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NEXX RIDER Bryan Fernandes Aka “Blkmrkt” Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon ICELAND

NEXX RIDER Kewin Aka “Adv Anywhere” Sułoszowa Village Krakow, POLAND

NEXX RIDER Tiago Ribeiro Lagoon Of Fire Azores, PORTUGAL

SCRAM AFRICA by Fuel Motorcycles Photographer: Gotz Goppert, Sahara Desert, MOROCCO







20 YEARS OF NEXX 20 Years Has Gone by in a Blur. Embracing a culture of innovation, NEXX is constantly evolving to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing helmet industry. We continue to invest in human capital development, in R&D and Value-added products, manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology and equipment in order to realize our vision further. Nevertheless, staying ahead of our competition also means thinking outside of the box. How will cities develop in the future? How might roads develop?

How riders will communicate with each other? How will a helmet be in 20 years? We liberate our designers and engineers to step out from what they know today, catalyzing their passion and the brand values for Visionary Design. Throughout 2021 NEXX Helmets is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Nevertheless, the company is looking two decades into the future and envisioning the motorcycle helmets of tomorrow, safer and prepared for the ultimate riding experience!



TOURATECH AVENTURO In 2015 NEXXPro S.A. teamed up with Touratech, to develop and build Touratech’s Aventuro carbon fiber adventure helmet. Nowadays NEXX continues to produce Touratech’s high-quality carbon fiber helmets for Aventuro 2 and Aventuro Traveller - designed For Adventure Riders By Adventure Riders.


X.R1R CARBON NEXX produced its first Carbon fiber helmet in 2009: the X.R1R Carbon a Racing model that has stood the test of time!


HUGO BOSS HB.01 In 2010 NexxPro signed a two year license agreement with HUGO BOSS Trade Mark Management GmbH & Co. KG, which is part of the HUGO BOSS Group. The exclusive license covered the design, production and worldwide distribution of the first motorcycle helmet under the HUGO BOSS trademark that is part of the BOSS Black Menswear collection.


SX.60 DENIM SX.60 DENIM it started as a joke and then just grew! In 2005, a collaborator came up with the bold idea of experimenting with denim on a helmet; then others came along with more suggestions “sew a pocket, like the jeans”; add a little red label”. SX.60 DENIM was shown for the first time at EICMA Fair (Milan) and rapidly attracted worldwide attention!


X.R1R DIABLO XR1.R Diablo holds a protected patented design, and it is the only full face helmet in the world, totally covered in optic leather.


X.30 In 2008 NEXX launched the revolutionary X.30 – the first Flip-Up with chin protection – creating a new market segment, the MAXIJET! The CCP – Chin Crash Protection was a unique system on the market dispersing the impact energy away from the chin and through the shell.


SX.10 In 2014 NEXX SWITX SX.10 won a “Red Dot Design Award ‘ one the most prestigious international awards in the field of Design, in the category of Product Design. A fully customizable & compact open face urban helmet with one most advanced ventilation system ever made. In that same year, SWITX SX.10 also awarded “Best Product of the Year” and “Best Helmet of the Year” by webBikeWorld.


SU The SU was NEXX’s 2006 vision for a superhelmet with an opening system that allowed it to be more balanced and aerodynamic, with no chin bar rising but with an opening to…the sides! The best part about it was that it was damn good looking - a true innovative concept almost sci-fi! However, because of SU’s complex engineering and high investment, the project was cancelled before it could go into production.



CREATING THE FUTURE OF MOTORCYCLE HELMETS At NEXX’s state-of-the-art factory, talented hands and seamstresses do a thorough work, sewing more than 5,000 liners a week. After 20 years in NEXX’s factory in Amoreira da Gândara, Portugal, it is possible to stitch a complete lining in fifteen minutes

- and so neatly the eventual owner of the helmet will never notice this human touch. At most, you may subtly feel that your helmet snugly “hugs” your head in a way a standard helmet never could… The goal is to make a helmet so comfortable that you almost forget you’re wearing it!

SAFE IN THEIR HANDS: NEXX’S DESIGN TEAM Over two million lives supplied. In the heart of the factory, NEXX R&D Centre is a place where exceptional innovators, designers and engineers give their best every day to develop the next-generation of groundbreaking motorcycle helmets and technologies. State-of-the-art prototyping machines, manufacturing equipment, advanced Interaction Design, Product vision all come together at the birthplace of every NEXX. Whether it’s improving the connection between men & machine or charging ahead for new solutions to keep our heads safe and comfortable, we know what it takes to get it done.

It’s not about motorcycle helmets – it’s about saving LIVES and making every turn, every new road and every single ride more fun that the last. HUMAN HANDS HAVE HUMANCENTRIC EFFECTS, BECOMING PART OF THE STORY OF OUR HELMETS. The gradual materialization of the outer-shell final look – a symphony of primer, paint, water decals and varnish that, thanks to NEXX’s master hands & cutting-edge machinery, provides a perfect surface & finishing from any angle.

THE HUMAN HAND IS A MARVEL OF DEXTERITY There’s a reason “surgical precision” is a known phrase. NEXX decorators are required to have expert knowledge of the complex workings of the water decals — not to mention a steady hand. Whether using a gauge or a precision ruler, our decorators use their marvelously dexterous human hands according to both form and aesthetics. They have a vast knowledge of different water decals, forms and patterns and depend on precise measurements so that every line, curve and graphics appears exactly where it should. Because every millimeter counts in NEXX design.

BRINGING THE HUMAN TOUCH BACK INTO PRODUCTION: THE HANDS BEHIND NEXX Despite all the technological advancement and machine-oriented production solutions, the human hands presence in our production is evident, important and indispensable. The human-driven approach speaks volumes about qualitative value. It signifies an investment in time and a concern for detail at every aspect of the product from design to shipping. NEXX strict quality control guidelines go through all the stages of production: every helmet has more than 50 control steps which give it an unrivalled pedigree!

THE CHALLENGE OF PERFECTIONISM NEXX Helmets offer a uniform texture and a soft feel to the touch, however, they are not created that way. That’s why Primer is such an important part of the painting process. Applied before painting, primer paint is a type of preparatory coating, designed to help

paint adhere to the helmet’s surface, it looks better and lasts longer. The realization of this process requires state-of-the-art machinery and a great deal of motor activity, under the attentive eyes and the skillful hands of our experts In search for the Perfect Surface!

THE FACTORY OF DREAMS, MOULDING THE CHARACTER OF OUR HELMETS The moulding of our fiber helmets is done entirely in our factory and obtaining a quality hull depends a lot on the experience of the mold operator and his specialized hands.

arranged in layers and which together act as a support structure for the hardening resin, determining the strength and characteristics of the outer part of the helmet.

Fiber outer shells, commonly called “hulls”, are produced by impregnating a composite of different materials, such as fiberglass, aramid or carbon,

We shape the character of our helmets and our helmets, shape ours!

Next-Level Adventuring

Travel is a state of mind. The new Sand 4 H2O.


b i g e n duro

r oad and tr ac k

Greece Italy Portugal Pyrenees Romania

Nexx – Helmet partner of the Adventure Country Tracks since Day 1. Thank you very much!


