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welcoming the new chairman RISE welcomes the NDTG Chairman for UK and Scotland A committed member of the

initiatives, he also works closely with

industry, Bishop is the immediate Past

the NDTG Administration Team to

President to The National Federation

coordinate training for his own

of Demolition Contractors and has

workforce. He is keen to ensure

served on the NDTG Management

all of his own staff are fully trained

Committee for over 5 years. Bishop

and qualified and therefore has

has been on a number of working

a solid understanding of what it takes

committees that have transformed

and what is needed to ensure full

demolition training and competency

competency of the demolition

over the years with the most notable


being part of the team who worked

At the AGM, Gary Bishop thanked

behind the scenes to create the World’s First Demolition Plant Simulator.

At the Annual General Meeting in

February, Gary Bishop of Bromley Demolition has been appointed

working relationship with the

continuation of the Groups

incoming Chairman as Kaila Francis,

successes into his upcoming

NDTG Centre Coordinator

two year term.

comments, “Gary has been extremely

NDTG RISE looks forward to catching

committed to the NDTG over the years and does not only get involved

After a successful two years as

I would hope to continue this trend

hands over to the incoming NDTG

Scotland Chairman John D McArthur

over my own 2 year chairmanship to ensure that the demolition industry achieves the recognition it deserves through competence and profession-

With Craig MacWilliam’s completion

alism based on the provision of first

of his two year term as Chairman we

class training where our workforce

would take this opportunity to thank

have the best opportunity to develop

him for his contribution to a very

their skills.

successful term where he has


dedication over his Chairmanship whilst committing to the

with the development of new

Chairman Craig MacWilliam now

Chairman for his hard work and

The team at NDTG HQ have a great

as NDTG’s Chairman for the next

two years.

Richard Dolman, immediate Past

presided over an increase in both

NDTG RISE looks forward to hearing

the range of training courses

more from John D McArthur and we

offered and the number of

would like you to join us in

successful completions.

welcoming him into his new post.


up with Gary for a full report in the next issue.


The NDTG’s annual general meeting The NDTG AGM 2014, hosted at Shendish Manor in Hertfordshire proved to be another positive meeting for NDTG Members,

Training Providers, Support Staff

recent award win of NSAC Assessor of the Year. Furthermore, Steve awarded NDTG/ NDTG

and Industry Body Representatives.

Scotland Centre staff,

NDTG outgoing Chairman Richard

Kaila Francis and Shona

Dolman opened the meeting with a thorough reflection of 2013 highlights, including the NDTG’s latest development of a Demolition

Farrell with their Level 3 Award achievement in Understanding the Principles and Practices of

Walking members step by step

Plant Simulator. Dolman commented,

Assessment (QCF).

‘There have been some fundamental

Further presentation were offered by

developments that have taken place over the year with the most notable being the development and purchase of a demolition plant simulator for the industry. The current software which has been developed by the NDTG working with experienced software developers Oryx Simulations in Sweden, has produced a software dedicated to the training of novice demolition plant operators’. Steve Hyatt (Internal Verifier, NSAC) & Sophie Cox offered a detailed report on NVQ (QCF) achievements over the year. Hyatt congratulated new NVQ Assessor Wayne Collins on his

Paul Gaze, CITB Specialist Federation Support Manager, regarding levy

received the presentation well.

Jim Caldwell offered a detailed

As Richard Dolman brought the

presentation offering Guidance on

meeting near to a close, he handed

Notifiable Non-Licensed Work for

over to Sophie Cox, Group Manager

the Demolition Industry.

for the final proceedings of the day.

Lead Trainer, Iain Kirk gave an

Sophie thanked Richard for his

informative training report launching

sterling work over his two year term

the revised Demolition Supervisor

and introduced Gary Bishop into the

Course. The course redevelopment

role of Chairman. As Gary took the

was welcomed by many members

Chair he said, ‘If I can offer the NDTG

during the lunch, with many expressing that they felt the additions were adding more value to they will now be more structured to include enhanced face to face teaching and learning as opposed to the previous distant

Manager, delivered the anticipated presentation of the day on the revised CPCS Renewal Process.

