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Neurosurgery Fitzpatrick Chiari Research Fund 5115 Mountview Ct • Hamilton • Ohio • 45011 •• 513-737-9226 • fax 513-737-0458 On the 12th Day of Christmas Santa gave to me (for 2011)... 12 days until next year (big things ahead), 11 months of plans are coming, 10 months 'til the next CCHMC Walk, 9 months 'til the end of summer, 8 thousand dollar Walk Team, 7 months until the Carnival, 6 months until the "clinic", 5 ways to participate, 4 thousand dollar Walk Team increase, 3 more groups for the NFCF Walk Team, 2 others who should walk with you AND 1 awesome man in Dr. Crone! NFCF wants to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and an even better 2011. The last two years have been nothing short of amazing and each of you are to thank. Your support during this time has allowed us to achieve so much more than we thought possible. Each of you, through your generosity has allowed the fund to raise $70,000 in two short years, thank you! We thought now would be a great time to let you know what NFCF is up to and what we will be working on for 2011. Starting in January 2011, every new Chiari patient at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, will receive an educational folder containing information that will assist them in this journey. The folder will have a basic definition, frequently asked questions/answers, signs and symptoms, diagnosis process, treatment options, Dr. Crone’s biography. Toward the middle of spring these folders will also be distributed to local pediatricians to be given to their newly diagnosed Chiari patients. NFCF wants these folders to be a resource that empowers patients and families with correct knowledge about the Chiari journey. Coinciding with the folders will be Chiari bulletin boards, which will be hung in both the Neurosurgery clinic and hospital floor. The boards will contain the latest research information, basic facts about Chiari as well as NFCF updates. Late in the spring of 2011 Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will open a Chiari Clinic. This will be a multidisciplinary clinic allowing Chiari patients to see all the medical professionals needed in their care at one stop. Very exciting! As many of you know for the last two years, NFCF has had a team walk at the Cincinnati Walks for Kids event. Our team continues to grow in both participants and funds raised. This past October, Team NFCF had 20 walkers and raised $5,000. Team NFCF has three goals for the 2011 walk, each of us will recruit two new members, which will in turn bring us three more groups increasing our team total by at least four thousand dollars. Are you ready to take a walk with us – we are ready for you! Coming this summer will be Lighting the Way Carnival Fun. It is going to be a day of games, silent auctions and much, much more. Keep your eyes open for further details to follow or check out our website If you are interested in helping with this event we would love to have you. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you and/or hearing from you more in 2011. You can choose to be as involved as you would like, five ways you can participate are joining Team NFCF either as a walker or a supporter; or working with NFCF in event planning, prize recruitment or sponsorship. Anything you can think of is a great opportunity for us to meet you and hopefully work together! If you are interested please contact us at the above email or phone number. As the year comes to an end and we are all looking at our blessings, NFCF wants each of you to know how much you are appreciated. Without each of you NFCF would not have had such a great 2010 and would not be looking forward to such a successful 2011. Happy Holidays Jim and Leeann Fitzpatrick


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