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Mission Statement

“Our portfolio of products

“To supply and maintain the most appropriate

and services provides our

and cost efficient technology solutions without

customers with cost

compromising performance or reliability”

effective and resilient business computing with extended technical support from a single supplier” Darren Scully Commercial Director








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Customer Testimonials


Company Portfolio

Background Nexus Open Systems deliver computer network and technology solutions to companies and organisations of all sizes that require true technical expertise to meet their goals. The company has invested heavily both in its staff and strategic alliances with industry leading vendors and providers. These alliances are bonded by a single focus, to develop the skills within the company around industry standard technology through company and individual accreditation. Our portfolio of products and services provides our customers with cost effective and resilient business computing solutions with extended technical support from a single supplier.

Principal Activities Computer Systems Voice & Data Networks Management & Security Consultancy & Analysis Support & Maintenance Software Development

Partnership We provide a source of advice that you can trust. Our business advisors understand your challenges and how effective IT and communications can help to address them. Our main aim is to make your business more successful through better productivity, lower costs, greater competitiveness and improved responsiveness and flexibility. Utilising technology efficiently can sometimes require a broad range of expertise. These solutions may also require the integration of diverse company Nexus Open Software to create a team of complementary experts to develop and deploy a fully personalised solution for even the most complex needs, offering as much or as little help as you require.


products and collaborative efforts. We work closely with our sister


Nexus Open Systems



Nexus Open Systems supplies a wide range of leading

From commonly used "shrink wrapped" software to specialist

manufacturer's technologies to ensure the delivery of the most

applications, management utilities and complex information

suitable computer system available. From mobile through to

systems the licensing team can assist in all aspects of software

enterprise strength computing, we provide both branded


and purpose built systems tailored to exact requirements. We supply software from hundreds of vendors and our direct The technical pre-sales team can help you choose the right components for a custom built system or assist you in selecting products from our partners portfolios. Designing your computing infrastructure with industry standard equipment reduces the support burden and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Following the hardware selection process and costing exercise

relationship provides us with up to the minute product support, guaranteeing you receive value added technical advice. We can help find out all you need to know before purchasing your software, from compatibility questions to volume licensing discounts, we are one call away.

Boxed Software Volume Licencing Agreements

we offer an extensive range of installation and integration

Upgrades & Advice

services to support your deployment plans. All computer

Installation & Configuration

systems are supplied with a comprehensive range of

Software Support

maintenance and extended warranty options.


nirvana of cost effective and seamless communications has

networks sets us apart from other suppliers. We design, install

arrived. New standards such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Quality

and maintain truly scalable networks ready to embrace the

of Service (QoS) allows us to create unified communications

converging mediums.

systems extended from the data network.

Strategic alliances with voice, data and ISP partners provide

We supply a wide range of telephone systems from leading

network strategy from a single provider. We supply independent advice on the range of delivery methods for local and wide area network services including current industry standards: structured cabling, fibre optics, ISDN,


With the convergence of voice and data technologies the

The experience gained in delivering integrated voice and data

our customers with products and services to deliver a complete


Telephony & CTI

vendors who offer fully converged product suites. This allows us to integrate communication systems seamlessly with your computer network infrastructure. The flexibility and advanced features found in our telephony solutions provide cost effective and feature rich services for both large and small organisations, with unrivalled

private circuits, as well as new cost effective technologies

computer systems integration and PC based management and

such as wireless, DSL, broadband, microwave and GSM.


Whether your network needs to span continents with multiple sites hosting hundreds of users or you need a workgroup for a handful of people, we can create the right network for you.

Company Portfolio

Management & Security

Internet Technologies

Managing the IT resources for any size of organisation can

Organisations that harness the power of the Internet see huge

be an overwhelming task. The key to success often lies in the

benefits in efficiency and productivity. From e-mail and

ability to react to situations proactively and prevent downtime

remote working to Intranets, Websites and on-line business

or disruption before it happens. To do this effectively with such

applications, the impact of the Internet can be immense.

an assortment of hardware and software requires effective "open standards" management tools.

A bespoke connectivity service can be tailored around your Internet business strategy. Drawing from a vast array of

Nexus Open Systems can advise on the best monitoring, reporting and analysis products in the market. A variety of solutions are available from system alerting to remote desktop control.

products, partners and internal development services your solution can be designed, deployed and managed by a single supplier. Even the most complex or sensitive business systems can be delivered securely and efficiently across the Internet. Many of

Developments in technology currently advance at a rapid pace and your computer service provider may be your only ally helping you protect data and business systems from

our clients have already embraced the abilities of Nexus Open Systems to deliver them leading edge solutions based on industry standard technologies.

unauthorised access. We deliver the highest standards in firewall, anti-virus, digital encryption, network management

Internet Management & Security

and security technologies for businesses of all sizes.

