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Arenberg and Portugal: A Shared Interest

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Graduation & 50th Reunion The Class of ‘63 50th Reunion Celebration 50th Reunion Guest Speaker: Stephen Maguire ‘63 Words to the Classes of 1963 and 2013

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A message from the Alumni Association 4

Greetings Alumni & Friends The Alumni Office and the Alumni Association Board of Directors are pleased to send you this special edition of the Alma Matters, highlighting two special celebrations -- Graduation 2013 and the Class of 1963 50th Reunion. Both of these events created wonderful memories for the Classes of 2013 and 1963 and we want to share them with you. In this edition, we are also celebrating NFA’s incredible alumni and friends who support the Academy with charitable donations and made contributions during the 2012/2013 fiscal year. You will find the NFA Foundation’s recognition of our generous alumni and friends in these pages as well. This fall, NFA will implement a new campus accessibility plan designed to provide assistance for alumni and visitors upon arrival to NFA and as they make their way around campus. In this issue, you will find an article that outlines the improvements along with a campus map designed to assist with your visits to NFA. We also share with you the Alma Matters publication schedule for the upcoming school year. Please look for your Fall/Winter edition to appear in your mailbox beginning with the week of January 27, 2014; followed by the Spring/Summer edition beginning the week of July 28, 2014. The NFA Alumni Office will continue to mail the Alma Matters during the months of January and July in an effort to report on NFA happenings in timely manner. For up-to-the-minute news, please “Like” us on Facebook or visit NFA’s website. And finally, on the back cover is your personal invitation, from the Alumni Association Board of Directors, to join us on October 19th, at 11 a.m. in the Land Library parking lot, for the Alumni Association’s annual Alumni Homecoming & Tailgating Festivities. The Wildcat Homecoming football game will follow on NFA’s turf field. Please join us for a day of fun and to cheer on our Wildcats. We hope to see you then! Thank you for your loyalty to NFA and the Alumni Association. I hope you enjoy this special edition of the Alma Matters and the remaining days of summer! Warmest regards,

Linda Clang Ververis ’78 Director of Alumni Relations

Arenberg and Portugal: A shared interest Norwich Free Academy has many special traditions. Among the most poignant may be on graduation day when the current graduates are joined by those celebrating their 50th reunion. The tradition allows us to link the past with the future and to link experience with expectation.

There was one member of the Class of 2013 who had a special interest in meeting one of the members of the Class of 1963. Edwin Portugal is heading to Brown University this Fall, interested in studying public policy. While at the NFA Foundation this past Spring participating as a phonathon caller, Portugal first heard about NFA alumnus Richard Arenberg. Arenberg, a member of the Class of 1963, is an adjunct lecturer at Brown University’s A. Alfred Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions, where he teaches Congress and the

Federal Budget and Congressional Leadership, Parties and Public Policy. Arenberg retired as the Legislative Director and Deputy Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Carl Levin (Michigan). He spent more than 34 years on Capitol Hill and held senior positions for the late Senator Paul Tsongas (Massachusetts) and Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (Maine). He served on the Senate Select Committee to investigate the IranContra affair and helped Senator William Cohen and Senator Mitchell write Men of Zeal, a book detailing and analyzing those hearings. In 2012, Arenberg co-authored Defending the Filibuster: Soul of the Senate with Robert B. Dove, Parlimentarian Emeritus of the U.S. Senate. Portugal and Arenberg were able to meet at Levanto Alumni House prior to the commencement ceremony on June 21st. Arenberg shared his story from Norwich to Washington, DC and ultimately to Brown University. Portugal, who graduated NFA summa cum laude, soaked in all the advice Arenberg offered. Although 50 years separates the two alumni, we are sure their paths will cross again, most likely at Brown! All of us at the Alumni House wish continued success to Mr. Arenberg and good luck to Edwin as you embark on your own journey.


Graduation &


50th Reunion

JUNE 21, 2013


The Class of ’63 50th Reunion Celebration Submitted by Susan Donegan Wheeler ’63 “Sit awhile... enjoy the view and the memories! A 50th reunion gift from the Class of 1963” is what is written on the bench outside the new Atrium between the gym and Slater. (Thanks to Michael R. Smith for those words.) After celebrating their reunion over an 8-day period, the Class of 1963 had even more memories to enjoy. Because of the weather events and NFA’s snow days during the school year, the Class was not able to hold a consecutive-day event, traditional for NFA’s 50th Reunion celebrations, but the members of the reunion class still demonstrated their enthusiasm and love for the school. Our reunion dual-weekend celebration started on Saturday, June 15 with a breakfast hosted by the Alumni Association that was followed by a tour of the campus and continued that evening with the reunion dinner, where 115 classmates and spouses thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Visitors from the west coast, east coast, southern states and even local “kids” shared dinner and dancing at the Holiday Inn in Norwich. A visit from Elvis himself surprised those in attendance. Email addresses were exchanged and a selection of NFA Alumni gifts, as well as gift certificates were presented as door prizes. On the following Friday, June 21, the Alumni Association once again hosted the 50th reunion group with a campus tour and a lovely reception in the Navick Garden. Several different classmates attended this event because they wanted the unique opportunity to march onto the field with the graduates of the Class of 2013. Members of the Class of 1963 were presented with medallions to mark the occasion and were given a standing ovation by those in attendance as they marched out onto the field.


During the commencement ceremony, the Class of 1963 speaker was Steve Maguire, a much-decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. Mr. Maguire told the graduates about his life as a student and what he has learned since his years at NFA. From the time he was drafted into the Army and his rise through the ranks to his commissioning, to becoming an instructor of Airborne-Rangers, to commanding a reconnaissance platoon in the Mekong Delta which cost him his sight, to his rehabilitation stateside, and his eventual graduation from college, he recalled three things he impressed upon the audience as his passions. First, he exhorted the graduates to keep themselves informed about things by reading. Next, make a good choice in your life partner -- there are many benefits. Last, strive to be a decent person. “It’s a much bigger challenge than you may think…. but the payoff is, [when] you become a decent person… you will be far and way ahead in making your one-person contribution to bettering this world,” Maguire advised. At the conclusion of the graduation ceremony, happy 50th reunion guests gathered at the VFW in Norwichtown for a picnic supper. Thanks to John Waggoner for making those arrangements.

