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Gear Up for Safety How you can keep your little ones safe from cold weather, germs and other threats without breaking the bank this season by Candace Disler


hen it comes to our children’s safety, there is simply nothing more important. Many parents know the basics when it comes to the winter season, but there other possible safety issues that can arise. We did our research to find items that will protect your kids from cold weather, germs and other threats you may not have control over. Here are some of our top choices to keep your little ones safe without breaking the bank this season.

Parents know to dress their kids in warm clothes for the winter season. However, we must remember not to neglect our children’s ears to protect against ear, nose and throat infections. One great option is available through Dots on Tots. Their innovative hat design features flaps that serve to protect infants and toddlers from cold weather, wind and ear, nose and throat infections. Created by a mother of two, these hats are designed to be extra comfortable. They are lightweight and seamless, so your little one won’t mind wearing them. The brand also offers special ear protection hats that feature an added benefit of 50 percent noisereduction ear inserts, shielding infants’ and toddlers’ delicate ears from loud sounds. Hats are also available in various colors, patterns and materials, including sherpa cotton for the winter season. An added bonus: All hats are 100 percent organic, ecofriendly and made in the United States. Check them out at

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If you have a child who has a medical condition or allergy, consider the incredibly smart medical ID bracelet from Hope Paige. Whether your child is out in the cold, at a play date with a friend or even at school, you want their caregivers to be aware of their health conditions should an emergency arise. Hope Paige designs stylish, one-of-a-kind medical ID bracelets for children that look great and alert medical professionals in case of an emergency. Additional designs are available at

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NFamily Magazine Nov/Dec 2013  
NFamily Magazine Nov/Dec 2013