Adventure Country Tracks e.V. is a registered nonprofit organization whose mission is to establish and maintain off-road routes and tracks in European countries for so-called adventure motorcycles / dual purpose bikes. By providing information, advocacy and promoting responsible motorcycle travel, ACT seeks to preserve motorcycling on unpaved roads in the backcountry for generations to come and also to promote tourism in rural areas. Adventure Country Tracks works with enthusiastic partners in some countries of Europe, with tourism authorities, land administrations, forest services, tourist boards, tour

operators, etc. to provide routes and remote roads for motorcycling. By investing in communication and hopefully supporting local small businesses, guesthouses, and local resources, ACT is able to provide free GPS tracks and advice, create photo and video archives of the routes, and educate the motorcycle community on the routes. The GPS routes are still available for free. Our desire is to provide a detailed documentation of the routes, areas and backgrounds and to motivate the traveler to follow these routes. All funds for Adventure Country Tracks are invested in the projects, there is no commercial goal.



General Route information: ACT Italy is a long trip to the central part of the Italian Apennines, from the village of Bertinoro, on the Romagnole hills, up to the coasts of the wild Abruzzo by 5 stages for a 1160 km on adventure roads.

A journey that starts from the woods of Romagna, passing through the green valleys of Umbria and Marche to continue through the fabulous Val d’Orcia to end the adventure on the coasts of one of the wildest and most untouched regions of Italy: Abruzzo!




Hotel & Food Ristorante Trattoria gattara Località Gattara, 11 47861 Casteldelci (RN) 43°45’30.4”N 12°11’15.0”E Phone:+39 0541 179 5538 Ristorante Sottobosco 14 Localita’ Svolta Del Podere 52032 Badia Tedalda (AR) 43°42’12.4”N 12°08’18.9”E Phone: +39 335 595 5887 Hotel Country House Santa Felicita Paterna Località Pieve delle Rose 06012 Città di Castello (PG) Phone: +39 075 781 6611

DAY 1 Description The first day is the “offroad day”! The departure from Bertinoro offers a wonderful view of the Adriatic coast and narrow asphalt roads that in a few kilometers take us on the fast dirt roads of the Savio Valley. We cross thick woods and roads on the top of gentle hills until direct heading southwards to reach the mountains of the Marche Apennines. Panoramas that open suddenly and paved roads that are similar to those with a natural background characterize this first day of travel. There are also passages through typical villages of central Italy. The ground of road is generally very good especially on sunny days immediately after rainy days: more grip on gravel roads and dust disappears. In summer the temperature could also be high (28/32 degrees) since the areas touched are not very high.

Hotel & Food Ristorante Baccano Il Panino Toscano Corso il Rossellino, 9 53026 Pienza (SI) 43°04’37.6”N 11°40’40.3”E Phone:+39 0578 748784

Hotel Hotel Virgilio Piazza Duomo, 5 05018 Orvieto – TR Phone: +39 0763 394937

Ristorante La Bottega Di Cacio Piazza del Moretto, 31 53027 Bagno Vignoni San Quirico d’Orcia – SI 43°01’40.1”N 11°37’05.9”E Phone: +39 0577 887477

Camping Camping Camp Joy SS448, km 8, 05023 05023 Baschi TR 42°43’20.1”N 12°15’37.9”E Phone: +39 351 985 2520



Description Monte Nerone and Monte Cartria: the two peaks of the stage! After crossing the woods above Città di Castello It rises quickly above 1000 meters in height and we reach the Monte Nerone (1500 meters) from which a stupendous view over the central Apennines allows us to observe the other peak of the day: Monte Catria at 1700mt. The descent that brings us to Gubbio after Scheggia is a beautiful asphalt ribbon of pure fun and after town of Gubbio through easy gravel roads it reaches Passignano sul Trasimento: the arrival at sunset is pure poetry, with the red sun reflecting on the lake. Hotel & Food Ristorante Bar Pizzeria le Bighe Via Campo Sportivo, 1 06027 Scheggia – PG 43°24’08.7”N 12°40’08.1”E Phone:+39 366 406 4420 Ristorante Ostearia degli OstiNati Via Porta Vittoria 22 Cagli – PU Lat/Lon : 43.54496/12.64724 Phone: +39 0721 787730 Hotel Hotel Lidò Viale Roma, 1 06065 Passignano sul Trasimeno – PG Phone: +39 075 8272191

LENGHT 195 KM DIFFICULY EASY DAY 3 Description Enjoy the hills of Tuscany and its gravel roads! The road along Lake Trasimeno takes us to Badiaccia, we enter Tuscany and we cross the Val di Chiana plain on the small roads that, after 30km, lead us to the foot of the pirme hills. From this point to Orvieto there is a succession of ups and downs on the hills of the beautiful Val d’Orcia (UNESCO World Heritage); you pass by characteristic small towns and villages made famous in the world for their wines and their beauty: Montepulciano, San Qurico d’Orcia, Bagno a Vignioni with its square of thermal water are just a few examples. Through the typical white roads of Tuscany, we pass to the north of Monte Amiata and head south east to reach Orvieto and its majestic cathedral and your famous “Well of St. Patrick” The landscape and the bottom of the roads in the last part of the stage is very different: woods and a more compact bottom become the protagonists again.

NO IMENO LENGHT 235 KM DIFFICULY EASY DAY 4 Description A day full of woods and mountains over 1000 meters high at the end. After the Corbara Lake the first off-road sections begin with a good bottom but with some points in the isido-like rock, you ride through beautiful woods that are never dense and plateaus with very fun and flowing roads. After Sangemini the landscape and the terrain change: you enter the most mountainous area of the day. With the last 155km you cross some peaks with important climbs and descents: Monte Birbone (1250mt), Monte Metano (1100mt) and Monte Peritone (1200mt). The descent from Mount Peritone takes us directly to Leonessa: a small town at the foot of Monte Terminillo (2200mt)


Hotel La Torre Viale Francesco Crispi 202016, Leonessa – Ri Lat/Lon : 42.56548/12.96232 Phone: +39 07 46922166

START LEONESSA DAY 5 Description Abruzzo: wild plateaus and beautiful sea. Leaving Leonessa, you take the first 15 km off-road heading south east and then return to the winding road SR471, the city of our departure to Posta: a small town on the Velino river. We continue to drive on busy little streets and through small villages characteristic of this area of Italy and after Bivio Pizzoli, the stretch of off-road with 12 hairpin bends takes us to a plateau at 1200 meters above sea level within the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park (it is forbidden to leave the streets). The descent from Monte Stabiata leads

us to cross Paganica, where it is still possible to see the signs left by the strong earthquake that struck this region in 2006. Passing Colle Biffone, after Pescomaggiore, we arrive in the picturesque Santo Stefano di Sessanio and immediately before we see the Rocca Calsascio, which we will soon touch along the next stretch in the outskirts to the village of Calascio. The last 120km of the stage are full of hairpin curves. After passing the Lanciano Pass (1500mt) we cross the Maiella Natural Park and arrive in the Lanciano valley that leads us to the Abruzzese sea, destination of our journey in the scenic Costa dei Trabocchi.

