decisions and is transferring posts without consulting SECRMC and CPO. 7.13 Shri Ashok Sharma, General Secretary/WCRMS mentioned following issues:Working hours of PRS counters got increased arbitrarily Merger of Technicians Gr II and Gr III in Grade Pay Rs. 2800, Issue relating to upgradation of 3335 apex level Group ‘C’ posts to Group ‘B’ Gazetted and allotment of Grade Pay Rs. 4200/- to Station Masters’ category have been pending for a long time, Posts are being surrendered for providing matching surrender for implementation of cadre restructuring causing serious shortage in the staff strength. Dates for conducting strike ballot should be finalized, Unwanted conditions imposed by the Railway Board on the medically decategorised railway employees need to be removed. 7.14 Shri B.C. Sharma, General Secretary/URMU, raised following issues:A number of issues have been pending as mentioned in the charter of demands for a long time without any solution, therefore, there is immediate need to conduct Strike Ballot, No category of staff is satisfied with the allotment of Grade Pay by the 6th CPC and a number of anomalies have been pending un-resolved, There is immediate need for merger of 50% DA with pay w.e.f. 01/01/2011, New instructions need to be issued to assure pension/family pension to railway employees appointed on or after 01/01/ 2004, Contribution towards RELHS-97 has been made compulsory in respect of husband and wife railway employees, This needs review.

January , 2014

There are no clear cut instructions for sanctioning Special Casual Leave of 2 days for conducting Branch Council Meeting, To be looked into. Consequent to implementation of the recommendations of 6th CPC, every employee has been permitted yearly increment in July. The employees retiring on 30 th June though completing more than 06 months a qualified period for awarding increment are being denied increment wrongly. 7.15 Shri J.G. Mahurkar, General Secretary/WRMS brought following issues:Dates for holding Strike Ballot should be finalized soon and NFIR should play its role, Non-payment of Running allowance to the medically decategorised running staff with addition of 55% pay element in the retirement benefits. The case should be made out citing logic & relevant rules for the benefit of railway employees. Implementation of Cadre restructuring should be done without surrender of posts, Posts are not being created on the Zone taking into account the increased activities, increase in train services leading to overwork by the existing staff.

having discussions with the Unions, Railways are grossly violating the provisions of Contract Labour Act and have been out sourcing and privatising jobs of regular nature and not consulting Unions, There is no real participation of Railway employees in PREM. 8. Response Secretary/NFIR:-



The General Secretary/NFIR stated about the role of the Working Committee and the Role of the cadre. He said that the Union Officials are not meeting the Railway employees at grass root level to know about their problems and make efforts to resolve. Shri Raghavaiah urged all the affiliates, more particularly those Unions who could not secure enough votes for recognition, to do more hard work for winning the confidence of workers.

While summing up, the General Secretary stated that the issues raised by the Members of the Working Committee have been taken up at the level of Railway Board in various foras are at different stages of negotiations. The General Secretary stated that the recommendations of Dr Anil Kakodar’s Committee recommending entry qualification of Diploma in the category of Asstt Loco Pilot has already been brought to Railway Board’s notice seeking decision for allotment of Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- (PB-2) to ALP category. The GS/NFIR felt concern over the high incidences of run over of Track Maintainers over Zonal Railways, more particularly on West Central Railway, Central Railway which are the example of ignorance of safety of staff who are forced to perform duties without following rules and procedure.

Rental Ceilings for Railway Officers posted in Zones and Board’s offices Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have revised the rental ceilings prescribed vide Board’s letter No. 2009/LMB/12/1 dated 23.11.2010 for hiring private residential accommodation for Railway Officers of various grades posted in various classes of cities in all the zonal railways/units. The following are the revised rental ceilings. Grade Pay

X-Class Y-Class Cities/Towns Cities/Towns

Less than 7600
















Maintenance of Railway Quarters and Railway Colonies require more attention,









Condition of Running Rooms for Running and Ticket Checking Staff is grossly unsatisfactory and requires more attention,





Merger of DA with pay is inescapable as DA will be more than pay in the year 2014. 7.16 Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, Working President/NFIR mentioned following items:-

The Railway Schools are being discontinued and cancelled arbitrarily and the School Teachers are being declared surplus arbitrarily without


Z-Class Cities/Towns

The leasing arrangements for Railway Board Officers will continue on the above revised ceilings till the officer is allotted a transit/regular accommodation as per his/her entitlement. Rest of the terms & conditions mentioned in the letter dated 23.11.2010 shall continue to be applicable. Ref: Railway Board’s letter No. 2009/LMB/12/1 dated 26.11.2013.


January, 2014

National Women’s Visakhapatnam I n the course of 27th National Convention of NFIR, National Women’s Conference was held on 12th December, 2013. The conference was inaugurated by Smt M. Raghavaiah, a roaring lady who chaired, who is behind the success of M. Raghavaiah. NFIR proudly staged those women veterans who shaped trade unions at local levels and changed the course of history. They raised babies, but they also raised voices against the systems of discrimination harassment. “Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained.” Life to women is not at all easy in these present days, but still they made up confidence and moving to attain their goals with all struggles. And these women have also inspired many of those women employees who are present in the convention with their thundering speeches. “We want to be strong and empowered. We want to shock everybody.” With this strong oath women conference was started with a song of “Itni shakti hame dena data “ so that we can change the violence into peace, sung by Smt Aruna Jaipal in the conference. After the song, with the permission of the Chair, the women conference proceedings were commenced. Smt D.P.Naidu, in her speech stated that, the most common way women are giving up their hopes is by thinking that they don’t have any power. Every women have these two elements of power and strength. These two tools to be used in the right time and right way. The women are blessed with Child care leave, at the same time it turned to be a trouble to them to avail it. Many women are facing problems with



this leave, since it is at the discretion of officer, and every time whoever needs it are to approach officer with gifts or in any other form, for its sanction. She requested GS/ NFIR to look into this matter. She also raised her demand to GS/NFIR to accommodate 2 women from each zone in the NFIR leadership. “LADIES!!!! You are not a SEXUAL OBJECT! - not a PUNCHING BAG _ not a target for EMOTIONAL ABUSE! You were created by God to be a Partner to MEN not a SLAVE, to provide Strength and support to them not to be used and manipulated by them, to submit to them not to become fools in that process. You have your Dignity and Self Worth. Never sacrifice those!” stated by Smt. Hemalatha, from Jhansi division nicely explained the womenhood and how women are to be loved. Thundering speaker Smt. Geetha Pandey, from Bhopal division, stated that , the employees who are enjoying all benefits and facilities are the result of struggles and fights made by NFIR and not by any other Union. No Union has stamina to stand before of NFIR , since NFIR is led by a roaring lion like Shri M. Raghavaiah and others. Smt. Petsi Massy, from Amjer division was honoured for the award received from President of India for “best Nursing”. She said, unless women raise their voices nothing can be done, all women should come united to raise voices against common problems of women. Smt. Manjulika Mukhopadhay from Metro Rail has raised many issues in metro rail and struggles they faced to overcome those problems. “Women should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious of each another “ this was stated by Smt. Simi Lal Singh, from


SRES, she further came up with a very valid point, that any woman should not think another woman as enemy. Unless women are united and felt as one, violence or any other problem of women cannot be solved. If women are not united, there is every chance of taking advantage of it. So, she stated women to be united to fight together. Smt. Satyavaani from SCRES stated that, the famous proverb of “there is a Woman behind every successful Man”, but today behind so many successful women in trade unions as leaders there is a MAN behind and he is none other than Shri M Raghavaiah. The women folk of SCRES are proud to be part of mother organization. The SCRES women wing is constantly working since 2 decades with all kinds of activities and encouraging women employees by giving them awareness programmes to “why strong unions need women”. She also stated that, Woman itself is a vast subject and cannot be concluded or discussed within time frame of 40 minutes, and with the permission of chair from next conventions, women need half day to conduct women conferences. She also proudly stated that under the guidance of GS/SCRES and Shri Mohan Rao, Jt GS/SCRES , the monthly magazine “RAIL SANDESH” is run by two women editors one herself and another Smt Rama Pallavi. A website for NFIR Women Forum is coming up as “Rail Naari” to share women views and raise voice commonly on common issues Smt. Satya Vani. She stated that SCRES demand for 15 years voluntary retirement with full benefits and employment to wards of women employees should be pursued since, women from 40 years of age faces many physiological, physical, mental stress and natural health problems. Smt. Aruna Jaipal, has stated that,

