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The Netherlands: The Digital Gateway to Europe IOF Dining Club 14 June 2012 GUOMAN Tower Hotel London

‘Connectivity & Security in a Big Data World’ Organised by: Arena International In association with: Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency

Source: NL Agency

IOF Dining Club 14 June 2012

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Introduction: Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) NFIA UK & Ireland: support from A to Z The Netherlands: facts & figures Why the Netherlands: location factors for datacentres 1. The Dutch business environment 2. ICT market overview 3. Connectivity 4. Cyber security 5. Energy supply 6. Talent - IT workforce 7. Tax - Fiscal climate

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Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency Support from A to Z 1. 2. 3. 4.

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The Netherlands

 Area:

16,000 sq miles

 Population:

16.7 million

 Currency:

Euro (€)

 Capital:


Three major international airports are within a 125 mile radius - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Brussels Airport and Airport Dusseldorf International

Locations factors Main drivers for investment decisions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The Dutch business environment ICT market overview Connectivity Cyber security Energy supply Talent - IT workforce Tax - Fiscal climate

The Dutch business environment

Source: NL Agency

The Dutch business environment


Human Development Report of best countries in which to live in


United Nations World Happiness Report


IMD's World Competitiveness Rankings 2012 (from #14)


Bloomberg: best countries to business in


WEF The Global Information Technology Report 2012


Akamai's ranking of countries with fastest internet connections 2011

ICT Market Overview

The Netherlands: one of the most advanced ICT markets in the world  ICT industry main driver for Dutch economic growth  Worth €55 billion and will grow with approximately 2.6% each year till 2015  70% of innovation in the Netherlands is ICT related  60% of all Forbes 2000 companies active in ICT have already established an office in the Amsterdam Area, including world players such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Tata, IBM, Oracle, Capgemini, Zarafa, Infosys  Cloud industry 15% of Dutch Industry (2012), increase to 19% in 2013

The Dutch Digital Environment

Key areas that make up the Dutch Digital Environment  Second highest bandwidth speed  High number of internet users  Broadband internet subscribers  Domain name registrations  ‘Openness’ of ICT  Creative industry  Chips  ‘Light touch’ telecoms policy  Broadband deployment  Social Media

Datacenter market overview

“Numerous big-name international businesses have operations in Amsterdam itself or in the vicinity of the capital.” (2011)

 Increasing demand for data center services  33% of the European data centers  Large quantity of empty buildings  More than 6,300 foreign companies with almost 9000 operations

Connectivity “One of the most network-rich countries in the world, the Netherlands has direct access to several submarine communication cable systems delivering low-latency links to other European nations, North America and beyond.� (2012)

Source: NL Agency

Connectivity Average Measured Connection Speed Europe

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

Country The Netherlands Switzerland Czech Republic Ireland Romania Denmark Norway Belgium Hungary Finland Slovakia Austria

Average Mbps (Q3, 2011) 8.5

7.5 7.3 7.0 6.6 6.3 6.2 6.2 5.9 5.7 5.5 5.4 Sweden 5.3 Germany 5.3 Portugal 5.1 United Kingdom 5.1 Poland 4.3 Spain 4.0 Italy 4.0 France 3.8 Turkey 2.9

Source: Akamai Technologies, 2012

“The presence of AMS-IX, the largest Internet exchange in Europe, makes Amsterdam an important hub for the networks serving the continent. We are known as the gateway of Europe.� (2012)


Regional Datacenter opportunities in the Netherlands The advantages of being in another area other than Amsterdam: • Lower cost in general (including personnel costs) • More building space (cheaper to build) • The same connectivity capabilities as Amsterdam • Relatively low latency as the distances are minimal

Latency between regional locations and Amsterdam Internet Exchange


Latency overview to other European countries

Based on the distance traveled, a 4.9 microsecond latency per kilometer (0.62 mile)

Cyber security

Security awareness in Europe Cyber security is being adequately addressed by corporations 10.00 9.00 8.00 7.00 6.00 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00

Source: IMD Competitiveness Yearbook, 2009

Executive Opinion Survey: 10 = strongly agree 0 = strongly disagree

Energy Supply

"The choice was essentially between London and Amsterdam, but London is pretty full and... there is no power; in Amsterdam there is plenty of power. We found it is much more economically beneficial to build in Amsterdam.� (2012)

Source: Energizing the Future

Energy Supply

The Netherlands has one of the most reliable and stable energy grids of Europe National  5 major electricity generating companies  ‘Transmission System Operator’ is ‘TenneT, fully owned by the central government Regional  30 regional and local energy distribution companies  Regional network operations Distribution System Operators (such as Liander, Stedin and Enexis) connect customers to the grid and provide the transport of electricity

“The average availability of the energy grid over the last five years accounted to 99,9943%” (2011)


Examples of cooling systems and techniques available in the Netherlands  KyotoCooling  Datacenter Infra Solutions  Optimair Menerga  Air@work  WKO

“At EvoSwitch, we are carbon

neutral – not because we have to be but because it pays to be in the Netherlands.” (2012)

“Hitachi’s most energy efficient data center is in The Netherlands. This site is a showcase of technologies for energy efficient data centers throughout Europe, made possible in the Dutch technology environment” (2010)

Energy Cost

The Netherlands has one of the lowest energy price in the European Union (Per 100kWh) â‚Ź

Source: Eurostat, November 2011

IT Workforce

Source: ASML Netherlands B.V.

IT Workforce

One of the highest productivity rates in the world

Source: The Conference Board and Groningen Growth and Development Centre, 2012 (GDP per hour in US dollars 2011)

IT Workforce

Multilingual and highly educated workforce English language proficiency in Europe Score





Very High Proficiency


The Netherlands

Very High Proficiency



Very High Proficiency



Very High Proficiency



Very High Proficiency



High Proficiency



High Proficiency



High Proficiency



Moderate Proficiency



Moderate Proficiency



Moderate Proficiency



Moderate Proficiency



Low Proficiency



Low Proficiency

Source: EF EPI Ranking, 2011

“The Netherlands offers a number of clear advantages, including a high level of education and in-depth technical knowledge, linguistic aptitude and the multinational trade spirit of the Dutch.� (2011)

Source: Hans Kouwenhoven

Fiscal climate

Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Corporate tax rates in Europe Country Tax rate 2012 Ireland 12.50% The Netherlands 20.00% - 25.00% Finland 24.50% Austria 25.00% Denmark 25.00% United Kingdom 26.00% Sweden 26.30% Italy 27.50% Norway 28.00% Spain 30.00% Germany 22.825% - 33.325% Belgium 33.00% France 33.33%

 Advance Tax Ruling (ATR)/ Advance Pricing Agreement (APA)  Extensive tax treaty network  R&D fiscal policy: - WBSO - Innovation Box - RDA  EIA  30% ruling

Source: OECD, 2011

“The Netherlands is well organized business-wise, especially regarding taxes.” (2008)

“The ‘30 percent ruling’ is a powerful recruiting tool that allows the company to pay less for global talent.“(2010)

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