Members of the reunion committee were Sheila Redmond Carbray, Jane Caulfield Fusaro, Louis Fusaro, Janet Klukowski Harris, Patricia Alessio Lucente, Barbara Lewis McShane, Steve McShane, Mary Barnett Messerschmidt, Stanley Mokrzewski, Pat Baggerly Northrop, Cathy Lambert Russi, Elizabeth Dotolo Scepanski, Laurene Jones Shewan, Michael R. Smith, Eugene “Kip� Sullivan, Susan Wilson Sullivan, Marcia Tannenbaum, Roberta Delgado Vincent, John Waggoner, Margaret Weir Walker and Susan Donegan Wheeler. The committee particularly wants to thank Linda Ververis in the Alumni Office for all her assistance during the planning of the reunion as well as her extraordinary organization of the events sponsored by the Alumni Association.

50th Reunion Gift As of July 1, 2013, 76 classmates donated $12,284.26 to the Class of 1963 50th Reunion Gift. In addition to the engraved bench at the entrance to the Atrium, funds will go to the Reid Fund, which is an endowment to assist worthy students in need attending Norwich Free Academy. Five classmates made contributions of $1,000 to the class gift.


50th Reunion


50th Reunion Guest Speaker

Stephen Maguire – ’63 Stephen Maguire, a member of the Class of 1963, was the guest speaker at the Academy’s Commencement Ceremony on June 21, 2013. Steve recently retired as the Director of the Soldier Family Assistance Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. While Steve attended the Academy, he and his family resided on Maple Street on the Westside of Norwich. Upon graduating from NFA he attended three different colleges -- The Citadel, Mitchell College and St. Anslem’s for a total of 3.5 years. As he left school a bit shy of graduating, his 2-S deferment ended and he was drafted. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1966 and after receiving a commission, became an Airborne Ranger Instructor at Fort Benning, Georgia. He was sent to Vietnam in early 1969 as a battalion recon platoon leader. On November 6, 1969, while serving as an infantry officer, he was severely wounded in combat. He was hospitalized for a year and a half, with his most notable wound being permanent – total blindness. This resulted in medical retirement as a Captain. After retiring from the Army, Steve attended UConn, where he graduated magna cum laude, earning a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling. For the past 40 years he has worked in the fields of mental health, substance abuse, developmental pediatrics, mental retardation and physical disability. His career took him to Europe for 15 years, then to New Hampshire and finally to the Washington, DC-area. He is the recipient of three Bronze Stars for Valor and Meritorious Service, two Purple Hearts, four Air Medals, an Army Commendation Medal, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Combat Infantry Badge, Ranger Tab and Airborne Badge. For his civilian work with the Army, he received the Civilian Superior Service Medal and the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service. He is a past president of the U.S. Army Ranger Association and the author of two books. His first book, Jungle in Black, was originally published in 1992. Steve recently rewrote the book, given a digital version didn’t exist and he wanted to make it available for Kindle and Nook. He hopes to have a new print copy out later this fall and this version will be much longer, though the story is still confined to the same 9-month period (November 1969 - July 1970). This edition will also have photos, which were not included in the first edition. His book gives an honest, first-person account of a young Airborne Ranger who was blinded by a Vietcong mine. Steve took the worst the war had to offer and lost his sight, but not his courage, and chose never to surrender to self-pity. Set in Vietnam, Japan, and Washington, D.C., this powerful human drama details one man’s struggle against a war’s desolation. His 2nd book, Mekong Meridian, a 700-page magnum opus, which has been finished for some time, is pending final copy edit before being printed. His hope is to have this book available for purchase by Christmas 2013. Steve and his wife, Susan, married at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on August 22, 1970, have 6 children, 8 grandchildren, and now reside in Oklahoma.


Steve Maguire’s

words to the Classes on 21 June 2013

I was an average student, not one with average grades, but one whose grades ran the full range from A to F which averaged-out as, well, “average.” I did not participate in very many activities, but, a few, and I was neither popular nor unpopular. On the whole, I did not like high school. I hadn’t much liked school before NFA either. Yet I wasn’t a troublemaker. Generally, cooperating was easier than not. So when I graduated, I was very happy indeed, perhaps like many of you. I was going off to college, and it was all going to change. But it didn’t. Over the next four years, I went to three different colleges, and finding that college was an awful lot like school.(as a quick aside, UCONN had rejected my application in 1963, stating I was not college material. Little more than a decade later I received both my BA and MA from UCONN with nearly straight As.) Back in the midst of my college fiasco however, The U.S. Army suddenly intervened and helped put an end to what clearly wasn’t working. They drafted me. THAT changed a lot of things. But as well, and for the first time, I changed. I met their challenges and excelled. I rose rapidly through the ranks, was commissioned, and became an AirborneRanger instructor. I saw my talents recognized. A couple of years later, I was leading a 36-man reconnaissance platoon in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. And there happens to be a rule that, no matter how good you are, you cannot stay in such a position for an indefinite period of time. Eventually, they will get you. And so they did, on 6 November 1969. So from one day to the next, I went from being in a position of great strength, having great responsibility; great selfconfidence, to being in an ICU, torn from head to toe, and totally and irretrievably blind. What a fine mess I’d gotten myself into this time. And THAT is essentially where my life really began, began by having everything taken away, stripped down to a world only as big as a hospital bed. So now over 43 years from that point, what have I learned that I can leave with you today, a couple of simple, easyto-remember things:



1963 and 2013

1. I hated high school because I really didn’t like who I was… a teen ager. It wasn’t high school, it was me. But as more of my life moves to the other side of the ledger, all I can recall of it, is either good or amusing. In large measure, it’s why a guy, who didn’t much care for high school, is standing here today. It’s not because NFA changed. It’s because I did. And, it didn’t take 50 years – it was more like five. As for the amusing, I recall once jumping out of the window of room 227 in the Commercial Building, for a quarter. Stunts of that sort occupied some of my time here. Fond memories there. As for the good, I fell in love with the NFA library. While here, I devoured it. It was actually the source of my bad grades, because I was too busy reading books to do my school work. Still, I learned many many things. It was a passion and still is to this day. So my advice is: Keep yourselves informed about things going on around you. Read! And I don’t mean tweets and textings.

