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Today's new era of increased data transfer and sensitive information being stored on hundreds and thousands of servers within Data Centers today form a network connecting the world and physically allowing our digital infrastructure to become a reality. Our reliance on this infrastructure and the competitive nature of individuals for power and control has evidently increased concerns pertaining to cybercrime, data theft, hacking and the victimization of businesses, people and governments. With criminal acts becoming more frequent - there will be a greater thrust for more efficient means of security both digitally and physically within data centers, using complex software and biometrics to authorize and monitor. Architectural design can support the growth and efficient development we need to organize and conduct business through our digital infrastructure by means of control and surveillance within our buildings. With smart and efficient design through the use of software and physically secure building systems we can be proactive in our efforts to secure data transfer networks and create smoother transitions for growth and change. Within this new building typology we are creating to house servers bringing our virtual systems into a cohesive and growing reality, we are allowing the surveillance and monitoring of data centers to be efficient and effective.

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