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News. Te Reo Phrase of the Week

Tinihanga kore, utua mō te haerenga ki tāone i tēnei wā. Kei ahau i a koe hei tērā wiki. Honest. Pay for the ride to town this time. I got you next week.

Weekly Recap


the age of a Christchurch woman who took insulating her house into her own hands. Lynda McKenzie resorted to DIY after her local council failed to do so after two years of promises.


child pornography images were found on ex-Canterbury cricketer Harley James’ computer, over half of which were assessed to be “at the worst level of child sexual abuse”.



A piece of legislation has come before the House of Lords which would allow law enforcement bodies in the UK greater freedom to work with children. The legislation would extend the maximum working period for a child in law enforcement from one month to four months. Currently, children are employed to gather information on gangs in the UK as “Covert Human Intelligence Sources”. Some dickheads in Canada made weed into a beer. Canopy Growth has successfully brewed a 0% alcohol beer out of the roots and stems of cannabis plants. It is also gluten-free, and the THC, at 6.5mg, is hoped to pack about the same punch as a standard drink. Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters has blamed tobacco prices for an increase in dairy robberies. The Acting PM, who only quit smoking last year, believes a world in which the rich, smooth taste of Camel will set you back $28 is a world in which dairy robberies are rife. Of the $2 billion collected in tobacco excise tax, only 3% is used by the Government for smoking minimisation. Google has been hella cucking Android, and the EU has caught them with their pants down. Basically, Google is just like, unfairly promoting its products in its search engine so their stuff will always come up instead of Android stuff, even on Android phones, if you’re using their search engine. The EU has slapped Google with a fine of £3.8 billion, the most substantial fine ever handed out to a company by the EU.

metal plates and 12 stitches were used to repair Bodhi Garvin after he was hit by a speedboat while diving in Northland’s Ti Point.

8 hours

is the extent of the training that police receive regarding mental health.


the number of mental health-related incidents, including suicide threats or attempts, that the NZ Police are called to every 24 hours.


the amount Survivor NZ’s Tara Thorowgood walked away from after realising she couldn’t take that much money from people who she thought needed it more than her.

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Nexus 2018 Issue 16  

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