2. The overwhelming majority of you will eventually get married. Rule One: Make a good choice. In fact, make a great choice. Suzy and I have been married for 43 years and have three sons and three daughters. Over these five decades, I’ve had the opportunity to observe my peers, the successful ones, and those who’ve had their struggles. The Conclusion, the benefits of success are truly there: financial, health, happiness… the list is long. I’m here to say that because it plays such a huge part in our lives, for so long, potentially, it’s absolutely worth working for. 3. Strive to be a decent person. I might have put this first but didn’t because it might be the hardest, and carries a fair bit of #2. It’s a much bigger challenge than you may think. But the payoff is, you will become a decent person. And with that, you will be far and way ahead in making your one-person contribution to bettering this world. So if you follow my advice, you’ll be a well-informed, happy, decent person. Not so bad when you consider the alternative. Let’s go Wildcats, fan out across this world and make your contributions!


By: Geoffrey P. Serra, Director, Office of Communications & Public Affairs

COME TO VISIT AND STICK WITH US Change is inevitable, NFA Car Sticker and though NFA’s mission remains steadfast, many facts about daily life change. Visiting campus is about to change…for the better. As the beginning of a new school year approaches, NFA readies to implement a plan to provide campus visitors a new experience in customer service. Soon to end are the days of guessing where to enter, driving about seeking a parking space, and wandering campus on foot to determine where to go. To serve families and the public and to ease vehicular and foot traffic, the Academy will open three access points to campus: The North Entrance on Broadway, The South (Main) Entrance on Crescent Street, and The East Entrance on Joseph Perkins Road. All three points will be open before and after school; only the South (Main) Entrance on Crescent Street will be open during school hours.

To pick up a child for an early dismissal or drop off a child for a late arrival between 7:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. (school hours), parents will use the South (Main) Entrance on Crescent Street, and stop at the Visitor Check-In Station where a child will be received, or where a child will be awaiting pick-up in Slater’s Campus Safety Welcome Center. Standardizing school hour pick up and drop off to one easily accessible, designated point on campus is easier for parents, minimizes the time factor, and takes the guesswork out of the process. For example, a child who has a medical appointment will be waiting for a parent who will know to meet at the Check-In Station. There will be no need to park and walk to a house office, or worry about where on campus to meet. All pickups and drop offs during school hours will take place at the Visitor Check-In Station at the South (Main) Entrance.

Changes are taking place in the Tirrell Circle and the nearby Slater Building to accommodate visitor reception. Some space has been cleared to add additional parking, and a footing has been secured to accommodate a new Visitor Check-In Station. Space has been renovated in the Slater basement entryway for a Welcome Center.

Parents wishing to deliver lunch money, homework, gym clothes, a project, or other items may drop them off at the Visitor Check-In Station at the South (Main) Entrance on Crescent Street. The campus safety officer at the station will have those items delivered to the student on campus. This service is particularly helpful to parents who will no longer need to park and walk to a house office to deliver.

Between 7:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. (school hours), the North and East Entrances will be closed to the public. Access to campus during school hours will be through the South (Main) Entrance on Crescent Street. During these hours, visitors will stop at the Visitor Check-In Station at the South (Main) Entrance on Crescent Street; those with an appointment, will be expected, checked in immediately, and directed to adjacent visitor parking. Unexpected visitors or those without an appointment will be accommodated in visitor parking and escorted to the Campus Safety Welcome Center in nearby Slater where visitor credentials and arrangements for a campus visit will be made.

New exterior street side signs will aid this plan and clearly mark the three main campus entrances. Once this phase is completed, another plan will provide clear, consistent signs and way-finding on campus grounds and inside buildings. NFA plans to make the visitor experience for parents and the general public as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The plan increases services to parents and families, all of which will ease their visit to campus. In the 14

morning, parents are encouraged to use the North Entrance to drop off students before homeroom. Using the North Entrance in the morning avoids the bus congestion to the south and allows parents to pull in, drop off at the Shattuck Circle, and exit via Broadway.

Just as visiting campus is about to change, the Alumni Association realizes that addresses, e-mails, and phone numbers change. There’s always so much to tell you. We want to stay in touch, and we want you to STICK WITH US! Go to to update your contact information. If you do so, we’ll send you this NFA car sticker for proud display. Even if your information is up-to-date, fill out the form and get a sticker. Be sure to tell your classmates. We want you all to STICK WITH US!

Visiting Levanto Alumni House

Visiting Slater

Alumni visiting campus during school hours have two options. Like Museum patrons, they may enter the South (Main) Entrance to be greeted at the Check-In Station. A pleasant cross campus walk, past the Osgood Fountain, past Allis House, and the Lafayette Foster House will bring them to Levanto Alumni House. A second option is to enter campus at the North Entrance on Broadway adjacent to Levanto Alumni House. Though not open for general entry during school hours, the North Entrance will be open to alumni; a campus safety officer at that entrance during school hours will offer assistance and indicate reserved nearby visitor parking for Levanto Alumni House visitors.

Visitors to Slater Museum will enter campus through the South (Main) Entrance on Crescent Street. At the Check-In Station, the campus safety officer will welcome them indicating nearby parking. Patrons can enter the museum through the Atrium, within quick walking distance. The Atrium offers elevator service to the galleries. This plan offers unparalleled “concierge” service to Slater Memorial Museum’s many daily guests.




