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Don’t Pass the Aux: Round 2 JACQUI SWNEY At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish which of the songs in my library are shit, which of them are bangers, and which of them are shit songs that secretly bang. After carefully analysing my library, removing my own bias, and accepting the fact that Hobo Johnson actually isn’t as cool and quirky as I had hoped he was, I’ve put together a playlist of secret bangers that may or may not make you cringe away from putting them out there for all to hear. Here’s to guilty pleasures! 1. ‘DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT’ BY SNOOP DOGG: Snoop Dogg is a difficult topic. There needs to be some level of respect for the guy, considering he is part of an elite group of Compton rappers. He’s one of a core group of rappers to change the course of music entirely. However, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, despite being probably the most well-known Snoop Dogg song out, is something to both love and hate. The lyrics are ridiculous but catchy and loveable, just like the Dogg himself. The series of clicks and clacks he makes with his mouth are impossible to replicate precisely, and yet, I always find myself trying and failing to keep them in time with the song. And most importantly, if you don’t try and make it look like you’re hitting a triangle, “you should think about it, take a second” *ding*. 2. ‘DANCING QUEEN’ (OR ANYTHING ELSE REALLY) BY

This song should be kept in the archives until the exact right moment. It’s really only impressive ABBA:


to those of us whose mothers brainwashed us as children, but if you know, you know. Don’t whip this baby out unless you know your audience. Picture this: a respectful group of 18-25-year-old white girls drinking ten dollar bottles of wine out of actual wine glasses. One of them is probably wearing flared pants and wishes she was born in the ‘70s while the other snacks on the cheese board, completely sober, but drunk on the mere sound of that opening keyboard and harmonised oooohs. This one won’t always be successful, so choose wisely. 3. ‘BABEL’ BY MUMFORD AND SONS: As much as Mumford and Sons have stayed pretty twodimensional in their sound since the release of their first album, it doesn’t stop me from loving them. There’s something about a raspy voice and a banjo that’s appealing on all levels. They have the potential to seduce not only the almost-hipsters but the pop radio lovers and the bass heads as well. The slow buildup to the epic banjo drop will have anyone dropping to the floor to feel the wubs.

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