January , 2014

A View of National Women's Conference



January, 2014

with Child care leave, only certain percentage of women are benefited. If the same leave is given to all with other name, every women employee is benefited with this leave. Smt. Kejalakshmi of RWFKS stated that, women officers committees are playing role in helping the officers and their wards. In those committees, one trade union person also to be involved or a separate women committees for Group ‘C’ category may be formed so that the issues can be better resolved. Conference was filled with many other inspiring speakers like, Smt. Chaya- CRMS, Smt. Mili Das- NCR, Smt.Rajini Sharma-NCR, Smt. Reeta nandiNFREU, Smt. M. Umanagendramani-SCRES, SmtAruna Rajeshwar-SCRES, Smt. Seemadevi Tyagi-NRly,Smt.Pali Shah-Metro Rail, Smt.Sarvani BoseERly,Premila Dubey-WCRMS/ Jabalpur, Smt. Sunitha Jha-Jhansi NCRES, Smt. Nisha Singh- WRMS. Everyone in their respective speeches thanked General Secretary/ NFIR for providing a big platform and encouraging women for their empowerment and they are proud to be with NFIR. Every woman in NFIR is being respected at all other forums too. They all stated that the entire women folk of NFIR will be with General Secretary/NFIR M Raghavaiah in his future agenda and support him in all aspects. The conference was concluded with the motivational, inspirational and demanding speech of the Chairperson M Raghavaiah. She stated, that in, every meeting where she has attended she has been repeatedly telling about separate women branch exclusively for women employees in each division, so that they can fight for their own problems and issues. So, far two Railways have come forward and have declared that they are creating women branches. On the same lines, she demanded President, and General Secretary NFIR and other Zonal General Secretaries to promise from this women forum that in every zonal railway, they will encourage one women branch. She


also demanded that, 40 minutes time is not sufficient to hold women conference and it has to be atleast half a day programme. She said “A woman is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.” All the powers in world are made by woman and all powers are within her. Only thing woman has to understand how to fight. She also reminded the women about the famous proverb “ The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” so the women of NFIR shall roar themselves and rule the trade unions for their future. She added that women should come forward, prepare themselves for that. She also told to increase the women membership, so that we can have our own union and which will be supportive to NFIR and works under NFIR. As a closing remark, the General Secretary of NFIR Shri M Raghavaiah, has explained the problems and difficulties faced by women employees. Slowly one after one are resolved but yet there are many pending issues, he said. As demanded by the Chairperson of women forum, efforts will be made to form Mahila Sakha, Mahila Branches as and when the membership of the women is increased. He also stated that, the International Woman’s Day and Un day for elimination of violence against women are celebrated every year by all the zonal unions of NFIR. To observe these days, on South Central Railway, SCRES has been successful in providing funds through Staff Benefit Fund and the same efforts will be made in other zonal railways also he said Mr.Raghavaiah has assured that hence forth, half day for women conference will be held as demanded. NFIR will move forward to raise and work for upliftment of women employees of Railways, he declared. If women are more, NFIR will fight with Rly. Board and arrange special AC 3 tier coaches and special trains for National conventions, he said. The women forum has thanked GS/NFIR for his commitment and encouragement. The entire convention was compared by Smt. Anuradha, CRMS.


Participants of Women Conference Annual Convention at Visakhapatnam 12/12/2013 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Satyavani -SCRES Keja Lakshmi- RWFKS Similal Singh -SRES Nisha Singh -WRMS Aruna Jaipal-Committee Member of WRMS 6) Vijaya Jagadeeshan-SCRES 7) Sunitha Jha-NCRES 8) Mrs. Petsi Massy-UPRMS 9) Mrs. D.P. Naidu-CRMS 10) Smt. Geetha Pandey-WCRMS 11) P. Aruna Rajeswari- (SCRES) 12) Uma Nagendramani AGS/ SCRES 13) Venu Kumari-CWC Member/ SCRES 14) Seema Devi Tyagi -URMU 15) Manjulika MukhopadhyayMRWC 16) Pali Saha -MRWC 17) Sarbani Bose- ERMC 18) Anuradha Visal-CRMS 19) Hemalatha-NCR 20) Pramila Dubey-WCRMS 21) Suman-NCRES 22) Mrs. Devender Bhatia-URMU 23) Aruna Bala –URMU 24) Kasturi Dutta-NFREU 25) Riju Nandi-NFREU 26) Mita Devanate-NFREU

The World Legend


I n the death of Nelson Mandela, the world has lost Iconic Revolutionary who had fought and ended apartheid in South Africa. He was the first Black President of South Africa and under his aegis, the country dismantled the institutional legacy of apartheid and racism. Like Mahatma Gandhi, late Nelson Mandela led the peaceful revolution, spent in prison for number of years and ultimately emerged as one of the tallest leaders in the world. The coming generations would remember this legendary figure who had moved from the position of prisoner to the President of South Africa. IRW/NFIR pays rich tribute to the departed leader.

January , 2014

NFIR & Its Affiliates - Diary Events – 2013 Date JANUARY






04.01.2013 06.01.2013


10.01.2013 11.01.2013 11.01.2013 11.01.2013


11.01.2013 11/12/01/2013 12.01.2013 16.01.2013 17.01.2013 18.01.2013 23.01.2013 23.01.2013 24.01.2013 25.01.2013 28.01.2013 29.01.2013 29.01.2013


SRES submitted Memorandum to Railway Minister, Pawan Kumar Bansal on his visit to Kozhikode mentioning their demands. ERMC observed “Black Day” at Liluah C&W Workshop in protest of heinous crime of Gang Rape took place in New Delhi on 16.12.2012 WRMS launched Secret Ballot Election Campaign. NFIR General Secretary demanded 7th Central Pay Commission & DA Merger in the Mass meeting held at Chandigarh Railway Station, organized by URMU.. UPRMS organized Blood Donation Camp. NFIR’s Delegation met Railway Minister & discussed on pending issues. WCRMS organized Fifteenth Volley-Ball Tournament. UPRMS organized Blood Donation Camps at several places as part of the Birth Day Celebration of late Keshav H. Kulkarni ERMC organized Safety Seminar with the participation of Track Maintainers. ERMC organized Health Check up Camp. WCRMS presented Memorandum to CRB mentioning staff grievances. ERMC organized day long Dharna at Howrah protesting against non-settlement of long pending demands of Railway employees. CRMS observed 25th Death Anniversary of Late S.M. Shukla. ERMC organized Safety Seminar of Track Maintainers at Madhupur. ERMC celebrated Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. SECRMC organized Mass Dharna in front of DRM Office Bilaspur. ERMC organized Safety Seminar of Track Maintainers at Andal Branch. ECRMC conducted Mass Contact & Gate Meetings. SECRMC organized Mass Dharna in front of DRM Office, Raipur. ERMC organized Safety Seminar of Track Maintainers at Howrah. WRMS organized Mega Swabhiman Zonal Women’s Conference at Pratapnagar Vadodara.

FEBRUARY 01.02.2013


04/05.02.2013 05.02.2013 06-13/02.2013 07.02.2013 11.02.2013 11.02.2013






14.02.2013 15.02.2013 18.02.2013


Railway Minister, Pawan Kumar Bansal visited the renovated NFIR’s Office building at New Delhi & addressed meeting. He assured to redress pending demands. S/Shri S. Murugan, TRD Branch Secretary, K. Gridhara Kumar, Secretary, Tirupati Branch & Amit R. Mishra, Secretary/BL-BRI/Valsad participated in ITF-LO-TCO South Asian Future Planning Seminar held at New Delhi. WRMS organized Health Check up Camp at Mumbai Central. CRMS celebrated ‘Sangh Week’ in a festive manner. SRES celebrated 94th Founders day at Perambur, Chennai. SRES conducted active workers meeting at Erode followed by Staff Contact Programme. ERMC Liluah & Kolkata Branch-IV joint organized Dharna at Liluah C&W Workshop on various pending issues. ERMC organized Dharna in front of Administrative Building of ER in protest of Mechanical, Electrical, TRS and S&T Departments demands. SRES organized public meeting at Gopalswamy Nagar/MS highlighting the achievements of NFIR/SRES. SRES conducted staff contact programme at Car Shed/AVD. UPRMS Women Wing meeting held on Vasant Panchmi. NFIR President Guman Singh visited SCRES & Media Centre.



January, 2014

20/21.02.2013 20/21.02.2013 22.02.2013 23.02.2013 26.02.2013


PNM Meeting held between NFIR & Railway Board.- Major achievements of NFIR on important PNM items. NFIR Unions held Protest Dharna, Demonstrations against Government’s inaction on several pending issues. 6th Cadre Restructuring Committee Meeting held –Agreements reached. UPRMS Historic Conference of Technicians & Technical Supervisors held at Ajmer. ERMC organized Seminar on Safety of Track.