P 2 I





















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we are pleased

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The NFA Foundation, Inc. thanks the following Corporations, Foundations and Community Organizations for their generous support during the 2012-13 fiscal year. ACE Charitable Foundation AHEPA Norwich Foundation Inc. Aldin Associates Limited Partnership American Library Association Ameriprise Financial – Annual Giving Campaign AXA Foundation The William W. Backus Hospital The Boeing Company Brown Jacobson PC Chinigo, Leone & Maruzo, LLP Connecticut Association of Schools/CIAC The Katherine Forest Crafts Foundation Inc. Elsie A. Brown Fund, Inc. Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts to Education GE Foundation Gold Coast Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. The Hartford IKON Office Solutions Foundation JPMorgan Chase Foundation Kelly Family Charitable Foundation Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Klingenstein, Fields & Co., L.L.C. Lyondellbasell Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Norwich Florida Reunion Committee – East Coast Norwich Free Academy – Class of 1957 Norwich Lions Club Norwich Pediatric Group PC Norwich Public Utilities People’s United Bank Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Pfizer-Pharma Therapeutics R & D Preston Parks and Recreation Raytheon Optical Systems, Inc. REW Farm – Mark J. Wolf TCORS – Tobin Carberry O’Malley Riley Selinger, PC Towne Liquor Store United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut United Way of Pioneer Valley, Inc. United Way Silicon Valley Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program Woman’s City Club of Norwich The Yantic Fire Engine Co.


Gifts made to the Gulliver and Slater Societies through NFA Foundation’s planned giving program Estate of Eva Virginia Smith Estate of George & Katherine Fontaine Estate of James Scott Northrup Estate of Pearl Badaloni

Gifts were received in honor of the following individuals: Mrs. Daniel Bendor’s grandson, Wesley Joshua Biber Phyllis Bienstock Steven L. Bokoff Beth Camassar The Carignan Family Gordon and Sue Conrad Dennis Driscoll Edward J. Gates Albert Glassenberg Christopher Glenney Marcia Glenney Barry O. Goldstein Bernard S. Goldstein Lewis Jaivin Harriet Juli Waverley Kelley Gilbert LaPointe Erin Connell Martinelli Jamie McNamara Lyndsay Meiklam Allison Mohler Nancy and Robert Parzych Ellen Smith Ring George F. Ring, Jr.

Gifts were received in memory of the following individuals: Lucy Backus Selma M. Becker Laurent H. Bouley Louis A. Carignan Raymond V. Congdon, Jr. Raymond V. Congdon, Sr. Arden L. Curtis Scott Curtis Luis DePina Ardella L. DePue Marjorie E. Dillard Janine Eisold Anita Friedland Shayne P. Gendron Lewis Jaivin Judith Kapilotis Sidney Katrosar Benjamin Kogan Adam C. Labenski Matthew Robert Langlais Janna L. Lawless Rene Ledoux Lucy and Luigi Leluzzi Arnold Linder Mildred M. Panciera Mary Ann Pearson Ronald and Judith Pepin Gail T. Piotrkowski Kristina G. Quarto Alexander Rand Doris A. Regets Katelyn Ritacco Howard S. Rubin Rose Deutsch Seidman Benjamin T. Senuta Carolyn Shattuck Mary L. Slowick Eamon Smith-Carolan Eva Virginia Smith Sabino P. Tamborra Janine R. Theve Mona Thibodeau Dr. Anthony D. Tramontozzi Fred Vinick Edward H. Wisniewski


HONOR ROLL OF GIVING NFA Foundation Consecutive Giving Societies

Red and White Subscribers Gifts at any level for 5-9 Years Mr. John P. Aberg Mrs. Irene Algiers Ms. Monica M. Allen Mr. Stephen Altschuler Dr. Matthew D. Amaro Mr. Michael R. Amodeo Mr. Luis M. Andrade Anonymous Ms. Veronica E. Aubrey Mrs. Elizabeth J. Avery Mr. Frederick A. Avery Mr. Ralph R. Avery Mr. Joseph T. Baker Mrs. Doreen K. Barbuto Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Barile, Sr. Mr. Robert A. Bassett Mrs. Amelia S. Beers Mr. Howard R. Beetham, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn P. Beran Mr. Douglass E. Bjorn Mrs. Beverly A. Blais Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey I. Blinderman Mrs. Robin M. Bochese Mr. Steven L. Bokoff Mr. Elroy J. Bolduc, Jr. Mrs. Anne M. Boughton Mrs. Helene Bronerwine* Mrs. Barbara A. Brown Mr. Gregory A. Brown Mr. Paul L. Brown Mr. Allen A. Bruck Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Buckley, Jr. Mr. Robert E. Buckley Miss Olive J. Buddington Mr. Charles V. Burdick, Jr. Mrs. Ghislaine D. Bush Mr. John Buzenski Ms. Dawn M. Calista Mr. Theodore R. Camp Mr. Zaphirin A. Caouette Attorney Glenn T. Carberry Mrs. Marie E. Cheney Mr. and Mrs. Gerard S. Chmielecki Dr. MariMeg Q. Clairwood-Flannery Mr. Robert Clapp Mr. Bartholomew G. Cody