Members and achieve as much as Richard has over the last two years then that will be a job well done.

demolition supervisors learning as

Peter Brown, CPCS Products

renewal process changes, example questions and fact sheet revision tips and current pass rates, the audience

changes and grant funding and

learning style.

through the reasons behind the

Thank you Richard for all of your hard work’. Overall, the NDTG AGM was a great success and it was brilliant to see the progress made by the Group over just 12 months. The NDTG Management Team would like to say thank you to all those who attended the meeting and we look forward to seeing you over the year.



LATEST NEWS The CITB continue to support NDTG’s Free Training Initiative Last year, the NDTG both sides of

the border were able to offer over

40 specialist training courses at no

cost to the employer. YES, they were

completely free of charge. Sophie Cox, Group Manager reports.

It is with thanks to the CITB that we are able to continue this important initiative into 2014. Offering training groups up to £25,000 per annum to offer free training to CITB registered employers between 1st January and 31st December, the support has been well received by the sector.

The NDTG has engaged with

We currently have limited places left

employers to determine the types

on the following free courses. Subject

of training to offer as part of this fund

to availability.

and has this year so far delivered the following courses: 3 x Competent Fit Test Operator 3 x Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal 1 x Emergency First Aid Course 1 x Temporary Works Coordinator Training. We have a further 9 courses lined up between April and May throughout the UK, with all April dates now completely full.

Temporary Works Coordinator (2 Days) – Birmingham - 22nd May. Temporary Works Supervisor (Half Day) - Hemel Hempstead - 27th May. Temporary Works Supervisor (Half Day) – Birmingham - 30th May. Further free course dates will be issued in due course. Make sure you are signed up to receive our NDTG e-alerts. If you are not, please email

NDTG expands it's training coverage into Gibraltar UK demolition training leads the world, so it was no surprise that

when the Government of Gibraltar wanted to train their Technical Services Department in the

management of demolition projects, they decided to contact NDTG.

Initial contact was made to Sophie Cox, Group Manager in 2010 who proposed an amended version of the NDTG Demolition for clients course

written by John Woodward at C&D Consultancy. Full details of the course content, learning objectives and learning outcomes was forwarded to the government for approval. Despite the need for the course, funding had to be secured and that process took nearly four years. During this time a date had to be set for the course in Gibraltar. Sophie Cox had handed over all negotiations to Kaila Francis who was left with the job to win the order and arrange delivery of the course as required. After many emails back and forth Kaila managed to agree the course dates of the 3rd to the 6th February 2014 and arranged for John Woodward to fly out to "The Rock"



and deliver the training. The training delivered by John Woodward was well received, particularly the group work sessions and feedback indicated that the course was excellent. This feedback meant that the Government are now negotiating with Kaila for further courses (Demolition Supervisor and Demolition Plant Simulator) over the next twelve months.

training the training administrators seminar! NDTG Training Centre in

Hertfordshire opened its doors to a different audience in March,

welcoming a mixture of Training

Administrators and Managers to

take part in a Workshop designed to Train the Demolition Training Administrator.

The free half day session, hosted by Sophie Cox (Group Manager) and Kaila Francis (Centre Coordinator), was the first of its kind and was well received by all. Key training personnel with varying experience participated in the Workshop. Some had over 5 years’ experience in their role whilst others had only been managing their teams training and competency records for 2 weeks. The course focused on the processes behind the CCDO Scheme and CPCS Scheme as well as introducing them to Specialist Programmes that attract substantial grant claim. Delegates got a sneak preview of the upcoming NDTG Awards Database - A National

The workshop highlighted areas of difficulties faced by those responsible for arranging training and cards for their workforce and gave the hosts an opportunity to empathise with the delegates. The Training Administrator role in a lot of organisations is not

Whilst there was a lot to cover, a small

stand alone and is often tagged

test paper at the end of the workshop

onto other work load priorities and

was met with more confidence than

as one delegate pointed out, the

when they arrived through the doors.

requirements for training and competency are constantly changing. As part of the workshop, the NDTG team encouraged participation from the audience and have themselves walked away with some positive ideas about further streamlining to improve the current services offered to members.

