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I thought that I had n problem searching for things on the Internet; I mean you just Google it right? Haha. I am an avid Google user, whether it be for a school project or for whatever strikes my fancy, and like the articles states, I often find myself in a sea of unrelated results I never knew that by putting a minus sign followed by a term that it would eliminate those search findings. The Boonlean method, searches using and, or, & not was a new way for me to think about how to search the Internet.. I also didn’t realize how specific search engines were in finding results based purely on capitalization. The URL search option was also new to me. I was convinced that all I need is Google, but I am finding that using other sites with deeper search methods can be beneficial to finding the information that I am actually looking for. I may try a Gopher search in the future to get ALL the results I am looking for, the way it breaks the results down into different categories.

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