* Deceased

Mrs. Jennifer Bradley Woodbury Collins Mr. Paul Collins, III Mr. and Mrs. James P. Conner Mrs. Judith J. Crosley Mrs. Margaret Cunningham Mr. Gerald A. Daigle Mr. Adolphe De Novellis Mr. Albert B. Derouin Mrs. Carol A. Desario Ms. Lucille T. Deslandes Mr. George H. Dieter* Mrs. Madeline R. DiStasio Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Donovan Mr. Robert F. Dougherty Mr. Bernard R. Enright Mr. and Mrs. William R. Farrell Mr. Paul M. Field Mrs. Gail Filippetti Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Fitzgerald Mrs. Isabella E. Fitzgerald Mr. David T. Foley Mr. Thomas F. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Fontaine Mrs. Lorraine I. Fox Mr. Alfred E. Fratoni, Jr. Ms. Caroleen Frey Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Frishman Mrs. Ida C. Fritz Mr. and Mrs. Cleon J. George Mrs. Patricia A. Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. David G. Ginnetti Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred H. Gladue Mr. John K. Golembeski Ms. Judith A. Gomes Ms. Lee-Ann Gomes Mr. Samuel J. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John E. Graham Mrs. Gina M. Grant Mrs. Dorothy J. Gravel Mrs. Diane Gray Mr. David A. Greene Mr. Santo J. Grillo Miss Statia M. Gwudz Mr. Howard R. Hall Ms. Gay Story Hamilton Mrs. Jean C. Hart Mrs. Carolyn T. Hayward Mr. George J. Hemingway Mrs. S. Kathleen Hetzel Mr. Ronald C. Hodkinson Ms. Bette A. Houston Dr. Carmela D. Huffman Mrs. Donna C. Hughes Mr. Kris H. Ingves

Mr. John R. Iovino Mr. Frank J. Jacaruso Mrs. Irene M. Jacaruso Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. James, Jr. Colonel Michael A. Janovicz Mrs. Joan M. Janus Mrs. Lisa M. Johnson Ms. Lesley Mitchell Jones Mrs. Pamela A. Kaires Mr. Daniel J. Kearney Mr. Walter D. Kelly Mrs. Nancy S. Klotz Mr. Samuel L. Kofkoff * Mr. Kenneth J. Kokernak Mrs. Carol A. Konieczny Ms. Margaret A. Konikowski Mr. Charles M. Krzesicki Mr. Robert J. Kudej and Ms. Elizabeth Conway, Esq. Mr. Benjamin J. Kustesky Mrs. Katherine B. Kutia Ms. Jean M. LaFreniere Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. LaFreniere, Sr. Mr. Gary D. LaLiberty Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Lamothe Mrs. Shayna F. Lamson Mr. James J. Landherr Ms. Kimberly A. Lang Ms. Shirley S. Langford Mr. William H. LaRoue Mr. Cornelius J. Leary Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Leary Mr. Daniel J. Leclair Mrs. Mary M. Lemoine Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lenkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Leta Dr. Joseph Levanto Mrs. Josephine K. Levine Mr. Dennis P. Liebal Mr. Mark W. LoPresti Mr. Robert J. Lord Mr. Anthony J. Lorello Mrs. Mary F. Lucas Mrs. Anne P. Mahalawich Mrs. Molly H. Manley Dr. Frederick J. Marc-Aurele, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marcato Mr. John V. Marino Mr. and Mrs. Guy M. Mazzarella Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. McCarthy Ms. Charla V. McDermott Mr. Charles A. McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. McKeon

Mr. Derek A. McNally Mr. and Mrs. Robert McPhail Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. McShane Mrs. Cathy M. Meiklem Mr. Richard D. Mencl Mrs. Amy E. Meyer Reverend George A. Miller Ms. Jeanne Miller Dr. Jessica Miner Ms. Katherine Margolis Thibault Miller Ms. T. Michele Minteer Mr. and Mrs. Maritn A. Mlyniec Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy D. Molkenthin Mrs. Nicole S. Morin Mrs. Jane T. Morosky Dr. Arthur C. Morrissey Mrs. Agnes H. Mosley* Mrs. Jeanne C. Mullendore Attorney James J. Murphy, Jr. Ms. Elizabeth H. Natola Ms. Ellen W. Newbury Ms. Jane C. O’Brien Mrs. Dulcini E. O’Hearn Mrs. Kerry A. O’Keefe Mrs. Carol S. O’Neil Mr. Harold M. Oberg Ms. Jeanne T. Oddis Mr. Peter Olenkiewicz Mr. Warren V. Osik Mrs. Valerie Hart Ostronic Mr. David B. Owens Mrs. Phyllis A. Papp Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Pappas Mr. Craig A. Parks Mrs. Lindsey Marie Paro-Christiani Mr. and Mrs. Tommie R. Parr Mr. James H. Pearson, Jr. Mrs. Kristen E. Peckrul Mr. John S. Pedace Mr. Joseph A. Perry, Jr. Mrs. Priscilla H. Pettyjohn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Piacenza Mr. Glenn S. Pianka Mrs. Carol A. Piezzo Mrs. Martha Laughton Poe Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Pontbriant Ms. Elaine M. Porter Mrs. Marion S. Prescott Mrs. Maribel F. Raue Mrs. Agnes R. Reichert Mr. Alfred F. Renaldi

Mrs. Nancy L. Reusswig Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Reynolds Mrs. Barbara P. Ricketts Mrs. Marion H. Ripani Ms. Janet M. Roche Mr. William J. Rogister, Jr. Mrs. Linda A. Rogoff Mr. Joseph A. Romanowski, Jr. Mrs. Constance L. Rondeau Mr. Walfred A. Rossoll Mr. William Michael Sacrey, III Ms. Heidi L. Sajkowicz Ms. Linda M. Salafia Ms. Priscilla E. Salvatore Mr. William L. Sawyer Mr. Henry J. Schaeffer Mrs. Susan H. Schaeffer Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Schnip Dr. James M. Schwarz Mr. Michael S. Seder Mr. William H. Selvidio, Jr. Ms. Dorothy M. Shakun Ms. Joan M. Sherwood Mr. Jonathan E. Singer Mr. Greg A. Smith Mr. Michael B. Smith Mr. Parke C. Spicer Mr. Eugene A. Stanley Mrs. Marilyn R. Stillman Mrs. Judith L. Strom Mr. J. Thomas Sullivan, Jr. Mr. Neil Sullivan Mr. David G. Sumner Ms. Joyce A. Sweeney Dr. John P. Tauro, Jr. Mr. William G. Teater Mr. Joseph L. Torchia Mr. Roland R. Trailor, Jr. Mr. Peter W. Trantalis, Jr. Mr. Jeffrey D. Turano Mrs. Allison H. Turcotte Judge Paul M. Vasington Mr. Michael A. Vocatura Ms. Penny Walczyk Mr. Herbert W. Weltig Mrs. Jeanette C. White Mrs. Joan M. Williams Ms. Sherri L. Willson Dr. Ross L. Winakor Ms. Christine Wisniewski Mr. John P. Wodopian Mrs. Sandra G. Woodmansee Mrs. Christina M. Yeitz Dr. Melvin A. Yoselevsky, MD Ms. Vivian F. Zöe