Hotel & Food Ristorante L’ Elisir del Poeta Via Benedetta 67020 Santo Stefano di Sessanio – AQ 42°20’33.9”N 13°38’44.3”E Phone:+39 389 195 5586

Ristorante Trabocco Punta Isolata Vallevò, SS16, km 484 66020 Rocca San Giovanni – CH 42°16’55.0”N 14°29’20.1”E Phone: +39 339 581 1338




DESIGNED FOR LIMITLESS ADVENTURE The X.WRL (Wild Rally) is a supremely comfortable & lightweight Enduro Rally helmet that offers the ultimate protection and very impressive ventilation. It presents some great touches that make it work really well if you go full enduro with goggles.

TRAVEL WITH US THE NEXT HALF AN HOUR NALTAR VALLEY, PAKISTAN This is the 14th Episode of NEXX Rider Abrar Hassan, Solo Motorcycle Journey in Pakistan. In this episode Abrar starts from Gilgit and goes to explore the stunning Naltar valley - which is probably the most beautiful valley - but the off road is hard and steep on a few sections.

After the Naltar Bala village, the trek is not that steep but very rocky and in rain full of mud. Northern areas of Pakistan are considered among the most beautiful due to stunning mountain vistas and natural beauty.

FROM THE ROOF OF THE WORLD CHAPTER # 01 - Tajikistan - Bartang Valley - Pamir Mountains Sometimes we imagine the horizon as the end of ‘everything’, a fine line that we look at from far away with fear of passing, we dream that when we get there nothing more than a cliff will exist, a fall into ‘nothing’.

This end that we imagined is of no use to the thought of our Karakoram Son, he does not daydream or sit looking at the horizon, he drives off without fear, without limits, to show the world that the World does not end there and the path to follow, is made by us and it has no end!

Bartang Valley, a hidden gem in Tajikistan. Probably the most difficult area / road to cross, says our adventure driver, even after making Shimshal Valley Road, Carretera de Austral, Death Road Bolivia, Laguna Rota Atacama. Its rugged desert and challenging look make this route even more exciting and beautiful. This is the story of Karakoram Son on the paths of

Bartang Valley, paths of no one! Human beings are adaptable, but any trip can transform us. For Karakoram Son, it is surreal as in such a short time, just a few months; he was in a completely different place, a different man and a very different mentality. It took 4 months to reach a small town in Kalaikhum, close to the Afghanistan – Tajik border, separated only by a river.

“There are moments when you want to follow your instinct. It was an identical situation for me … I didn’t know which way to go to cross Pamir Mountain towards Kyrgyzstan: paved ROAD 41, Wakhan Valley or the infamous Bartang Valley (green).”

There is technically no road on Google Maps; instead, there is only a mountain ‘road’ approximately 400km along the Bartang River, which can easily disappear at night due to rising water levels. Very high altitude, lack of civilization and infrastructure, no gas, no water or food; the perfect combination for everything to become even more challenging. “I had promised myself to step out of my comfort zone and challenge my ability to deal with problems.”

Karakoram Son decided to continue his journey through Bartang, without knowing much about the route he had chosen it turned out to be one of the most challenging roads, physically and psychologically. On the first day, he noticed the front rim was dented; he felt fear and fury at the same time when he realized that this could get worse inside the valley and that he would be in big trouble, so, a few hours before entering he needed to find a solution to repair the rim.

“Well… If you’re wondering why the hell my bike is lying on the ground, why is that kid holding my backpack and why there’s a hammer near the front wheel, it’s because I’m going to hammer the rim until I get its normal shape! It looks scary and expensive, but when you’re in the middle of nowhere and I have commitments, whatever will be, will be … In this small village, the mechanic refused to hammer an aluminum surface, I had no choice but to hammer it myself and fix the problem. There was no luxury BMW workshop, or rather, no workshop… ”

DAY 01

“The first 25km was relatively easy, but suddenly the altitude increased and the road became hell with a water crossing probably every 10 / 15km of the path. The water level was increasing by the minute and decisions had to be made quickly! I went straight through a small stone path, passing through the larger

rounded stones and with a perfect combination of accelerator and clutch to pass through the water! A large submerged and hidden stone changed my path at that moment because I ended up falling on my head on large rocks. Get up, assess the damage and continue! ”

“One of the most frightening experiences of this trip, because of a bad translation speaking with a Russian and because of my own adventurous spirit. This bridge is not for loaded bikes but, even without trying to walk on it and test the load and balance, I took a 450kg bike (including myself) and we crossed this rope bridge.

It took me only a few seconds to realize that this decision would most likely have been the biggest mistake of my trip. In the middle of the bridge, it started to swing and move laterally and I had to counter these sudden movements with weight, in a very tight space.”

“In Bartang Valley, 4000m above sea level, even less food and no water. With all these factors, I lost focus for a moment and a puddle of gravel made my front tire zigzag and swing. I fell with my left foot under the saddlebags and got stuck. Well … When pushing the bike, all the weight was on my foot, and not even the best ‘AlpineStars’ with a full ‘gore-tex’ would stop the pain I was feeling. The meaning of Adventure Travel is different from person to person, because we are all different, but one thing that we all have in common is that it is incredible to be there, in the desert, lost on our wildest side! ”

It is like that, the West of the Pamir Mountains, wild and austere! Bartang Valley, dangerous and memorable. Despite the soil and sterile landscapes, adventures that leave marks and experiences that raise human beings to a new level of capacity are born and grow in these paths. Karakoram Son, is one of the few adventurers who, carrying fuel for 400km and few resources, completed the crossing of the valley in a few days. After a whole journey where our pilot was pushed to the furthest limits, he still has the strength to say:

“I wouldn’t trade any of these days of crossing the Bartang Valley for a single day in the comfort of the sofa and Netflix!”



The German magazine MOTORRAD NEWS published a comparative test of Adventure Helmets in its July 2021 number: the NEXX X.WED2 VAAL was given the highest score for its performance, quality and versatility.

4 3 4 5 4

Adventurers, if you were in doubt, after Best Buy Award by Ride Magazine, Recommend Product Label by La Moto Magazine and the 5 star review by MCN - here is one more proof that you’re standing in front of the best ADVENTURE helmet on the market! Take a look at the comparison and let yourself go by the lightness of our new X-PRO Carbon fiber!



Between leaving and staying there is a very fine line called fear. This sensation acts over us like an invisible veil that, many times, is a limiting barrier to the step forward. As Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now, you’ll be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than in the things you did. So, get rid of the bindings. Sail away from your safe haven. Catch the trade winds with your sails. Explore. Dream. Find it out.” In this X-Perience, we ride together to Mongolia with our NEXX Riders Anabela and Jorge Valente (DiariesOf): a couple of adventurers who decided to take the first step and break through the barrier of fear, leaving behind what they had already gained – to to add up what they still have to know and to gain – to travel the WORLD, without looking back.

