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I never really thought of having an Internet Identity. The concept is simple enough. Deception comes to mind because when it comes to the Internet you can become anyone you want to be. It would be so easy to go on the Internet and say, “I’m a Dr. listen to me about weight loss,” and all you’ve done is read a real doctor’s book. Then there is the more evil deception, such as pedophiles using the Internet for their own demented needs. There are no Internet police, no one checking up on you, or checking your I.D. It’s a free for all. The more and more the Internet grows and CMC starts taking over, people are becoming curious about the interactions between users and cyberspace. I never really thought of CyberSpace psychology, but it makes perfect sense. There is a reason we do everything. What drives us to do it? Why do we choose to interact the way we do? Validation drives all of us. To think that we get that when reading an email or responding to an Instant Message is quite interesting. But, hey, who doesn’t want to feel special? Because of the rapid growth in Internet usage so have the studies on its usage. Since the Internet is growing at a rapid rate it is hard to come up with absolute theories. The fact that there may need to be a new stem of psychology just to explain why people act the way they do using the Internet and CMC, just proves how much things are changing now that we need to figure out why we think the way we do. I also found it interesting by thinking of one’s Internet usage to “shaping” their experience. The beauty of the Internet is that you basically do whatever you want, you are not just reading, or listening to some thing, you are becoming a part of it. Thanks to things like Wikis and posting videos, the Internet becomes interactive; you are help, “shaping” it, thus adding to the appeal, and validation.

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