Website, Intranet & Extranet Development E-Commerce & Business Automation

Printing & Imaging Enabling customers to improve their productivity has been a

Connectivity, Firewall, VPN & Hosting E-Mail, Collaboration and Communications

key factor of Nexus Open Systems philosophy. Through effective resource analysis the printing and imaging strategies

Financial Systems

deployed by us are customised to your exact content and output requirements. From volume network printing and scanning to digital video and photography our multimedia team are here to help you select, install and maintain the most appropriate and productive solution from the world's leading vendors.

Financial software often sits at the heart of an organisation's management systems, containing customer, supplier and employee information. Accounting software linked with other business systems means that information becomes easy to access and inherently more dynamic. At Nexus Open Systems we have a wealth of financial and accounting systems experience.

The close relationship we have with key manufacturers of Our analysis and development skills mean that we can help

latest technical specifications and support information.

you make better use of your information. We can assist in

Our customer led approach means that we can help you

selecting appropriate accounting software and deliver the

choose from hundreds of products and even demonstrate the

product integrated to your specific business processes and

equipment before you buy.

working practices.


digital imaging and printing products provides us the


Nexus Open Systems

Services Overview

Consultancy & Analysis

Nexus Open Systems takes pride in the high standards it sets

The selection and deployment of IT and communications

its technical service and development teams. Through our

systems to meet business strategies and goals can be a

relationship with strategic partners, the regime of leading

daunting exercise. We offer a wealth of experience to resolve

vendor accreditation and many years of technical field experience, our software and hardware engineers supply the expertise required to deliver IT that works for you.

these pressures. Over the years we have managed projects for organisations of all sizes and have gained valuable expertise implementing integrated voice and data networks, computer systems and

We assign each of our customers a technical pre-sales

software. Our team of technical consultants and product

consultant and systems engineer. The technical team ensure

specialists offer invaluable assistance selecting the best

that the most appropriate and cost effective technology

equipment and labour resources available to maximise your

solutions are selected and effectively deployed.

technology investment.

We make ourselves aware of your strategies and goals and then assess, discuss and execute the integration, support and maintenance of the system.

We call upon multiple vendors and manufacturers to underwrite and co-present their solution or strategy and conduct proof of concept projects for added peace of mind. We provide technical consultancy in most sectors of the IT and communications industry. Contact our pre-sales team about your specific

Retained Technical Service (RTS) provides easy access to all

r e q u i r e m e n ts a n d s e e h o w w e c a n h e l p y o u .

of the skills and services supplied by Nexus Open Systems creating a cost effective outsourcing and facilities management solution. Time is purchased by the day or at volume discount for either Pre-Planned or 4 and 8-Hour timed response technical support.

Project Management It is a well known fact that businesses who invest in structured project management as a means of achieving competitive advantage in their marketplace, realise a more effective and predictable performance.

To complement our Retained Technical Services we supply a number of support contracts including Hardware Maintenance,

With this in mind the improved cost control found in many of

Unlimited Telephone and Remote Support plus NETmon,

today’s leading businesses are supplied by specialists outside

a network monitoring and alert service.

of their organisation. Nexus Open Systems is able to help determine the best approach for implementing or improving your own use of enterprise project management. Using proven methodologies and best practice procedures,


our project experts offer the industry experience necessary to


help you get all the potential business benefits from your IT. Piloting and deploying systems for today's global marketplace, businesses need to choose the right project partner - someone that uses a consistent, structured approach to project planning and has a proven track record of success in the industry.

Company Portfolio

Installation & Configuration

Support & Maintenance

Installation and configuration services are an extension of our

Nexus Open Systems currently provide support services

project management and integration skills. Incorporating

through Retained Technical Service (RTS) or Telephone

technology into live computing environments, following

Helpdesk and Remote Support to over 250 contract customers

analysis and investigation with the customer, is one of our

throughout the UK and Europe (over 50,000 PC's, servers

major strengths.

and mobile devices).

We pride ourselves in the attention to detail given to each

Rates are available for ad-hoc technical services and fixed

project, irrelevant of its size. Equipment supplied as part of

price installations but to receive our account management

our solutions can be delivered to suit each customer. We can

service and undivided attention, one of the following support

help manage large logistical installation projects or deliver

options are required:

equipment fully configured to ease your own installation. Our focus on customer care ensures that we can provide training and support services as standard on all the products we supply. Our engineers hold key industry accreditations and have extensive experience in on-site configuration and training,

Retained Technical Service Time is purchased by the day or at volume discount for either pre-planned on and off site engineer's time or 4/8 hour timed response on-site technical support.

ensuring we empower you to manage your new equipment or software. Whatever your requirements our technical services team will help deliver your solution to budget and on time.