Visiting a country for the first time is always an adventure, an opportunity to see if the preconceived ideas about that place are right or wrong, is it true what we read, research and analyze before reaching our destination? “For us, Mongolia is the homeland of the vast empire conquered by Genghis Khan, a kingdom that finally collapsed to its titan neighbors, China and Russia. As we approach, our minds fill with brave knights, fearsome warriors and nomadic tribes in the vast and scenic steppes.” They leave the Russian border behind and don’t immediately see the Mongolian one. Occasionally, there is no man’s land between two neighboring countries, especially at the more remote borders. They continue on their way until, after a few kilometers, they begin to wonder if they are not completely lost.

“A small building we saw gave us the strength to continue. We would certainly find someone to help us understand our location. Unfortunately when we arrived, there wasn’t even a soul. In fact, it was an abandoned warehouse. We couldn’t help but think it was funny because the arm of the barrier was standing there, alone in nature, like one of Magritte’s doors, easily bypassed. A meaningless existence. As we prepared to round the lost border, a man with the most stunned face we’ve ever seen jumped out of the house, obviously not expecting visitors, and slowly composed himself. He mumbled the word ‘passports’, still incredulous that someone was passing there, in the middle of nowhere; very quickly he returned the documents to us and motioned for us to proceed.”

With just 30 days to explore the world’s 18th largest country, Jorge and Anabela were torn between running to see as much as possible or idling to absorb more of that country. The trip turned out to be a combination of both. They abandoned the idea of visiting the most remote tribes like the reindeer herders, the Tsaatan, but even so they didn’t hurry and took the time to camp near the Gers where they found nomads and got to know more about their lifestyle, culture and beliefs. “Our first 20 km in Mongolia, from the border towards Olgii, gave us an excellent idea of what to expect from the roads in this country. There would be a lot of offroad and dirt roads that tend to get very slippery in the rain but, luckily, Mongolia lived up to its reputation as the land of blue skies and the roads remained dry throughout our trip!” Upon reaching Olgii, they spot another foreign motorcycle, a Honda Transalp. It belonged to a couple from northern Spain who were also planning to find a route that would take them to Ulaanbaatar. They would gain knowledge, experiences and sympathy, thus traveling part of the journey together.

The trip falls very quickly into a simple routine: riding a motorcycle, eating and setting up wild camps without any obligatory visits, completely free of obligations; even habits like combing your hair, wearing clean clothes or taking a shower are packed and forgotten in the bottom of your suitcases, all of this exchanged for dazzling places, warm bonfires at dusk, gazing at the stars, in the company of new friends. “We feel free. We felt like nomads on the road with the sole purpose of traveling east to reach Ulaanbaatar before our 30-day visa expires. Besides, we were free to do what we wanted. All that was left for us to do was enjoy the walk, the landscape, eat and find a safe place to set up camp and spend the night. Could Life be simpler and more meaningful than this?” Life couldn’t be simpler but she was there to remind our Riders that it could certainly get more complicated. These obstacles appeared in the form of crossing a river, water or even the landscape that opened in all directions. This is the beauty of Mongolia and something they really appreciate, an endless world and limitless expanses of Mongolian pastures. This landscape often comes with additional challenges, especially on the way from Altai to Uliastai where the dirt road multiplies into several tracks without knowing which one to follow.

“The map showed us the existence of a single road. Where did all these others come from? Which one is the road on the map? After a meticulous review of the map and prolonged discussion between the four of us, we made the decision with a game of rock-paper-scissors! So, we finally moved on, calculated that all paths would probably lead to the same place. It wasn’t like that, sometimes we had to go through the fields to get back on the road and not go in the wrong direction. It was also here that we found sand for the first time in Mongolia, it was a big challenge, not because of the terrain itself but because of the total weight of the bikes, our weight and all the equipment – we had to drive with extra care to avoid more sandbanks.“ Positive point, not sharing the road with impatient trucks and drivers but with goats and horses, sometimes a slower ride, sometimes a race alongside a herd of horses, once again, the freedom to feel nature in its most pure. During the entire route, the village is almost non-existent, so they always take the opportunity

get closer to the gers that appear along the landscape. They never find ger settlements, only two or three together and generally belonging to the same family. They camp near them or are even invited to stay with their family. From the outside, the gers look like fragile dome-shaped tents but their structure is really robust.

“Entering a ger is like entering the magical world of Alice’s rabbit hole. They are like big apartments that accommodate all the furniture of a family in a single room. Comfortable and cozy. The finishing touch is given by the colorful rugs that cover the floor, walls and ceiling. We were really surprised because some families had electricity generated by solar panels and batteries and even TV with satellite dishes.”

Staying in a ger or camping next to one is the opportunity for Jorge and Anabela Valente to witness the nomadic lifestyle at first hand, in which everyone participates, including children. The work is done by all members of the family, each one knows their tasks and what is to be done with each passing day, from simple milking to keeping the land green so that the animals can graze. Children play, everyone breathes the same fresh steppe air and everyone shares the same goal: TO LIVE!

“After setting up the camp and letting the kids sit on our bikes for a while it was time to move on, the kids ran after us until they got tired and we were able to follow the plain in front of us, at least until our stomachs called for food. . Near the villages there were grocery stores that sold the mythical instant pasta we cooked on our gas stove. We always avoided full stomachs because there are many paths that are difficult to cross.”

“Not creating expectations” goes hand in hand with the discovery of great revelations. In Kharkhorin, the unexpected happens, our adventurous couple discovers a very good hotel and some hostels. Home to the Erdene Zuu Monastery, the most important religious center in Mongolia, UNESCO heritage and museum, its name means ‘a hundred treasures’, a number referring to the hundred Stupas that form the outer walls of the sacred site.

“Here, in this religious place, was also where we said goodbye to our friends Oscar and Cristina who had less time to spare than us and had to move on while we had planned some more detours. Tears in the eyes; the tight hug and the wellbeing of having known and experienced the pleasure of new friends for life, the wish for good luck and the desire to meet again anytime, anywhere in the world.”

Continue on to the Naadam festivities, a traditional festival that takes place across Mongolia in July. A strategic break to rest and once again enjoy what is good in life and in that country. When the festivities are over, they take a detour to the Gobi Desert without thinking twice, it’s two YES. Two lovers of the desert would not miss this opportunity, even knowing the difficulties of riding motorcycles in the sand and the poor conditions for fuel and heat. They could have opted for a 4 wheel drive vehicle but it wouldn’t be the same thing.

“We left Ulaanbaatar towards Dalanzadgad, with mixed feelings. From what we were told, the good news was that we would probably not die of thirst in the desert. However, the bad news was that there was a good chance we would never get there. If the sand is too much for Jorge’s sand driving skills (and his nerves can take it), we may have to make a U-turn before the dunes. The area we wanted to reach was called Khongoryn Els and is notable for its huge sand dunes.”

When they arrive in Dalanzadgad, the biggest city before the desert, they don’t fail to notice all the 4×4 and old Buhankas Russos (the Russian off-road equivalent of the VW vans), all fully equipped and ready for the Gobi adventure.

