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If your baby sleeps well If your baby sleeps well

- - You You sleep sleep well! well

Schläft dein Kind sanft

- Schläfst du sanft!

ÂŤOnly the best is good enough for our childrenÂť Parents want the best for their children, therefore it is quite natural that they should sleep in comforters that are neither too hot nor too cold.

Light Duvets 65x80 / 80x100 / 100x140 Medium Duvets 65x80 / 80x100 / 100x140

Low Pillows 35x40 / 40x60 Medium Pillows 35x40 / 40x60

Dozy – makes your child sleep like a baby Dozy offers a total concept of good sleep. Comforters and pillows, top mattresses, night bag and bedding give your child quality sleep and facilitate happy dreams. Dozy comforters and pillows offer high tread count cover fabrics in 100 % organic cotton filled with quality down. This provides a wonderful softness, beautiful finish and comfort.

We all want our babies to be warm and comfortable!

Night Sleeping Bag In a Dozy down night bag, babies will never get too hot, nor too cold.

Down Socks One Size When wearing Dozy down socks, babies will never get cold feet.

Bed Set, Cloud 65x80/35x40 80x100/35x40 100x140/40x60

Bed Set, Stripe 65x80/35x40 80x100/35x40 100x140/40x60

Dozy Down Products Not too hot, not too cold, nor too humid – absolutely perfect to sleep in. Quality down has an unique ability to regulate temperature.

Heaven’s Curtain, Cloud 240X160

Cradle Mattress Topper 40x80 Cot Mattress Topper 60x120

Eco-friendly The Dozy collection is certified by several health and environmental approval procedures. This proves the environmental commitment of all manufacturers, and is a guarantee of quality.



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100 % eco-friendly organic cotton





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