Fountain Circle Gifts at any level for 10-14 Years Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Mr. Donald D. Abraham Mrs. Sara A. Allard Ms. Kathleen S. Andersen Ms. Anna M. Androite Dr. Anthony R. Angelo Mrs. Alice L. Armstrong Mrs. Rosemary M. Atencio Mr. Brian S. Austin and Dr. Virginia E. Austin Mr. Robert J. Auwood Mr. Earl F. Babcock Mrs. Anne Marie Bennett Mr. Carl E. Benson, Jr. Mrs. Barbara F. Bergdoll Ms. Elaine B. Berrie Dr. Sharon R. Bidwell-Cerone Mr. John F. Bielecki Mr. James W. Bierylo, Sr. Mr. Bruce A. Blye Mrs. Barbara A. Bourgea Ms. Tracey L. Boyden Mrs. Joan E. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Maurice D. Brochu, Jr. Mr. Richard A. Brown Mr. Peter D. Calvert Mrs. Patricia A. Campbell Mr. William C. Carey Mr. Gary A. Carignan Mr. Robert H. Chabot Mr. Walter J. Chojnacki Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Clairwood Mrs. Susan H. Connolly Mr. Walter R. Cooper Mr. Jack A. Corey Mr. Anthony M. Cosentino Mrs. Shirley M. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Coutu Ms. Diana R. Cramer Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Cramer Mr. Lynwood F. Crary Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Crooks Dr. Robert E. Crootof Mr. Richard C. Curtis Dr. Wendy C. Daly Mr. Lonnie L. Davis Ms. Abby Demars Mrs. Kathleen F. DeGray

Mr. and Mrs. John J. DeStefano, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Diacumski Mr. Jared Dillian Mr. John B. Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Driscoll Mrs. Janet W. Duevel Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Duevel Mr. Lucian V. Dzialo Mr. David C. Elks Mrs. Nancy A. Enos Mr. Robert M. Fargo Mr. Louis A. Faucher Mr. Al R. Fecteau Mrs. Laura R. Filby Mr. Brendan J. Flahive Mrs. Margaret D. Foley Mr. Thomas M. Foley, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Gauthier Mr. Philip H. Gebow Ms. Julia Gerogotelis Mr. Schuyler L. Gilbert Mrs. Anne L. Gray Mr. and Mrs. David B. Greenfield Mr. Christofer M. Guisti Ms. Janice A. Gwudz Mrs. Kay K. Hale Mrs. Alice D. Hammond Mr. David D. Hantman Mrs. J. Toni Hedrick Mrs. Louise H. Heidtman Mr. Kenneth Herbert Mrs. Beverly A. Hitchman Dr. Harold M. Horden Mr. Gary R. Houle Attorney William J. Hutchinson Mrs. Christine Jablonski Mrs. Martha J. Jancewicz Mr. Robert P. Jasperson Mrs. Marie I. Javor Ms. Christine M. Johnson Mr. Ralph W. Johnston, Jr. Mrs. Jean M. Jubenville Dr. and Mrs. David Kalla Mr. James J. Kaminske Colonel and Mrs. David P. Kapinos Mrs. Kathleen I. Kingsley, RN Mr. James N. Kornilieff Attorney P. Michael Lahan Mrs. Kim M. Lamagna Mr. Louis J. Landry Ms. Christy Bean Leamy Mr. Lynn G. Lessard

Mr. Calvin M. Lewerk Dr. Hershel W. Libo Ms. Pamela B. Lord Mrs. Nancy Ludewig Mrs. Wendy L. Majcher Mrs. Adrienne J. Mansfield Dr. Gilles A. Marchand Mr. Edward A. Markey Ms. Mabel-Anne Marston Mrs. Noella B. Martin Mrs. Rose E. Mather Mrs. Marion E. McComb Ms. Mary B. Messerschmidt Mr. Gilbert J. Milone Attorney and Mrs. Konstant W. Morell Mr. and Mrs. John T. Morosky Mr. David J. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Muenzer Mr. Murray A. Navick Mrs. Cynthia Nash Mrs. Vera Neilan Mr. Thomas E. O’Rourke Mrs. Justine Olsen Mr. Ronald R. Oneto Mr. Philip J. Papineau, Jr. Mrs. Ruth A. Papineau Mr. William B. Pedace Mr. Philip D. Peters Mrs. Josephine R. Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pfannenstiel Mr. John J. Piela Mrs. Marie A. Pineault Mrs. Thelma A. Pisano Ms. Ruth C. Porter Dr. Albert Quintiliani, Jr. Mrs. Mildred C. Richard Mrs. Bernice L. Rocque Mr. Edward J. Rogalski Mrs. Helen T. Romano Mr. Paul L. Romanski Mr. Haskell Rosen Mr. Charles F. Rossoll, Jr. Mrs. Mary Rowe Mrs. Alycia A. Sabrowski Mr. John F. Sacrey Mrs. Sheila E. Saddig Mrs. Edythe F. Savignac Mr. and Mrs. James E. Sawyer Attorney Bart A. Sayet Mr. Lloyd L. Schaffhauser Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Schmidt, Jr. Mr. Elmer W. Schrader, Jr. Mr. Edward J. Schwarz