Systems Management As information systems control more business processes, the

Hardware & Software Maintenance Nexus Open Systems supply hardware and software maintenance contracts encompassing your entire system. Through our own technical team, 3rd party maintenance companies and manufacturers, we offer a single point of contact to log all your technical queries and fault calls.

job of managing a distributed computer system becomes increasingly complex. We help IT and Communications Managers in today's world of diverse platforms and networked services to take control of their computing environments by providing an effective first or second line of technical support. Nexus Open Systems works closely with customers to find innovative solutions to problems from our diverse portfolio

Helpdesk & Remote Support Our unlimited technical helpdesk and remote support service provides the first point of contact with Nexus Open Systems. Approximately 80% of technical support issues can be diagnosed and resolved over the phone with a further 10% remedied through dial-in support.

of products and technical services. Our expertise have been Enterprise and Small to Medium size Business (SMB) markets helping us to understand the issues our customers face. “ Retaining our technical services (RTS) creates a cost effective outsourcing and facilities management solution.�

Helpdesk and Remote Support with NETmon Complementing our Helpdesk and Remote Support, NETmon is a fully featured LAN & WAN monitoring and alerting service. The service sends out active alerts by e-mail or SMS message to specified groups and individuals.


gained over many years managing systems in both the


Nexus Open Software

Profile Nexus Open Software design and deploy powerful Intranets,

Intranets & e-Business

Extranets and Web based applications for businesses across


MiCore Portal Engine™

the UK. The company's key product, MiCore Portal Engine™


The instant Intranet

is the most cost effective software available to rapidly deploy


Extranets & public Portals


Back office integration

a Web Portal strategy and group knowledgebase. Intranets built using MiCore Portal Engine™ create a scalable and secure environment to centralise all business information

Helpdesk Software

and deliver personalised content to specified users in a Web


MiSupport™ Helpdesk Software

browser, anywhere in the world.


Web based MiCore module


Incident logging & status tracking


Support knowledgebase

The "open architecture" allows the Web Portal framework to be managed and developed by the customer into an information management platform capable of powering bespoke business applications, Intranets, Extranets or e-Commerce systems. Nexus Open Software partner with a wide variety of companies across the UK who help install and integrate our software

Bespoke Development -

Software application development


Office automation & e-enablement


Legacy systems transformation


Website design & development

Nexus Open Software

solutions. We share a common vision with our partners to


provide a single point of access to all business systems and

Business Consulting

collaborative information from a single Web based interface.


Needs analysis & systems architecture design


Business process re-engineering


Evaluation & testing


Deployment & migration

Mission Statement “ To design and develop cost effective portal software that helps our customers Web enable their business”

Creative Design

Solutions Nexus Open Software creates products that power the rapid deployment of Web enabled business information systems.


Corporate identity visualisation


Printed & digital media creation


Application interface design


Multimedia development services

However, implementing an Intranet, Extranet, Website or application requires more than just software. We offer a number of important services that help our customers build

Training & Support

an end to end solution from a single supplier.


Deployment & project management


MiCore development training

Our range of extended technical services ensures that our


Portal & e-business administration

software is effective straight out of the box and tightly


Software technical support

integrates with our customers’ computing systems. Take a look at the following solutions we offer to help you automate your entire business.

Company Portfolio

MiCore Portal Engine™ instantly creates a scalable and secure environment to "home" all business information and deliver personalised content to users in a Web browser, anywhere in the world. Users can interact with applications, easily find information and work together in groups from a single location. MiCore communities and group knowledgebase features empower non-technical users both inside and outside your business to

Instant Intranet and Web Portal

self publish, manage and authorise content based on their

Fully customise the Portal Engine to meet your organisations needs and provide users with a personalised Website to interact with business systems and collaborative information.

permissions. The open architecture allows the Portal to be configured and developed by the customer into a highly focused Intranet within days of installation. MiCore Portals are easy to deploy and provide a framework for information delivery that Small to

Create a permissions based knowledge management system where users can contribute and share information in groups and communities.

and collaborative information.

Web Application Integration

MiCore Portal Engine™ draws together all the common Web

MiCore Portal Engine™ is pre-configured to access a variety of 3rd party software products through secure application menus, dashboards and Web gadgets.

enablement needs of a modern organisation into a single, cost effective software product that can power integrated Intranets, Extranets and e-Business systems. Visit our Website and arrange a demonstration or on-line

Enhanced Search Facilities Leverage information from software applications, legacy information systems or search engines to provide users extensible search capabilities.

product tour and see how a Web Portal can help you change the way you communicate with your employees,

Single Sign On Authentication

customers and partners.

