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Why GIS? ‣

2015 mid-term ambition achievement. We need a faster and smarter way to deliver the 1 million experiences we hope to achieve by 2015.

Internal Ambitions of AIESEC

Big AIESEC Growth. Considering the time we have and the rate at which we want to grow in the delivery of experiences, we need to be 10 times faster at providing experiences.

Making it Happen. We are purposeful, collaborative and driven generation of

leaders who grew with new technologies , so we are taken this advantage to change the way we operate.

External Threats. There is growing risk that AIESEC will face competition in its

value proposition, technology, processes, communication, market, products etc.

External Competition

hence the need for us to change the way we do our business. ‣

Customer Feedback. There have also been a lot of feedback from our youth, nonprofit and company suggesting that we should improve our upon our processes

and communication. ‣

Customer Centric Systems. Our current systems are too internally focused rather than customer focused.

Global Timeline March



One of the key principles of the GIS project is that we collaborate with the network to build the new system. We want every member to be engaged in the development process, giving feedback to designs and functionalities before they are built. E N G A G E




Once we have a clear minimum viable product, we will begin testing the system. We need as many people from diverse backgrounds, functions and entities to try and use the system and give us feedback on how to fine tune it to be better. T E S T



When we’re confident that the system minimums are ready for use, we will launch the system and manage a 3 month implementation process where every single person in AIESEC globally will stop using our current systems and move to the GIS. I M P L E M E N T

And what about December?

In     


less than 30 weeks… Every entity around the world is using the GIS or has fully integrated their platforms Every member in AIESEC has a GIS user account and has started using it Every website globally connects to the OP to drive customers faster Education and Internal Communications within AIESEC is revolutionized and MCs have adapted fast no longer exists and customer gauge is no longer a partner of AIESEC

Proposed Implementation for MC June



MC2MC transition Assing one person to be MC responsible for GIS implementation and creation of a plan, assess current systems used and evaluate integration with GIS (give inputs to AI). To have GIS ambassadors on each entity to help with the implementation process; Having at least 3 people/entity in testing the system. Sending feedback to AI during the testing.

Physical touch point (Conference), prepare: • New customer flow; • Give clarity of how to use the system; • Practical part that your members will experience new platform; • Organizational changes in your entity (no Raising stage anymore). • HOW this will influence your daily life. • Expectation for transition period.

• Consultancy with MC responsible; • Receive inputs from LCs. • IC official launch. • National guidance for the recruitement period.

Sept / Octob

Make sure that everyone in your entity is using it


Final Switch

What we expect from the network? Apply for Pioneers team DDL: 6th of June 100% are providing feedback each week. Every week new functions are realesed 100% have communicated to their plenary why/how/what of the project. Education materials are coming in next week – your responsability is to downscale it

Gis network output