Mr. John B. Sebastian, Jr. Mr. Nelson T. Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Smigiel Mr. John G. Smiley, Jr. Mrs. Elin M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. John F. Smith, Sr. Mrs. Bernice D. Smotrich Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Spayne Mrs. Shirley M. Sontheimer Mr. John J. Spillane Dr. Anita J. Stockton Mr. Thomas A. Sulik Mr. Eugene R. Sullivan Mrs. Jacqueline M. Sullivan Mr. Robert T. Sullivan Ms. Angela V. Tabilas Mrs. Marion A. Thelin Mr. Robert L. Theve Mr. Thomas P. Theve Mr. Walter R. Thoma Ms. Patricia A. Tennison Mrs. Nicoletta P. Thomas Mrs. Iris E. Todd Mrs. Irene V. Toscano Mr. and Mrs. S. Ben Turetzky Mr. Robert A. Ulikowski Ms. Lillian M. Vachon Ms. Jodi M. Vara Mrs. Acimo Ververis Mrs. Louise M. Weseman Mrs. Elfrieda G. Whiteley Mr. Gerald A. Wieland Mr. James F. Wilber, III Mr. Ronald L. Wing

Beech & Cherry Society Gifts at any level for 15+ Years Mr. William J. Abell Mrs. Kathleen Driscoll Amatangelo Mrs. Martha C. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. John Arico Attorney James W. Auwood Mr. Harry I. Axelrod Mrs. Rosalie A. Banas Mrs. Joan S. Barnes Mr. Matthew J. Barrett Ms. Linnea Bulford Barry Mrs. Nancy B. Barry Mrs. Elizabeth M. Bassette Mr. Steven D. Basson Mrs. Ruth S. Baver Ms. Barbara K. Bennett


Dr. Eugene M. Berkman Mrs. Ruth D. Blakney Mr. David J. Blanchard Mrs. Mona M. Blitz Mr. Robert J. Bolduc Ms. Marie Y. Bontempo Mr. Hilliard Boulware, Jr. Mr. Richard W. Brewer Ms. Theresa B. Brochu Mr. and Mrs. Iain H. Bruce Ms. Susan M. Buckley Mr. Joseph A. Burton Mr. Thomas Buttacavoli Mr. Ralph G. Buttafuoco Mrs. Marion T. Camp Mrs. Catherine A. Cappellieri Mr. and Mrs. Luason L. Carnaghan Mrs. Lynne M. Cassidy Mrs. Charlotte M. Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Chambers Mr. Robert L. Chapman Mr. Daniel C. Charron Mr. and Mrs. Roland H. Chinatti Mr. John A. Chmielewski Mrs. C. Marcia Cieslukowski Ms. Carol A. Cieslukowski Mr. William H. Clarkson, Jr. Mrs. Janet M. Coates Ms. Sandra M. Cobb Dr. Larry Coletti Mr. David C. Conley Colonel and Mrs. Charles R. Connell, III Mr. Philip J. Connell Commander and Mrs. Gordan E.W. Conrad, II Ms. Marilyn R. Cosentino Ms. Joan P. Cosentino Mrs. Cynthia S. Crocicchia Ms. Mary Jane D’Elia Mrs. Camilla W. Dahl Mr. John D. Daly Ms. Katherine G. Daley Mrs. Joan M. Damon Ms. Lesley S. Daniels Ms. Darlene J. Davis Mr. Richard E. Davis Mr. Donald R. DeBartolo Mrs. Lena E. DeSimone Mr. Herb Dessner Mrs. Jayne Diehl Mr. Nelson R. Disco Ms. Barbara A. Dombrowski Mr. Robert L. Dotolo, Sr.

Ms. Vesta S. Downer Attorney Michael E. Driscoll Mr. Andrew T. Dudek Mrs. Alita S. DuPont Mrs. Priscilla A. Dysart Mrs. Catherine F. Eastwood Mr. Henry A. Etlinger Mrs. Veronica M. Exley Mr. Vincent J. Farnsworth Mr. Ludwig G. Fasolino Dr. Melanie J. Fatone and Mr. David A. Vane Mr. John R. Fells Mr. Aurelio Ferri Ms. Andrea J. Field Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Filardi Ms. Karen B. Fischer Mr. Morris A. Fishbone Mr. Robert A. Fitzgerald Mr. Alfred E. Fratoni, Sr. Mr. John P. Fratoni Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Fratoni Mr. Edward B. Freeman Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Frumer Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Freyer Mr. Michael P. Fusaro Mr. Mark R. Gagne Ms. Alberta A. Gallagher Mr. Charles R. Gatti Mr. Brian G. Gauthier Mr. Roger C. Gauthier Mr. Merrill R. Gerber Mrs. Joan S. Gionet The Honorable Joseph H. Goldberg Mrs. Shirlee A. Goldstein Mrs. Maureen G. Gragg Mr. and Mrs. William G. Grant, Jr. Mrs. Karie A. Gray Attorney Thomas M. Griffin, Jr. Ms. Maryann S. Grim Mr. R. Alan Gross Captain Royal E. Grover, Jr. Mr. Albert Gualtieri Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Guillot Mr. Robert J. Haiman Mrs. Margaret A. Halen Mrs. Duane J. Hallgren Mrs. Shirley M. Hamm Dr. Jeffrey S. Hankin Mr. John H. Hanks Ms. Elizabeth C. Hansen Mrs. Bahria O. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hedler Mrs. Ruth G. Hendel Mr. Alexander J. Hindle, Jr.