It is also here that the last service station to refuel before the desert is located and unfortunately, it is closed. But thanks to their new Mongolian friends, they manage to get someone to open the gas station, refuel and move on.

“We had everything we needed. From here, we leave the asphalt road behind. The next 180 kilometers were just gravel and sand. As a bonus, we also experienced a strong storm that turned into a sandstorm. When the storm hit us, we looked around and came to the awful realization that we were at the highest point in the desert, so we stopped and sat on the ground, away from the bike, and waited for the clouds to clear.”

The desert’s difficulties appear in sequential order. You have to drive very carefully due to the sandbanks. A fall or other accident can be fatal. The sun, usually an ally, becomes one of the main challenges, the arid terrain and the heat don’t help and Anabela feels weak, the only shadow that exists is the shadow of the bike, which also emits a lot of heat around it.

But as soon as we got to the ger camp, Anabela started vomiting. We must have underestimated the weather. These can be the symptoms of heat stroke. The campers realized their fragile condition and treated us as special guests, which included preparing rice soup to soothe their stomachs and not let us sleep in our tent. Instead, they offered one of their most comfortable gers.”

“We were hoping to find some gers closer to the dunes where we could rest and get some shade. So we keep going, stopping every now and then. We were relieved when we spotted some gers on the horizon for the night. The spectacular dunes were already in sight. We could go to them after a good night’s sleep.

Refreshed after a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, they follow the path to the dunes that are right next door, however, the final part of the desert to climb them would have to be done on foot, a challenge that not for everyone… They stop at the fourth dune where they are already at a good height to see all the beauty that surrounds them.

“After a few minutes there, admiring the landscape of frozen waves of sand, we stopped hearing our hearts beating. Our heart finally rested and so did our eyes, with this monochromatic and minimalist landscape, which repeated itself as far as our eyes could see. When the heart and eyes rest, so does the soul. Silence sets in, we feel our body and meditation happens organically. Is that what attracted us to the desert? This healing silence? That state of graceful awareness that easily makes so clear what’s important and what’s superfluous? Silence, darkness, seclusion, vast expanses, wide open spaces. Do we all carry a hermit within us? Someone who yearns for silence and seclusion? Or are we just tired of the maddening noise of our accelerating civilization?” Mongolia, what a country! Although they would have loved to stay longer, our NEXX Riders visas would expire in 2 days, so they had to continue their journey towards the Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

This would be the couple’s second time in Russia but in a completely different region and with 10 days they were granted to travel 4000km to Vladivostok…








Are you ready for the tour, for roads and tracks of all kinds, for weather, whatever it may be, for nights warm or cool and for riding days, exciting or relaxed? The better your equipment, the more you can enjoy your trip. You can do things you once only dreamed of. You can find the gear for your next adventure in your Touratech store, in the Webshop or in the catalogue. Don‘t wait any longer.


Get yo uernt equ ip mo w n !


ENJOY THE TOUR OF YOUR DREAMS Style, comfort and performance unite with the essence of Gran Turismo, in a unique Modular, full of technology and solutions that bring you closer to the world that surrounds you. Enter the ultimate comfort zone - where safety meets peace of mind, the journey becomes unique and the pleasure of riding, pure emotion.

MONKEY ON THE WAY NEXX Rider | André Sousa aka Ride That Monkey Chapter #1 – Europe When a good dose of madness and the adventurous spirit unite in perfect symbiosis, Man is capable of anything, including setting out to discover the world on a mini-motorcycle, a lot of stuff, little money and an unwritten book of stories to tell. Our Rider André Sousa aka Ride That Monkey, with only 24 years old, may not have the biggest bike for this type of challenge but he will certainly have the greatest desire for adventure ever (and a screw loose)! In the summer of 2020, André Sousa went out for a ride and hasn’t come back until now!

He started the journey around the world on July 12, 2020 from Avis, Portugal. His goal was to be the first person to travel around the world on a mini-bike and this is still his challenge. The total trip will be 2 years, crossing all continents, visiting around 50 countries and approximately 50 thousand kilometers of pure adventure. This X-PERIENCE will tell you how the Monkey traveled around the European continent, 20 countries and over 16 thousand kilometers, real testimonies of André Sousa during his stay in some of these places that not only served as check-points!

“In Monaco I couldn’t resist and had to put the Super Monkey on the formula 1 circuit (it is for cars) and yes, it had to be elbow down. Too bad Marquez is injured; I would have run a race for his money, although he had to carry his Honda RC213V with a tent and sleeping bag to make things fairer. A big thank you to the tourist who took the photo but, not so much to the Monaco police who wanted to fine me!” “After leaving Monaco, I followed the Alps towards Turin, Italy. Unfortunately, one of the handles holding the back bags broke and I had to be very careful. Near Sospel, I felt a brutal impact on the back of the Monkey that made me slide 10 meters down the road, trapped under the bike. A car hit me and started to run. I wasn’t too hurt and Monkey was fixed but we don’t know who to trust to do the right thing when we’re out there.”



“One of the places where I enjoyed, even more, of the people’s hospitality. The Neuchatel motorcycle club organized an event for me where I raised 300 euros and went to Liechtenstein. In a fully loaded Monkey, the paths of Grimsel, Furka and Oberalp are a real challenge and very slow to cross!”

“Still in Switzerland, and 2429 meters above sea level. And if this hotel is still at the top, it’s because it made a brief appearance in James Bond – Goldfinger, next to a Glacier. I don’t know how Connery would have managed to deal with all these zigzags riding a Monkey. Peace to your soul!”

CROATIA IN THE SLAVIC PARADISE. TIME TO REST AND ENJOY THE NATURE! “When I arrived in Croatia, I camped in the Novigrad area. The view was absolutely phenomenal and the beach was nudist. This photo was taken on the island of Hvar.

It’s the highest point on the island and it took me an hour off-road to get there!”This photo was taken on the island of Hvar. It’s the highest point on the island and it took me an hour off-road to get there!”

BOSNIA THE DELAYED PARTICIPATION IN THE 84 WINTER OLYMPICS, WITH A NON-COMPLIANT VEHICLE FOR THE SPORT… “When crossing the border into Bosnia, a negative Covid 19 test was required, this was done and I continued on to Sarajevo where the 1984 Winter Olympics were held.

Underneath the graffiti is an abandoned Bobsled track. Cool to see, better to ride, having said that, me and my Monkey did the same!”

ALBANIA THE FAMOUS ON THE MOUNTAIN BEACH! “Not that you can call it a beach in paradise but it was great to spend a few days on the Albanian coast. As soon as I managed to get all the sand out of my boots, I headed to Tirana where I was once again being helped by people who followed my path through social media. I even gave interviews for Albanian television!”


GREE CE An ancient Greek feast! “I was in Greece for 4 weeks and I can’t be happier and more grateful to the Greek Motorcycling Federation (MOTOE) who organized my entire journey through this amazing country. From the Greek border, the hospitality was unbelievable. All Moto Clubs offered me Hotel, lots of food, lots of drinks and a phenomenal reception party!”


At this moment, our André Sousa is already on other journeys, a new continent, a thousand new adventures, life chapters that we will present in the near future.