Delegates were provided with step by step guides to refer to throughout the workshop and were issued with publications and posters to take away. Although this was a pilot course, the NDTG is delighted with the feedback from the day and now looks forward to the upcoming workshops in Birmingham, Middlesborough and Scotland.

Demolition Training Register.

FUTURE DATES • 25th Apr 2014 - 10am

University of Birmingham

• 2nd May 2014 - 10am Northern Safety Ltd

Please contact Kaila Francis for more information: APRIL 2014 - RAISING INDUSTRY STANDARDS EVERYDAY


LATEST NEWS Demolition Plant Simulator showcased at the Demolition Convention in Berlin Howard Button NFDC CEO and

Duncan Rudall NDTG Approved Trainer attended the German

Demolition Association (DA)’s

Convention on 28th -29th March in

Berlin, taking with them the world’s first demolition plant simulator.

The demolition plant simulator

Following on from this, the NFDC

was taken to the convention at the

now have members, both Corporate

request of the DA, which was funded

and ISP requesting to hire the

by DA, as they can see the

simulator for events and training.

importance of simulation and wanted

The NFDC/NDTG will continue to

the NFDC/NDTG to present it to the

showcase the simulator at key

delegates and the wider European

events throughout the year.

demolition audience. With approximately 700 conference


We would also like to take this

attendees and 80 exhibitors at the

The presence of the simulator, which

opportunity to thank the DA for their

Convention the DA reported an

was developed for the industry,

support during the Convention.

impressive public response and

supported the NFDC CEO’s speech

recorded its highest number to date.

on the Cross-European certification of

We look forward to next year’s event.

This overwhelming response shows

demolition plant operatives. The

For more information on the

that high quality standards in

simulator was extremely well received

demolition plant simulator please visit:

demolition have increased

and remained busy throughout the

over the years.



NDTG SCOTLAND The start of the year has also been increasingly busy for the National

Demolition Training Group Scotland. Shona Farrell Training Administrator

give us the low down on latest news.

Apprenticeship Programmes We currently have 3 programmes running with a total number of 30 apprentices between these programmes. On top of this, we have qualified a further 9 operatives to Topman level and have a new programme scheduled to start on the 28th April, also with another 9 apprentices enrolled. We have made some significant changes to the training programme for our apprentices, in that, we have introduced training on demolition small plant (i.e. skid steer). Just recently, Roy Brown, NDTG/CPCS Trainer/Assessor, joined us in Scotland to assist us in the development of a training package on demolition skid steer which we could deliver to our apprentices.

by Roy, all 7 apprentices successfully

Level 2 NVQs Our Assessors have already been

passed their CPCS theory test (with

busy in 2014 qualifying our

most achieving 100%) on the D92

demolition operatives, so far up to

small plant category with all 7 now

March having qualified 14 on the

having completed a one-day’s

Level 2 NVQ in Demolition.

foundation training on the practical elements involved in the operation of a demolition skid steer, all at our training/testing area. Feedback from the apprentices on this pilot course

their one-day foundation training

NDTG Scotland has in previous years

with Roy, has now enabled their

qualified 2 operatives on the Level 2

employers to have the confidence

NVQ – Hazardous Waste, and with

to provide these individuals further

the support of 3 of our largest

on-site practical experience on the

Scottish NFDC member companies,

demolition skid steer, and we are

will now be registering a further 3

hopefully that all these 7 candidates

operatives on to the QUA 891 Level

will successfully achieve their CPCS practical test on D92(a) scheduled for

Roy Brown for assisting us with the development of this foundation training!

for our demolition industry, to ensure scheme is available to our workforce.

these candidates have gained from

NDTG Scotland would like to thank

options within asbestos qualifications a fit for purpose licensable asbestos

was excellent, the practical skills that

trained operator card.

closely with NFDC/NDTG and our colleagues at NSAC, investigating

newly developed CPCS small plant

September, achieving the red CPCS

NDTG Scotland has been working

2 Hazardous Waste qualification.

Specialist UpSkilling ProgrammeDemolition Supervision We are making excellent progress with qualifying our 7 supervisors on our Upskilling Programme which