Provide a transparent logon process utilising network authentication to grant users access to content, applications and web based tools housed within the Portal.

“Your Organisation in a Web Browser”

Content Management and Self Publishing An intuitive Web based content editor allows users to contribute and self publish to the portal and group knowledgebase.

MiCore Portal Engine

Medium sized Businesses can use to access their systems

Collaboration and Knowledge Management


Nexus Open Software

MiSupport™ Helpdesk Software is a Web based incident logging and tracking system. It provides multi-purpose support tools that can be used across the organisation to manage

powered by

processes such as technical helpdesks, customer services, IT resource tracking and project management.

MiSupport Helpdesk Software

Web based helpdesk module


Powered by MiCore Portal Engine™ the software leverages

MiSupport™ has been designed to integrate neatly into your

key components from the MiCore Portal framework and group

MiCore Web Portal. The software requires no programming

knowledgebase allowing MiSupport™ to be tightly integrated

skills to deploy or manage and is simple to access from the

into your Intranet, Extranet or e-Business Portal.

main MiCore Portal toolbar.

Designed to reduce the cost and complexity of supplying different support software packages, MiSupport™ can be instantly deployed to selected users who have access to your Web Portal. The system is flexible and can be used for many applications, for example you could manage and track calls

Incident logging & status tracking The software centralises the submission, assignment, prioritisation, tracking and reporting of an incident and allows you to proactively manage multiple helpdesks housed within the Portal.

from customers or use it as a traditional helpdesk, logging

Collaborative call management

fault calls and assigning actions.

Support groups can be created for departments, teams or even short term projects allowing specified users to

MiSupport™ delivers an extensive set of collaboration features

collaborate and interact with each other in a secure and

that automates the routing, escalation and notification process

scalable framework.

for each incident. This easy to use tool helps you set service level standards to support and manage the internal

User & asset database

and external relationships of your business.

Technical helpdesks and support groups that need to associate equipment or any type of asset to an end user will

Authorised users only need a Web browser to automatically

benefit immediately from the integrated asset database.

access the MiSupport™ dashboard and application features from the MiCore Portal homepage. This centralises the tracking

Support knowledgebase

of all problems and requests submitted by phone, e-mail and

Incidents are logged into the support knowledgebase creating

the Internet, building a knowledgebase and call history from

an archive of the problems, fixes and actions associated

every incident.

with every support call.

Reporting & service level management “Track & log more post-it notes or lost e-mails...manage & audit your service levels.”

You can manage your staff and project workflow more efficiently by using the extensive inbuilt custom reports.

Customer Testimonials

Berwin Leighton Paisner - London “We have used the services of Nexus Open Systems for over five years now, their flexibility and depth of skills has proved to be a welcome additional resource when delivering significant and highly technical projects.” Andrew Rice - Network Manager

Exeter City Council - Exeter “Our relationship with Nexus Open Systems is incredibly strong. We have always found them highly professional, highly responsive and they actually understand our business, not just on a technological basis.” Paul Evans - Head of IT

Crosse and Crosse Solicitors - Exeter “The staff at Nexus Open Systems are almost part of our firm and we trust them implicitly. We are glad to be associated with a successful firm who give a first class service.” Bob Price - Practice Manager

Aerosols International - Wellington “Over the years Nexus Open Systems have proven themselves professional, competent, resourceful and innovative. They repeatedly demonstrate high levels of expertise within all the levels of their business.” Spencer Golding - IT Manager

Macnair Mason - London “The MiCore Portal home page, tailored by user permissions to individual needs, has virtually replaced the standard Windows desktop as all information and functionality required by a user is available at one point of entry.” Caroline Wellsted - IT Manager

TLT Solicitors - Bristol “MiSupport Helpdesk Software is being fully utilised for fault logging and as a support knowledgebase it allows repeat faults to be resolved rapidly using stored resolution details.” Head of IT - TLT Solicitors

Francis Clark Accountants - Kingsteignton “MiCore Portal Engine has replaced the current Intranet and provides our users enhanced productivity through tight integration with Practice Engine, our central practice management system.” Phil Mortimer - Head of IT

Jobcentre Plus - Willand “Nexus Open Software worked closely with us to upgrade an existing file management and tracking system for Jobcentre Plus. We needed to streamline and automate our processes, whilst maintaining high levels of security.”

Jobcentre Plus - Southwest

for Network & Business Integration call

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(0)1392 205095 or visit

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