Mrs. Diana T. Hinman Ms. Patricia A. Hnatiuk Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Hodkinson Mrs. Ellen Hoskins Ms. Bette A. Houston Mr. Charles S. Huestis Mrs. Dorothy R. Hungerford Mr. Richard P. Isper Mr. Stanley Israelite Ms. Mary J. Jacaruso Mr. William J. Jacaruso Mr. Edmund M. Jaskiewicz Mrs. Janet Laws Jew Mr. Richard B. Johnson Mr. Robert D. Johnson Mrs. Mary N. Jones Mr. William T. Kearney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Kelleher Mrs. Elizabeth H. Kelly Mrs. Maureen G. Kelly Mrs. Carlotta J. Kennedy Mrs. Enez L. King Ms. Ellen Kochersperger Dr. Richard L. Kofkoff Mr. Thomas J. Kornacki Mrs. Assunta M. Kozel Mrs. Patricia E. Krzanowski Ms. Dolores D. Kubicki Ms. Mary K. Kubicki Mr. George Kudravetz Mrs. Elizabeth A. Kuehner Mr. Daryl F. Lafiura Mrs. Martha E. Lacy Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Lamb Mr. Leman G. Lane Mrs. Edith G. Lasner Mrs. Inez A. Lattimore Ms. Deborah J. Lee Mr. Raymond F. Lee Mr. David A. Lees Ms. Patricia A. Lemieux Mr. Robert J. Lenehan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Leone Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Leone Mr. Louis Paul Leta, III Mr. Ross T. Levanto Mr. Chester W. Lewis, Esq. Mrs. Elaine T. Leyko Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Longo, III Mr. Chester C. Lukas Mrs. Janet R. Luke Mrs. May K. MacGlaflin Mr. Jeremiah J. Mahoney, III Miss Ellen E. Mahoney Dr. James J. Mahoney

Mr. Thomas W. Mahoney Mrs. Clare C. Maiorino Mr. J. Roger Marien Mr. James M. Mara Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Martinelli Mrs. Helena K. Maskalik Mr. William P. Mathvink Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Maurer Mrs. Doris L. Maynard Mrs. Alice B. McCauley Mrs. Shirley M. McCulley Mr. James W. McDermott Mrs. Helen M. McGuire Mrs. Roberta J. McLaughlin Ms. Carole A. Miller Mrs. Justine M. Miller Mr. Francis D. Mitchell Mrs. Valeria D. Mizer Mr. James P. Monaghan Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Mlyniec Dr. Arthur C. Morrisey Mr. and Mrs. Jerald I. Navick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Neilan Mrs. Diane R. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. John L. Nickolenko Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Oberg Mrs. Frances B. Ogulnick Mr. William D. Panek Mrs. Elizabeth A. Parsons Mr. Henry R. Pearson Mr. Richard F. Pendleton Mr. John K. Pereira Mrs. Mary B. Perras Mr. Peter F. Perry Mrs. Clara P. Petrowski Ms. Susan A. Phillips Mr. Joseph L. Pietrowski and Ms. Estelle J. Ryan Mrs. Betsey C. Pitt Ms. Dorothy I. Piver Mr. and Mrs. J. Lucien Plante Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Portelance Reverend John E. Post Mrs. Elaine A. Potuchek Mrs. June B. Quinley Mr. Azriel J. Rabinowitz Mrs. Sondra L. Radin Mrs. Rill Ann Reuter Mrs. Nancy R. Richardson Mr. James C. Riordan Mrs. Loretta F. Rispoli Mrs. Laurie J. Roberts Mr. William J. Rogister, Jr.

Mrs. Linda A. Rogoff Mr. Michael J. Romanski Attorney Peter W. Rotella Ms. Ludmila K. Sabatiuk Mr. Moses Safenovitz Ms. Robin A.E. Salvatore Mr. Allen J. Savitz Mr. John Schwarz Mrs. Paula H.J. Schwenk Mrs. Joan H. Seelye Mr. Aaron Seidman Mrs. Mary Ann Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Shugrue Ms. Miriam T. Sihvonen Mrs. Amy E. Sipuleski Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sisco, Jr. Ms. Catharine D. Smith Mr. Mark A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Smith Mrs. Dorothy A. Smullen Mrs. Esther K. Snow Mrs. Judith M. Snayd Lt. Col. Leon P. Socha Mr. Raymond P. Spurgas Mr. Bill Standish Mr. and Mrs. Kelvin H. Stott Mrs. Jacqueline M. Sullivan Mr. Robert T. Surprenant Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Surprenant Mrs. Dorothy M. Tibbetts Mr. Frank E. Tomlin, Jr. Attorney Dean J. Trantalis Mrs. Patricia K. Tressler Ms. Elaine F. Tumicki Dr. Frank D. Vasington Mr. Martin A. Vasmanis Mrs. Maxine B. Vasquez Mr. George P. Ververis, Jr. Mrs. Judith A. Vickers Mrs. Dolores A. Viens Ms. Debra L. Vuono-Burke Dr. and Mrs. Karl Weisgraber Mr. George W. Weller, III Ms. Susan D. Wheeler Mr. Donald O. White Dr. Joseph P. Wierzbinski Mr. Ernest C. Wignall Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wood Mr. John A. Wolkowski Mrs. Ruth E. Wunderlich Dr. James G. Zavistoski Ms. Helene P. Zimmer-Loew


Non-Profit U.S. Postage

Paid Change Service Requested

Permit #130 Springfield, MA

Alumni & Development Staff: Deborah J. Lee, Director of Development 860-887-2507 x5540 Kathleen McCarthy, Assistant Director of Development 860-887-2507 x5547 Allison Turcotte, Development Associate 860-887-2507 x5541 Linda Clang Ververis ‘78, Director of Alumni Relations & Constituent Research 860-887-2507 x5542

NFA Alumni Association Established by norwich Free Academy in 1876


O Enter the NFA Food Competition with your “BEST BURGER” recipe and win the 2013 Tailgate Champion Flag!

Judging will begin at 12:30 Register for the Burger Competition at the Alumni Tent before 12:30 Your burger will be judged on taste, creativity and appearance

O Support our local community

Bring a non-perishable food item to the Alumni Tent and receive a free gift

O TAILGATE PARKING IS LIMITED Cheer the NFA WILDCATS to victory over the Windham High Whippets Game tickets: Adults $3 • Sr. Citizens/Students $2 • under 10 free Join us for tailgating prior to the game beginning at 11:00 in the Library Parking Lot Bring a picnic lunch and get together with fellow alumni

Call Alumni House at 860-425-5542 or e-mail to reserve your tailgating space or with questions

O This is a non-alcoholic family event

Alma Matters  

2013 Summer Supplemental - Norwich Free Academy Alma Matters Alumni Magazine

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