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A Chairman’s Task


early half way through my second year as NDTG Chairman, I am delighted to see the ongoing developments taking place within the NDTG to ensure the demolition industries workforce is at its best.

In an industry where skills are diverse to say the least, operatives; operators; supervisors and managers are all widening their knowledge and skills to ensure they can carry out all aspects of their work competently. A recent example is that of our existing CCDO Demolition Supervisors.

The NDTG recognised the need for Temporary Works Supervisor Training amongst our industry supervisors, an area of training that had not been covered before. To plug this knowledge gap, the NDTG has offered several free top up module courses with 70 candidates taking up this additional training. Further courses are to be held throughout the year, and to take this one step further, the NDTG has included the TWS module in all supervisor and manager courses moving forward. An area that I am keen to develop over the next 6 months is foundation training for Demolition Plant Operators. The current system (like many systems that we face as demolition contractors today) is a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. On-site training is the only way to train an operator ready for CPCS testing.

However how do you train an operator on-site without a card? Somehow the NDTG needs to plug this gap! For starters, the industry’s latest innovation, the Demolition Plant Simulator will have the capability to carry out foundation level training by building skills prior to beginning training hours on site. It is hoped that through the newly developed 2 day Demolition Plant Foundation Course, operators will learn the basic skills, develop an understanding of machinery and simulate demolition through this advanced technological breakthrough. This will be awarded with a certificate of foundation training and candidates will then require on-site supervised training to build further core knowledge and skills to develop as a Demolition Plant Operator. The NDTG also has experienced Demolition Plant Operators who are able to carry out bespoke on-site training in areas that you cannot cover in house.

I am also keen to promote the Group this year to ensure we continue to Raise Industry Standards and awareness. The NDTG team recently showcased the industry schemes at PlantWorx and hosted a dedicated training zone at Demolition Expo. Later this year we hope to promote the industry as a skilled career path at the Skills Show in the NEC.

The simulator will be a great tool to assist with this objective. I hope you find this newsletter informative. It has been a busy year for all those involved in the NDTG and there is no doubt that we have an even busier year ahead.

Richard Dolman NDTG Chairman 1

Technological Breakthrough for Demolition Plant Operators Advancements in technology across the whole of the construction sector is moving at an unprecedented rate. The NDTG and NFDC are no stranger to new technologies and this bold step for demolition plant operator training highlights the demolition industry’s commitment to taking advantage of the times we work in. Sophie Cox NFDC/NDTG Group Manager reports.

Yes. It is true. The NFDC & NDTG have commissioned the development of an industry first and what we believe to be a world first. Working with Volvo Construction Equipment Ltd from the United Kingdom and Oryx Simulations in Sweden, we have now completed Phase 1 of what can only be described as an ambitious and innovative project for the Demolition Industry.

Taking delivery of the two simulators in June was a very exciting time for all those involved in development of the software. Feedback from the Demolition Expo on 28th-29th June where the software was showcased for the first time, was encompassed with an overwhelming sense of achievement. Whilst the industry is still keen to continue with conventional on-site training when working in a safe and controlled environment, we do believe that the Simulator will be able to assist the industry through a number of key benefits:

• • • • •

It can be used to train apprentices To up-skill experienced demolition plant operators To test plant skills during operator recruitment stages Contribute to long term contractor savings through training on fuel consumption and breaker damage costs It will also have the added benefit of promoting the industry as a skilled career path

The hardware is a modified Volvo excavator simulator with features such as a boom mounted camera and a tiltable cab, with reactive motion to give the feel of working in a real life machine. The training programs feature the demolition of low and high rise steel framed structures and concrete buildings. Exercises allow the operator to choose the appropriate attachment and raise awareness of the structural elements to the building. Phase 1 of the project has been developed around Foundation training for novice and apprentice operators. Phase 2 of the project will start later this year and will focus on the up-skilling of existing demolition plant operators. Programs will include advanced breaker trainer and high reach training. Over the last few weeks, NDTG Trainer Ronnie Mould has been developing a foundation training package to accompany the simulation experience. The development will be supported by Duncan Rudall (DCS Training) one of the UK’s leading demolition testers. Candidates undergoing foundation training on the simulator will also sit a 1 day demolition plant foundation session with an experienced demolition plant trainer.

Please contact the NDTG for further details.


Let’s have a natter with Iain Kirk, NDTG Lead Trainer & Assessor As lead trainer & assessor for the NDTG, Iain Kirk is certainly at the forefront of demolition training and competency across the industry. RISE thought it was appropriate to have a chat with Iain and find out more about what this ambitious role involves: RISE: As lead trainer/ assessor of the NDTG, what’s your typical week consist of?