The result of which would provide them with the required skills, knowledge and experience to eventually complete and achieve the full CPCS technical test on the D92 (a) Demolition Skid Steer – Materials Processing category. We have just recently piloted this small plant training module with our apprenticeship programme no. 4 and we are delighted that following the theory foundation training delivered



NDTG SCOTLAND Small Plant We have touched earlier on in our update on the small plant foundation training that has been developed in Scotland and is presently being offered to our current apprentices. With the help of Duncan Rudall, we are also in the throes of developing foundation training on the demolition mini excavator which will also be held at our specially adapted small plant training area. This foundation training will provide an individual with the basic co-ordination skills that are required to operate a mini excavator and also give them the knowledge started in August 2013 and have another 12-month programme starting at the end of April 2014


with 9 candidates.

Following successful completion of

CCDO Manager Course

programmes, we will be offering this

With the assistance of Alan Lock,

foundation training as upskilling to

Assessor, we are continuing to qualify our managers who successfully completed our 5-day course in May 2013 – of the 12 managers on this course, we only have 2 left to be qualified on the Level 6 NVQ. Progress is also being made qualifying the class of September 2013, with 2 already half way through the assessment process, and another

our current apprenticeship

being John Woodward.

those member companies who are interested in seeing the machine in action, to visit our offices through identified open days. We will be recommending that a representative from your company attends along with one of your experienced plant operators for a taster session, where one of our own experienced plant trainers will be on hand to provide you with training on the machine which will enable you to see the capabilities of this training tool, and how this could be utilised by your company to upskill your own plant operators! Our own in-house trained operator could develop a bespoke training package specific for

I’m sure that readers will agree that

We are delighted to announce to our

border and we offer our thanks to

Scottish membership that the second demolition plant simulator has now arrived and has been installed in our offices in Glasgow!

There will be 2 intakes in 2014 for

with the lead trainer for these courses

Very shortly, we will also be inviting

Demolition Plant Simulator

recently and provided our identified

scheduled for May and October 2014,

apprenticeship programmes.

your own company’s training needs!

2 being registered.

manager course and these are

included as a module on our current

these apprentices.

Duncan Rudall, NDTG/CPCS

Scotland, for the 5-day CCDO


of what is required to work these

Firstly, this foundation training will be

Trainer/Assessor, visited our offices trainers initial training on the machine, we are now ready to offer our Scottish members foundation training on demolition plant utilising the machine!


we have been productive north of the our members for the support that they have provided NDTG Scotland to enable us to work on the areas which we feel are important to raise the standards of our demolition industry and to move matters forward and support our colleagues at National!

Meet the NVQ assessors ALAN LOCK I grew up around plant as my father

was a plant manager, summers were spent on sites or out on the low

loader, driving dozers etc at 12 years

old – when things were very different!

I left school and went to Bircham

a wide range of construction,

Newton and completed City & Guilds

demolition, civil engineering and plant

in plant operation and maintenance in

activities, from entrant to senior

1978. I started on site and worked


on various projects operating and

• CPCS (trainer & tester)

supervising all types of plant. From here, I moved into Civil Engineering as a junior supervisor working my way up to Senior GF/Manager on projects ranging from £100k to £12 million which included all aspects of construction including shafts, tunnels, demolition, excavation, earthmoving and drainage etc. With this experience I have gained over the years, I started own company

• CSCS • 28 Years on site experience, working with NDTG, NSAC/CITB and Crossrail. Assessments include: Level 7 Senior Site Management, Level 6 Site Managers, L6 Planning Lifting Operations, Level 3 Site and Lift Supervisors, Occupational Work Supervisors along with a large number of Level 2 site qualifications in areas where I have occupational expertise

doing training and assessment in

and knowledge/experience.

Over the years, I progressed from

the NDTG from delivering

being a machine driver to Site

assessments for CCDO’s to NVQ

Supervisor, and in the 1990’s, I moved

levels 2 and 3. I enjoy the work

to a demolition company where I

greatly, and I’m pleased to be a part

remained for approximately 12 years

of the route that the demolition

until recently. Having started there as

industry is taking towards regulation

a Site Supervisor, I progressed to the

and professionalism.