MARCH 01.03.2013 05.03.2013 05.03.2013 07.03.2013


07.03.2013 08.03.2013 12.03.2013 13.03.2013 15.03.2013


18.03.2013 20/23.03.2013 21.03.2013 25.03.2013


WRMS organized Ranjitsinh Gaekwad Memorial T-20 Cricket Tournament at Baroda. ERMC organized Blood Donation Camp at Liluah C&W Workshop. WRMS organized Osteoporosis (Bone Density) Check-up Camp at Churchgate. National Conference on “Safe Working of Trains” – Role of Loco Inspectors – held at New Delhi. URMU organized ‘Mahila Sammelan’ at New Delhi. NFIR Affiliates celebrated International Women’s Day Enthusiastically. WCRMS organized Meetings & Dharnas in support of Demands of Technicians. CRMS organized Conference on Safe Running of Trains – Role of Technicians. WRMS organized Blood Donation Camps celebrating Birth Anniversary of J.G. Mahurkar, WRMS General Secretary. UPRMS organized Youths & Women Conference at Jodhpur. GS/NFIR addressed Mass Meetings at SERMC & MRWC – Election Campaign. SERMC Filed Nomination for contesting the Secret Ballot Elections. SCRES & SECRMC filed nominations for Secret Ballot Elections to be held on 25th, 26th & 27th April, 2013.

APRIL 03/04.04.2013 13.04.2013 18.04.2013 21.04.2013


GS/NFIR participated in General Managers’ Conference. GS/NFIR addressed Meeting organized by WRMS at Ahmedabad. NFIR President Guman Singh along with URMU General Secretary, B.C. Sharma visited Ambala Division on Election Campaign. URMU General Secretary visited Shamli & Meerut on Election Campaign.

MAY 01.05.2013 02.05.2013 03.05.2013




14/15.05.2013 22/23.05.2013 30/31.05.2013 -

NFIR Affiliates celebrated May Day. Twelve NFIR affiliates declared elected in Secret Ballot Elections. CRMC Organized Mass Dharna demanding Safety of Staff, Maintenance of Township & Proper Medical facilities. NFIR representatives Shri Munindra Saikia, GS/NFREU & Smt. Dipti Shukla, Chair Person – Women Branch, WRMS participated in ITF Asia Pacific Regional Conference at Hong Kong. WRMS organized Blood Donation Camp celebrating victory in Secret Ballot Elections, 2013. CRMS conducted Workers Education Programme. 209th Working Committee Meeting of NFIR held at New Delhi.

JUNE 05-20.06.2013




15.06.2013 15-06.2013 19.06.2013


R.P. Bhatnagar, Working President, NFIR participated in International Labour Conference at Geneva. WRMS organized Blood Donation Camp on the occasion of International Blood Donation Day at Mumbai. SCRES organized Blood Donation Camp celebrating Birthday of GS/NFIR, M. Raghavaiah. SCRES celebrated 78th Birth Anniversary of NFIR General Secretary, M. Raghavaiah. SRES achieved justice to employees through OA No. 274/12 & 238/13 for selection to fill up 31 vacancies of Guards (PB-1 & GPRs.2800/-) against 60% promotion quota



January , 2014



24.06.2013 30.06.2013


vacancies to be filled by staff of Commercial Clerks, Train Clerks, Pointsmen, Cabinmen, Shunting Master, Switchmen, Ticket Examiners etc., categories. NFIR/URMU Set up Flood Relief Camp at Haridwar Railway Station for Victims of Uttarakhand. NFIR’s Steering Committee decides to Launch Direct Action. NCRES General Secretary, R.P. Singh was felicitated on the eve of his retirement from Railway Service.

JULY 08.07.2013 18.07.2013




ERMC Central/Divisional Office Bearers Meeting held at Howrah. NEREU (PRKS) sent a Demand Draft of Rs.51,000/- to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund through NFIR for Uttarakhand Flood victims. Mass Demonstrations by NFIR Affiliates on Pending Demands.

AUGUST 02.08.2013 05.08.2013


05.08.2013 06.08.2013 06.08.2013


14.08.2013 20.08.2013 23.08.2013 29.08.2013 29.08.2013 30.08.2013


WRMS Demonstrations, Rallies on Pending Demands. GS/NFIR sent a letter to Prime Minister urging for Merger of DA with Pay consequent to DA crossing beyond 50%. CRMS conducted Ministerial Staff Conference. CRMS conducted Young Workers Conference. GS/NFIR sent a letter to Prime Minister for payment of P.L.Bonus to Railway employees duly relaxing the calculation ceiling limit. SCRES organized Blood Donation Camp. SRES Youths visited NFIR and participated in the interaction with GS/NFIR. NFIR’s Meeting with Railway Board held on demands of Railway employees. NCRES protested against Anti-Worker Action of SDE (Operation). DCWRWU organized Workers Rally on Demands. SCRES Divisional Secretary Venkata Subbaiah was felicitated on the eve of his retirement.

SEPTEMBER 06/08.09.2013 17.09.2013






17.09.2013 20/21.09.2013 20.09.2013 21.09.2013 21.09.2013 25.09.2013




210th Working Committee Meeting of NFIR held at Bhilai Chhattisgarh) – Strike Ballot Dates on Charter of Demands declared. GS/NFIR sent letter to Prime Minister conveying Strike Ballot decision on Charter of Demands of NFIR. NFIR Affiliates conducted protest demonstrations against Railway Board’s attempt for Reduction of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB). Joint letter sent to Chairman, Railway Board by NFIR/AIRF on payment of PL Bonus for 2012-13. SRES Delegation met Railway Minister at Chennai. CRMC organized Safety Seminar at Chittaranjan. ERMC Women’s Forum Meeting held. GS/NFIR addressed meeting organized by ERMC at Asansol. SCRES organized Medical Camp exclusively for Ladies. Government accepted the demand for Setting up of 7th Central Pay Commission (NFIR’s struggle since May, 2012 has resulted success). ECRMC General Body Meeting held at Dhanbad.

OCTOBER 02.10.2013 06.10.2013






SRES Mass Meeting on Gandhi Jayanti Day at Chennai. CRMS celebrated 75th Birth Anniversary of Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, President, CRMS and Working President, NFIR. WCRMS organized Blood Donation Camps on the occasion of 75th Birth Anniversary of WCRMS Zonal President & Working President of NFIR, R.P. Bhatnagar. NFIR’s persistent struggle resulted issuance of Cadre Restructuring orders by Rly. Board.



January, 2014

14/15.10.2013 21.10.2013 22.10.2013 28.10.2013


Similal Singh of SRES participated in European Transunion Workers’ Conference at Croatia Zagreb. URMU organized massive demonstration/Rally at Moradabad. URMU organized ‘Hunkaar cum Lalkaar’ Rally at Lucknow. URMU organized demonstration-cum-Rally at Ambala Cantt Station.

NOVEMBER 01.11.2013 06.11.2013 12.11.2013


19/25.11.2013 20.11.2013


25.11.2013 28.11.2013


SRES organized demonstrations at different places in Southern Railway. Highly successful NCRES Triennial Meeting held at Allahabad. CRMS President/ Working President, NFIR, R.P. Bhatnagar handed over a Cheque of Rs.10,000/- (collected from Railway Workers & general public) to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Shri Vijay Bahuguna at Dehradun for the relief of flood affected persons in Uttarakhand. Ram Prakash Sharma of URMU and Zonal Secretary of NFIR was among the members of delegation met the Chief Minister. NFIR observed Qaumi Ekta Week & taken pledge to work with dedication to preserve and strengthen the freedom and integrity of the Nation. GS/NFIR unveiled Bronze Statue of SCRES Ex. Secretary late Tummalapenta Peda Rama Rao. NFIR Affiliates observed United Nations Day for Elimination of Violence against Women. Western Railway entered 150th Year of its service to the Nation.

DECEMBER 02,12,2013 10.12.2013 11/12.12.2013 12.12.2013 27.12.2013


WRMS organized Mega Women Conference at Sabarmati. Working Committee Meeting of NFIR held at Visakhapatnam. 27TH National Convention of NFIR held at Visakhapatnam. National Women’s Conference of NFIR held at Visakhapatnam. NFIR paid sincere tributes to late Keshav H. Kulkarni, a prominent leader of NFIR, on his 16th Death Anniversary.

Career Progression of Track Maintainers Extract of Record Note of discussion held on 27.09.2013 BETWEEN Railway Board (MS & FC) and the Staff Side (NFIR) on recommendations of the Joint Committee constituted to study the Career Progression and Package for Trackmen – percentage distribution of posts of Track Maintainers, is given below: NFIR General Secretary, M. Raghavaiah participated. “General Secretaries of the Federations mentioned that there is acute stagnation amongst the Trackmen cadre. There are cases where a Trackman is superannuating without any promotion. The Federations stressed that it is absolutely necessary that the cadre is revised in the ratio of 10:20:20:50 as was unanimously agreed and recommended by the Joint Committee. Board (FC) stated that the cadre structure as recommended by the Committee if agreed and implemented will result in double or even triple jump in certain cases which may not be administratively desirable. However, considering the Federations’ contention about the hardships being faced by the Trackmen category, revision in the percentage distribution in Track Maintainer-III & Track Maintainer-IV categories may be considered. The General Secretaries of the Federations however raised strong objection on this suggestion and insisted that revision is very essential in the higher grades of the cadre i.e. Track Maintainer-I & Track Maintainer-II. Addl. Member (Staff) intervened and stated that as was suggested in the CRC meeting, a viable solution at this juncture would be to consider revising the percentage distribution of the cadre of Track Maintainers in the ratio of 6:12:22:60 in lieu of the existing 3:6:20:71. Board (FC) agreed to this suggestion. Although the Federations insisted for the percentage of distribution as per recommendation of the Joint Committee especially for 10% to Track Maintainer Grade-I, but finally it was agreed that presently 6% (six percent) may be given to Track Maintainer – I category and after 2 (two) years to date of approval communicated by Board (17.08.2012), this percentage would again be reviewed upwardly. It was agreed to process the matter accordingly.”