Book with promocode NEXX5

Discover. Experience. Enjoy.


e #13 Issu

#05 Autumn 2016 | Lu€15 www.diariesofmagazine.com

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travel inspirations ITIO travel inspirations

travel inspirations


Portugal ISSUE #FIVE

#08 Spring 2018 | Lu€15 www.diariesofmagazine.com

#07 Autumn 2017 | Lu€15 www.diariesofmagazine.com

#09 Autumn 2018 | Lu€15 www.diariesofmagazine.com

#13 Autumn 2020 | Lu€15 www.diariesofmagazine.com




A Memorable Journey From Portugal to Japan

travel inspirations

GeorgiaIran ISSUE #SEVEN


Anabela and Jorge are riders, who, just like you, have a passion for riding out, far and wide. The diariesof magazine shares their experiences from around the world. Inspiration guaranteed! *Photography in Kyrgyzstan, on their journey from Portugal to Japan




THE VIRTUAL BEFORE REAL The need for good design in the field of aerodynamics requires a wind tunnel design. However, testing begins virtually on the PC, with virtual CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, which allow for better and more informed decisions.

Considerable effort has been made to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the X.R3R’s shell, visor, spoilers and vents design.

On the screen is footage showing the forehead ventilation.

These results are then supported by tests in a wind tunnel, on a 1: 1 scale with a motorcycle and road tests, which validate the aerodynamic performance of the helmet in various angles and riding positions.



- HOW WAS THE FIM MOTOE EXPERIENCE? MotoE is different from anything I’ve driven so far and it requires a lot of adaptation, either for weight or the way in which the motorcycle delivers its power, which, although not exaggerated, takes place in a different regime and in a very different way. We need to change “the chip” in our head a little bit and it always takes a few laps to feel the bike, but it’s a lot of fun and I have no doubts that in the future we will see fantastic developments in this area. The experience was undoubtedly rewarding. I had the opportunity to discover new circuits, travel through places I had never been to, compete directly with top world riders and without a doubt that living inside the MotoGP Paddock is something out of this world , I was positively impressed, the contact that exists between teams and riders is much closer and healthier than one could imagine. It’s not easy to get opportunities like these and compete at this level, especially for Portuguese riders; so when they appear you need to gather all your strength and seize them. It was a dream come true and I feel I have enjoyed it to the fullest.

- HOW IS YOUR BALANCE SHEET AT THE TIME? The balance can only be positive. It was a new adventure for me and completely outside the spectrum of every type of competition and championship I had ever participated. I had the opportunity to compete with

a 100% professional team and with means that I had never had access to before, that’s why it was worth it, I learned a lot and I was always evolving, which was the most important thing for all.

A championship at this level is quite demanding and all the experience and baggage we bring is fundamental, especially in terms of knowledge of the circuits and that was where I was at a disadvantage, as almost all the circuits were new to me, which hindered me all free practice sessions. Adding to this the championship format with such short sessions and qualifying in E-Pole mode didn’t particularly help me either. I always came to the end of each weekend with my fastest lap to be done in the competition, which demonstrates the evolution well, but which did not translate into the sporting results I liked the most, of course. Anyway, I’m very grateful for everything I’ve experienced and for having managed to set up this ambitious project, all this is a great victory that I take for life.

- INJURY AND RECOVERY The injury is the most negative part of this season, in so many years of competition I had never been injured in this way but luckily everything now points towards a 100% recovery by the end of the year. The fracture of the collarbone led to an injury to the tendons that had to be treated with surgery, it went very well, I have already started physiotherapy and with each passing day I am able to gain more mobility and strength. I hope to get back on track soon! - HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ONE OF THE FEW PORTUGUESE TO MAKE ISLE OF MAN AND MACAU? Running in the Isle of Man and Macau is another type of experience that can hardly be described in words. It is driven by the passion and adrenaline that we have inside us. Fortunately, I managed to build a career that took me to these two unique circuits and I got a lot of support for that, it’s gratifying and makes me proud to carry the Portuguese flag further. I would like more riders to do it; it’s good for everyone in the sport and good for Portugal.

- FEELINGS OF EXPERIENCING THE NEW X.R3R The new X.R3R is a true competition helmet. I felt it the moment I picked it up and put it on my head. It’s perfect on all levels. It fits really well and it has a really aggressive look as I like it. I’m sure this is a winning helmet, I really enjoyed trying it out on the track, it’s very comfortable and it gave me confidence right from the start. - WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR 2022? For 2022 I have several plans on the table. This injury at the end of the year has conditioned me a bit and I can only see how I will feel once I recover. I would like to continue competing in MotoE but I would also like to be able to hold other championships at the same time and compete in other disciplines such as Supermotard with the AJP that I have been developing throughout this year. Let’s see, everything is open for now, it will also depend a little on the support I manage to gather. Without forgetting, of course, returning to the Macau Grand Prix and perhaps the TT Isle of Man again!

MADE TO WIN Uncompromisingly sporty, with an impressive design and the ultimate technology transferred from modern motorsports. The new X.R3R is minded for the most demanding conditions and emotions on the racetrack. A WINNER.

KATTY XIOMARA NATIONAL ROAD SAFETY AUTHORITY AND PORTUGAL FASHION TOGETHER TO “CATWALK IN SAFETY” The National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) and Portugal Fashion launched the collection “Desfilar em Segurança” by the internationally recognized fashion designer Katty Xiomara. In this collection, aesthetics is allied to the most noble value, human life, and it is this union that aims to make history, in a creative parade of appeal to the cause of Zero Deaths on the Road. “Each one of us counts towards achieving this goal. Each one of us must be the bearer of a message of change, of a commitment that calls us to this cause,” said Rui Ribeiro, President of ANSR. The “Safe Parade” campaign created in an urban, modern and irreverent register, presented a collection of ten T-shirts, inspired by the most emerging themes in terms of road safety: speed, alcohol, cell phones, and safety devices. A different way to bring the issue of road safety to the national and international public agenda.


Race, ride, build, marshal, party, spectate, time, exhibit, paint, commentate, cook, photograph, document, drink, play, dance, fly – all this, makes The Mile so uniquely special! The new chapter of The Mile for 2021 really was lucky No.7! With all restrictions being lifted nationally only days before the gates opened, with live music returning to the main stage, The Mile family and the very inappropriate motorcycle races we’re back to track last summer, in its gorgeous new home: the Grimsthorpe Castle up in the centre of the country, now in the heart of this small wild island.

Images and Words by Kevin Bennett

“For 2021, the weather was a much more level playing field and mother nature was very kind to us this year – not hot, with moments of sunshine, but it was dry at least (mercifully for my photography gear). So what would be the defining feature of this years race? Could it be the new Malle Beach Race Gallery? Situated perfectly on the boardwalk, over looking the race track, the art exhibition, the music… Could it be the star studded line-up of Malle Mile Royalty? Would it be the epic racing and the new race events? All came very close to being that defining thread that connected all of the riders and this years beach race experience together, but there was just one thing that would stand-out this Malle weekend.. The unrelenting, earlier than scheduled.. the powerful Margate tide! Most photography assignments come down to two things – where to stand and the subject matter – the former is down to me, to position myself between bikes and tide, without getting too wet and covered in sand. Luckily, the latter is taken care of by the Malle team – and event after event, they seem to nail it every time and attract a wonderful array of wild machines, in wild places, with even wilder riders have have true grit and bags full of character. Not only is it complete madness, that there are 250+ motorcycles on the beach, but they’re racing at full whack, scrambling, sliding, wheelie-ing and Motopolo-ing..