KIRK: They’re varied to say the least. If you ask me about last week for example, I was on the road for 4 days delivering a range of NDTG courses from operative to supervisor level, trying to fit the odd hour of course development into the evenings some days, then on Thursday we went straight into the Demolition Expo 2013 weekend. This week though, I’ve got the opportunity of 5 days in Paradise (Hemel HQ) updating and developing the Supervisor Distance Learning Course.

RISE: So, is there a lot of development to do?

KIRK: Always. We are in an industry where Health & Safety is at the front of everyone’s agenda and too right it should be. It is my job to ensure that myself and other NDTG Approved Trainers are delivering the most up to date content to the UK Demolition Industry.

RISE: How do you fit this in with your busy schedule?

KIRK: The NDTG & NFDC are both proactive and reactive to industry needs; so development can often become overwhelming. I work closely with other industry trainers to develop programs, by choosing the most appropriately skilled individual(s) for the area of training being covered. Over the last year I have worked a lot on Asbestos Non-Licensed Training with Jim Caldwell from NDTG Scotland, Holly Price from Keltbray with the Temporary Works Supervisor Training module and currently I am working on the supervisor development as I mentioned with Trevor Symonds of Northern Safety Ltd.

RISE: How do you know your knowledge is up to date?

KIRK: I am keen to update my knowledge and skills all the time and by no longer being on site working for a demolition contractor this is often difficult. However the Training Group get me on relevant courses to ensure my continuing professional development is up to date. I recently attended a Temporary Works Coordinator training event, and I am scheduled in for another version of the this later in the month so we can provide an unbiased holistic overview of the subject. I have also squeezed in the one day a week SMSTS course recently, to see how our construction partners are delivering to their supervisors and managers, so we can now make sure our demolition guys are trained to our industries high standards.

RISE: We hear that the NDTG has now employed Ronnie Mould in house. Do you chaps work well together?

KIRK: I would be lying if I said we did (ha ha!). Although Ronnie was a free-lancer up until a few weeks ago, he was always there to put in extra efforts for the group and the industry. I believe that now he is on board, it will free up a bit more of my time to focus on development however having his industry skills on tap is something that the NDTG will benefit from. I really look forward to working with him further.


North of the Border - NDTG Scotland All editions of RISE will now feature a comprehensive up-date on what is going on North of the Border within NDTG Scotland. The established Independent Forum is striving forward to ensure competency amongst the workforce and continues to work closely with NDTG National to ensure the provision of qualifications is available nationwide. Shona Farrell reports. As NDTG (Scotland) Training Administrator, it is exciting to see the developments taking place for the industry. Over the last few years we have formed closer links with NDTG National and it is now pleasing to see that initiatives from both sides of the border are now being rolled out nationwide.

The recent ‘Qualifying the Workforce Together’ bulletin was an idea proposed by Jim Caldwell, an industry man whose passion for competency is contagious. NDTG (Scotland)’s Caldwell, who is also immediate past Chairman of NDTG (National), is keen to raise the quality and provision of qualifications across the UK. Please visit to view this new quarterly bulletin.

NDTG (Scotland) have some other achievements to shout about:

· We wish to congratulate Stephen McCann Jnr as a new qualified assessor to deliver Level 2/3 VQs to the Demolition Workforce. · We recently kicked off the Specialist Apprenticeship Programme 2013 (being our 4th Apprenticeship Programme in Scotland). There are 10 delegates on this new Programme from the various Scottish companies supporting the programme. · The Modern Apprenticeship Programme No. 2 has just completed with all 6 delegates on this Programme having successfully undertaken the Level 2 SVQ in Demolition Operations. · Approximately 13 managers have been put forward for the 5-day CCDO Manager course, and this course has been programmed for September. Taping into the pool of experienced trainers we have booked John Woodward to deliver the course with Allan Lock being the identified assessor for the Level 6 qualifications. · With the support of CITB and NDTG National, NDTG (Scotland) have arranged a date to run a Specialist UpSkilling Programme in Demolition Supervision to our Scottish members. A start date has been set of Wednesday 21st August and we currently have 6 delegates enrolled on this 12-week distance learning course.

Furthermore, NDTG (Scotland) has been investigating options within asbestos qualifications for the industry and is now working closely with NDTG (National) to ensure a fit for purpose licensable asbestos scheme is available to the demolition workforce. 4

CCDO Administrative Tools


urray! The NDTG has revised the CCDO Scheme Booklet. This revised user friendly guide assists training administrators and officers across the UK with the often daunting steps involved to obtain CCDO Cards for their personnel. The new booklet follows the Basher Bob and Ricky Rightway theme with easy to follow flowcharts throughout. The booklet has been pulled together by Kaila Francis (NDTG Centre Coordinator) and Shona Farrell (NDTG Scotland Training Administrator). It has been typically designed for the training teams across the UK that they offer advice to everyday. The booklet supports the recent CCDO Scheme Poster which was published towards the end of 2012. Further administrative tools will be developed over the next 12 months. Hard copies are available by contacting the NDTG or alternatively download your copy today by visiting:

Remember, the NDTG are always available to give advice through our dedicated team of training staff at our HQ, why not give us a call today? 01442 217144.