January , 2014

Mass Protest Against Harassment by Public & Death of CTI/GTL B. Sanjiva Rao Protest by SRES

S outhern Railway Employees Sangh (SRES) conducted Mass protest against the incident, harassment of public and death of CTI/GTL B. Sanjiva Rao on 10th/11th December, 2013. The incident took place when public agitated because there was no water in the train and harassed the Ticket Checking Staff. Shri B. Sanjiva Rao had a massive Cardio arrest and died while on duty during public agitation. SRES observed condolence and as a mark of respect all the Central Office Bearers and Divisional Office Bearers of Workshop Division and Chennai division participated in the protest and spoke about the condemning the inaction of railway administration. They said that in Southern Railway 125 vacancies have not yet been filled for the last more than one year. Though 68 trains were introduced/extended/ increased the trips but so far no staff were sanctioned, they said. It was also highlighted by the speakers that many TTEs manning the additional coaches which resulted in mental agony, stress and strain.

Protest by SCRES South Central Railway Employees Sangh (SCRES) also protested at Tirupati in front of SMR Office on 13th December, 2013 condemning the death of B. Sanjiva Rao and against the public action resulting the death of employee on duty. Large number of Ticket Checking staff attended the protest with black badges. All the staff demanded to provide adequate safety for the ticket checking staff and to fill up vacancies immediately to avoid such type of incidents. They also demanded fair and quick justice to the family of late B. Sanjiva Rao.

Protest by SECRMC A large number of ticket checking


staff under the banner of South East Central Railway Mazdoor Congress (SECRMC) took out a massive peaceful silent rally and conducted gate meeting before the Divisional Headquarters on 17 th December, 2013.

SECRMC senior members including Assistant General Secretary, Ravi Dhal, Assistant General Secretary and former Divisional Coordinator B. Krishna Kumar were present in the rally.

A delegation of the SECRMC met Divisional Railway Manager, Ajay Pratap Singh and handed over a memorandum to him demanding security for the ticket checking staff after an on duty Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) Sanjiva Rao was brutally hacked to death by some traveling passengers in Guntakal Division of South Eastern Railway, the other day.

New Year Challenges....

Ticket Checking staff expressed their condolence to the departed soul of Sanjiva Rao condemning the act as barbaric. SECRMC President, Tapan Chatterjee said that the ticket checking staff while on duty had to face lot of problems from the miscreants and ticketless travelers. But despite repeated reminders, the Railway Adminis-tration failed to extend any security to the Ticket Checking Staff putting their life in jeopardy during duty hours. He also said that they have demanded from the Railway Administration to ensure that such incidents do not occur in future not only with the ticket checking staff but also with any other Railway employees.


Contd. from page...1 The sorry state of affairs as above may lead to turbulent situation in the new year 2014 and employees’ confrontation with the Government may become inevitable. While the negotiated settlement would be the preferred option, the failure on the part of the Government in meeting the genuine aspirations of the workers may disturb industrial peace. It is hoped that the Government would be prudent enough to seriously take note of the disappointment and frustration among the employees and take proactive step for working towards sorting out issues through dialogue before it is too late. Every one really wants that Indian Railways should prosper to ensure qualitative service to the Nation but, however, much depends upon the attitude of the Government.

January, 2014

CRMS Biennial Convention – R.P. Bhatnagar Re-Elected as President The 34th Biennial Convention of Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh (CRMS) was held at Solapur from 20th to 22nd November, 2013. The Minutes of last Working committee Meeting were placed before the house by General Secretary K.V. Vichare which were passed unanimously. The Statement of Accounts from August to October, 2013 was placed before the house by the Treasurer Shri R.G. Nimbalkar and the same was passed unanimously. Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, CRMS President addressed and appreciated the arrangements made by the team of CRMS Solapur Division. He thanked to the Railway employees and CRMS cadre for collecting the fund of Rs.10 lakh which was handed over to the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand for the relief of flood victims of Uttarakhand. He said that the privatization in Railways activities is damaging the standards and working of Railways. He also explained on Resolutions on various demands of Railway employees. S/Shri R.N. Chandurkar, V.K. Samadhiya, Praveen Bajpai and D.R. Jamadar, Divisional Chairmen of Nagpur, Bhusawal, Mumbai and Pune Divisions respectively addressed the Convention. While addressing R.N. Chandurkar stated that outstanding dues have been cleared by NGP Division and the employees are getting the benefit under LARSGESS Scheme. Computers and Megaphone facilities are available in almost all the Branches in Division. Shri V.K. Samadhiya stated that the arrangements made by Solapur Division for 34 th convention are appreciable and informed that Busawal Division is conducting Divisional Council Meetings regularly. Hqrs. Dues have been paid, he said. He informed that ECC Society election are to be held in the


year 2014 in his Division. Praveen Bajpai of Mumbai Division talked about Yuva Manch and Mahila Manch which are being encouraged by CRMS. He appreciated the achievement for trackmen by CRMS/NFIR besides the arrangements made by CRMS Solapur Division for 34th Biennial Convention. D.R. Jamadar congratulated the team of Solapur Division for making good arrangement of 34th Biennial Convention of CRMS. He also appreciated on conferment of ‘Dronacharya Award’ to the President Shri R.P. Bhatnagar on 1st May, 2013 by Maharashtra Govt.

presided over the Open Session.

In the CEC Meeting held on 21st November, 2013 the Resolutions were passed after deliberations. CRMS General Secretary, K.V. Vichare also placed the Report on various activities conducted which was passed by the House. The applications received from Honorary members were placed before the house for their continuance which were accepted and forwarded for adoption in the G.C. Meeting. Shri R.P. Bhalerao, Bhusawal Division appreciated the General Secretary Report.

Addressing to the Open Session Shri John Thomas appreciated the co-operation of CRMS. Shri Srivastava, Sr. DESTE expressed his good wishes for the success of CRMS Convention whereas Shri Bar Khede, Sr. DPO extended thanks to CRMS for inviting him to participate in the convention.

S/Shri John Thomas, DRM, Bar Khede, Sr. DPO and Srivastav, Sr. DSTE Solapur participated in the Open Session of 34 th Biennial Convention. While addressing the Open Session, Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, CRMS President welcomed DRM, Sr. DPO and Sr. DSTE besides other Officers of Solapur Division, CRMS Office Bearers & Member of General Council. He said that the demands of Railway employees are pending with Government and needs to be settled early.

On 22nd December, 2013, elections were held to elect Office Bearers and Working Committee Members of CRMS. The following were elected by the body.

Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, CRMS President addressed the Meeting said that by maintaining the good health, the cadre can work hard. He also talked on the Resolutions drafted on Railway employees issues.

S/Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, President V.P.S.Rastogi, Working President, Praveen C. Bajpai, General Secretary, A.K. Changrani, Joint General Secretary, Ramgopal Nimbalkar, Treasurer, R.N. Chandurkar,V.S. Solanki, M.A. Godse, V. K. Samadhiya, V.K. Sawant, D.R. Jamadar, Smt. D.P. Naidu, Smt. Pramila N. Rathod, Smt. Kundalata D. Thool, Manisha Vijaykumar Jagtap Vice President, B.M. Sharma, Sunil G. Bandale, Anil Raut, Assistant General Secretary, S.A. Siddiqui, Vinod Chaturvedi, S.B. Patil, R. Vishwanath, D.S. Mahajan, M.P. Goswami, Hqrs. Secretary

A Rally was taken out at 16.00 hrs from Gandhi Statue via DRM Office Solapur and marched to the venue where Open Session was conducted. Shri R.P. Bhatnagar

S/Shri Anil Kumar Dube, R.J. Singh, Satish Kumar Shukla, A.P. Chaugule, Mrs. Shilpa Palav, Dharmesh Kumar Kardam, Vilas

The General Council Meeting was addressed by S/Shri Praveen Bajpai, Divisional Chairman, Sunil Bendale, Prahlad Prajapati, S.K. Shukla, PNVL Smt. D.P. Naidu, Mumbai division, R.N. Chandurkar, Divisional Chairman, Nagpur Division, and Ratnam David, Pune Division.