All whilst the tide closes in around them and forces the masses to retreat up the beach, another few meters every few minutes – finally washing away the tyre marks and the race tracks as if nothing had happened. By late afternoon, all motorcycles were quickly off the beach, the Margate sunbathers had returned to enjoy the sunshine and it was as if the race had never existed at all! For me though, capturing the already-mad spectacle that is Motopolo on a beach, whilst an island forms around the pitch and the chaotic match by the creeping waters, will live long in my memory – seeing The Duke of London himself splashing through the waves, chasing a MotoPolo ball on his utterly ridiculous.. and utterly fantastic custom vintage pink Barbie Trike for reference.. and that’s what this wild race is all about and you won’t find it anywhere else in the world! So for this year’s Malle Mile Beach Race, the tide may have cut the fun a little shorter than we all hoped, but what a race to be a small part of and to try capture – from the privileged view point of the race photographer”.




R NO MAN At 4am The Malle Motorcycle Club took to the Sands for the 2nd time to build The Malle Mile Beach Race. In 12 hours time the tide will reclaim the race track... The Malle Mile Beach Race film is now up in The Malle Journal with an extensive Beach Race photo essay.


MARIA RIDING COMPANY | “SPADES” WINTER SWEATER With a bold look and comfy feel, this heavyweight sweatshirt makes for a good layering piece for the cold season rides. It was designed for a more tailored look and has a soft and warm touch. Heavy weight 100% natural cotton sweatshirt with a nice and smooth texture. Produced, cut and sewn in Portugal. Regular fit. Store.mariariding-company.com/ RSP 92 €

MALLE LONDON | MALE MOTO DUFFEL Designed to be the ultimate duffel that you take everywhere from motorcycle, to train, plane and beyond. Handcrafted with a beautiful matt-black British waxed canvas, it comes with a padded leather shoulder strap, 10 pocket interior and dual exterior pockets with storm flaps to house everything for the adventure and a dedicated passport pocket under the extra large storm-flap. mallelondon.com | RSP 420 €

FUEL | “GREASY” DENIM PANTS Fuel’s Greasy Pants are not only the best friend of your jacket, but these pants will also be your best friend all day long – with and without your bike. Why? Like our Jacket, the pants are made of high-quality denim mixed with aramid which means they are lighter and more comfortable than other denim pants that have aramid panels. Thanks to their vintage design there is only one truth: You can wear them whenever you want. fuelmotorcycles.eu | RSP 240 €

REV’IT | SHOES MOHAWK 2 Introducing a new member to the family of our number one model: the Mohawk 2 Shoes black edition. The Mohawk 2 Shoes are a combination of distinction, lightness, protection and style. revitsport.com | RSP 209,99 €

PUSSYBOY ARTS & CO | T-SHIRT THE SUPERMAN An illustration of iconic Rollie Free stretched out over his Vincent Black Shadow at on the Bonneville Salt Flats Utah, clad only in a bathing suit and tennis shoes. He claimed stripping to his trunks gave him extra 2.3mph, enough to reach the magic 150. pussyboyarts.com | RSP 29 €

PANDO MOTO | Leather Gloves ONYX BLACK 01 Protect your hands and enjoy a hassle-free ride with touchscreen-compatible Onyx Black 1 leather motorcycle gloves. Made out of matte black cowhide leather, they are fully perforated for extra cooling thus are suitable for a hot summer day. pandomoto.com | RSP 89 €


In a year where everything was different, the Lisbon Motorcycle Film Fest managed to keep its international essence. Aimed for the two wheel cinema lovers, once again the festival brought “together” motorcycle builders and customizers, riders, artists, directors and actors, who are the protagonists of films whose theme is the motorcycle universe. In addition to the movies, the event program also featured different Talks; this year with NEXX’s CEO Helder Loureiro as one of the special Guests, regarding the 20 YEARS OF HELMETS FOR LIFE! Live broadcast of the Italian MotoGP at Mugello and a morning ride, called the Easy Sunday Morning Ride, which started at the Museum Nacional dos Coches completed the 2021 edition of this unique gathering.



When about three years ago I was proposed to portray the world of Portuguese motorcycling, to me, a guy who has no motorcycle and reaches his levels of freedom with an old Volvo V50, the first thing it came to my mind was that about motorcycles themselves, there’s not much to say or investigate... As for their history and who rides them, it’s an endless universe. It would be possible to socially portray the entirety of a country and its modern history from the very different owners of Famel, Macal, Dts, BMWs, Harleys, track, dirt, farmers, police or even the knife sharpeners, the workplace motorcycle. There are also the lovers with unfulfilled dreams, the pillions, those who see the tightrope walkers passing by, those who have bicycles in the certainty that one day they will become a motorcycle. This project aims to honor them all, to portray their diversity and to redesign the imagery of the Motard in Portugal, which is sometimes so poorly spoken, little understood and almost never documented. And, by the way, Motards hate the expression “Motard” Photography and Words by: Tiago Miranda


Isabelle Faria, Lisbon

Zé Ferrari, Alfragide

Giovanna Bessone, Lisbon

Fernando Ganhão, Lisbon

Cristiano Fernandes, Franscisco Fernandes Ana Silvestre

Vitor Hugo Cardinali Junior, Lisbon

Daneila Sousa, Oeiras

Ricardo Guerra, Alfragide

Zé Amaro, Faro

VANISHING POINT 2021 (PONTO DE FUGA 2021) | Hardcover | 22×30 cm


OLD TRICKS, NEW SKILLS Heavily inspired by the classic helmets of the mid-Sixties, X.G20 certainly qualifies as one of the all-time great retro updates of a Jet helmet – enriched with the ultimate Safety and Technology.

G.I. TAN! “My name is Diane Mae Tan, 30 years old, originally from Marikina City, Philippines, but now living in Camp Pendleton, California. I am an Aviation Supply Specialist for the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and a motorcycle enthusiast who loves to inspire women to ride. Motorcycle enthusiast who loves to inspire women to ride.”