Anyone for some Fully Funded Training? Both Training Groups, have been in a fortunate position to offer a number of free training courses across the UK to CITB registered companies this year. Using generous support through CITB, much of the free training to come will focus further on Non-Licensed Training. Funding so far has been allocated towards managers training, temporary works supervisor top-up modules and fit test operator training. As always, we at the NDTG, both sides of the border, would like to take this first edition of RISE to thank CITB for their generous support. With this support, it enables us to Raise Industry Standards Everyday!


Are we SMART enough? Yes is the answer to that question! The industry has developed a Demolition Plant Simulator, so a touch into the unknown by going SMART with our CCDO/CSCS Card Scheme shouldn’t be too much bother. Here at the NDTG & NFDC we see a vast amount of benefits to a SMART solution for the industry. In a workplace where the sheer volume of certificates and cards belonging to one person is overwhelming. How do you like the sound of having access to all of your NDTG training, CCDO and qualification records through a chip on a card? For now, watch this space. We are pleased to say that the NDTG are back in discussions with CSCS & the CITB and we are also working hard to populate our own electronic database which will hold the key to this solution.

Our Mission - A SMART solution by the end of 2013, early 2014.

A Strong infrastructure to Training & Assessment now available It has been a long time coming, however the NDTG is now pleased to report that the coverage of training and assessment available to the industry is now hitting all points within the UK. Working alongside our 8 Approved Providers across the United Kingdom, NDTG & NDTG (Scotland) are reassured that the quality of training is being delivered to the highest standards.

Our Approved Providers attend regular standardisation meetings, agree to an annual audit process and work with the NDTG to develop the training standards across the UK.

Both Groups are also fully geared up for the delivery of Qualifications. Now working with the National Specialist Accredited Centre (NSAC), Northern Safety Ltd (Middlesborough) & Practical Consulting (Cornwall) we now encourage all members to proactively register candidates for their NVQ's prior to the expiry dates on their cards.

It is important to note that the qualification isn’t just a means to get a card. The high standards and hard work put in place by the recognised centres across the UK are to give demolition personnel a quality qualification for life and something they can be proud of achieving.

- The CCDO Number Game As the industry recognised card scheme for demolition operatives, it’s good to see how many current cards there are in the workforce from June 2013. CCDO Site Operative (Trainee) - 723 CCDO Demolition, Reclamation & Refurbishment - 1236 CCDO Experienced Worker Topman - 543 CCDO Topman - 846 CCDO Supervisor - 706 CCDO Supervisor Experienced Worker Supervisor - 169 CCDO Experienced Worker Manager - 104 CCDO Manager - 31

Total: 4490 6

Introducing new Specialist Account Coordinator As you may be aware, Martin Morrell, our long running industry training guru moved onto greater things within CITB earlier this year. We will of course keep in touch with Martin and all at the NDTG would like to thank him for the hard work and guidance he has given us over the years. His departure was daunting for the team within the NDTG and questions were asked as to who could possibly fill his boots. However we are pleased to see that his replacement Darren Lawrence is fitting in nicely with the Group. Darren is keen to support and strive to meet the industry demands and we are now confident that CITB have found the right person for the job.

SAP or SUP? All of these training acronyms are hard to keep on top of aren’t they? Well rest assured that these two little ones (introduced by CITB) have a very positive meaning for the future of the industry and we are pleased to see people taking advantage of their benefits. SAP- Specialist Apprenticeship Programme

This two year programme has been designed by the NDTG & NDTG (Scotland) working with CITB. Now on their 4th intake in Scotland and having just commenced our 3rd intake at Coleman & Co in Birmingham, this 24 month programme is proving to be a success. Covering 22 formal training days, CCDO Assessments up to Topman level & a Full NVQ Level 2 in Demolition this is a structured and established approach when training any new entrant. Full CITB grant is available to cover the costs of the training and qualifications.

SUP- Specialist Upskilling Programme

The NDTG is currently looking at ways to develop relevant Up-Skilling Programmes for the industry. What makes these programmes so desirable is the generous grant they attract on completion. We have recently piloted a SUP for the Demolition Supervisor Course, which was aimed at up-skilling existing Topmen. The programme required a minimum number of formal training days and achievement of the NVQ Level 3 in Construction Site Supervision- Demolition. 12 candidates are currently on this scheme.

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