Working Committee Members

January , 2014

Sampatrao Indulkar, M.Y. Khan, Millind Sonawane, Rakesh Srivas, Arvind Kaskar, R.K. Tagore, Vinod K. Rai, Ameer Khan, K.S. Thorat, Smt. Rachna Vartak, Toran Singh, B.R. Dhakde, R.P. Bhalerao, Arun Kumar Tiwari, Manoj Kumar Singh, Yohan Uttamrao Dongardive, Shaikh Md. Irfan, C.S. Pitale, Eknath Balu Patil, Bandoo Randhai Zimbal, S.R. Atram, Virendra Singh, Dhirendra Verma, D. Bhattacharya, Rahul Mahadeo Rao Gaikwad, Smt. Shradha Despande, P.R. Mohite, Balasaheb Abhiman Jadhav, Mahesh Randive, Kishore N. Pillay.

Setting up of Kendriya Vidyalayas Minister of State for Railways, Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in a reply to a question in Rajya Sabha on 13th December, 2013 informed that the Ministry of Railways have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) for setting up of 50 new Kendriya Vidyalayas during 11 th and 12 th Plan periods. Pursuant thereto, Ministry of HRD has sanctioned seven new Kendriya Vidyalayas at Carriage Repair Workshop (Bihar), Railway Campus, Nanded (Maharashtra), Railway Campus, Rangiya (Assam), Freeland Ganj Railway Colony, Dahod (Gujarat), Krishnarajapuram Diesel Loco Shed Colony, Bangalore (Karnataka), and Shakurbasti, West Punjabi Bagh (Delhi). He also informed that a list of another 43 locations has been forwarded to Ministry of HRD for opening of Kendriya Vidyalayas. However, five Kendriya Vidyalayas are already running on Railway land in Andhra Pradesh, the Minister said.

He who earns his bread by the sweat of his brow and shares with others what he so earns, can be called truly honest - Guru Nank INDIAN RAIL WORKER

S.C. Rly. Employees' Co-op. Credit Society Ltd., Secunderabad (Regd. No. 1548 Estt. 1923)

This Society is the biggest Multi State Cooperative Credit Society in Andhra Pradesh, catering the needs of the shareholders on the entire South Central Railway. The Society is offering the following Schemes for the welfare of its shareholders. I. Quantum of Loans: (Rate of Interest 6% ) Service upto 5 Yrs. 5 basic sub. max. Rs. 60,000/Service over 5 Yrs. & upto 15 Yrs. 7 basic sub. max. Rs. 80,000/Service over 15 Yrs. 10 basic sub. max. Rs. 90,000/CMTD assets Rs. 30,000 & above 10 basic sub. max. Rs. 1,00,000/Gaz. Officers 10 basic sub. max. Rs. 1,50,000/II. Special Loans : (Rate of Interest 7.5%) If CMTD If CMTD If CMTD If CMTD holdings below holding holding holding Rs. 40,000 Rs. 40,000 Rs. 60001 Rs. 80001 to 60,000 to 80,000 & above Loan Sanction Rs. 80,000 1,10,000 1,20,000 1,30,000 III. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE : (one time only)

AIDS Amputation of legs above knee cap Brain Operation Cancer : Rs. 6,000/Amputation of both legs : Rs. 4,000/Heart Surgery Kidney Operation Orthopaedic Operation (major) : Rs. 3000/Amputation of one hand above elbow : Rs. 2500/- Paralysis Amputation of hands Below elbow Gynic Operation Abdominal operation Amputation of one leg below knee cap Spinal Cord operation : Rs. 2000/-. IV. MUTUAL BENEFIT FUND : Rs. 30,000/- will be paid as Death Benefit. V. SURETY RELIEF FUND : Relieve Sureties for payment of borrowers liability in case of Death of the Borrower while in service. VI. Retirement Benefit Fund : Min. Rs. 1000/- Max. Rs. 3000/VII. Book Bank : Books for Tech, Inter, Degree, PG and professional courses worth upto Rs. 3000/- for two children of a shareholder. VIII.Educational Scholarships : (Eligible only one ward of the Shareholder who continues further studies)

SSC Courses : Rs. 600/- SSC (Merit, marks above 80%) : Rs. 1000/Intermediate : Rs. 600/- Degree : Rs. 600/- Degree (Merit marks above 80% (final year) : Rs. 1000/Technical (ITI) & Diploma courses : Rs. 600/PG, Engg and Medical Courses : Rs. 1000/Engg. Medical and PG Courses Ward of Shareholders in PB-I and grade pay upto Rs. 2800/- : Rs. 1500/-. IX. CASH AWARDS TO SPORTS PERSONS : (i) Rs. 1000/- for National & International Achievements (ii) Rs. 500/- for State Level achievement. FIXED DEPOSIT SCHEME : Re-Investment Plan (RIP) Term 12 months 9.00% Term 24 months 9.50% Term 36 months 10.50% Minimum Deposit Rs. 5000 and additional deposits accepted in multiples of Rs. 5000/- Maturity value Deposit Amt. 12 Months @ 9.00% 24 Months @ 9.50% 36 Months @ 10.50% 5,000 5,466 6,033 6,817 10,000 10,932 12,066 13,634 25,000 27,330 30,165 34,085 50,000 54,660 60,330 68,170 1,00,000 1,09,320 1,20,660 1,36,340 Interest rates are higher than offered by Banks No Tax Special Benefit :

Deduction at Source on interest on income received as per Sec. 194(A) of I.T Act 1961 Safety for your money SCR ECCS Ltd., is a 86 year old organization and certified as 'A' Class Society by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies SCR ECCS Ltd has strong financial base and sound growth record. Note : The Board of Management is proposed to enhance the General Loans shortly and it will be intimated to all the shareholders. Implementation of NEFT :- It is to inform all the shareholders that S.C. Rly. Employees Co-operative Credit Society is the first society in Indian Railway Sector to implement the National Electronic Fund Transfer for disbursement of loans.

PS Perumal, Managing Director 28

M.Rukmini, Asst. Secretary

January, 2014

WRMS Mega Women’s Conference at Sabarmati

W estern Railway Employees Sangh (WRMS) organized Mega Women’s Conference at Sabarmati on 2nd December, 2013 in conjunction with the empowerment of women apart from observance of UN Day for elimination of violence against women. More than 900 Women delegates from all the six Divisions of Western Railway participated. INDIAN RAIL WORKER

The Conference was chaired by Smt. M. Raghavaiah. Smt. Kamini Mahurkar was also on the dais. S/ Shri M. Raghavaiah, NFIR General Secretary, J.G. Mahurkar, WRMS General Secretary addressed the concluding session of the conference. Smt. Hema Surani, WRMS Assistant General Secretary & Co-


ordinator, Ms. Niladevi Zala, Coordinator, Women’s Wing of Western Railway, Smt. Kavita Menon, Office Bearer, Ahmedabad Division, Ms. Anandiben Dhamdhere, OS-DRM Office, Baroda, Ms. Deepti Shukla, ITF participant of NFIR of Baroda Division, Smt. Avni Oza, Matron, Divisional Hospital Rajkot and Smt.

January , 2014

Leena Paul of Ratlam Division were present on the dais and addressed the gathering. While speaking, Hema Surani, Coordinator, Women’s Wing emphasized that child care leave to women employees should be made available easily. She observed that the posting of women employees at the same place of posting of their husbands is not being implemented honestly. She thanked Shri M. Raghavaiah and J.G. Mahurkar for their efforts to get implemented the provision of Child Care leave and the increase of maternity leave to six months. Smt. Kavita Menon, Office Bearer suggested that a Rest Room should be made available for the women working in traffic and operating departments. She also suggested for hostel accommodation for working women at all the Divisions. Ms. Niladevi Zala, Coordinator, Women Wing strongly emphasized the need of Women Branch of WRMS in each Division like that of Bhavnagar Division. She also felt that there should not be discrimination of rights for women. Ms. Anandiben Dhamdhere Baroda expressed her concern on sexual harassment at workplace and suggested that the names of Members with their telephone numbers should be displaced on the Boards in all the offices to enable the distressed women to seek the help. Smt. Deepti Shukla briefed the audience on the functioning of ITF and explained the hard working of ITF on promotion of women empowerment and elimination of violence against women. Smt. Avni Oza, Matron, Divisional Hospital, Rajkot said that women should come forward with their problems and work together for the elimination of violence against women. She strongly expressed that women should unite to achieve the empowerment in real sense. She also suggested that Gang Ladies should be deputed on light jobs at the age of 45 years & above because they are having serious health problems at this juncture of age. Smt. Leena Paul, Matron, Mahu of Ratlam Division suggested that the provision of


health care leave should be made for the women beyond 40 years and the Patient Care Allowance should also be granted to the lady peon working in hospitals where safaiwala and HA are not provided. Smt. Kamini Mahurkar expressed her concern that problems of women are not being resolved within time frame and they continue to suffer because of this. Remedial action should be faster. Whenever the problems of working women are discussed by trade unions with officers, the concerned women should also be present. Smt. M. Raghavaiah, while speaking felt that the problems of women employees should be properly looked into and resolved by NFIR & WRMS. She drew attention of the participants to the fact that decision was taken in the Women’s Conference held at Bhavnagar that each Division will have a Women’s Branch but the same has not been materialized so far. NFIR, she observed will have to work more assertively to mitigate the problems of 90,000 women working on Indian Railways. The Mementoes were distributed to 500 Women delegates in the conference. Shri & Smt. Raghavaiah were honoured with Shawl and Mementoes. WRMS General Secretary, J.G. Mahurkar complimented WRMS leaders S/Shri R.A. Bhatia & U.V.S. Tomar for excellent arrangements made for the conference. The Conference concluded with National Anthem.