How did you get into the world of bikes? Where did you fall in love with it? I got into the world of motorcycles after seeing the movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001). It was a dream when I was 11 years old: to fight bad guys, ride motorcycles, and hunt for treasures. Now, being older, I've achieved a similar dream by joining the fight with the USMC, riding my motorcycle for adventure, and hunting, on two wheels, for new roads/corners/spots to take photos of. I fell in love with the world of motorcycles when my friend took me riding, for the first time in a long time, on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH1). After that, is when I decided to pull the trigger and bought my own motorcycle. How did you get into the world of bikes? Where did you fall in love with it? I got into the world of motorcycles after seeing the movie, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001). It was a dream when I was 11 years old: to fight bad guys, ride motorcycles, and hunt for treasures. Now, being older, I’ve achieved a similar dream by joining the fight with the USMC, riding my motorcycle for adventure, and hunting, on two wheels, for new roads/corners/ spots to take photos of. I fell in love with the world of motorcycles when my friend took me riding, for the first time in a long time, on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH1). After that, is when I decided to pull the trigger and bought my own motorcycle. What type of riding do you do? The type of riding I do is street/ off-road riding. I do a lot of cruising around from city to town to the desert/mountains. That is how I find the most beautiful sceneries, especially when my moto-buds and I go moto-camping.

Is motorcycling a physical, spiritual or emotional experience for you? (or all three?) For me, motorcycling is all three experiences: physical, spiritual, and emotional. Physical because when riding, I can feel every inch of my body sync with the vibrations of the machine. I can also feel the wind brushing through my cheeks and the heat of the engine and pipes near my legs, reminding me that I am alive. Spiritual because riding helps me find and learn about myself through freedom from daily routines, work, and society. Lastly, emotional because riding makes me happy and at times, I crave for more unconditional joy and laughter from the adventures I have come across on two wheels. What kind of bike do you ride now?! I ride a Royal Enfield 535cc GT Continental If a woman came to you thinking about riding a motorcycle, what words of wisdom would you have for her? If a woman came to me thinking about riding a motorcycle, I would definitely tell her, it is one experience to try before hitting the bucket. "You have nothing to lose after trying once!" What’s the biggest lesson motorcycling has taught you? The biggest lesson motorcycling has ever taught me is, no matter how long I or a person has been riding, always take every day, on and off the road, as a learning experience. A little word to motivate all the girls who want to test the bike but don't dare?! I always motivate my women riders to test ride a bike by giving them endless support. I would then introduce her to the motorcycle community and show her that we care.

What is next? I will probably buy another motorcycle, customize it, and ride it further than what my Royal Enfield has traveled!


We have been campaigning about HELMETS FOR INDIA for some time. Let us explain what it is and why it is really important:

Helmets for India is a charity initiative to change safety situation and culture for motorcyclists in India. Safe ride for everyone, everywhere!




According a survey conducted by a private insurance company “nearly 57 per cent of two wheeler owners in India ride motorcycles without a helmet and as many as 74 per cent of pillion riders neglect to wear one”. As a Motorcycle Helmet manufacturer we just cannot believe how nowadays people recklessly avoid wearing helmets or even don’t care about to put one on their kids and minors, that they choose to ride with on a motorcycle! Helmets save lives.

THE MISSION Helmets for india will use the power of art to globally unite the motorcycle community to raise awareness for the cause and provide at least 1,000 helmets to people in need.

So, we will donate some of those helmets to people who urgently need a helmet to ride safely through india. Safe ride for everyone, everywhere!

THE HEAD BEHIND “The size of your Adventure is not depending on the size of the engine.” – Niels Peter Jensen The campaign and charity initiative has been conceptualized by Niels Peter Jensen, a former Extreme Sports Athlete, nowadays, TV Host, Designer and NEXX Rider! For more than 20 years, Niels travelled around the world as an athlete. He loves to meet people and explore places. His lust for life drives him to ever new goals and to realize the most extraordinary projects. Packing school lunches as a Dad of 4 always checks him back into balance and teaches him the love for detail.

In one of his travel to India, a two-wheel family accident, including a minor (all without wearing helmets) marked him profoundly. That day, he decided we would not be a mere spectator and he could actually do something to help to eradicate this kind of negligence. With the help and support of NEXX, as well as other industry brands and amazing artists from around the globe, HELMETS FOR INDIA pretends to be a turning point – AND save lives by making people wear helmets.

THE HELMET ART SHOW 25 helmets customized by artists from around the globe: – how can it sound better? The crafted helmets by well-known artists were presented at the most celebrated motorcycle events in India, the US and all over Europe during the last 2 years.

The Artists For the HELMET ART SHOW NEXX had 5 helmets, customized by 5 incredible artists:

Carsten Estermann

Womeneoteric Customs

Since the beginning of 2012, Carsten Estermann became mainly dedicated to the engraving of classic cars and mopeds.

Meet 24-year-old Satyaveni, a motorcycle rider who made a comeback after a life-threatening accident and is proving that one can emerge victorious if determined.

Sign painting, typography, skateboard designs, and tattoos inspire him as much as hot rods, low riders, classic mopeds, and old Volkswagens. Each one of his hand-made engraving is unique, no matter the motif is.

She is standing out and breaking all social barriers in India. She is making a mark and revelling in the journey of bikes. While her sister Sangeetha outlines people’s stories, she paints and styles them on the fuel tanks. Just let them know your life journey story and they will create the best design for you!

Shivaji Ghosh Moto Machao MotoArtists. Motorcycle Obsessors. That’s how Shivaji Ghosh and the collective defines himself and Moto Machao. They custom paint helmets and tanks. They build collectibles out of scrap. They don’t need to build an empire, they forge a rebellion which should outlive the emperor. Here’s to hours of sweat and smoked airways to create a custom piece.

D* Face

Sami Graystone Physical Graffiti

D*Face a.k.a Dean Stockton has been a leading figure in Urban Contemporary Art, inaugurating his career on the streets over 15 years ago by hand- -drawing stickers and posters, adhering them all over the streets of London and beyond for the unsuspecting public to discover, he is one of the best-known figures to rise from the British scene having had a constant leading presence throughout its meteoric rise into popular culture.

Meet this talented lady. Hailing from Yorkshire Sami Graystone is not only one hell of a rider but she’s also an amazing illustrator with an incredible t-shirt line under her belt called The Meat Hook. Throw in the fact that she’s the lead singer in the girl duo Zealous Doxy and you get one all-around talented lady.

The Charity Adventure Roadtrip

Together with Niels-Peter Jensen, a team of motorcycle enthusiasts travelled through India to raise awareness for the cause and hand out helmets to motorcyclists and families in need. The team spent the first few days in Mumbai where the project’s first Helmet Art Show was held at Moto Art Show. Customized helmets by artists from all over the world were the star of the art exhibition along with moto art from local Indian artists.

One Bike Ridden From Bombay To Goa, was Customized Together With Local Customizer To Symbolize The Newly Arising Connection Between The European And Indian Motorcycle Community. After The Tour, This Bike was Presented at Numerous Events Across Europe. From The World Famous Gateway Of India In Mumbai, The Crew started their Tour Towards Goa.

Along The Way, The Team Handed Out Helmets To People In Need And Also VisitedLocal Motorcycle Enthusiasts, Builders And Local Heroes To Raise Awareness For The Cause. Once The Team Arrived In Goa, There Was A Get Together With Local Motorcycle Community At Royal Enfield Garage Cafe To Share Experiences Of The First Charity Adventure Road Trip Through India.

Poster specifically designed by Pussboy Arts & Co for NEXX’s 20th-Year Anniversary. pussyboyarts.com


We hope yo


ou had FUN!

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