Wayne Collins Having been brought up working

with my Father, George Collins in his

demolition company, I went into the

industry full time from leaving school. However, at this stage, my Father

died and his firm was wound up, so

I went to work for other demolition contractors, operating plant and gaining my HGV licence at 21.

Through these various companies based on the east coast, I worked in many locations around the country on a wide variety of projects driving vari-


position of Contracts Manager. However, whilst in this position, I continued to drive and maintain machines and site supervise among other related work whenever necessary, as I still enjoyed working

ous related machines. From Drotts, to

with a hands on approach.

wrecking balls in the early years, to

More recently, I have chosen to utilise

‘rubber ducks’ and high reach later,

my knowledge and many years of ex-

and learning further skills for machine

perience within the demolition indus-


try to become an NVQ Assessor for


SEAN PHILlIPS My interest in machinery started at a

very young age helping out on a farm in Kings Langley. Regularly helping out my father and driving the

machines into my teenage years.

From here, I started my career in

I started working for the National

demolition at 15 years old where I

Demolition Training Group in January

started from the bottom and worked

2013 covering NVQ Level 2’s and

up to the top. I have covered all jobs

CCDOs. I am now taking on more

including labourer, topman and plant

training courses including oxy fuel


cutting, abrasive wheels, quick hitch, traffic marshaling and training

Having worked with several

apprentices on the demolition

demolition contractors including

plant simulator.

Gaywood, Davis and Sampson, Button Demolition and SJB

I carry CPCS – All categories including

Demolition I have gained experience

all heights and CCDO – Topman.

in operating high reach machinery. This has lead me to run my own company SJP Services for the last 8 years.

STEPHEN MCCANN I am self-employed trainer and

This was followed by a move to an

NDTG Scotland and CDM-C via the

Edinburgh demolition site, then a

Association of CDM-Cs, the City &

Demolition Training Group in

change to a new role in a in a scrap

Guilds teaching qualification; PTLLS and

metal recycling yard in Glasgow’s

A1 assessor for NVQ/SVQ via NSAC.

to my working life, beginning aged

Shettleston Road for the Dalton

Working with NDTG Scotland was, and

Company. In 2001 I joined Forth

continues to be, a fantastic experience:

the demolition company Scotdem.

Demolition, which was to be my home

not only do I have the opportunity to

for over thirteen years. During this

escape the confines of a desk-bound

period, I took advantage of every

role and get out on-site with the

assessor, working for the National Scotland. I had a very different start sixteen in a timber recycling yard for

possible opportunity for personal

wonderful men and women of our

and professional development. This

industry, but I also have the opportunity

included a demolition manager training

to work with, meet and learn from some

course that improved my abilities in my

of the best minds in the business.

management role. It was also during

I have the privilege to learn directly

my time at Forth Demolition that I was

from some of the foremost instructors

proud to become the first person in

in our industry: Terry Quarmby on

Scotland to gain the NVQ-6 in

sustainable demolition; Howard Button

Construction Management

on DRIDS; Jim Caldwell on ARMI,

(Demolition). My efforts also allowed

Planning, and the NVQ process; Duncan

me to gain further qualification,

Rudall on plant operations, and many

including the Asbestos Manager via the




p u o r G g n i n i a r T n o i t i l o m e D l a n o i t a T he N tives Opera n o ti li o m e D r fo e c ompeten C f o te a c fi ti r e C e Th

The CCDO/CSCS Card Scheme is the recognised industry standard for the Demolition Workforce

Why choose CCDO for your Demolition Workforce?

● Fully auditable assessment processes for all levels of personnel - Demolition Trainee to Demolition Manager ● Card holders have undergone robust training and assessment designed for the industry by the industry ● The scheme is administered & managed through the training arm of the NFDC ● Candidates are qualified through demolition specific NVQ’s at Level 2, 3 & 6

● The CCDO/CSCS underpinning training courses are recognised by the UKCG Training Standard

● All candidates are required to complete Asbestos & Demolition Awareness Training & a ConstructionSkills . Health, Safety & Environment Test to enter the scheme

NDTG RISE - Raising Industry Standards Everyday  
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