Pension from 01.01.2006 instead from 24.09.2012. Review petition filed by Govt. of India dismissed by Supreme Court The Government had challenged before the Supreme Court the decision of the Delhi High Court for allowing correct pension from 1 st January, 2006 instead from 24 th September, 2012. 30

The issue had arisen when the demand was made for fixation of correct pension from 1 st January, 2006, the date from which the 6 th Central Pay Commission recommendations were implemented instead of from later period. The Supreme Court had dismissed the SLP filed by the Government in July this year. The Government has again filed Review Petition urging the Supreme Court to review its order of dismissal of SLP. The Supreme Court has since dismissed the Review Petition filed by the Government.

Tributes to Late Ram Mohan Rao T . Ram Mohan Rao Working President of SCRES (Retired Chief Reservation Supervisor) passed away on 16.12.2013 at Yashoda Hospital, Hyderabad. Late Ram Mohan Rao had rendered self-less services to the employees as well as SCRES. He was very honest, dedicated and duty minded. In his death, the SCRE Sangh lost one of its senior leaders. General Secretary, NFIR M. Raghavaiah who happened to be at Hyderabad on December 16, 2013 visited hospital and met relatives of late Ram Mohan Rao and conveyed condolences. He also visited the residence of late Ram Mohan Rao along with SCRES Office Bearers on 17 th December, 2013 and shared the grief with family members. In the mass meeting held at General Manager’s Office premises on 17 th December, 2013, a gathering of over 2000 employees observed 2 minutes silence as a mark of respect to late Ram Mohan Rao.

When you have a good cause never descend to personalities - Mahatma Gandhi January, 2014

GS/NFIR Unveiled Bronze Statue of SCRES Ex. Secretary Late Rama Rao

NFIR General Secretary, M. Raghavaiah unveiled the Bronze Statue of Late Tummalapenta Peda Rama Rao, SCRES Ex. Secretary at Sopirala Village of Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh on 20.11.2013. N. Srinivasa Rao, Secretary of SCRES, Bapatla Branch was also present on the occasion. Addressing the gathering Raghavaiah remembered the unforgettable services rendered by late T.P. Rama Rao to the poor people. He said that late Rama Rao was a disciplined, sincere and hard working in redressing the grievances of staff, he struggled a lot for upliftment of the employees on various issues at different levels. His contribution towards villagers will always be remembered for his social activities like construction of Kalyana Mandapam for the use of villagers, Raghavaiah said. SCRES Divisional Secretary, B.V. Chalapathi Rao addressed and explained that late T.P. Rama Rao also got constructed Panchamukha Anjaneya Swamy temple at National High Way near Sopirala Village besides Lord Shiva Temple in the Village. His services to the villagers have left an indelible impression in the minds of villagers, he added. Family members of late T.P. Rama Rao besides large number of villagers participated in the function. S/Shri Amanchi Krishna Mohan, MLA/Chirala, Dr. P. Anand Rao, M.R.O. Dr. T.S.R.


RAILWAYMEN ON THE MOVE Anjaneyulu, Ex. Municipal Commissioner, Nellore and brother of late T.P. Rama Rao were also present on the occasion. S/Shri B.K. Visweswara Rao, DS/GNT, K. Jagapathi Raju, Divisional President, Dy. Divisional Secretaries A.Venkateswara Rao & K.V. Venkateswara Rao, K.V.V. Prasad, G. Srinivasulu, M. Nageswara Rao, Working Committee Members beside all the Branch Secretaries and Office Bearers of Vijayawada Division were also present.

S.S. Karri Nominated as Member, Telephone Advisory Committee

Shri S.S. Karri, former Secretary of South Eastern Railwaymen’s Congress, (SERMC) Vijayanagaram


has been nominated as Member, District Telephone Advisory Committee by the Ministry of Communications and IT Department. Shri Karri was one of the Directors in District Co-operative Central Bank for 10 years. He had retired as Senior Chief Commercial Inspector of South Eastern Railway in the year 2001. He is the President of Railway Pensioners’ Welfare Association, Vijayanagaram District. He is also Joint Secretary, Vijayanagaram District Congress Committee. Shri Karri had joined Railway service in the year 1961 and retired after rendering five decades of service in the Railway. He was given Railway Minister’s Award besides GM & DRM Awards in recognition of his dedicated services.

SRES Activities 27-11-2013 : A farewell function on superannuation of SRES Tondiarpet Open Line Branch Assistant Secy., Shri Ramachandran was organized at Tondiarpet. SRES Office Bearers were present on the occasion. S/Shri P.S. Suriyaprakasam, General Secretary, Murthy and Mohanasundram, Organizing Secretaries and K. Rajaraman, Divisional Secretary, SRES were present and addressed the gathering and appreciated the services rendered by Shri Ramachandran to SRES. 28-11-2013 : Hunger Strike/ Satyagraha was observed to protest against inordinate delay in regularization of substitutes inducted after post completed Act Apprentices in 2009. More than 220 Substitutes participated in Satyagrah. SRES General Secretary, P.S. Suriyaprakasam, Organizing Secretary, Parthasarathy, Divisional Secretary/MAS K. Rajaraman and Divisional Secretary, Workshops M. Suriyaprakash participated and addressed on the occasion demanding the regularization of the substitutes. 30-11-2013 : A meeting of Executive Committee of Trivandrum Division was organized at

January , 2014

Ernakulam Junction to give farewell on superannuation to S/Shri U.M. Ravindranath, Divisional Secretary, Ouseph, Asstt. Divisional Secretary, Abraham and Simon Assistant Secretary & Treasurer/ERS respectively. TVC Divisional President, Chandarlal presided over the meeting. S/Shri P.S. Suriyaprakasam, General Secretary, K. Velayudhan, Working General Secretary, SRES participated and addressed the gathering. Mr. Ravindranath was felicitated warmly.

Loco Inspectors Meeting During 27th National Convention of NFIR at Visakhapatnam, NFIR General Secretary, M. Raghavaiah addressed the meeting of Loco Inspectors on 12th December, 2013. He explained the efforts being made by NFIR for mitigating the hardship being faced by Loco Inspectors. He said that provision of adequate number of posts commensurating with the number of Loco Pilots, improved working conditions of Loco Inspectors, rectification of VI CPC anomalies, replacement of Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- with GP Rs.4800/ up-gradation of certain percentage of Group ‘C’ apex posts to Group ‘B’ (Gazetted) have already been taken up by the Federation at the level of Railway Ministry. He also informed LIs the efforts being made by NFIR on the issue of depressed emoluments of LIs joined prior to 1st January, 2006 and assured them that the Federation will meet CRB and seek INDIAN RAIL WORKER

his intervention for rectification while extending support in the legal battle. Shri Kishor Babu and P. Narayana Rao of Central and South Central Railways were prominent among those took part in the discussions.

Alertness of P. Way Staff Averted Train Mishap S afety consciousness and alertness on duty of P. Way staff averted train mishap near Tenali Station on South Central Railway.


Shri Y. Chandru Naidu, Track Maintainer, Tenali while on duty of night patrolling of track noticed at around 03.20 hrs. on 15th December, 2013 between Tsunduru and Tenali Stations a flash butt weld failure having a gap of 8 mm which led to a level difference of 60 mm between the separated rails. He immediately alerted the Divisional control office at Vijayawada and promptly relayed the information about this weld failure to senior officials. In the mean time, Train No. 12621 Chennai – New Delhi Tamilnadu Express had already left Tsunduru Station towards Tenali. The Train was promptly stopped short of the spot in time by the night patrolman by flashing a red lamp signal. Shri M. Sambasiva Rao, Senior Supervisor/Permanent Way/Tenali, rushed to the spot with additional staff by about 04.05 hrs. The staff have physically lifted the track, brought both the rails to an even level, fish plated and clamped them in the night hours quickly. After carefully ensuring the safety, they allowed the train to pass at 04.40 hrs. with a restricted speed of 20 kmph. The alertness and the timely action of the trackman averted a possible train mishap.

January, 2014

Appropriate immediate corrective action by the engineering officials without much loss of time in the night has ensured in minimizing the train detentions. In appreciation of their safety consciousness, alertness in the course of their duty and their commendable action in response to such a situation, Shri P.K. Srivastava, General Manager, South Central Railway awarded them with a cash award at Rail Nilayam on 18th December, 2013. IRW/NFIR appreciates Shri Y. Chandru Naidu, Trackman and Shri M. Sambasiva Rao, Senior Supervisor/Permanent Way/Tenali for their devotion, dedication and alertness towards their duties.

Homage to Pradeep Sinha, Assistant General Secretary, URMU P radeep Sinha, Assistant General Secretary, URMU passed away on 26 th November, 2013. Late Sinha was working as Stock-verifier under Sr. DFM, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow. As President of Accounts GB-II Branch of URMU at Lucknow, late Sinha had worked for the cause of Railway employees. His devotion and dedication to the URMU will ever be remembered. Paying tribute in a condolence meeting to late Pradeep Sinha, URMU cadre prayed that his soul may rest in peace. IRW/ NFIR pays tribute and conveys condolences to bereaved family members of late Pradeep Sinha.

Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of true democratic spirit. -M.K. Gandhi INDIAN RAIL WORKER

The Central Railway Employees' Co-Operative Credit Society Ltd. Established in the year 1913

Head Office at Byculla(W), Mumbai - 400 027 Tel. No. 23005722/23082247 Branches : Mumbai, Pune, Solapur, Bhusawal, Nagpur, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Jhansi, Agra, Sub - Branch : New Katni Jn. Biggest Salary Earners Multi States Co-Op. Credit Society in Asia Catering the needs of employees' of Central Railway, West Central Railway and North Central Rly. Spread over Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh Fixed Deposits :

Our Deposit Schemes - Rate of Interest

Recurring Deposits :

45 Days to 180 Days - 7% p.a. 181 Days to Less than 1 Year - 7.5%p.a. 1 Year 1 day to 3 Years - 8.5%p.a. 3 Years 1 day and above - 9.5%p.a. 3 Yrs. (Interest Payable on maturity) -10.5%p.a.

For 1 year For 2 years For 3 years For 5 years

7.5% 9% 9.5% 10%

p.a. p.a. p.a. p.a.

Saving Deposit : 5%p.a. Compulsory Monthly Thrift Deposit Scheme 9% p.a. Lakhpati Bano Yojana :- By contributing Rs. 1,000/- per month for 75 months, Maturity Amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- will be paid on the 76th month. Double Deposit Scheme : Any amount deposited becomes double in 84 months from the date of deposit w.e.f. 1-12-2011 Monthly Interest Paying Fixed Deposit Scheme :For Retired Railway employees within the area of operation of the Society and Retired Staff of the Society For an amount of Rs. 3,00,000/-& above and further in the multiple of Rs. 10,000/- w.e.f. 1-12-2011 10% p.a. For an amount below Rs. 3,00,000/9.5% p.a. (Minimum amount to be deposited in this scheme will be Rs. 1,00,000/- and further in multiples of Rs. 10,000/-. Lock in period will be 3 years) For members/Staff of the Society 9% p.a. Awards/Scholarship to the children of Shareholders Cash Award for S.S.C/H.S.C. General Category 70% marks or above Rs. 750/Reserved Category including OBC 60% marks or above Rs. 750/Physically handicapped / disabled 50% marks or above Rs. 750/Special Cash Awards for :S.S.C./H.S.C. 85% or above Rs. 1.000/90% or above Rs. 1,500/95% or above Rs. 2,000/Graduation (Degree any Faculty) First Class Rs. 2,000/Post Graduation (Degree any Faculty) First Class Rs. 3,000/Scholarship for professional Courses :Diploma Courses 60% or more Rs. 3,000/- Per Year Degree Courses 60% or more Rs. 5,000/- Per Year C.A./C.S. Courses :- (On successful Completion of Course) Rs.10,000/Award for continuous Membership of 20 years or more Rs. 4,000/Relief to family in case of death of a Member while in service Rs.17,000/one time relief to Members sufferring from :Paralysis/T.B./HIV/ : Rs. 5,000/Kidney failure/Cancer Rs. 10,000/Loan slabs : Length of service Minimum Maximum No. of per case (`` ) per case (`` ) month's pay 1 Year to less than 5 years 5 years to less than 10 years 10 years to less than 20 years 20 years and above



16 month's Basic pay + Gr. Pay 17 month's Basic pay + Gr. Pay 18 month's Basic pay + Gr. Pay 20 month's Basic pay + Gr. Pay

Rate of Interest on Loan i.e. 6.5% p.a. Computer Advance Rs. 30,000/- (Once in Service) Rate of Interest i.e. 5% p.a.

Always at the service of the Railwaymen since last 100 years. (Nitin S. Pradhan) (J. N. Patil) President (Nitin A. Nivsarkar) Vice - President Chief Manager


January , 2014

NFIR References to Railway Ministry Letters to Secretary Rly. Board Career growth of Chemical and Metallurgical Assistant Grade I & II-reg. Ref: (i) NFIR’s letter No. NFIR/VI CPC/Main/10/Pt.IX dated 25-062013, (ii) NFIR’s letter No. NFIR/VI CPC/Main/10/Pt.IX dated 5-82013, (iii) NFIR’s letter No. NFIR/VI CPC/Main/10/Pt.IX dated 23-92013, (iv) NFIR’s PNM Item No. 02/ 2011 (PNM). This issue of career growth of Chemical and Metallurgical Assistants Gr I&II has since been raised by NFIR in the PNM for a at Railway Board’s level under Item No. 1/2011 for over two years for getting justice imparted to CMAs. There has virtually been no progress on the issue despite writing three letters by the Federation quoted under reference. The issue has also been discussed by GS/NFIR with ED/E PC-II more than once but without positive results and the PNM item continues to be pending for over two years. NFIR therefore, once again requests the Railway Board to kindly see that suitable instructions are issued to redress the grievance of CMT staff. Federation may be advised of the action taken. (NFIR’s letter No. NFIR VI CPC/ Main/Pt.10 dated 4-11-2013).

Non-grant of Consolidated Travelling Allowance to the Ticket Checking Staff on East Coast Railway-reg. As per extant instructions contained in India Railway Establishment Code-Vol-II [(Section III/para 1605 (1) (2) & (3) ] Railway employees whose duties require him to travel extensively and are away from Headquarters for performing Railway duties for 20 days or more in a month are eligible to receive Consolidated Travelling Allowance with the sanction of General Manager. ECoRSC an affiliate of NFIR has


reported to the Federation that these instruction are not being adhered to on East Coast Railway. Federation further wishes to state that the ECoRSC has raised the issue in the Zonal PNM for payment of consolidated Travelling Allowance to Ticket Checking Staff unfortunately General Manager did not agree. NFIR therefore, requests the Railway Board to issue instructions to General Manager/Eco Railway to follow codal provision and ensure payment of Consolidated Travelling Allowance to the staff. A copy of communication may be endorsed to Federation. (NFIR’s letter No. III/ECoRSC/Pt.II dated 4-11-2013).

Placement of erstwshile Group ‘D’ staff in PB-1+GP Rs. 1800/- reg. There have been cases of Railway employees who were nonmatriculates and while working in erstwhile Group ‘D’ categories during the period from 5-9-2008 to the date of completion of appropriate training, have either retired/died in harness before completing the formality of training for placing them in GP Rs. 1800/(PB-1). These former employees have not been extended the benefit of PB-1 with GP Rs. 1800/- with the result they have been deprived of pensionary benefits. South Central Railway in particular has instead of extending benefit to these former Group ‘D’ employees pursuant to Railway Board’s instructions vide RBE No. 162/10 and letter No. PC-VI/2008/ I/3/1 dated 08/11/2010 has made a reference to Railway Board vide letter No.P[R]/531/1 dated 8-032013 (copy enclosed), seeking clarification, the same is still pending for over six months and the former employees have been made to suffer. NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to issue suitable clarificatory instructions for


granting Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/(PB-1) in the above situations. Suitable clarification be sent to GM/ S.C. Railway in reply to his reference duly endorsing copy to this Federation. (NFIR’s letter No. II/8(i) dated 1211-2013).

Gyan Chand CLI/ CNB/NC Railway Suicide due to Terrible Pressure from Officers F ederation feels sad on hearing that Gyan Chand, Chief Loco Inspector/CNB, NC Railway committed suicide on 24th December, 2013. The preliminary enquiry made from NCRES indicate that late Gyan Chand was under terrible pressure from the Officers and he was not sanctioned even leave. Unable to bear the pressure, late Gyan Chand took recourse of committing suicide. GS/NFIR in his message said to convey protest letter to General Manager, NC Railway duly endorsing copy to Member Electrical, Railway Board, New Delhi against the inhuman behaviour being meted out to Supervisory Officials by certain officers and also demanded action against erring officers. IRW/NFIR pays tribute and conveys condolences to bereaved family members of late Gyan Chand.

Passive Resistance Persistence and faith in one's mission, faith in the Supreme Power makes one humble and fearless. - M.K. Gandhi

January, 2014

Railway Board's Decisions Recruitment/engagement of persons in Pay Band-1 (Grade Pay ` 1800) Minimum education qualification regarding. References have been received from various Railway establishments seeking clarification whether relaxation in prescribed qualification permissible vide Board's letter of even number dated 9-12-2011 (RBE No. 166/2011) is applicable or otherwise to engagement of Substitute Bungalow Peons/ Telephone Attendant cum Dak Khalasi (TADK) on the Railways. The matter have been examined and it is clarified that relaxation of minimum educational qualification stipulated in letter of even number 9-12-2011 does not cover substitute Bungalow Peons/TADK. Railway Board's letter No. E(NG)II/2011/RR-1/11 dated 9-12-2013.

Qualification for recruitment of staff from open market in Pay Band-1 (Grade Pay: `1800). Attention is invited to this Ministry's letter of even number dated 9-12-2010 wherein minimum educational qualification for all recruitments against direct recruitment quota through all modes has been prescribed as 10th pass or ITI or equivalent. The issue whether candidates with 8th pass qualification and in possession of qualification of Course Completed Act Apprenticeship, who are granted National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC) by National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) can be considered for appointment/engagement to posts in Pay Band-1 (Grade Pay : `1800). The issue has been examined in consultation with Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGFT), M/o Labour & Employment, Man Power Planning


Directorate & Pay Commission Directorate of this Ministry and it has been decided that para 2 of Board's letter of even number dated 9-12-2010 may be read as under:The Ministry of Railway have decided that henceforth minimum educational qualification for recruitment in Pay Band-1 of ` 5200-20200 having Grade Pay of `1800/- will be 10th pass or ITI or equivalent or National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC) granted by NCVT. These instructions will be applicable for all future recruitment henceforth against direct recruitment quota through all modes. Cases decided in the past need not be re-opened. Railway Board's letter No. E(NG)II/2009/RR-1/10Pt. dated 9-12-2013.

Revision of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in respect of Government servants who had drawn lump sum payment on absorption in Central Public Sector Undertakings/ Central Autonomous Bodies Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission. A copy of Department of Pension and Pensioners' Welfare (DOP&PW)'s O.M. No. 4/30/2010 P&PW(D) dated 28-10-2013 is enclosed for information and compliance. These instructions shall apply mutatis mutandis on the Railways also. A concordance of DOP&PW's O.Ms referred to in the enclosed O.M. and Railway Board's Corresponding instructions is given below:DOP&PW's O.M.

No.4/30/2010-P&PW(D) Government of India Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare. Dated 28th October, 2013 Office Memorandum Revision of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in respect of Government servants who had drawn lump sum payment on absorption in Central Public Sector Undertakings/Central Autonomous Bodies - Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission. The undersigned is directed to say that orders have been issued vide this Department's OM of even number dated 11-7-2013 for revision of 1/3rd restored pension of absorbees w.e.f. 1-1-2006 by multiplying pre-revised 1/3rd pension by a factor of 2.26, if it is more beneficial than the revised 1/ 3rd restored pension as per this Department's O.M. No. 4/38/2008P&PW(D) dated 15-9-2008. These orders have been issued in compliance of the order dated 27-92011 of the CAT Hyderabad Bench in OA No. 710/2010 read with their order dt. 22-4-2013 in C.P. 26/2012. Representations have been received from the absorbees pensioners, who had taken lumpsum payment in lieu of 100% prorata pension on absorption that the benefit allowed to the absorbee pensioners in terms of O.M. dated 11-7-2013 is not adequate. These representations have been examined in this Department. The main thrust of these representation is that the 1/ 3rd restored pension may be revised w.e.f. 1-1-2006 by adding dearness

O.M. No. 4/38/2008-P&PW(D) dated 15-9-2008

Railway Board's Corresponding instructions Letter No. F(E)III/2005/PN1/23 dated 22-09-2008.

O.M. No. 4/30/2010-P&PW(D) dated 11-7-2013

Letter No. F(E)III/2005/PN1/23 dated 31-07-2013.


January , 2014

RNI No. R.N. 7243/63 Regd. No. DL(C) -01/1121/2012-2014 Posted at SRT Nagar Post office New Delhi -110055 Licensed to post without pre-payment No. U(C)-279/2013-14 Date of Publication : 1st January, 2014 Date of Posting - 3rd & 4th every month

pension and dearness relief as on 11-2006 alongwith 40% fitment benefit to the pre-revised 1/3rd restored pension. The matter has been examined in this Department. The instructions for revision of 1/3rd pension were issued by this Department's O.M. no. 4/38/2008-P&PW(D) dated 159-2008, keeping in view the formula laid down by Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh in its judgment dated 29-11-2006 abd 24-7-2007. Hon'ble CAT, Hyderabad Bench in its order dated 27-9-2011 in OA 710/2010 inter-alia observed that the O.M. dated 15-9-2008 was legally sustainable. However, the Hon'ble CAT directed to pass an order so as to equalize the revised 1/3rd restored pension of absorbees with the revised pension of other Central Government pensioners. Keeping in view the above direction of Hon'ble CAT, Hyderabad Bench, which was upheld by High Court of Andhra Pradesh and Supreme Court, orders were issued vide this Department's O.M. of even number dated 11-7-2013 ti revise 1/ 3rd restored pension of absorbee pensioners to 2.26 time of the prerevised 1/3rd restored pension. This is explained by the following example: Pre-2006 full Pension : 4073 Pre-2006 1/3rd restored pension : 3173 Revised full pension (for DR, etc.) : 9207 Revised 1/3rd restored pension in terms of OM dated 15-9-2008 : 6492 Revised 1/3rd restored pension in terms of OM dated 11-7-2013 : 7173. The above formula for revision of 1/3rd pension is also in conformity with the demand made by the staff side in the meeting of National Council (JCM) held on 6-11-2012. In view of the above position, no

further change in the 1/3rd restored pension of the absorbee pensioners (who had drawn lump-sum payment of absorption in Central Public Undertaking/Central Autonomous Body) is required to be made. All the representations made by the absorbee pensioners and their Associations in this regard stand disposed off accordingly. All Ministries/All Departments are requested to inform the above position to the absorbee pensioners. Railway Board's letter No. F(E)III/ 2005/PN1/23 dated 11-12-2013.

Hostel facilities for single women Railway Employees at all Divisional headquarters. Following declaration by the then Hon'ble Railway Minister in his Budget speech (2013-2014) in regard to provision of hostel facilities for single women Railway employees at all Divisional headquarters, the issue has been considered by the full Board. The Board has decided that the single women Railway employees may be provided with hostel facilities at all the Divisional headquarters by making appropriate arrangement without any pay scale restrictions. For this purpose the zonal Railways may earkmark appropriate number of Staff quarters without resorting to new constructions at appropriate locations and furnishing those units with basic necessities such as bare essential furniture, skeletal kitchen set up etc. Further, whenever new quarters are sanctioned, the first priority should be given to women hostel. Railway Board's letter No. E(G) 2013 QR 1-09 dated 11-12-2013.

Grant of full sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) after 20 years of Railway Service.

A Clarification was sought by one of the Railway/unit as to whether weightage of 5 years in qualifying service in PRCP on voluntary retirement is to be continued or not. After careful examination, President is pleased to decide that the weightage of 05 years in qualifying service for PRCP on voluntary retirement shall be discontinued. Further it has also been decided that Railway employee having Railway service of 20 years or more shall be allowed to get full sets of PRCP. Accordingly columns 1, 2 and item (viii) under column 3 of Schedule IV (Post Retirement Complimentary Passes) of Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986 (revised edition-1993) shall be amended as per ACS-74. The revised provisions will be effective from the date of issue of this letter. In all other respects, the extant provisions of the Railway Servants (Pass) Rules, 1986 (revised edition 1993) shall continue to apply. Railway Board's letter No. E(W)2013/PS5-1/7 dated 16-12-2013.

Smart Card Scheme Committee Tenure extended M inistry of Railways (Rly. Board) have decided to extend the tenure of the Committee to work out and finalize a Joint Procedural Order (JPO) for implementation of ‘Smart Card Scheme’ for retired Railway beneficiaries uniformly over all the Railways to take treatment in an emergency in recognized private hospitals, for a further period up to 31.01.2014. Ref: Railway Board’s order No.ERB-I/2013/23/45 dated 05.12.2013.

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Indian Rail Worker - January 2014  

Indian Rail Worker is a monthly magazine published by National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) and explains the various activities of...

Indian Rail Worker - January 2014  

Indian Rail Worker is a monthly magazine published by National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) and explains the various activities of...